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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Becca Episode 2 Recap, Garrett’s Apology, & the Fan Appreciation Party This Weekend

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-Lets be honest, not a whole hell of a lot happened on Blake and Becca’s 1-on-1 in terms of anything to dissect. They smashed a bunch of sh*t from her relationship with Arie, Lil Jon rapped during it, then they had dinner together to talk about Blake’s ex. So in case you missed it on Twitter last night, when Blake was talking about his ex that kinda broke up with him out of the blue, I tweeted this out:

Here was the video that went along with that, as Annie posted this in February of last year when Blake helped her move to CA:

Then Annie’s friend replied to my tweet after she saw what I wrote:

I think Kayce may have misunderstood or maybe didn’t get what I was tweeting. I was saying that Annie scrubbed Blake off her IG since there’s zero pictures of him there, and I’m guessing she did that because she has a new boyfriend. I’m agreeing with Kayce. She’s moved on, so yeah, no real need to keep pics of Blake up. I was just surprised there’s still a few up of Blake on her Twitter, but I guess she didn’t assume someone would go back 15 months on her Twitter to find it. I didn’t. Someone sent me the link. There’s another picture on there of her FaceTiming Blake. By the time you see this, she might’ve already taken it down.

Ooooooohhhh sexy time. Yeah, I guarantee these won’t be up on her Twitter much longer.

-Lets just get right to the dodgeball date. Two teams of five are first going to meet Becca, then get coached by some little kids. Colton has an interesting line when seeing Becca for the first time. “Is it weird to say a woman smelled good?” Huh? You think that’s weird to say a woman smelled good, Colton? That’s like one of the most underrated things about a woman you could ask for. I’m not sure who he’s dated or chased after (well, besides Aly Raisman and Savannah Chrisley), but has he never told ANY girl he’s EVER been with that they smell good? And Colton’s a virgin? Hmmmmm, maybe things are starting to add up now.

-After the Leo revelation over the weekend, I just can’t take him seriously anymore. “High Heel Homicide” is out there on the internet. And it’s free. It’s so bad, I wouldn’t even put it on my resume if I were him. And the fact that they cast a guy like that, not that you need any reminder after 36 seasons of this show, but pretty much confirms they aren’t casting the 28 most perfect guys for Becca. They’re casting a TV show with a bunch of different characters. And this season just so happens to have a dude that put a sock on it and simulates sex with another woman on camera all for the sake of the craft. Pretty embarrassing.

-Where does one go from there in the soft core porn industry? And it’s not like Leo did this 5 years ago or something when he was just coming up in the business. No pun intended. The film was released last year. So what’s next? Does he become the infamous pizza guy who shows up at the door and all the sudden is in the middle of a threesome? I don’t know what his acting aspirations are after this, but I’m guessing he hasn’t aimed real high. And by the way, did anyone bother to inform Kendall about this? I know she’s quirky and all, but I’m sorry, the guy does cheesy Skinemax flicks and claims because it has a plot it’s legit. Not sure about that one, buddy. Keep telling yourself that. Lets just say he won’t be living this one down all season.

-The dodgeball game, although I reported back when it happened was dominated by the green team, all we saw was Leo taking balls to his face. No pun intended. We never see any footage of why the Pink Flaminbros sucked so bad. Just that Leo was always the only one left standing for his team, and just taking it on the chin numerous times. No pun intended. The Green Frogs ended up winning the trophy that day, but it wasn’t something that really mattered, since both teams ended up going to the after party. Becca didn’t pull an Arie and change her mind only to set Krystal off on a crazy rant. Both teams were always going to the after party, so it really didn’t matter who won. And when did Fred Willard sign a lifetime contract with this franchise? We really gonna see him every season now? Geez, it’s overkill at this point.

-The after party is up next, and we see her time with Garrett first because of course. Tells her that anytime he has with her is valuable time. He can tell she likes to laugh a lot like he does and basically sees her as the girl version of himself. Hmmmm, not so sure about that. While it’s obvious you two get along, you’re engaged, she’s still very happy (as she reiterated again on Kimmel last night), I’m guessing the last week or so wasn’t the easiest time on their relationship for the sole reason she’s NOT the female version of him. At least in certain viewpoints. But hey, they’re gonna give it the ol’ college try so lets see how it all plays out. They have just as much a chance as any other couple from this show. Major hurdle to start out with no doubt, looks like they’ve moved past it, so lets see it develop from here.

-Colton is nervous to talk to Becca because he hasn’t told her about his pre-show relationship with Tia. Admits that they spent a weekend in January (spoiled here two months ago), the timing wasn’t right, and the spark didn’t lead to a flame. Translation: Once I found out she wasn’t gonna be the “Bachelorette,” I was out. The timing of the whole thing is completely shady for me to buy what Colton is selling. Becca wasn’t named the Bachelorette at that point. We don’t know what weekend in January he was talking about. Hell, it’s possible it was still while Becca and Arie were still engaged. Tia didn’t do anything wrong. But when he dates Tia, then says it didn’t develop, and two months later he’s showing up on Becca’s season, how do you NOT question those intentions? Did he dump Tia BECAUSE she wasn’t the “Bachelorette?” Certainly some people feel that way. Regardless, it looks shady on his part, no matter how he spins it. And Becca doesn’t know how she feels about it yet. Yeah, neither do I because I can’t believe she didn’t know.

-Look, I know girls share a lot with each other. And as mentioned in the spoilers yesterday, Tia, Becca, and Caroline were all down in Florida in February the weekend before Tia and Caroline flew to LA for the WTA. At no point during that weekend was it ever brought up that Tia was/had casually been seeing a guy named Colton? Never? I mean sure it’s possible, I just don’t think it’s probable. What if Tia told her about a dude named Colton, it fizzled and it was over, and Becca never put 2 and 2 together that the Colton Tia dated in January was this Colton now on her season? Again, possible, but not probable in my mind. She HAD to have known or heard about him before Colton sat down and told her. Becca leaves that convo not knowing what to do with Colton. Translation: You’re hot and I want to keep you around, but because of this, I have to be contemplative on TV. I’m a huge Becca fan. I thought her looks last night were straight fire. But I tweeted it out at the time I broke the news back in April, I think this particular decision to keep Colton around doesn’t reflect great on Becca. Sure, doesn’t matter in the long run that she’s engaged to Garrett now, but, how was she cool with that whole situation, and did she really like Colton THAT much to overlook it?



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