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This was sent before the Garrett’s apology and admitting the account was his…

If it turns out these posts are Garrett’s, ergo reflect his bigoted beliefs, would ABC hold her to the contract if she said she won’t be involved with someone like this? She’s upfront about her progressive political beliefs; she’d be a hypocrite to continue even pretending.

Comment: We’ve heard Becca’s thoughts on this before Garrett released his apology. Sure sounds like they’ve talked about it, she’s still with him, and they’re happily engaged. That’s all we can go off at this point.

Thanks for the spoilers this season! A couple of questions for you…

1. Why isn’t Arie’s wedding being televised? ABC wants no part of it or Arie and Lauren don’t want it televised? Although that seems hard to believe as they went on The View to announce their wedding. According to Robert Mills, he said they didn’t even ask.

2. It’s clear 90% of these guys come on the show for after show fame and popularity but how did Becca not see it in Colton? Dated Aly, dated Tia? The guy has douche written all over him but feel like he disguises it with his charity which isn’t to say he’s not passionate about it or it’s a good thing, but come on, anyone who has checked out his instagram knows it’s your typical bachelor contestant who will be milking this fame for all it’s worth. And have you seen what Aly Raisman wrote about him in her book? Yikes. Couple things here. We don’t know if his past with Aly Raisman is ever brought up on the show. Maybe she never even knew that during filming. I’m sure she does now.

As for the book, someone sent me an excerpt of that and said the part where she threw shade at a former athlete she dated was NOT Colton. That was before him.

3. Are there any past contestants joining paradise? Like from a few seasons back? Kaitlyn’s, Ben’s, Jojo’s, etc? Or are they all cast from Becca’s and Arie’s?

Comment: There will always be past contestants joining. Just don’t know who yet.


I have a few questions, here goes nothing.

When are Shawn and Kaitlyn getting married? I have no idea.

Any Bachelor people involved in the Proposal other than Jesse Palmer? He must be getting big bucks to be on this mess. Other than Christen “Scallops” Whitney, I haven’t heard. You saw Christen all over the commercial they kept showing last night as one of the ten girls on one of the episodes. I don’t think she ended up engaged because I’m hearing she might be going back to Paradise this season.

Any other BIP hookups you’re hearing of? So, is Colton butt hurt that Tia interfered? Is she crazy? Not such good friends with Becca? Would Becca have ditched him at F3 instead of F4, if not for Tia? I think he would’ve gone at F4, and I’m surprised he made it to hometowns. Is he telling people he is a virgin?? So many questions, so few answers. The virgin thing is apparently real though.

Any thoughts Clay would’ve received a hometown if he wasn’t injured? I liked Clay! I have no idea.

Do you think Garrett the final guy looks like at all like Becca’s ex boyfriend, Ross Jirgl? I kinda do, actually. A little bit.

Is it just my guy and me or does Jake have a creeper vibe to him? Ick. Something isn’t right there. The creeps…..Jake from State Farm? Jake from Minnesota? Jake Pavelka? I’ll go yes on all three.

Did you change your tune on jojo and Jordan? I recall you coming across pretty harshly on him. Did he really fall for her or were you a little wrong about him? I don’t care for him, however, they’ve been together two years! That’s something right there. I heard they may get an HGTV renovation series. Remember, you treated that guy badly and harped on him and now you just don’t? Maybe you were judgmental.

Keep up the updates!!!

Comment: I don’t talk about them anymore because there’s not much to talk about. Yeah, they’re still together. Am I surprised? Very much so. But hey, guess it’s working for them.

Do you expect Becca’s faith to be a storyline like it was in Sean’s season? In episode one, it didn’t seem to be featured directly, but I feel like they kept showing her cross tattoo on her hand over and over again

Comment: I would be surprised if it was.


This is not bachelor/bachelorette related and I am sure that will not be an issue with you. I have a Survivor question. Every time my husband and I watch a season of Survivor and it is time for the jury, we’re always so curious what life is like for the jury members while the game continues. We talk about it every season. They always come out before tribal council looking so well-dressed and made up, especially next to the game players. I always imagine them on some exotic resort, binging Netflix, or laying out by a pool with a fruity drink, doing absolutely NOTHING!!! Do you have any ideas what they do? If you do not have the answer, I’d love it if you’d ask your next Survivor podcast guest. I am DYING to know!!! Google “Survivor Ponderosa.” You can watch the videos of what the eliminated contestants do right when they get voted off. It’s interesting stuff.

What are your thoughts on Lebron, Cavs, him possibly leaving, etc.? Unless he’s playing the Pacers, my husband is a HUGE Bron bron fan. I can’t stand the guy. I know he’s great, blah blah blah…but he’s cocky. I can’t stand cockiness, and spoken like a true Cubs fan, I am more into different teams winning every year. I HATE when the same team/player (Bron bron – let’s be real…) are in the Finals year after year after year. There is NO fun in that. Cool. The Cavs (Lebron) are in the Finals again….cool…what about a great underdog story??? I’d love to read your thoughts.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Ummmmm, the Cavs ARE the underdogs in this series. One of the biggest underdogs in NBA Finals history. Hell, almost all the Finals Lebron has been in, his team has been the underdog. The last 4 years versus Golden St. they weren’t favored to win any of them. A couple in Miami they were favored, and his first trip with Cleveland, they were huge underdogs vs San Antonio and got swept. So of the 9 finals he’s been in, his team has only been a favorite in around a 1/3rd of them. While you may hate the fact this is the first time in professional sports history the finals matchup is the same 4 years in a row, the ratings are solid enough where people definitely aren’t sick of it. It’s the best matchup the NBA could’ve possibly hoped for. You really would’ve been happy with a Houston/Boston finals matchup? People will always tune in to watch dynasty’s, which is what Golden St. is working on. Three titles in 4 years is a mini dynasty. Either fans love to watch teams dominate, or they’ll tune in because they want to see someone take down the champion. The NBA is salivating over this matchup. Now granted, if it only goes 4 games, they won’t get as much bang for their buck. But I think Cleveland wins game 3, so it’d at least go 5.

Hey Steve,

Love your site! I was wondering why do they cast men on the bachelorette that are in a close age range but cast women on the bachelor that are 10-12 years younger than the bachelor? Is more appealing for viewers to see younger women?


Comment: Pretty much. It’s the way it’s always been on this show, no matter how old the Bachelor has been. The median age for the women on the “Bachelor” is 26.1 or something over the course of 22 seasons.


I just watched Arie and Lauren on the view. I just can’t with them. How do people not call them out on all their hypocrisy? Look, I don’t care that they are together or that he dumped Becca. It’s all in the past. It’s just the way they position themselves is so antithetical to Jason and Molly. They remind me a little of how Speidi was as a couple maybe 10 years ago. A bit self-involved and tacky.

Things they said that made no logical sense:

1. Our wedding is at this venue on this date (which means paparazzi can find it) and we are really excited to keep it private and small
2. We had no control over announcing our wedding date at the same time as Becca’s media blitz.
3. It had to be filmed because fans were mad Jason and Melissa’s wasn’t filmed (really? Which fans?)
4. We are excited to go to normal life and our private relationship (so we came on the view to announce our wedding).

Ok so one theory is they are trying to self-promote and keep some hype going. They want ABC to pick up the wedding if they can hype it enough. Or at least keep getting paid ads on social media so this helps them stay relevant.

Another theory is that ABC had them go on the view to keep this story line relevant. This is actually totally likely because they would have probably picked a one-on-one format but the view is ABC so it does signal a producer pick. Because the producers will close this story line on Becca’s season by having them show up and to apologize or Becca to forgive so she has closure and closes the chapter before getting engaged. (They hint at this possibility during the segment).

So do you know anything about whether they show up on Becca’s season and was this view appearance arranged by ABC? Do you know if ABC has refused to pay for and televise their wedding? Arie does show up later in the season to talk to Becca and they have their closure. She’s been saying this in a lot of her pre-season interviews. ABC never approached them and they didn’t approach ABC about televising the wedding, hence the reason it won’t be televised. All the other stuff about going on TV to announce a they’re having a private wedding 8 months from now – yeah, a bit much.

I’m also curious what you think about that GQ profile. Man their media rehab skills are just not up to snuff. These two need an Olivia Pope consultation. Just say you’re sorry. Express remorse and go away. It’s so easy. But instead Arie acts like a victim and looks to the public to validate him. We all forgave Jason because he apologized, expressed remorse and then proved himself through actions (not a media blitz where acts self righteous and expects the media to coddle him).

This is totally a personal preference but if I was their PR consultant I would go the Jason Molly route. Disappear. Give Becca her time to shine. It’s classy and respectful. Build private businesses away from the limelight. Wait till paradise and a new bachelor season comes and goes. Marry without press announcements. Stop blitzing your relationship on socia media. In 2019 1.5 years later and after another bachelor has replaced Arie as the topic du jour, start taking on more public projects. Are they afraid they won’t be able to rebuild if they go away for awhile? Molly and Jason still get paid social media ads despite being out of the public eye for a couple years. Then again, they have engaging personalities and an interesting dynamic (that people were reacquainted with on their podcast). Are Lauren and Arie that thirsty or money hungry they can’t forgo press and money for another year? Or do they fear they can’t rebuild as effectively? I don’t know I truly don’t care they are together or about that breakup anymore. Their media missteps just make me cringe.


Comment: Agree with pretty much all of your last two paragraphs. However, too late. What’s done is done. They let us know every time they sneeze, so I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. It is what it is. They aren’t the first couple to share everything and they won’t be the last. It’s what some of these people choose to do.

Hey Steve

I’m curious if this is just me or if its weird.

Kaitlyn and Shawn have been together for 3 years and no marriage…no date even set to get married. What the hell??? I get taking your time but not even a date set. It’s different if they agreed to just date. But engagement and no date set.

And same with JoJo and Jordan. They don’t have a date set and they’ve been together for 2 years. Carly and Evan already have a baby and they haven’t been together as long.

I don’t know it just seems weird.

Any idea on if those couples are ever getting married. Like if its fishy to you as well??


Comment: You aren’t the only one who feels this way. Plenty of fans ask why not only are they not married, but doesn’t seem like they’re even planning anything. We just don’t know enough. They’re only going to tell us what they want to tell us about their relationship. Hence the reason I don’t really bother too much with them and you rarely hear me talk about either couple. When they have a major announcement, I’ll comment on it. But until then, not much to say. I don’t know either couple personally so I have no idea and no reason to dissect why they’ve been engaged for 3 and 2 years respectively, but don’t seem any closer to a wedding than any other couple. Do I find it odd? Yeah. But whatever. Different strokes for different folks.

Hi Steve!

I was recently listening to a Challenge podcast where Natalie Negrotti was interviewed. She had told the hosts that prior to being on Big Brother 18, she was given the opportunity to be on the next season of The Bachelor. Big Brother 18 premiered in June 2016, so if my calculations are correct would that have been Ben’s season? I believe they audition for Big Brother in or about January.

I can’t help but think how different her “reality tv career” would have been if she chose The Bachelor path. I actually think she would have done well on Ben’s season and then would definitely have went on to do BIP. Obviously now we will never know but interesting to think about!

Comment: Well considering she looks and talks like JoJo, I figure she would’ve done pretty well on Ben’s season. Watching her on the Challenge last season, all I could picture was JoJo.


I’m shocked no one emailed you about Jake from Minnesota after the first episode!! Something fishy was going on there… almost along the lines of Becca and Jake had hooked up before and he ghosted her after it, hence the “we hung out and you never showed any interest.” Trust me – I’ve been there several times and I could almost relate too well to the situation, even down to a one night stand at a Christmas Party. Or there has to be something more than him just being an acquaintance that she wasn’t interested in!

Have you heard anything else on that? I’m suspicious…

Comment: Didn’t hear anything, but it doesn’t sound like they hooked up. I think that would’ve definitely been brought up. But what I’m pretty sure of, and Ashley brought it up in the podcast, was that I think there was stuff left on the editing room floor regarding what they talked about. I don’t know what, but from what we saw, it seemed like pieces were missing. But as far as a hookup, I don’t think that happened.

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  1. rob22

    June 6, 2018 at 8:47 AM

    The Garrett thing is becoming really annoying. RS has commented on this non stop for a week. And it’s about a guy who “liked” inappropriate posts. As Garrett’s apology mentioned, likes are things we brainlessly do with a tap on an icon. We “like” things for a bunch of reasons, but often just to blow through it and perhaps acknowledge a friend’s posting. It’s not some really thought out thing. Hey maybe Garrett’s a card carrying racist/sexist nut bag. IDK. The posts were definitely controversial. But I’m not assuming that he’s a bad guy because of his IM likes. Either we have a really low bar for outrage these days, or RS is just off the reservation on this one. Probably both.

  2. sc07

    June 6, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    Yeah I’d say people have a low bar for outrage these days. Someone is always offended about something.
    I thought RS said he was done talking about the Garret situation but of course it was his first topic today. I don’t understand why he feels the need to continuously post the same thing. Said he was done talking about it yet he felt the need to post the same thing he posted yesterday and he’ll probably continue to post the same things again. Not the first time he’s done this.
    So what if Becca kept Colton because he’s hot as RS said. I’m sure plenty of men have done the same on the show and I’ve not heard him be critical of them, actually RS has ranked the women in the past himself. Which I found to be distasteful, disgusting, and misogynistic. Like I’ve said Tia and Becca are new friends only because they where on the show and I don’t consider talking thru social media and hanging out for a weekend a relationship, and we know Tia and Colton never slept together since he’s a virgin. So the “Colton dated Tia first” is more producer manipulation for drama and a story line. Get over it RS, but I’m sure you’re an expert on girl code too. LOL

  3. jlal

    June 7, 2018 at 5:05 AM

    I don’t get the confusion of Jojo/Jordan and Kaitlyn/Shawn not marrying after only 2-3 years. Sure they’re engaged, but only because of the show. If they had met and were dating, then living together in real life they probably would not be engaged yet. Just because they didn’t continue with the unnaturally accelerated pace of the show after ended isn’t cause for confusion, it is cause for giving them kudos for sanity.

  4. taxionna

    June 7, 2018 at 5:15 PM

    @jlal: EXACTLY. Leaving aside the fact that a lot of younger couples in relationships are forgoing marriage altogether, they basically have only KNOWN each other for the time they have been engaged. Why people think that the “engagement” (let’s be honest, they’re dating) period is so unreasonably long is totally beyond me.

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