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Hi Steve,

To start off, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your nuanced view on the Garrett situation. I haven’t quite made my mind up because I think there’s room for actions that live up to his apology that’ll redeem him somewhat and I think everyone deserves the chance to fully address something like this. I can’t understand everyone that’s still being hateful. What more could you want from the guy? When someone says they’re sorry and that they want to change, you should be gracious and allow them the opportunity to prove it. Do we know for sure that he’s sincere? Of course not. But we should give him the room to grow rather than continuing to pile on and attack him when he seems to actually be making an effort. Sometimes people just love to hate. Your last sentence summed it up best. I don’t get it. Those people are mostly the ones who committed to “he’s a racist, homophobe” when the story first broke. So God forbid they eased up a bit and didn’t immediately jump down his throat for his apology calling it fake or BS or whatever. But it is what it is. People have their opinions and in 2018, everyone has an outlet to share them.

Random thought I had while scrolling through Instagram – I’m wondering if your opinion has changed at all on Peter. For the most part, the only thing he seems to sell on instagram is himself and I’m sure he turns down more offers than he accepts. I’m always impressed by people who are able to just move on from the franchise. I haven’t followed Peter and have no idea what he’s doing now.

Also, noticed you don’t put #TheBachelorette in your tweets. Is there a specific reason why? Is that a thing? I just tweet so my followers can have a laugh, like it, or maybe retweet it. I’m doing it really so other people searching Bachelorette tweets can see mine, I guess. It’s not a huge deal to me.

Lastly, not sure if you’ve heard the Cara Maria/Danielle Maltby/Paulie drama but any chance we’ll get to hear from one of them on the podcast any time soon? Not Paulie because he’s a douche but would like to hear from Cara Maria again or Danielle once everything blows over.

Looking forward to all the Lincoln logs, poop jokes for the rest of the season. Keep ’em coming!

Comment: Lets see how it all plays out on the season, and maybe after “Final Reckoning” is done airing, I can bring Cara Maria back on.

Hey Steve,

I think it’s interesting you find yourself rooting for Becca this season, I had told my fiancé her personality and vibe reminds me so much of Emily O’Brien from Ben F’s season, one of your all-time favorites. I can see that as well. Good call.

Rapport wise and energy wise I feel this has started as one of the better seasons despite the strong random drama fights stirred up early on (photogate. I just couldn’t with that one).

A few questions I’m curious to hear your opinion on:

1. I’ve heard some people say they are really enjoying Jordan and feel like he’s making a very great villain this season. I feel like in the past few seasons the villains have become more like outlandish than in the past (Jordan, Krystal, Lee, Corinne, Chad) and there have been very few Courtney/Olivia villains who get the edit because they were naive. Do you think it’s because all of those people have come in with an idea to be a little villainous to last? I’m sure that has something to do with it. And the show’s been on long enough and people are beginning to understand, if you play the game, you’ll get repaid for it. I’m guaranteeing Jordan is loving how he’s coming across on the show, regardless what me or anyone else says.

2. While I know anyone can make a case for next Bachelor and keep saying, “what about this guy?” and we won’t know till we know, what do you think the chances are for a black Bachelor next season? I don’t see it unless they choose someone outside the franchise. At least for next season, only because only Wills made it far (final 6) of the black guys this season, and we know they pretty much only choose from the top 4. And I don’t think Wills is Bachelor anyway. Seems way too shy.

3. Do you think they would go back to past season’s contestants again for the Bachelor? I know anyone is fair game, but I think Nick and Arie very publicly still ran in the circle and had shown interest in the show and the role, but I have a hard time to think of anyone else from a past season who is continuing that behavior that finished in top four of their season. If they pulled from the past, who do you think would be in the running? I honestly don’t know. As mentioned earlier, I guess Ben Higgins is always on their radar, but I honestly would be surprised if he got it again. I just think it’d be going backwards for him.

4. Based on the Garrett situation, where do you think Bachelor producers will go from here with their social media vetting of potential contestants? Do you think it’ll change?

Thanks for all you do, Steve!

Comment: I think they just need to pay more attention. They were never going to find those likes on Garrett. That’d take forever and they’re not gonna take the time to do that with their whole cast. The Lee situation could’ve been avoided because all you had to do was scroll his tweets. But to go through someone’s likes, you heard Ashley describe, that takes some serious time. And to do it for EVERY CAST MEMBER? They’d never put that much effort into it. Or maybe they just don’t give a sh** and will cast anyone.

A few questions for you this week:

I didn’t religiously watch Arie’s season and I’m still not sure about Becca’s, so will there be any people from previous seasons I’ll recognize in paradise or are they all pretty much Arie’s girls and Becca’s guys? There are always others from previous seasons, I just don’t have solid confirmation yet of who. I’ve heard some names being thrown around, but nothing that’s solid as of yet.

Judging from Twitter and friends, people are huge fans of Colton. I personally don’t see it as I knew he dated Aly so I just see him as a fame seeker. I’m wondering if people’s opinion will change going forward? Because it’s really astounding that so many people love him. I don’t see it lol He’s really no different than any other contestant on this show. Some people will like him, and some people will hate him.

Since Garrett apologized, and he is the winner as opposed to Lee who didn’t go very far, do you think the whole liking meme situation will be brought up on ATFR? I’m sure it will.

And lastly…

Your two worlds are colliding! The Challenge and The Bachelor! What are you thoughts on the Danielle, Pauline, Cara Maria situation? I’ve been watching ex on the beach so it’s been weird seeing Paulie with Lexie but be with Danielle in real life and now he’s with Cara… who seems to not give a sh*t about anything. I get it always falls on the man but there’s no way she’s not aware that he was with Danielle and you can tell by her sneaky Instagram stories.

Comment: I haven’t watched any of the IG stories, just read the rumor that they hooked up during “Final Reckoning.” I need to hear more of this story, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a given that Cara Maria knew Paulie had a girlfriend. Guy seems pretty slimy from everything I’ve read and heard. He easily could’ve never mentioned her.

Hi Steve,

Well, this is certainly shaping up to be a juicy season, huh? I’ve really enjoyed reading your site lately, and I thought your commentary on the Garrett Instagram situation was thoughtful and spot on.

You’ve been critical of Becca for keeping Colton after she found out about Tia. But is it possible that the producers didn’t give her a choice? Keeping a guy around who used to date her friend – who happens to be a fan favorite and headed to Paradise – why would the producers LET her dump him? The guy is drama gold. She gets rid of him before the Fantasy Suites (and Tia’s return), so is it possible that the producers required her to keep him? Or strongly encouraged her? I mean, it’s possible they nudged her in that direction. But from the time Becca found out (last episode), she kept him around another SIX episodes. Usually production will nudge you to keep a guy around for maybe a couple more episodes. Like I’m sure they did with Jordan. But keeping him all the way til hometowns ultimately falls on her. From the second he told her, you could tell she was trying to justify in her mind excuses to keep him around. She thought he was hot, so she did. Put it this way, if Jake from Minnesota came to her with that story on night one, she would’ve eliminated him on the spot. But because she thinks he’s hot and she’s interested in him, he essentially got a pass.

On another note, Lincoln for first black Bachelor? JUST KIDDING! But seriously, Clay and Wills seem like great candidates. I know they aren’t on the show for all that long, but do you think it’s possible that one of these guys could be the next Bachelor? Clay’s a bona fide NFL player and seems to be a genuinely good person – what more could they want? Or do you think they’d consider bringing back Eric or Kenny? (I know, that’s all a bunch of speculation.)

My prediction for Paradise: Lincoln + Krystal!

Comment: No on Clay and Wills. Clay lasted 3 episodes so there’s zero chance he’ll be the “Bachelor.” Wills lasts til final 6 so I guess it’s at least more of a possibility for him, but as mentioned earlier, he seems way too shy and reserved for the lead role. I really don’t see Eric or Kenny as the lead either.

Hi Steve,

Big fan. Do they plant actors as contestants on this show? It’s hard to believe that Jordan is this big of a Dbag. Rough life for this guy if he’s not playing a part here

Comment: He’s not an actor because we’d know. Like Leo, he’d have an IMDB page. Some people just go on this show and know what they have to do and say to get camera time. Jordan is one of those people. I’m sure he’s a self-absorbed egomaniac in real life, but he’s playing it up to the 100th degree on the show for TV purposes.

Hi Steve,

Do you know if any international contestants from winter games will be on paradise?

Comment: Yes. I’m pretty sure Kevin from Canada is doing it. I heard about him over the weekend and I’ve noticed he hasn’t posted any new pics or IG stories since, something he did quite frequently before that. So I’m pretty sure Kevin is original cast. And Yuki will be on in some capacity. There will be others as well.

Hi Steve!

I am a big fan of your website for many years and definitely enjoy reading all your posts about the Bachelor/Bachelorette world!

I have one question, since The Bachelorette just started airing and soon after they will start filming for The Bachelor I was wondering what you thought the chances are of Peter being the next Bachelor? I know it’s pretty early but I’m sure they know we all want him! I think a lot of people would be disappointed if they gave us another random Bachelor like they did with Arie. Also, you said Becca doesn’t pick Blake so he would also have a good story for them to promote for being the next Bachelor. Do you think they’d prefer Blake over Peter?

Thank You, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully answer 🙂

Comment: I think Peter, and the show, have kinda moved on from each other from what I’ve heard. So I’d be surprised if he got the gig.

How was the Taylor Swift show in Denver? Favorite part of the show? Would you recommend going?

Comment: Awesome. Everything. And yes.

If you like her music and you like her, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t like her concert. She puts on a very entertaining show. Definitely worth it if you’re a fan.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. rob22

    June 6, 2018 at 8:47 AM

    The Garrett thing is becoming really annoying. RS has commented on this non stop for a week. And it’s about a guy who “liked” inappropriate posts. As Garrett’s apology mentioned, likes are things we brainlessly do with a tap on an icon. We “like” things for a bunch of reasons, but often just to blow through it and perhaps acknowledge a friend’s posting. It’s not some really thought out thing. Hey maybe Garrett’s a card carrying racist/sexist nut bag. IDK. The posts were definitely controversial. But I’m not assuming that he’s a bad guy because of his IM likes. Either we have a really low bar for outrage these days, or RS is just off the reservation on this one. Probably both.

  2. sc07

    June 6, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    Yeah I’d say people have a low bar for outrage these days. Someone is always offended about something.
    I thought RS said he was done talking about the Garret situation but of course it was his first topic today. I don’t understand why he feels the need to continuously post the same thing. Said he was done talking about it yet he felt the need to post the same thing he posted yesterday and he’ll probably continue to post the same things again. Not the first time he’s done this.
    So what if Becca kept Colton because he’s hot as RS said. I’m sure plenty of men have done the same on the show and I’ve not heard him be critical of them, actually RS has ranked the women in the past himself. Which I found to be distasteful, disgusting, and misogynistic. Like I’ve said Tia and Becca are new friends only because they where on the show and I don’t consider talking thru social media and hanging out for a weekend a relationship, and we know Tia and Colton never slept together since he’s a virgin. So the “Colton dated Tia first” is more producer manipulation for drama and a story line. Get over it RS, but I’m sure you’re an expert on girl code too. LOL

  3. jlal

    June 7, 2018 at 5:05 AM

    I don’t get the confusion of Jojo/Jordan and Kaitlyn/Shawn not marrying after only 2-3 years. Sure they’re engaged, but only because of the show. If they had met and were dating, then living together in real life they probably would not be engaged yet. Just because they didn’t continue with the unnaturally accelerated pace of the show after ended isn’t cause for confusion, it is cause for giving them kudos for sanity.

  4. taxionna

    June 7, 2018 at 5:15 PM

    @jlal: EXACTLY. Leaving aside the fact that a lot of younger couples in relationships are forgoing marriage altogether, they basically have only KNOWN each other for the time they have been engaged. Why people think that the “engagement” (let’s be honest, they’re dating) period is so unreasonably long is totally beyond me.

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