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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Becca Episode 3 Recap, Fan Appreciation Party Wrap Up, BIP Update, & Possible Trouble For One of Becca’s Guys

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-Chris’ date is up next and it’s not the most exciting date in the world, that’s for sure. Not to mention, there is zero chance either Becca or Chris knew who Richard Marx was just by looks when they walked in the room. These two were basically being born when his one song was popular. And lets not forget kids, Richard Marx’ wife of 25+ years was Penny from “Dirty Dancing.” Then 18 months after his divorce, he married Daisy Fuentes. I’m sure there was no overlap there. No way. Aaaaaaaaanyway, these two are going to have a song writing session with Richard. You know, because Richard hasn’t written a song anyone gave a sh** about since the 80’s. He needs all the help he can get at this point.

-You guys, Chris is struggling with this date because it’s about being vulnerable and opening up and he has a tough time with that. Why you ask? Because his parents divorced when he was young, he tried to reconnect with his dad a few years ago, wrote him a letter, and dad shot it down. Not saying that isn’t a tragic story, because it is, but like we always see on this season, people who get individual dates are usually doing something they aren’t comfortable with. The second they found out that story about Chris’ past during the interview process, it was a light bulb moment for producers that they knew he’d end up on some date where he had to write his feelings down, then they just figure out the part around the date after the fact.

-Chris even had to step outside to gather his thoughts and figure out what good things he was gonna say about Becca in the song. I hope this goes well. I really want the Chris/Becca co-written song performed by Richard Marx to end up on ITunes this week, said no one ever. I can’t remember what lyrics these two came up with really. Becca said something about Chris making her smile on a rainy day. I do remember that one. Chris’ Danny-from-NKOTB look is completely distracting to me. It has ever since the pics came out of him on the wedding group date last week. You’d think a former boy band member could come up with some good song lyrics when put on the spot but Chris is still struggling. The song wasn’t great, but Richard actually tried to make it a real one and it was a giant fail and this date sucks and I need to get my voice back before recording today’s podcast.

-The dinner portion of this date saw, you guessed it, Chris opening up to Becca and telling her why he has no future in a songwriting career and why he can’t write lyrics. His dad never responded to the letter he wrote him and now Chris has the sadz. Man, that does suck. I hope Mr. Randone is watching this somewhere and realizes because his pansy ass couldn’t take the time to write/text/email his son back at any point in the last few years, his son had to tell that story on national TV and failed a Richard Marx date. Screw you, Mr. Randone. Don’t try emailing Chris now. Too late. He’s busy down in Mexico I’m sure hitting on one of Becca’s friends. But thanks to you dad, he’s probably not gonna open up to her either. Dad of the Year you are not. Booooooooooooooooo…

-Chris ended up getting a rose, but this was the night that, well, ummmm, David fell off the bed and broke his face. Had to be taken to ICU, sustained a concussion, broken nose, and what not. Chris Harrison goes to Becca’s place to inform her of what happened in the house and tells her it was David who was hurt and at the hospital. And you just knew the first thought going through her head was, “Sh**, which one is David?” Obviously David had some serious injuries that apparently were even a lot worse than what the show made it seem, but can we talk about the fact he fell off the bunk. How? Was he sleep walking? Did he not try and brace his fall? Just a complete face plant? I gotta know more about this. I mean, I remember falling off my bed once and injuring myself. I was also five. I don’t want to make light of the situation, but just seems like a bizarre injury for a grown human to get. Good to know he’s ok. I’m sure Jordan took it all in stride and won’t use this against him for, oh I don’t know, the rest of his life. They’re probably talking about it in Paradise as we speak. Becca calls David in the hospital with Chris Harrison right there and if you would’ve told me David had just won the lottery before receiving that phone call, I would’ve believed you. Sounded damn happy for a guy in the ICU the night before. Anyway, glad he’s ok. Just make sure to strap this guy down in beds from now until eternity.



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