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The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 6 Recap, “He Said, She Said” Episode 1 with Ashley Spivey, & Chris Has an Apology

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-In case you didn’t know, “Virginia is for Lovers.” I guess that’s their slogan and why they decided to visit their this season. Although, as I said previously, if they don’t go to Virginia twice last season (once for Lauren’s hometown, and again for Arie to ask for her back), I don’t think Virginia is a location stop on Becca’s season. Seems a little too convenient that they just went there twice last season and all the sudden the very next season they’re there for an episode. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, just the timing seems to work out. I feel like looking back on when they were there in April, I had more pictures and info from this episode as it was airing than any previous episode maybe ever. From the first date of Jason’s 1-on-1, through the group date, to Leo’s concert date – not to mention all the Chris/Lincoln stuff that went down – this one was mapped out from the second they stepped foot there. Hell, even the sit down with Becca and Chris Harrison at Quirk Hotel there were pictures from. I wish more dates were like this.

-In her talk with Chris, Becca tells him she’s narrowed it down to a “bunch of good guys.” Ok, maaaaaaybe we can tap the breaks on that one a bit, Becca. I mean, Lincoln is still there and he’s a dumpster fire. Chris is a complete headcase that essentially has taken over these last two episodes to the point of someone might wanna step in and put a straight jacket over him. Colton wants to hook up with your bestie. So I wouldn’t say the WHOLE bunch are good guys. There are some decent ones left. I guess. But that’s 33% of them that you can pretty much kick to the curb now if you’d like. And does anyone really care about Connor at this point? The guy is abusive to the buttons on his own shirt, how do we expect him to be with a woman? So yeah, that’s 4 of the 9 Becs. Lets move this thing along. Although, we are only one episode away from hometowns, so that’s nice.

-It all starts once Jason gets the card for the first 1-on-1 date of the week. Chris wanted a 1-on-1, and technically still has a chance, so makes it known he’d like the other 1-on-1. Or even a 2-on-1. This starts a debate between him and Lincoln over what he said. It’s honestly one of the most childish, stupidest, irrelevant arguments we’ve ever seen on this show before. I don’t even know how to characterize it other than to say neither one of them won, neither one of them made a good point, and both started hurling insults for no reason. Chris talks about how he once lost 100 lbs, Lincoln called him a fat f**k, and was downhill from that point forward. It was exhausting. But once we were introduced to that, I hope you all realized what we were in for this episode. It was spelled out the day of the Beccalection on my Twitter feed, and what we saw last night, was basically a condensed version. The insults got pretty deep and neither guy accomplished anything productive.

-Jason’s date was interesting. At the time of filming, I had tweeted out they were supposed to go white water rafting, but the weather made it impossible. So what’d they do? Ummmm, they made donuts, they toured a museum then, get this, they went to the cemetery where Edgar Allan Poe’s mother was buried. Not where Edgar Allan Poe was buried, but his mother. Question: who the f**k cares about Edgar Allan Poe’s mother? When has she ever been talked about in history for anything? What an odd “historical Virginia fact” to point out on this date. About as random as you can get. Man, if only they would’ve visited the retail shop where Edgar’s second cousin from his aunt’s side once worked, I think we really would’ve gotten the local feel of Virginia. Enough with the history and geography lessons ABC, please. We don’t care where the mother of a poet from the 1800’s was buried and neither do Becca and Jason.

-How can I forget that they also visited the church where Patrick Henry delivered the “Give me liberty, or give me death” speech. Ok. Cool. Somewhat interesting. But this is the “Bachelorette,” not “Where is Carmen Sandiego?” We. Don’t. Care. After all these mini tour stops, we see these two visit a gothic Unhappy Hour. Again, I have no idea what the hell is going on or why they’re doing the things they do on this show. Safe to say, this date sucked. Big time. At least up til this point. They go into a bar where Becca has a “surprise” for Jason, as she’s invited 3 of his friends from Buffalo to join. Actually, she didn’t invite anyone. That would constitute Becca picking up the phone, calling three of his friends completely out of the blue, and booking them to come to Virginia to meet up with them for their date. Uhhhhh, that didn’t happen. But hey, she can pretend it did for the less informed.

-They share stories about how his friends loved her and she loved his friends and everything was happy happy joy joy. That was until Jason brought the room down and shared a sad story about his dad, his grandma having Alzheimer’s and seeing her son for the first time and not recognizing him. Yeah, it sucked to hear. Then Becca doubled down talking about her dad who died when she was 19, even though they were told when she was 14 that he only had 6 months to live. Can we get back to talking about Edgar Allan Poe’s dead relatives or something? This is all too depressing. Anyway, they end up going to the top of the tower of wherever the hell they were, and kissing. Also, we get a voiceover of Becca saying: “After tonight, I can see myself saying yes to a future with him.” Two VERY telling things about this. First, it was a voiceover. We don’t physically see her saying this, so we have no idea when she actually said it. Two, she never said a name during the statement, which makes me think it wasn’t about Jason. Womp womp.



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