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The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 6 Recap, “He Said, She Said” Episode 1 with Ashley Spivey, & Chris Has an Apology

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-On the group date, 7 guys go to meet up with a fake Abe Lincoln and fake George Washington. In case you didn’t know, G-Dub was our first President and Good Ol’ Abe was the 16th. I’m sure Lincoln didn’t believe a word of it and probably questioned if those were even real people. I wish they would’ve shown us more of that to be honest. I wanna see Lincoln debating who former Presidents were. That’s much more interesting than watching 5 of the 7 guys stay completely out of any debate arguing, while Chris and Lincoln bitch like a couple 6th graders for what seemed like hours on end. Yes, I’m well aware that both were probably provoked by producers to talk about this during the debate, because it seemingly looked like Chris butted in JUST to make his point about Lincoln being fake. The Beccalection was a complete clusterf**k and you can thank Lincoln and Chris for continuing their pissing match in front of a 100 people.

-The governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is there to welcome everyone to the debate, and probably immediately realized what a horrible idea this was. I mean, Colton, Wills, Garrett, Blake, and Connor basically said nothing of importance. Colton talked about a great date being with his dog and they’d get Becca’s corgi and go chill. Blake’s lessons learned so far were to be vulnerable and open blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Lincoln says he could totally envision a future with Becca and it never once crossed his mind to pack his bags and leave like Chris. Well you knew that would get NKOTB boy all fired up and his blood pumping. He just wants to be honest and transparent, and that’s more than he can say for some guys there. You know, like Lincoln. He’s seen the nasty side of Lincoln, he’s malicious and aggressive, and he called him a “fat f**k.” It’s on like Donkey Kong now. Well, lets just call it Donkey Kong Jr. as these two seem about as mature as the character in that video game.

-At the cocktail party, things got even worse. Lincoln got time with Becca first and admitted to her that he was scared of Chris about what he would possibly do next to him. Then said that Connor asked to move out of Chris’ room. I think. The whole thing kinda got confusing, but then again, we’re talking about Lincoln here who gets zero benefit of the doubt for anything he does. Chris interrupts Lincoln, Becca tells him what Lincoln said, and Chris flew off the handle again. What’s interesting is somehow Becca was able to remain calm and collected all while sitting across from a guy who had two giant holed in his jeans at the knee that you could’ve thrown a basketball through. I thought ripped jeans at the knee was a chick thing? Basically, I can’t take Chris seriously wearing something like that and neither should anyone else. I just hope he wasn’t wearing those when he wrote last night’s Instagram post.

-Becca is so fired up, even when her schnookie wookie dumpling head walks in the room, she asks if she can excuse herself for 5 minutes to clear her mind of all the nonsense Chris and Lincoln threw at her. So Garrett walks back into the other room with the guys and chides them for making Becca mad and ruining his time with her. You know, even though she said she’d come get him in a few minutes and she did. That’s two weeks in a row now where Becca has followed through on a promise to come get a guy after Chris was being a dumb dumb. So good on her for doing that. Once she comes back and gets Garrett, he tells her he isn’t a great speaker but reads her the closing statement he had prepared, and holy penmanship Batman, was that really Garrett’s writing that we saw on his notes he had with him? Even though it was a quick glance, I’m convinced someone else wrote those for him. That writing was waaaaaay too nice to be guys. One thing we do know now: Garrett sure has perfected the art of writing statements.

-Colton gets some alone time with Becca and comforts her to let her know although it was awkward being on the group date after he had a 1-on-1 last week, he’s cool with it and they make out, which ultimately earned him the group date rose. Here’s where I’m fairly certain production has Becca’s ear. She’s made it known since day 1 from the first impression rose to how she acted and the things she said about him that Garrett was her boo boo immediately. Yet, Garrett hasn’t gotten a group date rose through 6 episodes but Colton has gotten two. His other one came on the spa date the day he told her he hooked up with her friend. I think this is basically producers telling Becca, “Look, we know you want Garrett. And I’m sure you want to give him every rose on a group date, but that’d be waaaaaay too obvious. So give it to other people.” I mean, that’s the only explanation right? Garrett is her fiancé now yet she never gave him a group date rose for the 4 group dates he was on and Colton got two, yet he’s eliminated at #4? Goes to show group date roses aren’t all that important.



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