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“Reader Emails” & Happy 4th of July

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Comment: Well, I mean the way I see it, is there’s two outcomes if someone’s pregnant. Either in 9 months she produces a baby, or at some point before that, she says she lost it unfortunately. This hasn’t been reported by a major outlet yet that I’ve seen, so I guess Bekah can pretend she doesn’t know the story is out there, even though I’m pretty sure she does. If/When the story gets reported by a major outlet, seems pretty simple if I’m her of what I say. Either “yes, I am” or “no, I’m not.” And if she says nothing after if/when it’s reported, then one would lean to the fact that she is. Because if someone asks/reports if you’re pregnant, and you say nothing, would kinda confirm to me that you are. Because if you weren’t, wouldn’t you just say “no, I’m not.” She’s not Jennifer Aniston. This isn’t something that every tabloid is gonna have on their cover every week for years like we’ve seen with her, so there’s no point in addressing it like Jennifer’s avoided all these years. Bekah’s a D-list reality person. If she was never pregnant, she’d just say the story is false. If she is, I’d assumed she’d wait til sometime after the first trimester to confirm it like most people do.

Hi Steve,

First off, I love the podcast. I look forward to listening every Thursday. Can’t wait to see who’s next!

My question is about Bachelor in Paradise couples. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted the picture of Chelsea and Nick post-Paradise. Do the Paradise couples not have to keep their relationships a secret like the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples with their “Happy Couple Weekends”? Or did Chelsea and Nick just break the rules? I figured if anyone would know, it would be you!


Comment: “Bachelor in Paradise” is much more lenient when it comes to that stuff, and that’s been proven over the years. Technically are you supposed to be public about it? No. But I remember BIP season 3’s couples – Josh & Amanda, Carly & Evan, and Lace & Grant – were all seen in their respective towns together and hanging out. Did they specifically post stuff of the two of them in the same picture before the season aired? No. But same location if you looked at both accounts? Yes. So while the show doesn’t want them to easily give away the ending, they certainly don’t discourage the people from spending time together.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you don’t get enough bach fanatic theories so I’m sending mine along: a while back, maybe two months ago, Bekah M posted several Instagram stories about her having bed bugs. Do you think this could be why she was not cast on BIP ? Fear of bed bugs is very real and I think this could explain her absence.

Comment: No.

Hey Steve,

I really appreciate all the content and spoilers you so kindly give to us. Just curious and sorry if it has already been asked, but do you feel that Becca and Garrett are still “engaged”? I know last season you knew Arie and Becca had broken up, and didn’t know if you have any confirmation that they are still together?! I am so hopeful that they are some of the few that actually works out!


Comment: Yes they are.

Hi Steve!

I have to declare myself your fan! I dont care about premier dates anymore, I care about spoiler dates! Lol! Is so much more fun to watch from another perspective knowing what already will happen…. Im anxiously waiting for your BIP spoilers!

Also, I LOVED listening to you in my favorite Bachelor Recap podcast “Here to make friends” to talk about Lincoln. Was super cool that my two favorites collided! (mind was blown)

Now, in another note… Listening to one of the Juliet Litman podcast, she had a guest (Bill Simmons) who suggested that this whole Jared/Ashley thing could be a hoax and that they could have agreed as best friends on having a fake relationship/engagement, in order to have their own TV Show. What are your thoughts on that? I was surprised, but then stalking their Social Media (as one does, lol!) you do see them together but not like a couple but like partners, including all their ads… not sure what to think.

Keep doing what you do!

Comment: I don’t put anything past any couple from this show. But I honestly don’t know. The timing of everything, the media stories, the constant public affection so everyone knows they’re together, I mean, it’s pretty over-the-top so I can see why Bill had that conspiracy theory. He likes doing those. Whether it’s true or not, we don’t really know one way or another.

Hey Steve!

I gotttttta say. In last week’s reader emails you answered someone about since when has VA been the place for love or something like that. I just wanted to say “Virginia is for Lovers” is the states official tourism slogan and has been for a very long time. It’s a great slogan that VA is pretty proud of. A little trivia for you, I ?? NY as New York’s tourism slogan was inspired by VA’s slogan that was created a few years prior. So, when you said, “Since when is VA for Lovers?” I thought maybe since you’re from the West coast you didn’t know it’s a pretty popular statement and one we are pretty proud of 🙂

Also, how do you know Bekah didn’t go on BIP? I’m just really confused bc she was off of all social media for a while just like all of them. I think like a full week or two so I assumed she went on. Was she in a hotel in waiting and then told she wasn’t gonna be on? I feel like that’s the only explanation….I was told she was never on. Hence the reason why social media is never 100% accurate all the time.

Finally, just to go against a lot of the others emailing in, I love Ashley I and Jared together. My husband and I watched the whole 40 min video… And before you pidgen hole me as a freak bc I mean, that’s a long time. Lol. The video is actually really sweet and telling, so you can’t knock it until you’ve watched the whole thing. Really. They seem super genuine and I’m a BIG Bach skeptic… Especially after reading your site for so long. My husband went through a time in his life when he related to a lot of what Jared said in the video like being paralyzed by thinking he could make a wrong decision. He also needed a kick in the butt when he thought he might lose me yo realize he needed to man up and act. It was sweet. Anyway, since so many were hating, I wanted to bring some support !!

Have a great week!

Comment: Hey, I’m well aware those two have supporters. And that’s great. I’m just indifferent. I do not care what they do. Hence the reason I didn’t watch it and never will. Not important to me.

All my questions are related to clothes this week!

Do they tell the contestants who are going on the dates what to wear? In this week’s episode, all the date card said was “let’s make history” but all the guys showed up to the debate date in full suits— I’m assuming someone had to tell them to do that? Of course.

Along those same lines, are the contestants given a “packing list” of some sort (I.e. pack at least 3 bathing suits, at least one pair of jeans, one pair of sneakers, winter wear, sundress, etc. etc.)? Or do they just have to figure out on their own what to pack? They have a packing list given to them once they’re accepted on the show that basically tells them to pack for any type of weather.

Has there ever been a situation where someone didn’t have the appropriate clothes for a date or location and they (or a handler) had to get something on location (like if a person didn’t pack any cold-weather attire and ended up having a hometown in Wisconsin, etc.) Well the packing list says what to bring. Unless someone completely ignores it, I can’t see why they wouldn’t bring clothing for all types of weather.

Do they have to pack evening gowns/suits for every rose ceremony, assuming they make it all the way? Like on “The Bachelor” does every girl buy and pack 10+ Evening gowns just in case they make it to that many ceremonies? And if they get eliminated early then they are just stuck with a bunch of unused evening gowns? Yes. Many women borrow, or are given dresses from local companies to promote on the show. Not uncommon at all.

Are contestants ever asked to change clothes by production? Like if they show up for the date in something that production thinks is too revealing, or not flattering on them, or a fabric color/pattern that won’t look good on film, accessories that are too distracting, etc. I’m sure that’s happened.

I know you’ve stated in the past that the lead is the only one who has a stylist. Do they get to keep the clothes/accessories that they wear while on the show?


Comment: Yes. Most of them.

Hi Steve-

Huge fan of your site!!!! So as I was watching this episode, I had a totally random question pop into my head about the show. When they travel to different locations, do they all fly on the same flight with the lead in first class and the rest in coach or something or do they take different flights? I know it’s a totally random question but there it is.


Comment: No, the lead flies separately than the guys almost all the time. A few occasions where they’ve been on the same flight that I’ve heard, but it’s very rare, and if it happens, the lead is in first class, the rest of the contestants are in coach, and there’s no interaction. But I’d say 98% of the time, the lead is on a separate flight all together.

Hey Steve,

A few questions for you:

1. How do the men get date cards? Production drops them off.

2. Why isn’t Chris Harrison hosting the proposal? Because that would be career suicide. The show is a joke.

3. Does Becca know beforehand where she travels and what she’ll do on each date?

Comment: How much beforehand are you asking? She’s told right before or during the rose ceremony where they’re headed next, then tells the guys. Once she’s there, I don’t know if she’s told what each date will be the three days in advance or she’s told the day of for each one.

Hey Steve

I think they seemed to really play today towards Jason being the next bachelor – we met his friends and saw that sweet reunion (have they ever done contestants friends or families so early?) and they just seem to really be playing him up. What do you think?

Comment: I didn’t see that as them leaning towards him in particular at all. He’s got a chance because he’s top 4 and that’s where the “Bachelor” pretty much gets all their leads from. We just don’t know where they’re leaning yet. Still plenty of time.

Hey Steve,

After the dumpster fire that was Becca’s season, do you really think the bachelor will be pulled from the ranks of Becca’s guys? Well, it’s not like ALL of them are dumpster fires. But you can certainly eliminate a few obvious ones: Lincoln, Jordan, Chris, Leo, etc.

I would think ABC and the producers would be happy to distance themselves completely from it.

Do you think this means Peter will be the bachelor next season?

Comment: I think I wanna see how many consecutive weeks someone will ask me about Peter being the next “Bachelor.”



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