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Hi Steve,

Just had to share some thoughts that came to be after creeping briefly on Arie and Lauren and I’d like to hear what you think.

In my opinion, arie and Lauren will almost definitely get married on their planned January date and I think they have the highest chance of actually getting married of any other bachelor couple that are still engaged.

No, I don’t think this because I believe in their love and think they’re meant to be. I went from being a arie supporter to thinking he’s just ick after reading what you’ve said and seeing it all come to life. However, these two are obsessed with proving themselves and convincing us all that they’re in love and so perfectly happy with no issues at all. Arie is obsessed with proving he’s madly in love and a true romantic. You can see it on social media alone, but then even more so when they cancelled that interview the second they started revealing things that may not show them as the perfect happy couple and Lauren as an understanding, supportive fiancé who had zero issue with the way things played out.

With that said, there’s no fuckig way they cancel the wedding. I don’t think they’ll be together forever because I don’t think Arie is actually all that capatable of being in love with anything more than the just idea of something and someone, based on his actions.

This is a lot to assume based on not knowing them at all, and I’m not running with this and saying it’s for sure the case… but it’s definitely my theory.
(Also, I was so excited when Arie was first announced as the lead and loved him on Emily’s season. I didn’t think you were right about him cause I thought someone his age had to be serious about it all and true in their intentions. But once again you proved me wrong!)

What do you think about this? Do you think they will go through with it?

Comment: I will say what I say about every engaged couple from this franchise. I will believe it when they walk down the aisle. Too many instances where we’ve seen all the lovey pictures and social media posts, and within weeks or months, they’re broken up. When they officially get married next January, then I’ll believe it.

Hey Steve…just wanted to say I LOVE Nell’s recaps for the Shore (that’s what my friends call it). She’s so real and to the point about everything she sees. She’s a really great writer and I can’t wait to see her cover more! Big fan. You can tell her I said this.

Comment: Or better yet, she can read it in the “Reader Emails.” And if you like Nell’s “Floribama Shore” recaps, next month she’ll be adding yet another show to her docket, “Are You the One – Season 7.” So look for that as well.


Are the “contestants” required to post to social media before the episodes air or even at all? You always see all of them positing pics etc from their experience prior to the upcoming episodes and I feel like that would be super painful for whoever “lost” (aka Blake). So do they HAVE to post about it? I also find it interesting that a ton of the guys are now hanging out with one another and obviously Garrett is completely missing from all of these outings. Is the “winner” required to stay away from the others post-filming? Just curious. Thanks for all your spoilers and info

Comment: Have to? No. Encouraged to? Yes.

The winner isn’t required to stay away, but since they have Happy Couple weekends with their fiancé, usually their time is spent with them more than the other contestants.

Hi Steve,

Several questions:

1) I find Garret to appear simple and not too bright and to have a nasal slightly feminine voice like from “The Valley Girl” era. I truly can’t imagine it working out between him and Becca, even regardless of their political differences. Are you getting this feedback from anyone else, or is it just me? There are plenty who agree with you.

2) How much do the past contestants and leads earn from promoting products, attending events, etc. I mean as far as the very popular ones (Jade and Tanner, Amanda Stanton, Sean and Katherine, etc). Do they make enough so that they can totally quit their day jobs? Is it true they can make $200k a year just from promoting products on social media? It all depends on how many followers they have, what those followers engagement is with their posts, etc. There’s no set amount because it varies. But if you’re in the 1 million follower range, you can absolutely make $10k-20k per post, easy.

3) Did any past contestant ever become a successful actor/actress or at least working actor/actress? I’d say Jillian did very well for herself. Jesse Palmer has done well (minus the crap that the “Proposal” is). Ali had a good run there for a bit. Melissa Rycroft too.

4) Do you have any info on who the next lead will be?

Comment: I think it’ll be a guy.

Hi, Steve! Frequent flyer here! I really enjoy your site. Thank you for keeping this show entertaining.

I am a die-hard Cubs fan, so I was so excited to see that you made it out to Wrigleyville! I wanted to get tickets for the game to come meet you, but I was in a wedding that day. How did you like it?! It’s better than Guaranteed Seat…errr…Guaranteed Rate Field, so you chose the right side of town.

Comment: Wrigley was a lot of fun. Great atmosphere to watch a game. The White Sox are garbage, so yeah, zero interest in going to Guaranteed Rate Field, which is easily one of the worst corporate nickname any stadium or arena has partnered with. Embarrassing. The old Comiskey Park is rolling over in its grave.

Hi Steve,

Big fan of UnReal – I now watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette from that perspective and it’s more entertaining!

Editing question – I know the hometowns were shown in a different order than they were filmed. When Becca was chatting with the girls, she talked about them in the order they were shown. Would the editors/producers know that far in advance the order they were going to show them? I’m sure they knew Colton was going home so he was going to be shown last – all for the set up of the Tia conversation (which made her look horrible btw). No. The conversation with the girls was just edited to make it seem like they talked about them in order. When that decision was made, I don’t know. But once the conversation happened with the girls, it wouldn’t have been decided til later what order they’d show the dates in, so, they just edited it accordingly.

Also, I hate the virginity talk. I was way over it with Ashley I and now with Colton. Shouldn’t even be a storyline. Really liked the show highlighting about the school shooting Blake – cant even imagine.

Comment: If there’s a virgin on the show, it’s gonna get talked about. And played up as much as possible. That’s just the way this show works.

Hi Steve,

I love listening to your podcasts because we get to hear a different side of the guests than what was shown on TV, or we get to know them better because they weren’t given much airtime. I almost always like people better after I listen to them on your podcast than I did before. Which podcast guests have surprised you most— for better or for worse— by being the most different from what you expected prior to taking to them?

Comment: There’s been so many, it’s really impossible to name. What I can say is there hasn’t been one guest where at the end of it I said, “That sucked.” I’ve liked them all in different ways. Now, once James Taylor decided to continue his playboy ways, which in turn made his podcast with me a total load of crap, then yeah, that was different. But once it ended, I wanted to believe the guy was a good guy and had changed his ways. He didn’t. Hey, that’s on him. He has to live with himself every day. The podcast will remain in existence forever to prove what a phony he is.

Do the final 3 guys travel together to Thailand on the same flight since I think you said the guys don’t see each other until the rose ceremonies? No. All flown out separately.

If you had to take a wild guess, do you think Becca let’s go of Blake before the FRC? I think Blake’s gonna take it really hard… also, do you think Becca slept with both final 2 guys? My guess is she lets him go, but that’s strictly a guess. Considering the way she’s talked about how she was in love with 2 guys this season, I’d be shocked if she didn’t sleep with both of them. I don’t see an issue with it either.

Do you have any idea when Arie’s gonna show up? I’m assuming the finale but would they really fly him to Maldives just for a talk? Well, it’s either Thailand or the Maldives. I really don’t know. I’m thinking Maldives now.

A lot of fans are speculating that Garrett is telling the truth about his divorce in terms of emotional abuse and such since his ex has stayed completely quiet. Thoughts? She’s remarried now. I don’t see why she would want to insert herself into this. Maybe she will, I don’t know. If she was still single, I’d say it’d be a given she ran to a tabloid. But what does she care now? I wouldn’t even address it if I were her.

Finally, let’s just say they offer the Bach gig to either Jason or Blake… who would they choose? I’m leaning more towards Jason since he seems more traditional Bach material but Blake is definitely a fan fave.

Thanks Steve

Comment: I honestly don’t know where they’re leaning. I say it every season, and I know people continually don’t believe me, but I do not care one iota who they choose. What I care about is that there will BE a next season, and there is. So that’s all for me. Arie was one of the worst choices they ever could’ve made, his season sucked until the end, yet I ended up with the second highest traffic season I ever had for my website. As long as people care about the show and are talking about it, they could put a trained monkey in the lead role for all I care.

Hi Steve,

Longtime reader, first time emailing, yada yada.

You expressed some frustration at people asking you to put #ad in your Everlasting promotional posts. Likely, those people are referencing (whether knowingly or not) FTC guidelines regarding online and social media promotions. Those guidelines require online influencers (which you would certainly qualify as) to clearly and prominently indicate where any promotional posts are advertisements or if you have received anything of value for those posts.

These guidelines are designed to ensure that the public is not confused as to whether an online post is sponsored or not. Does Kim K REALLY love Tummy Tea or is she getting a kick back of some kind? That sort of thing.

Anyway, you likely don’t care over much, but thought I’d offer a perspective on it.

Comment: Then the people that had any issue with it should take it up with Hulu. They told me I didn’t need to put #ad until my very last tweet, so maybe those guidelines aren’t as concrete as people are led to believe.

And I would think sending tweets promoting a show is completely different than shilling products on IG which could be harmful, not work, be construed as false advertising, etc. Seems like we’re comparing apples to oranges here.

yep, Dale’s a strange name for a woman – but then there was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

I’m sure you mentioned this before, but what was your HS sport that merited you Wall of Fame recognition? I’m guessing baseball – you seem the type! (too smart to submit to head bashing in football, not prissy enough for golf, not brutish enough for hockey…hmmm….but maybe basketball? or track?) It was basketball.

the camera moved too fast for me to count em, but did the crowd at Blake’s include his real mom, the coach she ran off with, his real dad, and a new wife for him? all of them? wowzers – the grandkids are gonna have one helluva Christmas pile of gifts to open! doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings all around either – “oh, you’re leaving us? wasn’t I open and vulnerable enough? ok, hope you find what you’re looking for – whatevs! – I’m putting in for BIP!” – you know, like 99% of Becca’s guys on the way out the door

Comment: I didn’t notice who was there, but apparently 8 of Blake’s friends were at the concert, but they were off to the side.



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