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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 2 Recap, Ratings, “Secrets” of the “Bachelor,” & More

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You know how not into this Paradise season I am? I watched all of last Tuesday’s episode then completely forgot to recap on Wednesday. I don’t think I’ve ever done that in the 15 years of this site. Yeah, I had “Reader Emails” to do and some other stuff to cover, but I just blanked on writing my Paradise thoughts. Now, it’s not like there was a ton to cover since the first 45 minutes of the show was just intro videos and everyone arriving in Mexico. Not a whole hell of a lot of content there. Then the last hour and fifteen minutes were the Colton and Tia show, which was followed up again last night by Part 2 of the Colton and Tia show. Good Lord, it’s old already. Like, the show is obsessed with these two. I get that each one of them has their own sets of fans out there, and maybe some weirdos want them to fall in love and live happily ever after, but geez, it’s complete overkill at this point. I’m guessing most people are tired of that storyline, and we’re two episodes deep into it.

You know how else I know the audience might be tiring of these contrived storylines? The ratings. Yes, the show premiered on a Tuesday, but I want you to look at the ratings for the first 4 seasons of Paradise’s premiere episode:

Season 1: 5 million viewers, 1.3 rating
Season 2: 4.7 million viewers, 1.3 rating
Season 3: 4.5 million viewers, 1.4 rating
Season 4: 5 million viewers, 1.5 rating
Season 5: 3.8 million viewers, 1.1 rating

To put it in perspective, the premiere of Winter Games on a Tuesday drew 3.0 million viewers and a .8 rating. Like I said, starting on a Tuesday didn’t help since that’s not the night that this franchise “owns.” We’ll see what last night’s episode came in at since it’s the first Monday episode of the season. But honestly, the reaction I saw a lot of was exasperation and so much time being spent on Colton and Tia. I wasn’t the only one who’s over it. With that said, is it on the verge of getting cancelled? No. But it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Now that we’re into Paradise season, just wanted to let you know that the schedule on this site doesn’t change. You’ll have a smaller recap of the show on Tuesdays, “Reader Emails” and a mini recap of Tuesday’s episode, then Thursday’s “Dr. Reality Steve” and your weekly podcast. Your next “He Said, She Said” podcast (Episode #4) will be released next Tuesday, and it’s a real interesting one. Interesting enough that there’s only one call on it. But she has a pretty detailed story that gets pretty deep. Just a completely messed up situation. Looking forward to you all hearing it.

Don’t forget to check out Nell Kalter’s “Floribama Shore” recap up every Tuesday for your reading pleasure. This Thursday she will begin recapping “Are You the One” season 7, which premieres tomorrow night. So a double dose of Nell coming weekly for the next couple month. Get ready.

Get your “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for this week. Usually when Paradise is on, the email bag is a little smaller on a weekly basis, but still would like to have as many as we can get. So fill it up in the next 24 hours if you may. Just not with the same question about why the driveway is wet or what’s going on with Shawn & Kaitlyn (although the second one is already in tomorrow’s column).

At least the Duke football is trying to find some sort of humor in this season, no?

It’s all fun and games until the season starts, Blue Devils. At least you have Army on a Friday night in week 1. You can probably pencil that in as a “W” right now. And if you can’t beat them, the rest of your season looks bleak.

Robert Mills did a “Secrets of the Bachelor” interview that, I guess, aren’t really secrets if you’ve followed this site for any moment in the last 15 years. Nothing in there you didn’t know already, but for whatever reason, he did get one thing wrong. Not sure why he said there were two days in between each overnight date. There’s only one. Plenty of photo evidence over the years has proven that to be the case. Then again, Mills tends to blank on basic facts from this show quite often, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.



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