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“Reader Emails,” Colton, & Tricky Editing on the BIP Reunion Show

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Hey Steve!

Do you know who gets the final say in picking the bachelor? Is it just one person?

Comment: No. It’s a collective effort from higher ups at the network.

I had to write in bc of your Chris question. I’m a Christian Evans girl all the way. Can’t America!!!

Comment: Ha ha funny. Then you won’t be happy with me. You’ll hear on tomorrow’s podcast with Taylor Nolan that I eliminated Chris Evans from that question since not only has no one chosen him in the numerous times I’ve asked so far, but some don’t even know who he is (like Taylor).

Hi Reality Steve,

Relatively newer reader but have been following since the last couple of bachelor/bachelorette seasons. Absolutely love your spoilers and articles in general!

Just had a couple of questions for you.


In regards to precious bachelors or bachelorettes coming onto paradise or other shows, are they produced again? Like they would be in a normal show setting or is it more of a free reign on what they can do and just told to do this or that, like with the past people coming onto paradise and going on dates with Colton and Tia or how Becca came back? Produced? Or little more lenient yet still told what to do? Just as much producing, if not more, going on in Paradise than the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”


I’m curious if you think any of the engagements are designed in more of a “business deal” type or contract type with one another? Like they agree to be together for x amount of months/years for publicity, followers, ads, etc? Then once that time frame is up they make the split and announcement and make it seem like it’s mutual. Just curious, it seems a lot of them dive straight into ads and extra way to make money and promote things and it’s always like a couple thing to do it.

Thanks so much! Hope your little puppy is behaving and doing well! Can’t wait for the bachelor announcement on Tuesday! Although I’m sure we already know.

Comment: I don’t know if it’s blatantly spoken about in those terms between the two people like, “Ok, we’ll stay engaged until February of next year then end it,” – nothing that precise. However, do I think there have been couples from this show who’ve chosen to stay together as more of a business deal? Abso-f***in-lutely. And sometimes, it’s not both parties. It’s one party that looks at it that way, and it’s not til after filming is over does the other one realize it. Hint: Go listen to my podcast with DeAnna. Basically happened to her.

Hey Reality Steve

Since my hopes and realty Tv dreams have been dashed, I still am curious as to why Colton would be chosen next to be the Bachelor.

I know most are upset that he was picked. Keeping in mind you never reveal sources, so interesting that ABC or whoever was able to leak this scoop to you.
Yes, sadly I have been following the twitter feeds of Fleiss and Mills and others, it seems like the “clues” lead to Jason. Colton (of course I don’t know him) seems like such a crazy choice especially now with the bad press with Leo, the guy charged with assault and the never really addressed stuff with Garrett. Garrett falls in a different class though- Just wanted it to be addressed more honestly. BUT that’s reality tv.

Do you think it will be Jason and Colton is just a way to mislead us and overall the franchise gets more publicity?

That was my question for you really. Sorry so long. I know you are a busy guy. I’m just holding out hope…still.

Comment: Obviously this was sent before yesterday’s official announcement. Just goes to show that anyone can read into anything that production tweets or posts about this show to make it fit the narrative THEY want. You said everything pointed to it being Jason. And it wasn’t. So, I guess in your mind it pointed to it being Jason, and I’m guessing it was because you wanted Jason.

Just looking for your thought on this given your knowledge of the inner workings of the show.

When you broke Colton was gonna be the bachelor you referenced a Sean lowe comparison – which, I see how you came to that. However, (and I don’t have anything against Colton), in my mind, I can’t can’t even compare the two. That opinion may have a lot to do with the social media climate, Sean probably has less exposure, and just that I don’t really keep up with Sean.

In terms of choice, I think it’s less about the similarities between him and Sean.. I think Colton may be the type that producers think they can control/manipulate things out of (I.e that HORRENDOUS fantasy suite talk attempt w. Chris Harrison). And they may listen to producers over fans. It’s clear they’re not going with viewers favorites- call me insane but the audience wanted either Jason or blake. Or maybe they couldn’t pick between the two as Colton served that purpose..

Again would like to affirm I have nothing against Colton. I don’t want to turn the virginity storyline into an even bigger one, am I mature or is it just not a big deal to me? None of my beeswax! Also, overexposure. At least with nick and arie we had some time between them. Not interested with Colton Bc he’s been readily on my screen almost since the week he was eliminated.

Hope it didn’t come off as a rant.. just think their latest bachelor pics are interesting. They keep going rouge but bachelorette pics seem so easy and natural.

Wish I had my own podcast so I could continue on my tangents. Take care!

Comment: The virginity thing is a big storyline – and it isn’t. It’s not big because it’s not like Colton is the only 26 year old virgin on the planet. However, on a nationally televised show watched by 7 million people a week where the premise is filled with fantasies, and sexual undertones, yes, being a virgin becomes a big deal. That’s just the way it is.

Hi Steve,

Was it me or did you notice the shoes Ashely was wearing completely different from the pictures. She had high heels on while he was proposing then somehow all her pictures are with her wearing flats. Am I going crazy or did they edit this proposal a few times?

Comment: I never noticed because I had zero interest in the engagement.

Hi Steve,

You’ve mentioned a bunch that the dream for Bachelor producers would be to get a professional athlete to be the bachelor. Is that why they chose Colton, despite all the red flags? I would not call Colton a professional athlete. If you’ve never even suited up for a professional game before, you can’t put yourself in that class. That’s too strong of a characterization.

Ok, now I’m going to be way out there… I was listening to a Bachelor Party podcast this winter (I think it might have been the one with Juliet and Nick) where Juliet mentioned that they would love to have an athlete and there was a potential one for S23 of Bachelor. Was it Colton all along and this whole thing was planned? Probably not, but makes you think why they wouldn’t be smarter about putting him on paradise. I’ve said this numerous times over the years and I’ll say it again. This show can never have an actual pro athlete on the show (at least one currently playing) because their seasons are running while the “Bachelor” is filming. NBA and NHL start in October – dead in the middle of “Bachelor” filming. NFL starts in September – dead in the middle of “Bachelor” filming. MLB is still playing in September. So the best you’d do is a former athlete who’s retired, injured, and/or out of the sport. There’s a reason why Colton could do “Bachelorette” and be the “Bachelor.” Because not on any team and he’s no longer playing.

As a side note, I’m just shocked at how delusional the producers are. It’s funny to see people complain on social media about how annoyed they are at colton and tia and other various storylines and then look at Elan’s instagram and see him talking about how “beautiful” the stories are and other cliches. They’re just so out of touch and I almost feel sympathy for them that they think they’re doing a good job. They need new producers (It’s why Winter Games was so enjoyable!).

I know it’s early to ask, but so far, do you think the reaction to Arie or the reaction to Colton has been more negative? To me, it all runs together. I can’t say one was more than the other because what am I basing that off of? I’d literally have to go back and count how many negative vs positive tweets there were for Arie versus for Colton. Put it this way, they were both massively hated in terms of who responded to my tweets, wrote me emails, or DM’ed me.

Is it true that the producers picking Juan Pablo was “listening to the fans” (since he wasn’t in final 4) and since that ended so poorly, the producers will never “listen to the fans” again? I don’t know that to be true. I just don’t think they care about their fans when it comes to their selection. They’re going to pick who they want. Since it’s so subjective, you’re always gonna have detractors on who you pick.

Do you think the reaction could reach a point where it’s SO BAD that they choose 2 bachelors a la Kaitlyn and Britt as a twist? I don’t see them ever doing that again for either “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”

I’m not going to waste my time watching this man with the emotional intelligence of a 13 year old this season but obviously I’ll still be following your site religiously. Sorry for all the run on sentences and if this was all over the place, trying to finish this email before my boss gets in.

Comment: Hope you didn’t get fired.

Hi Steve,

It seems every year that people get their panties in a bunch over who is announced bachelor but it never seems to be that way for the bachelorette announcements? Curious as to your take on it. Is it just that the women contestants tend to be higher quality people in general / less shitty humans that the bachelorette just tends to be less polarizing? I’d say so.

Why is it that Andi Dorfman thinks herself above the franchise now? Was there a fallout with production? Does she have no appreciation for all the opportunities it afforded her? She doesn’t exactly have a way with words if you’ve read her books so she would never have been a best selling author without this franchise (in my opinion).

Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: Hard to answer for her. The best answer I can give is something I’ve been saying for years: this show changes people.

Hey Steve —

I’m curious about where the contestants go immediately after they leave paradise. Obviously the way Tia was dressed when she left, she didn’t go directly to the airport. So where do they go afterwards? Back to the hotel. Either their flight is later that night or the next day. So they just have to wait.

Oh, and the Bachelor Franchise in whatever form should not be labeled reality TV. It should be more aptly labeled, “Manufactured Drama TV”.

I can understand why they picked Colton. Although I didn’t watch last season’s the Bachelorette and not particularly invested in any of the guys. I can see the headlines now…..”He lost at love with Becca and then tried again and failed in Paradise. Now can he finally find love this time around???? Stay tuned!!! Hahahaha. Manufactured Drama, that’s what I’m calling it from now on!

I kinda feel like they were setting Colton up in Paradise to be the Bachelor in much the same way they set up Nick for the part. Makes me curious about what went wrong last year, that made them pick Arie????

Thanks for the spoilers! Just remember you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Comment: Arie was and always will be a head scratcher. That was completely out of left field.

Dear Steve,

I’ve watched the very first bachelor, Alex Michel and only missed five of the bachelor/bachelorette shows when my kids were younger and I was too busy to watch. I’ve listened to podcasts and followed many of the people that were on the shows on social media. However since they announced Colton as the bachelor, I’m unsubscribing to many podcasts including yours and unfollowed many reality show participants. I really don’t like Ashely Spivey as I’m not listening to your podcast to hear about how I should vote and what I should believe in the political arena and also on social issues, so I was already fast forwarding through your podcasts with her.

I’ve had a good time following you and listening to your podcasts, but with Colton being the bachelor and Ashley telling people to stop worrying about the bachelor and worry about the supreme court nominee hearing, it put me over the edge today. Best of luck in your future.

Comment: Great.

You do realize that in the 4 podcasts that Ashley and I have done (with the 5th being recorded today), she has never once talked politics, nor will she ever, because that’s not what the show is about and I said that from the very beginning. But hey, you do you and Ashley and I will continue to put out fun and informative podcasts. I think we’ll manage just fine with knowing that you won’t be listening.

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  1. anita29

    September 5, 2018 at 9:10 AM

    This morning I listened to Ashley and Ben’s podcast and they talked to Ashley and Jared via telephone. Jason explained that before proposing, he told producers he didn’t want Kevin present at the proposal, but ABC told him no. He wasn’t very happy about that. He also didn’t like that soon after the proposal, they showed Kevin and Astrid’s conversation. At the end, I felt that they were not happy with ABC in the way they showed the proposal. Ashley is always very careful in not criticizing ABC, so I guess that’s why Jason did most of the talking.

  2. rob22

    September 5, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    A couple of emails caught my eye (I must be bored to have read them this week). The one that was unsubscribing RS and everyone else around the franchise because (among other things) of politics talk… huh? I think RS is one of the least political people that’s out there today. I don’t recall any politics being discussed. That’s one of the things that makes this site enjoyable. Maybe I’m missing something.

    The other was the emailer talking about the potential that the Colton & Tia thing was producer staged to get Colton in position to be the Bachelor. That includes the idea that Colton (via the Bibiana pep talk) “decided” to try it with Tia. Then (since he couldn’t very well be dating Tia when they made the announcement), had them do an emotional breakup. Absolutely I believe this is what happened. That whole thing was massively produced to give Colton both more exposure and some plausability and story line for the Bachelor. Personally, I think they botched the second part of that, but what do I know. I totally agree that this is what happened. Colton’s body language and demeanor never once screamed, “hey, I’m really into Tia”. Colton friend zoned her before the show even started. I’m a little bummed for Tia that she was used in that way. Par for the course, I guess.

  3. tinyred500

    September 5, 2018 at 10:19 AM

    RS take on Robert Mills, I’ve always thought he was rather disingenuous at times. It’s clear he puts out the franchises ‘narrative’ he/they want us to think or believe, and that’s not the pearly white truth.

    The whole Colton and Tia thing was a produced and manufactured piece by the franchise, it’s was more than obvious, rather too obvious in fact. It was shoved in our faces till it got totally silly.

    To the emailer who wants to see some of the old bachelor/bachelorette seasons. ABC did have many previous seasons which you could view (for free) in run up to Arie’s season on their website (I’m guessing they aren’t there anymore?). I only know because I tried to view them, sadly being outside of America I couldn’t view, not even with a VPN. iTunes sell seasons from Jason M to Ben H’s season. Ali F to JoJo’s season and they are not hugely expensive either. Amazon sell some older seasons too, but not many. I wish you could purchase the entire bachelor/bachelorette set, I’d love to compare and see how the series’s have changed over the years.

    I’m going to listen to what Chris and Des had to say on Ashley’s etc podcast, I’ve never heard Chris talk outside of the franchise yet. 😀

  4. justa_viewer

    September 5, 2018 at 3:03 PM

    Well, if Jared was so naive as to think he and Ashley could go to the location where Kevin was and get engaged without the franchise showing any reaction from Kevin, well, that’s on Jared.

    Apparently, Jared was not concerned enough to change his mind and get engaged in private.

    As for Colton, I expect I’ll read the recaps and watch the finale. I’ve done that before. I personally have no interest in watching a 26-year-old male allegedly “look for love,” especially when I believe he’s really just looking for fame. In my experience–yours may vary–most 26-year-old men are focused on growing their careers and having casual or semi-casual relationships. But seriously looking for “the one”? Someone to trot off into the sunset with? Not so much.

  5. tamara

    September 5, 2018 at 3:55 PM

    For the first time, I won’t be watching this season either. Too much manufactured drama and no hope of Colton actually being ready for a relationship. May cancel my hulu subscription and save some money. I’ll still read Reality Steve, though!

  6. elizabeth82

    September 5, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    @rob22, I hardly ever read many of the reader e-mails but I did this time too, ha. Anyway, re. the reader boycotting because of politics, I think h/she was referring to RS’s podcast with Ashley Spivey and not listening because of political views she’s expressed on social media. Some people are super-sensitive about that stuff.

  7. realitynyc12

    September 5, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    I am a bit disappointed that there was not even the tiniest of recaps of yesterday’s BIP, everything has been completely monopolized by views on Colton, which I’m sorry, but how many times can everyone keep going around in circles about it. I was actually looking forward to getting RS s humorous take on the insanity that was last night’s episode. I mean, They’ve gone off the deep end with some of their contrived drama before but yesterday’s episode takes the cake. Wtf was that. From Fatal Attraction love triangle with Shu/Kamil/Annaliese, to the ” Russian witch hunt”, this was truly beyond ridiculous. And just as I started to feel bad for Shu for being a part of that mess and getting skewered mercilessly, there she goes burning Kamils picture at a bonfire, with a smirk on her face. She legit couldn’t even keep a straight face herself at that nonsense by that point. The things these contestants do to stay relevant, mind boggling. Maybe Shu and Annaliese can star together in some low budget piece of crap and finally get their SAG cards, since that’s clearly what they’re after, it’s so transparent.
    Looking forward to this trainwreck to end next week.

  8. tinyred500

    September 6, 2018 at 12:47 AM

    I took the boycott in relation to Steve and Ashley’s podcast too and some contestants are political. The franchise is seen as a lighthearted topic, not so when RS and the like wade in and start lecturing viewers and listeners over what they should think. So I don’t think it means some peeps are super sensitive, they just don’t want to hear/read another persons political/social views when listening to a podcast (or via Twitter) about relationships, the bachelor franchise etc.

  9. GoingBlonde

    September 6, 2018 at 5:05 AM

    @anita29, who the hell is Jason that you are talking about?

  10. GoingBlonde

    September 6, 2018 at 5:06 AM

    Annaliese couldn’t be anymore desperate if she tried. She’s pathetic.

  11. tinyred500

    September 6, 2018 at 6:20 AM

    Methinks Jason is a typo, instead of Jared. 😉

  12. realitynyc12

    September 6, 2018 at 7:36 AM

    Shes playing a role, 100%. Girl has acting aspirations big time. And after last episode, starting to think these people wont stop at anything, doesn’t matter how pathetic it makes them look. Do you think Shushanna came off looking great? If anything, she looked 100% worse than Annaliese, producers must have told her she was auditioning for the remake of Fatal Attraction. All that was missing is an actual script in theory hands. Such an outrageous storyline, witches and spells , whoever came up with that needs to be fired, truly.

  13. GoingBlonde

    September 6, 2018 at 10:15 AM

    Possibly Annaliese is acting, but no I really think she’s 30 and sooooo desperate to get engaged on this dumb ass show. Just like Carly was sooo desperate to settle for a guy she couldn’t stand and actually ended up marrying him because she was rejected by everyone else.

  14. elizabeth82

    September 6, 2018 at 11:34 AM

    Just a clarification re people being super-sensitive about politics: I didn’t mean if RS and Ashley actually bring it up on podcast, I just mean if person is boycotting their podcast because of stuff Ashley puts on social media (I think person mentioned what Ashley said re Supreme Court pick) but doesn’t bring into podcast. I agree that that stuff should stay off Bachelor commentary, but I wouldn’t not listen to someone talk about the Bachelor because of political views they’ve expressed elsewhere.

  15. tinyred500

    September 6, 2018 at 11:50 AM

    I agree on that. I have friends and family who have different political views, I don’t ignore them because we differ on that score, and I’d treat others similarly. 😀

  16. janela

    September 6, 2018 at 1:08 PM

    “Well, if Jared was so naive as to think he and Ashley could go to the location where Kevin was and get engaged without the franchise showing any reaction from Kevin, well, that’s on Jared.

    Apparently, Jared was not concerned enough to change his mind and get engaged in private.”

    Justa_Viewer I completely agree but am pretty sure that they did it for the ring which is worth somewhere between $50-100K. And also they are both milking this franchise for all it’s worth. Aside from Ashley doing Winter Games Jared was on BIP in I think Australia five minutes before he officially committed to dating Ashley.

  17. tinyred500

    September 6, 2018 at 2:16 PM

    Totally agree with you and Justa-Viewer! 😀

  18. screenname

    September 7, 2018 at 1:35 AM

    I agree with the emailer about what Blake posted about not being willing to change who he was in order to become the bachelor, as in they wanted him to probably do things/say things to get the gig. It’s obvious that Colton would jump through any hoop to become the bachelor and that he “won” the job because he did just that in paradise. This is probably going to be the most ridiculously produced and predictable season yet because Colton will do anything the producers want him to do (which is why I think they picked him). I don’t see any similarities between Colton and Sean Lowe aside form the virgin thing. and even with that, Sean did it for religious reasons (I believe) whereas Colton doesn’t (and will likely lose his virginity on the show because he’ll do whatever the producers want). The only thing that might be interesting is if Colton decides to not propose at the end (because he’s obviously not ready for marriage).

    For the reply regarding people complaining about Colton and not “getting why people are bitching and complaining”– since when is it wrong to express your opinion on something, whether or not you think it will change anything?? I mean, that is an eye roll-inducing statement coming from someone with his own website dedicated to his own opinion/bitching/Tia obsession.

    Also, what in the hell did Ashley Iaconetti do to you?? the shade.

  19. GoingBlonde

    September 7, 2018 at 6:42 AM

    It doesn’t matter that Spiteful Spivey doesn’t talk politics in the podcast. She’s a disgusting and ugly excuse for human being. She’s absolutely horrible and hateful. No one should give her the time of day and it’s disgusting that Steve has allowed her to influence him so much that he himself has become a social justice warrior. He’s gotten so caught up in kissing the asses of these contestants, it’s pathetic.

  20. adelina

    September 7, 2018 at 10:09 AM

    Awwww @GoingBlonde, I totally disagree with you regarding Carly “settling” for Evan. I think they’re a great couple and genuinely in love.

    Also, describing someone (Spivey) as a “disgusting and ugly excuse for human being” is a little heavy, no?

  21. alynn89

    September 8, 2018 at 11:28 PM

    I have to agree. I love reality steves site and podcasts, but I can not stand Ashley Spivey.

  22. jlal

    September 10, 2018 at 4:51 AM

    I agree with everyone that Colton is way too young and green to be the next bachelor. I was on vacation, out of the country, and out of touch so found out when I returned. Very disappointed. It will be like watching a little boy try to play grown up. Maybe they’re trying to appeal to the younger audience members after having Arie on. I hope all the women are like 22 or 23, because otherwise Colton will seem like a kid (frankly he is a kid), experience and maturity wise.

    From the posts on here, I’m happy I missed the last couple of weeks of BIP. Sounds like they jumped the shark with witches and spells, WTF?

  23. lexq

    September 11, 2018 at 7:09 AM

    I couldn’t AGREE with you more about Carly & Evan!!! I always thought about it!! How can you not like someone that much and so awkward to all of a sudden being in love. Pathetic!!

  24. lexq

    September 11, 2018 at 7:10 AM

    It’s like someone FINALLY said it!!!! ????????

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