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“Reader Emails,” Colton, & Tricky Editing on the BIP Reunion Show

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So I’ve had Luka for almost three weeks now, but this will be the first time I’m leaving her. As you know, my annual NFL weekend Vegas trip starts tomorrow, so today I’m taking her to the doggy resort where she’ll be for 3 days, then my sister is taking her for the weekend. Maddie loved the doggy resort. She got so excited when I told her we were going to see her “friends.” Luka I have a feeling will be a little different today. She is attached to me. She follows me everywhere and she’s never not had me around in the almost-3-weeks together. So it’ll be interesting to see what she does once I drop her off today, and then when I get the report card on how she acted while I was gone. One good thing about this place is they have a video camera into the play room so I can constantly check in on her whenever I feel like seeing what she’s up to. But I have a feeling it’ll definitely be a little different for her the next couple days. Gonna try and make it as much like “home” as I can for her while she stays there, bringing her bed, toys, and blanket. She’s been a lot of fun but she’s definitely attached to her daddy. I think it’ll take some getting used to once I drop her off today, because I assume she’s thinking I’m leaving her for good. Hell, when I walk to my mailbox and am gone for :30 seconds she feels that I’m leaving and never coming back. So this will probably be a little tough on her. Lets see how it goes.

A couple things to get to before we start “Reader Emails.” One final thing I want to say about Colton that I think I forgot to put in there yesterday. All the negative opinions people have of Colton – not ready to commit, using the show for fame, lying about when and how many times he saw Tia, Raven’s advice to Tia being spot on, too much TV time, etc – are all 100% justified reasons for not liking him. Not only that, I agree with pretty much all of it. I absolutely think this was on his radar from the time he applied for Becca’s season. This was his ultimate goal. I do believe he jerked Tia around and toyed with her knowing this was in the back of his head. I absolutely don’t think this guy is anywhere near ready to commit to someone long term. I agree with all of that. Just because I’m whatever about them choosing him doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s without some serious faults. All of those are legitimate reasons to not like the guy and question why they chose him. But ultimately, it just doesn’t matter. They’re going to choose who they’re going to choose, and as much as the higher ups of this show says, “We listen to Bachelor Nation!” – they really don’t. They don’t care about you. They never have. They say things to appease you, but all you need to do is listen to Robert Mills radio show yesterday to know the guy is flat out lying when it comes to this Colton stuff.

I’ve always been a Robert Mills guy. I crack on him a lot, but he’s one person in this franchise whose opinion I tend to lend a little more weight to. I respect his work that he’s done for the network, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all the decisions they’ve made, he always has an interesting perspective on the reasons behind decision. Mills has always had a good pulse on the franchise and what people are feeling. But you listen to him yesterday acting all shocked that people are being so negative on Colton? Yeah, that was an act. He can’t possibly be this surprised people aren’t taking to Colton. Here was yesterday’s show:

Him saying, “Well a lot of the girls were asking for Colton in casting” is such a cop out and an easy thing to say after the fact because there’s no way to prove it. What do I expect him to say? “Well, all the girls were clamoring for Jason and Blake, so we went with Colton.” Of course not. I’m sure there were some girls in casting who did want Colton, but to act after the announcement like, “Hey, this is who they wanted” is pretty short sighted and just playing into his own narrative. Because I can guarantee you that wasn’t the case. So yeah, he loses points on that one. So easy to just throw that out there after the announcement that all the women asked for him. Please.

One question I got asked a ton about last night during the previews for next week’s BIP finale was “Who got engaged at the reunion?” The short answer: No one. That was editing to trick people into thinking someone did. The footage you saw was actually old footage from the “Winter Games” reunion when Benoit proposed to Clare. They made sure to show you clips involving people that were on both WG and BIP. You saw Bibi and Yuki, then you see the clip of the ring in the Neil Lane box – but then editing screwed up when the next clip showed Kevin – but there’s Lesley Murphy behind him and, well, Lesley wasn’t on BIP, she was on Winter Games, sitting in that exact seat wearing the exact same outfit during the WG reunion show when Benoit proposed to Clare:

Womp wooooooooomp. Busted. No engagements happened at the BIP reunion taping. Jordan/Jenna & Chris/Krystal got engaged in Paradise. Those were the only two engagements of the season.

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