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Podcast with Kaci

LOVE your spoilers and how you consistently and unapologetically stick it to the Bachelor “corporation” and your doubters with your posts!

Quick thought/question… Do you watch Married at First Sight, and would you ever consider adding it to your website and spoiling it??? It isn’t quite the shit show as the Bachelor, but it seems to be heading that direction more each season.

One more thing… I recently read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and if you have not read it, it seems like something you might be into.

Cheers, sir!

Comment: Never watched MAFS except season 1. It just didn’t hold my interest after that.

I mean, I don’t need to read to a book to tell me what I pretty much already practice on a daily basis ha ha. It comes very easy to me. The things that most people let bother them or get all up in arms about on social media, I just ignore. Waste of time.

Hey Steve, has anyone noted that Arie’s first night photo and Colton’s first night photo both have the winners to their right. Hmmm. Is the first night pic actually taken the first night? Is it before they all meet him or is it later in the night?

Comment: Is it? I didn’t notice, probably because I don’t remember Arie’s first night pic. But I did see Cassie is next to Colton in theirs. It’s taken at the end of the first night.

Hi Steve,

I hope all is well. I’m writing in hope of getting advice from you. I’m a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and after watching Cassie’s introduction video I would like to make an official complain to the Bachelor’s production team. I’m not quite sure how to go about doing so. Cassie stated in her apology through social media, production encouraged her to misused the title of “Speech Pathologist” instead of Speech-language pathologist assistant” which goes against the American Speech and Hearing Association. To officially utilize the title of Speech-language Pathologist, one most first complete a Master of Science/Art in Communication Science and Disorders then complete a 9 months clinical fellowship in the area of your choosing. Also, as Speech-Language Pathologist we do not refer to therapy as “class” and I quote her “Welcome to speech class.” Lastly, Cassie misused signs during the video and did not promote verbal output nor receptive communication (I don’t blame her for this as she’s just beginning Graduate school and she might not have the knowledge yet to run a successful speech therapy session). This is truly a disrespect and disgrace to the speech language pathology community. We work very hard on a daily basis to create awareness of the field. Do you have any recommendations as to what I can do to complain about this?

Comment: I believe Cassie addressed this on Instagram because you, and many others, gave her heat for that exact thing.

Hi Steve! I just came across an interview from Access and Dean is basically saying that none of the “bachelor relationships” are real, they’re contrived. The interviewer then mentions Lesley and winter games and asked if that relationship was “contrived” and he basically said yes and kind of stated she acted different on camera and off (which i’d assume is all of them). What do you think about all of this? Dean seems to be super against the franchise lately. Is there any tea as to why Dean and Lesly actually split? Thanks Steve!

PS: thanks for doing all the investigating for this spoiler site, we’re all forever appreciative.

Comment: I didn’t do a deep dive into what Dean said. I read an article on it, but I never listened to the podcast where he said it. He’s not that far off. But to say ALL of them? No, that’s just wrong and sounds like a guy who’s bitter for whatever reason. I think a lot of the relationships are surface level, but to say they’re all contrived is a bit of a stretch.

Thanks for the vine Carboney. I just got back from Red Lobster. Show me your lighting bolt!

Long time, first time.

It seems like quite a few people spoil things on the show through social media and/or through social media of their friends or family. Why doesn’t the Bachelor put people on lock down?

Many years ago, an acquaintance of mine was on Survivor, Season 3, Ethan was the winner. Anyway, he was kicked in the early part of the show. After that, they didn’t send him home, the show kept him at a remote resort for awhile along with everyone else. Then once everyone that wouldn’t be on the jury was voted off, that whole group was sent to Europe for a few weeks. Everyone on the jury had to stick around, of course. Survivor timed it so every contestant was gone the same amount of time and went home at the same time. If you weren’t on the jury, you were secluded and kept busy. I don’t know if they still do this, but you could hang onto everyone’s cell phone and during this time as well to prevent any social media.

The Bachelor could do something like this, but they don’t. Are they A. Too cheap? B. Don’t Care? C. Too dumb to think of it? D. All of the above?


P.S. – Brad in Corona is overrated. He is no Doc Mike. GOOD NITE NOW! Rack me, I’m out!

Comment: You are correct. Every contestant stays on the show for the whole 39 days regardless of when they were eliminated. Probably because “Survivor” is more about the “winner” and sending people home when they got eliminated would completely give away the ending. For Bachelor/ette contestants, it makes no sense for them to travel to different countries with a touring group of 30 men and women. Lets face it, there’s a pecking order when it comes to this show. If you’re eliminated early, for the most part, the show doesn’t care about you or what you do. It’s just the way it is. Not to mention, there’s such a small percentage of their audience that’s following my site in the offseason tracking these peoples’ social media, that they really don’t care if they’re spoiled by me to be a contestant, then days/weeks later are seen home. The “Bachelor” does hometown dates in public places where they are GIVING you who their final four are. So yeah, they don’t really care all that much about the spoiling of early contestants because to them, they’re a non-factor.

As for Brad in Corona, it was a tough call this year. Personally I thought our call was better, but going in, you have to understand, I never thought Sean and I would win. We weren’t trying to win. We were just going for nostalgia. So I see why Brad won.

What is with Lauren Bushnells ex hanging out with Jef Holm now? How did this connection happen? I’ve seen him on his Instagram stories.

Comment: I guess so. I know nothing about it other than what they posted on social media.


I just finished the podcast with Paulie and although I wasn’t exactly happy you even gave him the platform to speak, I am happy with how you handled it. You called him on his BS and actually allowed him to make himself look WORSE by again trying reason out his every move. That guy has some serious, serious issues. He’s a total manipulator and it’s disgusting what he’s doing to Cara and all of the women before. His explanation about Demi was such a joke. The fact that he showed no real remorse or any emotion about how bad he messed with these women’s heads is sick. The simple fact that he can describe himself as a good guy is disgusting. And he also had the balls to pretend like that Joker thing was just a funny joke is sad. He knows he’s messing with Cara’s aka Harley Quinn’s head JUST like in the movies. It’s so sick. Anyway, you handled it very well and I think it actually exposed him for an even bigger POS than before.

I was just wondering, if you do hear anymore things from women about him in the future, like stuff that he does from now on (hiding meet ups with girls, sliding in DMs, etc) will you let Cara know? Or let us know? I mean, we see how James Taylor went back to his ways so I’m curious if you’ll share any info you get with us?

I honestly don’t know if showing Cara would even matter at this point. If she was willing to take him back after EVERYTHING she’s seen and heard thus far, unfortunately I don’t think she’ll be able to leave him even if any other evidence is presented. It’s such a mindf**k what he does to these women. Classic mental abuse. I wish Cara would go see a therapist on her own so they can explain to her what exactly he’s doing to her.

Sorry for all of that. Just needed to vent. That interview made me sick to my stomach.


Comment: I don’t think I’d fill readers in if I hear anything. I would tell Cara directly. Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve been in this position numerous times before and it’s like banging your head against the wall. They want you to tell them what you hear, you tell them, and they don’t listen even though you’ve given them damaging info. So it’s pointless sometimes. Plus, if info gets sent to me about Paulie, I’m guessing it’ll get out there publicly as well.

This seems to be the overwhelming feeling in regards to the Paulie interview. I told him going in I wasn’t going to believe probably 90% of the stuff he told me, but I would still let him speak. The difficulty of it was, as I stated, I couldn’t make the interview me just constantly interrupting him or challenging him on what he said. I did when I could, but for the most part, I just let him fall on his own sword. When most people’s responses have been exactly that, I guess for the most part he did. I haven’t had one person email or tweet at me saying, “Wow, I listened to Paulie and although I had a negative opinion of him going in, he really changed my mind.” If anything, what he said furthered people’s already negative opinion of him, which I figured it would.

I feel sorry for Cara because she’s not seeing the forest through the trees right now. Jemmye and I both said it the week before. We can totally see Cara saying saying at some point down the line, “It’s my life, I can do what I want, we shared something special, he’s getting help, it’s our life to live, etc.” I just didn’t think it would take less than a week for it to happen. But whatever. It’s their life and if that’s what they choose, so be it. Whatever happens from this point forward, Cara knows what she signed up for, so if it ends badly again or there’s cheating, or another scandal, all she can say is how stupid she was for believing in him. And it will happen again. Count on it.

I don’t hate Paulie. If the guy is looking to better himself, good for him. Could it be just words? Sure. Like I told him, he can say all he wants. His actions going forward will determine his sincerity. I have my doubts though, sure, because of his track record.

That Paulie interview is the exact reason having someone like Nick or Dean or guys like that on my podcast ever just wouldn’t work. There are things I know about these people that they don’t know I know, so basically I’d be putting them on to purposely set them up, have them lie to my face, and then have me call them out on it. Then they’ll deny it til their blue in the face, I’ll know the truth, and we’ll get nowhere. And then the whole interview turns negative. I want people to share their story on my podcast so you get to know them better, but with certain guys like that, there’s just too much I know to where I’d look like a fraud if I didn’t call them out. And if I do call them out, the whole interview just becomes a drag. So it’s best to just never have someone like that on. I did it once in 112 podcasts. I’m not saying never again, but it’d be tough.


I’m a few days behind and just finally watched the first episode of the Bachelor. One question: the ladies arrive at the mansion to meet Colton in the evening (it is dark out!) but when the ladies who are eliminated at the rose ceremony step outside, it is daylight out! Can you explain?

Comment: This question is almost getting into the “why is the driveway wet” and “how do they remember all the names on night one” territory.

Like even if you didn’t know anything about the show’s history and maybe Colton’s season was the first episode you’ve ever watched in this franchise history, if the limo entrances started at night, and then after the rose ceremony it’s light outside, what do you think could be the reason? Because I guarantee whatever you think is the reason – is.

Hi Steve! I love reading your site and listening to your podcasts for years now! But I wanted to go this season without spoilers. I know it’s going to be hard. I was trying to do that with Becca’s season and I failed after a couple of boring episodes I went back reading every single spoiler you had put out there ?. Trying to go spoiler free again because i just want to be surprised in a way. My question is how or what is the best way to read your site without spoilers? Is that even possible. I do love reading your episode recaps! I don’t want to miss those ?
Comment: I honestly don’t think it’s possible. Every one of my recaps (or most at least) will reference the spoilers. Podcasts are a little easier because I don’t talk much spoilers in those. But as for Tuesday’s recaps and Wednesday’s “Reader Emails,” it’ll be damn near impossible to not run into the spoilers there.

To your knowledge has there ever been anyone on The Bachelor or Bachelorette that was looking for love more than they were attention whores looking for fame, publicity, whatever?

Comment: You’re asking me to get into the minds of over 900 contestants over 37 seasons and try and figure out what they were thinking. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

With that said, before social media became a thing, I’m sure there were people who came on this show thinking about true love.


I’m listening to your podcast with Paulie and I’m so incredibly impressed by how you’re handling the situation. I know Challenge Mania did a podcast with him earlier that they didn’t run which is probably for the best because, no disrespect to them, they’re not very good at calling people out for their wrongdoings.

Anyways, the reason Paulie shouldn’t be allowed back on a Challenge is because he’s emotionally abused two women severely. He doesn’t take that seriously and a lot of other people in the world don’t either. Emotional abuse is a huge issue that should be given a lot more attention and consequences. People on reality TV are role models — but obviously they fuck up and that’s good for tv. Johnny bananas is no angel but he’s never done something so blatantly cruel and been so unapologetic about it. And that includes stealing the money from Sarah (part of a GAME not real life fucking a woman over to advance in his reality TV career). Anyways rant over. If I could yell at Paulie about the patriarchy directly I would do it in a heartbeat but it sounds like nothing would get through his thick head. Keep standing up for the women who deserve your support!!

Comment: We’ll have to disagree on that one. As bad as Paulie is and how he played both Cara and Danielle for 6 months, that has nothing to do with the Challenge itself. If we’re going to not cast vets on this show for how they’ve treated women off season, there would be numerous people who wouldn’t be allowed on. If guys wanna be dogs, if guys wanna cheat, etc that’s on them as a person. But MTV seems to feed off that sh** because they like including off-air scandals as part of their narrative. So I don’t think Paulie should be kicked off the show for being a narcissist.

hello there i was wondering if you have the email information for dean unglert’s management/booking agent – i had looked for it a few months back and it was in one of his profile bios now i cant find an email or even name anywhere

Comment: Yes, I do actually. It’s one of the few I have. His agents email address is:

Was Elan Gale the showrunner for season 23? Could anything that happened this season have influenced his decision to quit (or was he fired)? I wonder if we’ll notice anything.

Comment: Yes, he was. I don’t think his title was actually showrunner, but he definitely was in his normal role for Colton’s season, which was his last.

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