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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & “Temptation Island” Talk & Clip From Next Week’s Episode

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There seem to be two overlying topics in “Reader Emails” today, and that is either reaction to the Paulie podcast from last week, or, the Kaitlyn/Jason relationship. I guess that’s to be expected. One thing I forgot to mention about the Paulie podcast yesterday that some of you mentioned to me is that you’re seeing it twice in your podcast feed? I know I only see it once in mine, but I can tell you what happened. When I first released it last week, I totally forgot to put in the music bed in the beginning and end. And that bothered me because, well, when you do the same thing for the previous 111 episodes but forget the music for #112, it just sounded weird. So I actually went in and deleted that podcast (or so I thought) off Apple Podcasts, then just re-uploaded the same podcast but with the music. For some reason, the first one I guess isn’t getting deleted off some people’s feeds. Not sure why, but for those asking, no, it’s not two different podcasts. Same podcast except one has the music in the beginning and end and one doesn’t. Nothing within the podcast itself was changed or edited. Just wanted to clear that up for those that were asking.

Ratings are in from Colton’s episode #2 and maybe you saw on Twitter yesterday, production was hyping it trended higher than last season’s 2nd episode. And it did. Monday drew 5.6 million viewers and a 1.7 rating, whereas Arie’s second episode last season drew 5.5 million viewers and a 1.4 rating. What they conveniently forgot to mention is that last year’s second episode went up against the Alabama/Georgia National Championship game. This past Monday didn’t compete with college football. Next week is where I think we’ll get a true gauge if Colton’s season outperforms Arie’s season since episode 3 of either season wasn’t up against any major college football game. Just know Arie’s third episode last season drew 6.5 million viewers. I really don’t think Colton’s is gonna go from 5.6 million this week and jump almost 900k viewers. I’d be surprised. Then again, it’s all relative since none of this matters. The “Bachelor” is being talked about everywhere, it’s trending every Monday night on Twitter, and they charge good money for a :30 spot in their show, and that’s what matters most to them.

I’m sure you saw it since I’ve hyped it enough, but episode #1 of “Temptation Island” aired last night. Nell Kalter has your episode 1 recap up now that you can read as we start diving into the couples, the singles, and the drama that’s about to unfold. Former podcast guest and owner of Andy Dehnart did an excellent interview with TI host Mark Walberg yesterday talking about the show, the expectations, what to expect, and what not. I’ve always thought Mark was an excellent host. He certainly does more on this show and is more of a presence than Chris Harrison is. Guy just has a smooth, calming disposition to him, and you kinda need that on this show where inevitably, you are going to have to bear witness to the destruction of a relationship or two. Mark ended that interview with a very telling quote: “There are three possibilities at the end of the show — people can leave together, people can leave apart, or they can leave with someone new. And all of those things happen.” Oh boy.

As I told you, I’ve been given advanced copies to the first 4 episodes, and you’ll see things immediately start heating up next week. Last night was just the intro to the couples, who they are, why they’re here, and who the singles are who will be competing for them. I think once you get 2 or 3 episodes in, you become so invested in these couples and their journey, and knowing now that at least one will leave the island broken up, it’s almost like in a sick sense, you want to see how it plays out. It’s gonna suck, because honestly, I find all four couples likable. Yes, Shari and Javen were arguing all night long, and it seems like Shari isn’t opening up to the process, but both eventually will get more and more comfortable. It really is quite an interesting social experiment. You applaud these people for trying it, most of us probably never would, but like Mark Walberg toasted to, “I hope you find the answers to the questions you’re asking.” I’m fascinated by other people’s relationships, which is probably why I’m so enamored with this show.

And as mentioned, Kaci Campbell will be tomorrow’s podcast guest, and her alone. She will be a guest every week for 10-15 minutes as we recap Tuesday’s episode, and it’ll be added on at the end to whoever my guest is that particular week. But since it’s premiere week, I wanted to give the audience a little more background on Kaci and Evan, why they decided to do this, what parameters they set for the other one going in, and the heartbreak Evan went through a few years ago when his dad was murdered by his mistresses’ husband. He briefly told the story last night on the show, but a quick Google search of “Evan Smith Dad Murder” and you can read about it. I wish I had done that before I interviewed Kaci since it would’ve answered the question I had for her. That story is awful. Not only was he murdered, he was missing for two years. Went missing in 2012 and then they found his body in 2014. You don’t wish that upon anyone. I can’t imagine. So just hearing the pain in Kaci’s voice tomorrow, you’ll understand how difficult that must’ve been to go through with Evan at the time. So look forward to that tomorrow and then an episode recap every week through the end of the season. Also, it’ll be up a tad early tomorrow since I’m heading to CA for the weekend and I may or may not be throwing in a 24 hr trip to Vegas in there Friday because, ummmm, it’s been 4 months. Just sayin’.

Here’s a clip from episode 2 next week where the couples get to choose their first dates of the season in front of their significant others. AWK-WARD. You think Javen and Shari enjoyed doing that in front of the other? Ummmmmm, neither did I.

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