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Hi Reality Steve!!

Before my question, can I vent really quick? Episode 2 last night was cringe worthy to say the least. I feel bad for Hannah B. You can tell she is so uncomfortable in front of the camera. My mother predicts that she is “headed for a meltdown of epic proportions” poor girl. Demi is comic relief because of how ridiculous she is. Tracy is so damn annoying but I’m gonna go ahead and blame the editing. Okay. Now that’s off my chest. Time for actual questions.

1) It is clear as day to me that he is very interested in Hannah G, Caelynn, and Cassie, not many others, and he for sure likes Elyse. Am I the only one noticing this? I see it the most with Hannah G and i adore her so far but that’s just me. Yeah, it’s pretty clear who he’s into for sure. I don’t think you’re off base with that at all.

2) They are beginning to hype up the drama between Hannah B and Caelynn. (Which I am TOTALLY here for). Based on this beginning story line, what type of edit/ reaction do you think Caelynn will receive and how will that affect her chances for Bachelorette in your opinion? I could see it being a very entertaining Paradise story line. Of course it’s still so early so who knows.
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every week!!

Comment: It’s tough for me to answer what other people are thinking. I tend to side more with Hannah B.’s side of the story based on what I’ve heard. If they’re both on Paradise, absolutely it will continue there.


As usual you are off to a good start this season. Thanks for all of the entertainment.

I watched the first episode of temptation island and it felt like the end of back to the future three with the train barreling down the tracks to the giant chasm with no bridge on the horizon. The epic crash is inevitable and should be fun to watch.

To my question. I don’t recall exactly what you had said about Arie and Lauren but to paraphrase you were to say the least not very optimistic. Now that they ARE married and have a baby girl on the way what is your opinion of Arie, their relationship and that whole situation now?

Keep up with the good work and glad to hear the puppy is fine.

Comment: My opinion is I’m shocked. I never thought it’d get to this point. But hey, good on them I guess.

Hi Steve,

To your knowledge, have any of the female Bachelor contestants or male Bachelor contestants hooked up with each other during the season? After all these years, you figure that would have happened at some point. There’s a house full of beautiful people and absolutely nothing else to do. Does the show actively discourage this, and/or refrain from filming this if it does happen? Not that I’ve heard of no. I mean outside of Jamie on Nick’s season, and maybe a few others, they’re all heterosexual. Not sure why they’d be interested in hooking up with the other contestants on the season.

On another note: has Tayshia addressed the issue of the boyfriend you exposed?

Comment: Publicly? No. Privately, I’ve heard she’s denied it, but that was to be expected. There’s pictures of them together. Kissing. In a different country. If she wants to downplay how serious it is, I mean, I expected that. But I don’t know what else to tell you. I guarantee if you ask Chase Olswang, I’m sure he would disagree with Tayshia’s stance. So who do you believe?

Hey Steve,

Any idea who Ben Higgins is dating? He said on his podcast this Monday he is dating someone and he will talk about it in a few weeks. He also said it is a long distance relationship. You reported he was dating Lindsey Duke a while back but she lives in Denver so I assume it’s someone different now. Secretly hoping it’s Becca Tilley as she has also kept secret who she has been dating. Not getting my hopes up on that though. Any insight? If not, I guess we will find out in a few weeks!

Comment: This was brought up earlier. All I know is she’s not famous, not a Bachelor Nation girl, and lives in Nashville.


Do you think Colton is being genuine and authentic on the show, or do you think he’s saying what he has to say, and doing whatever he has to do, to be the lead on the Bachelor? The latter. For sure.

I was wondering if you were following Arie and Lauren’s wedding over the weekend, and if you have any final thoughts on how everything has played out for Arie? I didn’t follow it, no. As I said, I’m shocked it got this far, but good for them.

On your podcast with Courtney last year, you told her that you should have her back every year. Courtney has always been one of your most interesting podcast guests. Would you have Courtney back on your podcast a third time?

Thank you for all the hard work you do.

Comment: I mean maybe in the future, but not anytime soon I don’t think. I don’t know what there is to talk about with her now. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t watch the show, so unless she’s involved in some drama, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Hi Steve!

I know we’ve only seen two episodes so far but do you think the edit the final 4 girls are getting right now is kind of strange compared to other seasons? Hannah G. has had the most screen time out of all of them and that’s not saying much. We will obviously learn more about the drama between Caelynn and Hannah B., but right now the edit doesn’t make Caelynn seem that likeable or an obvious choice for bachelorette. Cassie also barely said anything in episode 2. They didn’t even show him talking to her on the camping date. Tayshia is basically nonexistent. I don’t know if we have heard her say anything since she got out the limo. You’re right on Tayshia. She’s been non existent for two episodes. Caelynn and Hannah B feud will start up next week during the pool party, then Caelynn’s 1-on-1 where we’ll get this boffo reveal apparently will happen the following episodes. Cassie doesn’t cause much of a stir, but I’m sure we’ll see her getting more and more screen time as it progresses.

On Becca’s season, Garrett, Blake and Colton were shown a lot in the earlier episodes. (Jason more so toward the end.) Just seems odd to me since these girls will be on the show the longest. Maybe they are doing a similar style to Sean Lowe’s season with the edit Catherine had early on? What do you think? Thanks!

Comment: Maybe Cassie will get a Catherine edit. I have no idea. All I know is what happens in the end. Getting to that point and what they show is all in productions hands.

Hi! A few questions for you this week non bachelor related.

1. I’ve been a long time fan of the challenge and Johnny Bananas, while I can appreciate him as a competitor, most of the time I think he’s an ass. So, it’s really wild that Paulie has made me Team Bananas. What is it with Paulie and all his feuding? Does he think that’s a sure way to stay on the challenge or is he just batsh*t and a sociopath like Johnny claimed? His actions on and off the show leave a lot to be desired. Not the way I would do things, but I’m not him. Yet, it’s gonna keep getting him cast and he knows this.

2. I’m sure you’ve gotten so many emails about Paulie & Cara being together recently. Typically, I don’t care if reality star couples or celebrities break up a million times and get back together. But I don’t want to see this play out on my TV. I really thought Cara was done with him. Do you have any insight? Well the next season of the Challenge all was filmed before Cara got back and found out about the Danielle stuff. And Cara told me, as did Paulie, their relationship in season 33 is the best it ever was and people will see their love story. So I guess we can all watch that with a finger in our mouth.

3. Regarding your podcast with Paulie, you sent out a tweet when posting it that you definitely don’t agree on much and he replied with, “we actually agreed on a lot.” I haven’t had a chance to listen to it, but is this a lie? I cannot see you lying or accidentally typing out something wrong. Little things like that to me just show this guy is just… completely out of reality.

Comment: Yeah, I mean, I didn’t think we agreed on much at all after I recorded it and listened to most of it back. He seemed to think so. I have no idea why he thought that, but maybe he saw it differently than me. I think once you listen, you might be saying, “Huh? What is Paulie thinking?”

1. Do you think that the producers like to cast contestants who haven’t watched this show before because they think it will be easier to manipulate them? Absolutely.

2. I feel sorry for Danielle M., but I don’t get why she started dating Paulie in the first place. If he had a bad boy reputation, why the hell did she think that he was ready to get married and have kids? Love can be a bitch sometimes. She knew what was being said. Plenty of people told/warned her. But it’s her life. As Selena Gomez said, “the heart wants what it wants.”

3. Do you think your podcast with Meredith may have helped Caelynn get cast on the show because it will allow the show to discuss the topic of sexual assault without admitting that it actually happened in their show? Good question, but I don’t know if it’d have any effect just because it’s not like my podcast with Meredith will be brought up, nor would they ever admit to it. So it’s tough to answer.

4. Tim Tebow got engaged last week, so I guess he beat Colton to the punch.

Comment: That he did.

Hi Steve!

Just thought I would shed some insight into why I am certain Cassie jumped to defend/clarify things on Instagram so early in the season. (This might interest you or be completely irrelevant, so take it as you wish!)

I am a psychology grad student. As an speech pathology grad student, Cassie is in a very similar situation to me. Our professions are very strictly regulated and you CANNOT call yourself certain titles until you are registered, or you may face disciplinary action. For me, I cannot call myself a psychologist. In Cassie’s situation, she cannot call herself a Speech Language Pathologist – we are students and have not been registered, jumped through the hoops, been approved by certain boards, etc… so I am VERY confident that she got backlash from within her profession about advertising herself as an SLP on the show, when she is in fact still a student. But more than that, it would be potentially very dangerous to her career to not correct it publicly.

Anyways, that may not be very interesting to you, but I definitely think that was the major underlying reason for her instagram post/clarification. There is a difference between “social media backlash” and “serious threat to professional career”. I have no other insight into her and have barely watched this season (I literally consume the Bachelor through your website hahaha).

Take care, and keep spoiling!

Comment: Thanks for the explanation. If that’s what it is, then it makes perfect sense why she posted what she did on IG to clarify. I believe that was basically what she said, so yeah, looks like she didn’t want to insult anyone who was a registered professional.

Thanks to you, I started Temptation Island. This is going to be my new show that I hate to love! I’m looking forward to Nell’s recaps!

*Will the single girls get the chance to mix with the single guys? Or are they strictly there to end up with the taken ones? I’ve seen the first four episodes, and that doesn’t happen. I doubt it does since the singles are separated and living with the opposite sex couple the whole time. Now, maybe something happened post show, you know with social media and all, I’m sure these people have been in contact, but on the show I don’t think that happens.

*Does it trip anyone else out that Mark Walberg looks and sounds so much like Chris Harrison? Yeah, from a distance, Mark basically looks exactly like Chris Harrison. He also is way more involved in the episodes than Chris ever is. I’ve always enjoyed Mark’s role on this show. I think he does a good job of asking the right questions. The interview yesterday with on page 1 really shows how much he cares about the couples.

Back to The Bachelor…

*Based on your spoilers, no 2-on-1 was mentioned. I can’t believe they didn’t do the pageant queen 2-on-1. Ashley I. even mentioned it in an interview today, saying the producers were setting up for an epic one. I’m bummed we aren’t going to get it. Opinions? I mean, we’ve had seasons where there isn’t one. I guess this just happens to be one of them. A little odd since you had the perfect villain to put on one in Demi, but considering Tracy only gets to episode 4 and Demi to episode 5, I guess they didn’t think much of it.

*Watching episode 2, I loved Elyse! My guess is she was cast for Blake or Jason. I wish we were going to get her longer, because I feel should could be a kickass bachelorette…oh well…You are correct. Oh well. Elyse is not going to be the Bachelorette.

*Did you think Billy’s comment about Colton possibly being gay was inappropriate and out of place? Even more so, I cannot believe that post production put that in. We all know those rumors have been circulating, but I find it extremely inappropriate. Certainly questionable they left that in. Production knows full well what a lot of the social media comments are regarding Colton. Strange they left it in, but I guess not suprising.

Do you have any info on The Masked Singer?

Thanks again for all you do!

Comment: No.

Hey Steve,

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to give out information in regards to my question but I’m taking a shot anyway… what happened to Dana Weiss (possessionista)? Why did she decide to stop her blog? Her recaps were awesome, second only to yours. I noticed she didn’t live tweet these first two episodes? Any scoop?

Comment: All I know is she doesn’t refer to herself as the Possessionista anymore and stopped that whole business about a year ago? Could’ve been longer. I don’t know the reason behind it.

Hi Steve,

Maybe I missed it in a previous post, but could you clarify wtf happened with Annie’s elimination? I remember reading that she posted a Snapchat bashing Colton & claimed she eliminated herself? Now at the end of this episode we see she was actually bawling her eyes out & said she was heartbroken. What’s going on here…?

Comment: At the time, all we saw was the snapchat pic that got released of her saying she “dumped the Bachelor.” That clearly didn’t happen. I mean, maybe she asked to leave behind the scenes, but they wouldn’t let her, so that was her way of maybe getting out in front of it. But when it plays out the exact opposite of how she said in that snap, kinda backfired.

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