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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, and “Temptation Island” Episode 2

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Help me, I’m dying laughing. Hannah B said she’s “befumbled” (befuddled) regarding Colton’s like for Caelyn. Bless her heart. That’s an Alabama football fan morphing a word….

Comment: Yes, she did say that. Bless.

Hi Steve couple questions:

Why do you think they didn’t go with the Catherine as the villan edit? Was she just not interesting enough? They got one episode out of it. Guess she wasn’t relevant enough to the storyline.

I feel for Hannah b. Colton is clearly not into her and offers her zero comfort- I want to scream at her through my TV that the show is manipulating her and she deserves better. Yeah, it’s clear as day he was way more into Caelynn from the get go than Hannah B.

The Caelynn edit is not a good one. I know you say opinions may change next week but I’m just not feeling her as a potential lead.

Will you be having bachelor people on your podcast again soon? I love all your podcasts but I don’t follow the challenge so Ive been missing listening.

Thanks for keeping the bachelor interesting!

Comment: Caelynn’s edit will pick up next week, but yeah, it’s not looking great for her.

Podcast guests are a week to week thing. Some people record four in a row and have a month already ready. I do mine weekly for the most part, so I never know who’s going to be on until people respond. I’m sure there will be “Bachelor” people coming up, but I couldn’t tell you when. It’s probably been the most difficult part of doing the podcast.

Oh one more question. Do you have any idea how the cast the two pageant girls? I know they’ve done it in the past but how do they get two girls who hate each other on the same season? Did they seek out both our one applied and they looked for a villan- that seems like a lot of work. But its not like it’s random they’re both they’re…I heard Hannah B. was cast and then Caelynn after her. No, it’s not random at all they’re both there. They were cast specifically for what you’re seeing.

I really feel for and worry about Hannah b. She just seems so sweet and innocent and like she really didn’t know what she was getting into. I truly worry about her mental health with the edit they’re giving her- and we know how mean trolls can be. This seems like like a real low on castings part but we know they don’t care about anyone.

Comment: Hannah B. was no doubt preyed upon. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to the point in this show where it’s been on for 16 years and 37 seasons. If you don’t know by now what you’re signing up for, it’s on you. She obviously was manipulated into talking about certain situations and it’s coming off poorly for her.

Hi Steve,

First off, I had my doubts about Temptation Island, but after watching Episode 1 I am totally hooked! And with Nell’s recaps and Kaci on your weekly podcast you give us the total experience, it’s really cool. Thank you for that. Great. Thanks. It’ll be fun talking to Kaci every week. That final convo is gonna be a mind blower because there will be so much I will finally get to ask once I see how the finale plays out.

I have also been skimming through the Young once episodes, and they can only lead me to believe that Cassie is a virgin. She has not mentioned it on the Bachelor, do you know if it’s true? Also, her (then) boyfriend clearly has strong Christian values and opinions on how a woman should dress and behave, he probably was not thrilled that she went on the show…I haven’t watched any of it, I just know the premise. And honestly, I have no idea about whether or not Cassie’s a virgin. Based on where she went to school, you’d tend to think she didn’t in college. But she’s no longer there, so who knows.

Finally a quick question: Is it just me or was the night portion of the 1st group date in a furniture store? They couldn’t find a better venue?

Comment: Was it? I wasn’t paying attention, but they’ve done that before. Not every group date after party is at a swanky hotel.

Hi Reality Steve!

I’ve got to say, Heather and Hannah B are a producers wet dream. Heather is quite the pot stirrer and Hannah, well, poor Hannah. The girl has no awareness that talking about other girls will do her no favors. It’s painfully obvious that Colton is so much more into Caelynn than he is with Hannah, and he clearly is only keeping Hannah around because well he sold his soul. Pretty much.


Are you aware you have very young readers? My older sister and mom had been watching the show since Jason Mesnick. I vividly recall my sister telling me she knew the outcome of Jason’s season because of your site, making her 14 at the time. Funny to think about now 10 years later. I remember a while back there were a couple 13 or 14 year olds who emailed in and I would comment about that. It’s funny to think about, but also somewhat frightening. Apparently I’m corrupting our youths minds.

How do you think the Hannah B and Caelynn storyline will play out? We know there will not be a 2 on 1, so I’m wondering how they will continue to hype this up until the week before hometowns when Hannah goes home. I’m calling some bullsh*t on Caelynn’s reasoning for why they don’t like each other. She’s basically saying “she’s crazy, she’s jealous of me because I placed higher and I’m prettier” it just doesn’t add up for either of them really. I get the Regina George and Gretchen Weiners vibe from them and as we know, Gretchen Weiners aka Hannah B, will crack. I think they’re just gonna keep being at each other’s throats. The thing to remember is that it’s not like these two just happened to be 2 of the 50 participants who spent a weekend together and casually knew each other. They were roommates at Miss USA, and there’s plenty of evidence out there of them taking pics together and basically calling each other besties. To go from there to here, I honestly doubt it was “oh, she was upset I placed higher,” or “oh, she’s mean.” Seems something deeper went on. Maybe we’ll eventually find out, maybe we won’t.

Also, off topic but what did you think of the no call at the end of the Saints v. Rams game on Sunday? Not sure if you’re an NFL fan. I root for the Saints because they have the most Ohio State players (I’m from Columbus). Broke my heart a tad for them. It was an awful call. As bad as it was, I don’t know what you do going forward. There’s no way that every PI call will be allowed to be reviewed. Lets say they give coaches 1 challenge on a PI call a game. Well, there’s basically PI on every play. A coach would be too tempted to use it in the first or second quarter because he know he’d probably win. But you need it more in the 4th qtr when an outcome can be decided. So then the fans will be upset you didn’t use it early, and if your excuse was “I’m saving it til the 4th qtr,” what if there isn’t a close play to review in the 4th. It sucks it happened to them, it cost them a trip to the Super Bowl, but honestly, I don’t know what an easy solution to it will be. There will never be a perfect system in place. Ever. It will always be flawed. Whatever they think of, something else will happen in a future game that’s not covered, and then people will be screaming about that. Humans are reffing the game. Humans make mistakes, even egregious ones. That’ll never change. So as long as humans are reffing the game, mistakes will be made. You can do whatever you can to minimize them, but they will still be there unfortunately.

Anywho, have a fabulous week.

ps: my sister informed me this weekend that she met the sister of Luke Pell’s current “girlfriend”. Apparently she’s 30 and still being supported by her parents, is a complete fame whore, and they took a picture in front of a G wagon that wasn’t theirs just for the picture. Looks like he found his match! Ha, kidding.

Comment: Wonderful.

Hi Steve!

I just wanted to tell you how right you were regarding Colton loving everything about being the Bachelor. The guy literally retweets every article about himself and acts like he produces the show. It’s suffocating to say the least. I don’t remember another lead being this annoying or self-serving and I’ve watched every season. Do you? Keep up the good work!

Comment: Neither do I. It’s nauseating. But this isn’t anything I haven’t been telling you since Becca’s season. It’s all he wanted out of this and he’s getting it.

Hey Reality Steve,

I have a question. In the premiere, we saw a couple of engagements happen at the random watch parties. I assume that Neil Lane gifted the rings to both couples. Do you happen to have any idea of how much the rings would’ve costed? I assume it wouldn’t be worth the same as what the lead Bachelor couple gets? (~100K)

Comment: No idea, but I can’t imagine it was in the same line as the “Bachelor” couples.

Hey Steve! My question is this – I know you said Colton got cast as The Bachelor because he said he’d do anything the producers wanted.

So did this inform situations like him sending Caitlin home early on the group date (for extra drama) and even who he chose as final four. Like the producers decided who they wanted as potential next bachelorette and TOLD HIM who ti pick for final 4?

Now I’m second guessing everything he does if he is just a production puppet.

What are your thoughts on this?


Comment: I don’t think they told him who to pick, no. But situations like the Caitlin one where, look, we know he didn’t have a connection with her. He probably didn’t have a strong connection with 23-25 of the women, yet, Caitlin gets singled out to send home early. I could totally see that as a producer driven storyline. It’s just to do something different. But do they tell them who to pick? No. Do they encourage keeping certain people around, or giving certain people a chance, etc? Yes.

Hi Steve,

I hope I’m not too late for this week’s email. We haven’t seen much of Cassie in the first three episodes, but you mentioned you heard she was front runner around mid-October, do you know where they were up to filming when she started to here those whispers? Any idea if it was before or after her one-on-one in Thailand? She and Colton seem to have such a natural chemistry, and it’s definitely easy to see why he chases after her in the end, even if we haven’t seen much of her yet.

Comment: I can’t remember the exact date or when I heard whispers she was the front runner, but it was around mid-season, so maybe Thailand.

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  1. wavecatchingmom

    January 26, 2019 at 2:22 PM

    To the reader who asked about the cast of Temptation Island, one of my long ago exes was on it when we were just friends still. He was the awkward blond windsurfer guy who refused to shave his chest and therefore stood out like a sore thumb. He dated Shannon on the show I believe? He liked her as a friend but no sparks. He did get paid if I remember right, and his girlfriend at the time nominated him for the show to boost his professional sports sponsorship options. That should have been a major red flag. He’s engaged to a pro skier now and still lives on Maui and windsurfs professionally. Great videographer too.

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