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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, and “Temptation Island” Episode 2

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Hi Steve. Excellent job this season as always. I have a few questions.

First, the whole pageant drama with Hannah and Caelynn seems produced. Also, why woujd Colton care? He got rid of Caitlyn quickly after realizing they had no spark. Why didn’t he get rid of those two too? Because they’re more important to the storyline, and he’s attracted to Caelynn. Sure, any rational human being who doesn’t want drama like this would either demand answers or send both home immediately, but Colton is there to play a role. So he just lets it go so they can have a continual storyline throughout the season.

It seems to me that the drama seekers always get the last rose usually. Is that a producer edit? That’s done in post-production. Sometimes the person we see receiving the last rose didn’t actually receive the last rose.

Also, I’ve always thought they get the bachelor to keep around the drama queens on purpose to keep drama going or do they hire girls just to create drama. Catharine seemed like a drama maker the first episode and then she was fine.

Also, I’m 38 and married 15 yesrs. My husband is 49 and he always says there’s reasons girls arent married by a certain age because they have issues. See Tracy for example with Demi. I know some people will say Demi’s a drama queen but she just seems confident to me. I got engaged at 23 and married by 25, but I was more quiet than Demi but she doesn’t bother me. Tracy does. Why does she care what Demi says about her? Because she’s being prompted by producers to talk about what Demi said. I’m sure now she doesn’t care. So because Tracy is older and isn’t married she must have issues? Yikes. That’s a bit short sighted for your husband to make such a blanket statement. I couldn’t disagree with that any more.

Also, what’s your take on Elise? I like her. I know she leaves early from your spoilers because she didn’t feel a connection. If I’m wrong on that, sorry. I know Bachelorette talk is early and goes to the final 4, although I dont see a great pick from them, do you think she may have a shot? It would be nice to have a redhead in the spot for once from a fellow ginger myself.

Also, her sisters Sarah’s charity is called Sarah’s Closet is on Facebook and has an app, I’m going to send some items to them my baby grew out of. Sad story all around! Thanks Steve! Awesome job.

Comment: I’ll just point it out again like I do every season. There’s been 14 “Bachelorettes.” Every single one of them finished in the top 4 of their season. If you want to think the first one they’ll choose to break that trend will be Elyse, you have every right to. I just happen to think there isn’t a chance in hell someone who finished basically 9th or 10th is going to. But maybe that’s just me.


Do you think that producers will take into account that so many women in this country so strongly dislike beauty pageant women when they are considering Caelynn for the next Bachelorette? Or do they not really care about the target demographic’s opinion of the Bachelorette lead candidates?

Just curious.


Comment: They factor in a lot of things. Caelynn seems to be getting way more support than Hannah B. right now, so she’s winning that battle. And after next week when she tells her story on national TV, I’m sure she’ll get even more.

Hey Steve!

Not sure if you noticed or if anyone has brought it to your attention, but have you noticed Cassie insinuating she’s ready for engagement now? On her Insta story last night, she zoomed in on her friend’s engagement ring with the caption “teach me how to be domesticated like you.” Then she posted that picture of her flipping the massive tire, captioning it: “Caption Options: 1. When you gotta secure that ring 2. Get this ring away from me. I’m not ready for that…or am I? 3. Hey @neillanejewelery … do you make rings this big? ”

Not sure if she’s teasing to the public she won’t accept a proposal, or if she’s teasing those of us who know the outcome that there might be an engagement after all? Or both?

Would love to hear your thoughts on all this!

Comment: I think all those captions were specifically related to the group date because that’s exactly what they had to do. I don’t read much into that. Plus, they’re not engaged right now. I mean, if you really want to read into things could it be her leaning that way? I guess you could, but that’s not what I’m hearing. I have a hard time believing that someone who up and left the show in November because she felt like she wasn’t ready for an engagement will now be ready in March. It’s certainly possible, but I have a hard time seeing it.

Hi Steve,

Who are your top 5 best looking women this season?

Comment: This is basically an impossible question, because inevitably if I answer this, then people automatically assume I think the other 25 women are ugly, or I don’t like them, or I’m a hater, blah blah blah. Trust me, I’ve done this before and that’s the reaction I got. With that said, if people can just take it for what it’s worth and it’s just my opinion of the ones I personally find most attractive, and isn’t a slight on anyone else, here’s my five in no particular order:

Bri, Hannah G., Sydney, Nina, and Cassie.

1. Do you think that the producers knew that Cassie was on another reality show the week before filming started? If so, do you think she told them she was going on it to break up with her ex and they let her go on it? They absolutely knew. There’s no way they couldn’t have. I’m sure whatever happens on season 2 of “Young Once” with her and her ex Caelan was done with knowing she was about to go film the “Bachelor.” But yes, remember that she was filming season 2 within 10-14 days of her leaving for the “Bachelor” so it should be very interesting.

2. Do you think that sometimes the lead sleeps with a contestant that they know they are not going to pick in the fantasy suite because they don’t want the contestant to figure out that they are not going to get picked? 100%.

3. Do you think that if Cassie and Colton break up, she will get the blame from the fans of this show? Fans will always be upset during a break up initially and then get over it. I don’t think it’ll be any different than any other break up. But these two are never getting married. No way.

4. At least Colton won’t get the DWTS gig since there won’t be a spring season of DWTS.

Comment: Yes, maybe we can all thank Bobby Bones for that since his win pissed enough people off they skipped a season.

Hi Steve –

Just wondering who you got winning the men’s & women’s Royal Rumbles this weekend? Predictable WWE would allow Seth Rollins & either Becky/Charlotte. I’m hoping for Velveteen Dream and Alexa Bliss.

Comment: Ooohhhh, a WWE question. Sounds like Rollins is a lock based on what I’m reading as who they want in the Wrestlemania Main Event. Alexa would be a good pick for the women since most are expecting a Becky/Charlotte winner. I’d be fine with either of them winning. I also don’t think Asuka will be champion by Wrestlemania. I think your WM women’s title match is going to be some combination of Becky/Charlotte/Alexa if not a triple threat.

Since you’re low on emails this week, I have some dumb filler questions.

1. To your knowledge did the show do away with the People recap from the lead permanently? It seems like we haven’t had them since Nick? Or was it even before that? I thought Arie had them? Whatever the case, doesn’t look like Colton is doing one this season. 3 episodes in and no recaps.

2. Not sure why, but I was thinking about the captains of douchebaggery and wondering- do Jef/Robby/Chase still live together? No. Chase moved to Arizona I’m pretty sure. Not sure about Robby and Jef if they’re still together.

3. I know it’s hard to say until the moment they announce it, BUT do you think this Caelynn/Hannah B. drama is hurting her chances of being the bachelorette? It seems like they’re definitely editing in her favor and her college assault experience may win her even more favor. I know I’m rambling but basically I want Hannah G. for bachelorette but it seems (to me) that they’re helping Caelynn’s case. What do you THINK? Just as a guess, as far as where they MIGHT be leaning?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Comment: I have no idea where they’re leaning. All I can go off is the edit. Certainly Hannah G. has had a more favorable edit thus far, but ultimately, that doesn’t mean much if they end up going with Caelynn. I really don’t know.

Hey Steve!

A couple random questions to get your honest feedback on…

1.) I know you are pretty much always giving the guys in the Bachelor franchise a hard time (a few women as well). Nick, Jef, Luke to name a few. My question is, who are some of the standout guys that you feel are good guys and that you maybe even enjoyed watching? I always loved Brad Womack for some reason and wish I could get an update on him lol! I don’t think there’s anyone I particularly enjoy watching on this show because that’s not why I watch the show. I’m sure there have been good guys here and there, but I don’t really see myself as someone who fans over any of them. Last I heard from Brad is he was still opening bars. I think he has one coming to Nashville if I’m not mistaken.

2.) As a sports guy, what are your feelings on Tom Brady & the Patriots? I’ve seen a lot of hate toward him and the Patriots recently, being that they’re in the Super Bowl again. Now, I am not a Patriots fan (I’m a Bills fan….RIP), so that should tell you I’m not just looking for you to support them. BUT in my opinion, Brady is a great QB and I can’t hate the guy for being better than other teams (like my own!). Do you think he’s the greatest of all time? If not, who do you think is?

Super random questions, but appreciate reading your thoughts on these things!

Comment: Absolutely he’s the best of all-time. He’s been to more Super Bowls than any QB (by 3), and he’s won more than any QB. He won the league MVP last year at 40 years old. He put up arguably the greatest statistical line a QB has ever put up in a Super Bowl last year – in a loss. I don’t think there’s much debate. What he’s doing at 41 is pretty remarkable and something we’ve never seen before and not sure if we ever will again.


I just wanted to share how much I love your podcast! I work from home & listen to different podcasts throughout the day to pass the time. I appreciate that you consistently have real guests on (as opposed to solo or your best friend), the ads are minimal & never a not so casual slide in, and that the editing is done well (if there’s any). It’s very frustrating when a podcast plays a segment & then replays the same segment for a minute or two. Would you say your background in broadcasting has contributed to your success? Are you a one man show or do you have a producer? Anyways, thanks for the good work!

Comment: Thank you. I’m a one man show when it comes to my podcast. I email the guests asking if they can come on, I call them up (or they call me), I record it, and then piece it together. I rarely edit the interview unless the sound went bad or something. I just have to record the ads then piece them in separately. I think being in radio has helped in terms of what I want to get out of each interview. Because I hear a lot of interviews with sports/entertainment people and I feel I learn nothing. I want everyone to at least learn one thing about the person I’m interviewing if nothing else. I try to ask what I think people want to know. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The ads I don’t control. Like last week, we didn’t have any ads. Tomorrow’s podcast has 5, so get ready. But as I’ve explained in the past, I try to get the ads out within the first 20-30 min of the podcast, depending on its length. Because yeah, they can interrupt the flow, but they are necessary to keep the podcast going. I can’t hide them. So I try to get them done early, so you have at least a good 30-45 min stretch with no ads.

Hi Steve,

Long time, first time.

I’m curious if you have insights into the conversation Caelynn and Colton will have about her sexual assault next week. I know Chris Harrison has hyped this up and said Colton opens up about his own past as well. There are lots of ways this could go, but since Aly Raisman has been very vocal about her experience as a survivor of Larry Nassar’s abuse I am wondering if that’s what he speaks about? ABC seems to have avoided their relationship entirely up until this point, but it seems very relevant here.

Thanks for all your insights!

Comment: I’m not sure it’s about Aly. I don’t see what that would have to do with him responding to Caelynn’s story. I mean, I guess he could say “Wow, that’s awful. I dated someone who went through that as well and I can’t imagine what it’s like,” but that doesn’t fit the narrative that Chris Harrison is selling about how this conversation “changes the whole dynamic of the season” and will have people rooting for Colton.

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  1. wavecatchingmom

    January 26, 2019 at 2:22 PM

    To the reader who asked about the cast of Temptation Island, one of my long ago exes was on it when we were just friends still. He was the awkward blond windsurfer guy who refused to shave his chest and therefore stood out like a sore thumb. He dated Shannon on the show I believe? He liked her as a friend but no sparks. He did get paid if I remember right, and his girlfriend at the time nominated him for the show to boost his professional sports sponsorship options. That should have been a major red flag. He’s engaged to a pro skier now and still lives on Maui and windsurfs professionally. Great videographer too.

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