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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, and “Temptation Island” Episode 2

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Hey Steve

I live for your info. I hate surprises and even though I watch the bachelor (and all associated shows with the bachelor) I always need to know what’s happening beforehand or my anxiety goes through the roof.

Having said that, will there ever be a Segway into spoiling non reality shows? I’m into the Manifest right now and the mystery of the storyline is driving me crazy! Also what other non reality shows do you watch? Do you ever look up spoilers for yourself on those shows just for peace of mind?

Comment: I watch plenty of non-reality shows, but as I’ve said numerous times, I have zero interest in knowing the ending of anything beforehand outside of this show. Ruins it for me. This show’s “prize” at the end is basically a failed engagement between two people I barely know, which is why I don’t care what happens and have no problem knowing and spoiling it. But I’m watching Manifest as well and I definitely don’t want to know what happens beforehand. Zero interest. I’d rather watch it play out.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been at a lot of Craps tables but never encountered your 54 guy. Your other story of your friend having a super hot roll is what always drives me to the tables… nothing like it. As one guy once said when asked what was the greatest thing in the world he said “winning at craps”. When asked what the second greatest thing was he said “ losing at craps”. Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure everyone has their game in Vegas, but I’m telling you, there’s no better feeling of winning in Vegas than a hot craps table. Too much fun. And on the flip side, you can lose a lot of money real quick at it too, and it blows. I’m on a bit of a hot streak with my last 4 visits or so coming out ahead by the end of the weekend. That usually doesn’t happen to me, so lets see if I can keep it going. And make no mistake, it’s certainly not by my doing. I haven’t rolled well in a while. I’m just ending up at tables with hot rollers who have offset the cold rollers.

Maybe I’ll roll again at the same table with you at The Venetian during upcoming March Madness. Lets make sure that happens again. I think we did well last time, no?

Looking forward to Temptation Island tonight. I do remember Evan’s dad’s story. That guy had it all and still wanted more. Very tragic.

Comment: It really is a crazy ass story. I can’t imagine going through that. For those that haven’t looked it up, just Google any combination of “Evan Smith dad murder” and plenty of stories will pop up about it. You heard it from Kaci last night. She had to live through it, and 5 years later it still gets to her.

Hey Steve!

What are the chances Tayshia could get the bachelorette gig? Or does Hannah G have it in the bag?

Comment: No one has it in the bag yet. We’re still about a month away. But I’d be shocked if Tayshia got it. I don’t see that happening.

Hi Steve,

I was wondering why they are going to Singapore so early in the season? I feel like for Becca’s season they left the country a lot later and with a lot less guys. Did Colton not know because he did not announce it at the rose ceremony? Are they heading back to the US at all?


Comment: Usually international travel starts around the 5th episode, so you’re right. Last season to start international travel in episode 4 was Juan Pablo’s when they went to South Korea. They’ll be back in Denver for episode 7, which is the episode before hometowns.

Hi Steve!

I’m sure each season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette you get people coming out of the woodwork spilling tea about the leads. I’m curious – which lead did you have the least amount of dirt on after they were announced?

Comment: Probably Ben Higgins.

Hey! Dont know if its too late but why not

1. As of now Hannah G. i feel like doesnt have enough of a backstory like jason or blake to be the bachelorette, I feel like someone like Caelynn who has her past might be better for TV. Thoughts? Caelynn will always have a better backstory than Hannah G. just because of what she went through. That’s why you can’t rule her out. Her edit hasn’t been better than Hannah G’s thus far, so we’ll see.

2. Have you heard any more rumors regarding bachelor nations relationships? (or any future relationships with Colton’s cast or sliding into dm’s) I hear things ALL the time. Most of the time, I can’t say anything.

3. Is it just me or are Jason and Kaitlyn clearly dating to expand their social media presence bc they post about each other every minute just to let us know. They definitely seem into each other. The question just becomes, is it because they’re still in the newlywed phase of the relationship or no? But honestly, what they’re doing is really no different than any new couple from this franchise. They ALL post non-stop about each other. It’s what these people do. There’s nothing right or wrong with it, it’s just different strokes for different folks. Personally, I would never do it, but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. Some people are annoyed by it, some people fall out of consciousness every time they’re together. I don’t get it myself, but hey, that’s just me.

4. I remember reading somewhere that you would never do a podcast with dean because you know too much about him, can you give us a glimpse into what you know? Like if he’s genuinely a bad guy, or just a douche?

Comment: I think both.

Do you request what shows you would like to get preview episodes for? No.

Do you have to email networks for them, based on your website popularity, or something? No.

Do you get some networks that offer you more than one episode like Temptation Island?

Comment: No. The Temptation Island thing is different because their media team came to me before the season to collaborate. And within that collaboration, Nell and I get the episodes early. The first 4 are up, but after that, I think the episode only gets released a few days before air date. I don’t have access to any other shows screeners.

Hi, Steve,

Your recap today was hilarious — especially when you mentioned Demi chucking her chicken leg during the pirate show! (When I saw that part on Monday’s episode, I thought, Was that a …? No!) Thanks for confirming and making me laugh out loud!

Here we go … I come from a family of dentists, so maybe this explains why this is always in the back of my mind … Every season, the Bachelor(ette) makes out with multiple people in one night. Do you know if the lead has time to go to the bathroom and, at very least, swish some mouthwash around, before the next make-out session? Seeing the lead smooch everyone in one night/during one date takes me waaaay back to spin-the-bottle days, when everyone was swapping spit. So gross! Anyway, just wondered if one of your podcast guests ever mentioned this, and maybe I just missed a funny discussion. I think the big thing they use are the breath strips. I’ve heard that on numerous occasions. They are popping those constantly.

Moving on … My husband works in sports, and when I mentioned your name/site years ago (think Jason/Molly/Melissa time period), he immediately knew who you were from your Jim Rome days. Because of this, he’ll listen to your “sports guests” podcasts while traveling for work. He really liked your Kyle Brandt (sp?) interview. Yeah, people have seemed to make the connection over the years of me being that guy from the Jim Rome Show. It’s what started my career, so I’ll always acknowledge that. First job I had out of college. Wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

Finally, I’m your age, so I LOVE all your 90210 references and anything else (Karate Kid!!) you throw in to your writing/podcasts. So entertaining!

Comment: Then you’ll be excited about the 90210 podcast coming next month with Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting from the “Again with This” podcast. If you haven’t listened, go check them out. Funny stuff.

Hi Steve,

What was up with Juan Pablo’s tweet this week about writing a tell all book or having ABC invite him to do a tell all show?! I don’t think people even remember him at this point let alone care about his show experience. Thoughts?

Comment: He’s not writing a book.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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1 Comment

  1. wavecatchingmom

    January 26, 2019 at 2:22 PM

    To the reader who asked about the cast of Temptation Island, one of my long ago exes was on it when we were just friends still. He was the awkward blond windsurfer guy who refused to shave his chest and therefore stood out like a sore thumb. He dated Shannon on the show I believe? He liked her as a friend but no sparks. He did get paid if I remember right, and his girlfriend at the time nominated him for the show to boost his professional sports sponsorship options. That should have been a major red flag. He’s engaged to a pro skier now and still lives on Maui and windsurfs professionally. Great videographer too.

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