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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Chris Soules’ Gets a Big Fine, & Hannah Speaks on Her Season

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I don’t understand what you mean by “I don’t want to make it worse on the guy” to share Tyler’s story that gets him kicked off. You didn’t seem to have issue sharing Lincoln so I’m wondering the difference …

Comment: Because Lincoln’s was documented in court. He was charged and sentenced. The accusations against Tyler were made by women but I haven’t seen any proofs or receipts. Maybe there is some but if I put it out there and it ends up not being true, that’ll be pretty harsh for him. Production thought enough of the accusations to remove him from the show, so either they saw proof and receipts, or they believed the women. I don’t know.

Maybe 2 or 3 years ago I would’ve ran with it. But knowing how people react nowadays to any story they are, I frankly don’t want to deal with the annoyance that comes with a story I post where I don’t have 1) proof 2) receipts and 3) a direct interview with the person involved with it. It’s just too much of a headache since basically nobody believes anything anymore unless a book the size of “War and Peace” is presented with factual evidence. And even THEN if it’s about someone they’ve already determined they like, they’ll find a way to dismiss it. It’s really almost an effort in futility to ever post any negative story about anyone. But they’re out there. And they’re real. And I will give people an opportunity to share if they want to come forward. The more people that stay silent, the worse things can get.

Hi Steve,

Just a quick question, if you find it weird that the past 3 winners have had intro packages? The odds are really limited. Can this be considered something else to look out as the potential winner, like how six bachelorettes first impression rose people have won?

Comment: No. For that to be the case, it would have to all or nothing. And it’s not.

Grant on the Bachelorette

Does he know the producers or something? His claim to fame is unemployment and he ate a hot dog when he met Hannah. They’ve showed little interaction between the two and he somehow made it through another rose ceremony. He’s not your standard 9.5 good looking, cut dude. Every time I catch a glimpse of him, all I see is a big Smirk that screams “I’m here for the free drinks”
Nothing against the guy.
I’m just confused.
How is he on this show? Lol

Also, thanks for being awesome

Comment: There are people cast every season who production knows have zero shot at winning. But they’re casting a TV show, not the 30 most compatible guys for Hannah. Hell, there’s 26 guys on this show that truly had zero shot to win. And every season. That’s just the way the show works.

Hey Steve!

I know it could be editing, but in the conversation Hannah was having about having sex and Jesus loving her, she’s clearly outside. But, they also show Tyler, Jed and Dylan outside and she’s wearing the same outfit as confronting the person and saying “I don’t owe you anything.” Could this be an earlier date and NOT Luke’s overnight? We know SOMETHING happens with Luke, but those clips seem as if it happens before overnight dates.

Thanks again for everything…gotta say, I’m bummed with the ending…I haven’t fallen for the allure of Tyler like most women I’ve seen…but thanks to your spoilers, I won’t get my hopes up!

Comment: You answered your own question with the beginning of your first sentence. It’s editing. When they show Tyler, Jed, and Dylan, they never show Hannah in the same frame as them. It’s just a shot of them outside somewhere. That’s to throw people off. The clip of her in an argument with someone is with Luke P, and it’s on their overnight date when she eliminates him.

Dear Steve,

Thanks a lot for your great podcasts ! Two quick questions : why didn’t you have Morgan on your podcast ? Do you know how much BIP contestants get paid (and does it depend on how long they last on the show ?) ?

Looking forward to many more great podcasts.

Comment: I felt that Morgan is an extension of Evan. We heard Evan’s thoughts on everything. Putting Morgan on I just felt wouldn’t have given us anything different. In the last interviews with Kaci and Evan, both had some mud slinging to do and I just didn’t think that bringing Morgan on the following week or something would’ve been more of the same. I’d seen her IG stories and posts. It’s clear she’s not a fan of Kaci. Evan got an hour to talk about everything, they’re happy, they’ve moved on, so by having Morgan on, I just thought it’d be extending things out and I had so many more TI people to talk with.

Not everyone is paid the same on BIP so it’s impossible to say how much they get paid. Some are paid per day they last, and some are paid a flat rate to come on no matter how long they last. I can tell you the per day rate is a joke. Used to be $750 per day you were there. I’m hearing they’re going as low as $400/day this season. Good God. People really want to extend their fame THAT bad for $400/day? Yikes.

Hey! Thanks for the recaps. Have a great time at your Las Vegas party!!


1. You have mentioned, in The Bachelor, if the bachelor proposes the F1 is contractually obligated to accept. For Bachelorette is there a similar clause stating that the F1 is contractually obligated to propose to The Bachelorette? In 14 previous seasons, there’s always been a proposal on the “Bachelorette.” My guess would be yes.

2. Do the contestants get free time away during filming or must they stay on the premises? If they get time away, it’s always monitored by producers. But if you’re asking when they get to a new city and they’re not on a date, do they get to leave and explore the city all day and have fun? No.

3. Do you have any plans to update your website?

Comment: I think next year it will be.

Hi Steve!

Random question: Has there ever been an instance of contestants on either the Bachelor or Bachelorette starting up relationships with the producers? Since they spend so much time together in emotional situations, I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the contestants got together romantically with producers after filming wrapped. (Or even during production??) And if so, have any of the relationships ended in marriage? Just curious. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

Comment: Marriage? No. But contestants have been involved with/hooked up with producers. Elan was dating someone from Ben Flajnik’s season for a year. Chris Harrison dated Selma and AshLee Frazier.

Hey Steve,

I love all things Bachelor/ette and Temptation Island but I want to hear more about the latest Survivor Season that just finished. Any chance you will have someone on to review the season that just wrapped up? Did you like the idea of participants being allowed back to win? Finally – thoughts on Chris winning? While I wanted Devins to win, I thought Chris played a great last 3 days of the game.

Comment: What perfect timing. Listen to the end of tomorrow’s podcast and you’ll hear me discuss all things “Edge of Extinction” with Stephen Fishbach.

So I’ve watched this show from the beginning. I’d say I am one of the rare people who actually watches the season for the lead. There have been numerous seasons I have only read your recaps to keep up with things and not watched the season because I didn’t care for the lead. The last season I really got into was Jojo. Well I am SO into this season. I love Hannah and am more invested in this season than I have been in years.

My question is about ratings. With all of the cord cutters and people who watch the next day on the ABC app (me included) do those numbers go into ratings? Do they account for people who watch on the app or Hulu or online?

Comment: They don’t go into the overnight ratings that you see me post because, well, those numbers are posted the next morning after the show and is strictly for TV. DVR +3 numbers are released at a later date. Most shows don’t post their streaming numbers. Maybe we’ll get to a point someday where they will, but they aren’t right now.

Hi Steve,

I was just wondering what you had heard about Hannah’s decision towards the end. Robert Mills gave an interview saying that she was super conflicted towards the end and I was wondering if you had heard the same or if it was always going to be Tyler after Luke was eliminated?

Comment: I haven’t heard.



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