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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Chris Soules’ Gets a Big Fine, & Hannah Speaks on Her Season

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I think John Paul Jones looks extremely similar to Taylor Swift’s bf Joe Alwyn…. What do you think?

Comment: What do I think? I refuse to even acknowledge Joe Alwyn’s existence on this planet. Who is this creaton you speak of?

When you posted the guys bios before filming had started, you said you thought Jed would go far… what made you think that?

Comment: Because he’s a musician in Nashville that’s good looking, plays the guitar, and has a brand to build. They don’t bring people on like that to be eliminated in episode 2 or 3. That’s just not how this show works.

Hi Steve,

I can’t believe I’m watching another season of the Bachelorette. Thank you for your spoilers and recaps which make this bearable.

So far I like Hannah as the bachelorette, for sure she’s a hot mess but she knows it and is open about it which I think makes her likeable.

I was disappointed that we barely saw any interaction of Hannah with the guys except for Jed and Luke P. and of course Cam (can’t wait for him to be gone), seems to me it’s even worse than usual. I was reading your Episode by Episode spoilers and couldn’t remember who at least half the names were. Her one on one doesn’t count as Tyler barely said two words.

As for Luke P., my theory is that he went into the show with the only goal of being the next bachelor (he’s already had his shower scene in his intro video, what more evidence do we need?).

Hopefully that will never happen, and at this point I am not sure if he is:

1) Suffering from acute male alpha/creepy boyfriend syndrome (and all women should stay away from him)

2) Really really stupid and totally miscalculating how he should be playing this (in which case production must be having a field day).

Telling Hannah on the first group date that he’s falling in love is a big mistake, and he even brought it up again and reaffirmed it several times after that…This should be sending off major red flags in her mind. It’s unfortunate that she got carried away by the physical attraction and kept him all the way to top 4.

What’s your theory about him?

Comment: Luke is certainly an enigma. I really don’t know what his whole goal was in this. Is he watching this now thinking, “Why is everyone disliking me? I think I’m coming off great.” Or did he know from the second he went on he knew this was the role he was gonna play, he knew no one would like it, and he didn’t care? I really have no idea. So I guess in that aspect, he’s either totally not self aware at all, or, he went in with a plan and executed it to stay as long as he could. But we’re only two episodes in. It’s going to get worse for him. The “I’m only here for the lead, I don’t care about anyone else, my connection is the strongest, I don’t see anyone matching what we have” approach has never really worked in the history of the show, and that seems to be what he’s doing. It’s really confusing if he thought that was the way to play it. It’s coming off insincere, he’s trying too hard, and he’s just telling her everything he thinks she wants to hear to go further on the show. It’s really confusing because I honestly don’t think he needed to come off that strong to last. She was into him immediately.

Hi Steve,

I am curious as to how you feel about the relatively new Bachelor Instagram spoiler accounts that seem to be gaining traction this season.

There are 2 accounts I can think of off the top of my head that have 60K+ followers each and take your spoilers without giving you credit. They posted the winner within minutes of you announcing him, and I can’t help but assume that they take readers away from your website. I’m sure some people still head to your site to get all of the details, but it makes me mad on your behalf.

I enjoy your website and appreciate your hard work!

Comment: Figured this question was coming at some point, and this is the only time I’ll speak on it directly this season. 60k followers? Wow. By my math calculations, that’s .01% of my traffic. So to answer that part of your question, no, it doesn’t take readers away from me. I see my numbers every day. Nothings changed.

What I will say is this: At the end of Colton’s season, this topic came up. You can see it in the last “Reader Emails” of the season back in March. They are not doing anything “illegal,” there’s no copyright being infringed, and there’s frankly nothing I can do. Is it flat out stealing and horrible journalism? Of course. But again, nothing I can do about it. Just tells you more about them and what kind of people you’re dealing with.

When that Colton stuff came up, I spoke with one of those IG pages. They contacted me, we spoke on the phone, and I specifically asked them about posting without credit. I came away from that conversation with this assessment: she is the biggest ass kissing phony and I have zero respect for her and what she does. And I told her that. It’s pathetic. It’s clear what she’s doing, anybody with two eyes can see that, but her and all those IG pages that take all my spoilers and play them off as their own are so irrelevant to what I do, I don’t pay attention to it myself. If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? In that phone conversation she told me one thing to my face and ended up doing another, so what am I gonna do? They’re leeches. Sure, I got emails on it all the time throughout Hannah’s filming, so it became quite annoying, but I don’t know what else to say. I do not care. I do not follow them, and I only hear about it when people tell me. Let them do what they do and I’ll do what I do. We can all see what’s going on and if that’s the way they want to conduct business, let them. Nothing I can do about it but keep giving you what I do season in and season out. Like I said yesterday, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Hi Steve,

A few points to discuss.

I recently flew Spirit Airlines for the first time (still questioning the choices I have made thus far that got me to this point in my life) and your reference to it in your recap piqued my interest. If you are looking for a travel experience in which you walk up to the ticket counter/kiosk area and want to find the opposite of a serene, secluded beach in Bali – they are your guys. I wouldn’t say I am an experienced traveler, but I did stumble upon an exclusive perk with flying with them. Here’s the catch: if you don’t want to weigh your own bag, then be forced to remove several items to keep it under the 40lb cap to avoid another charge of $70 or something, then have to tag your bag crossing your fingers it has the correct secret airport code of your destination, then print your ticket, then stand in line to walk your bag to the plane (okay tad hyperbole with that one), you can pay $10 immediately to talk to a ticket agent. You know the people who get paid and whose sole purpose is to talk to people as they arrive at the airport. I must say the $10 fee is tempting to steer clear of the battlefields one must traverse to hopefully arrive at their gate with a plane that actually has jet engines installed. Don’t worry once you are at the gate you will be reassured that smooth waters are just ahead when the gate agent tells (frankly demands) everyone to put their IDs away when boarding. Based off that already pleasant experience, I would have put $100 down or at least that $10 I could have spent to talk to a human moments prior, that the next question the gate agent would have announced over the speaker would be: “Who would like to upgrade now for a small fee to fly the plane?” This inquiry would only of course be followed up by the flight attendant selling life vests to you as you step foot onto the banana plane. Life’s about experiences and there are some that you are better off just experiencing once. However, I think I have an idea for Spirit’s new motto: “A traveling experience like no other.” Sooooo, you flying Spirit again soon?

Now to take a bit of a 90 degree turn:

1) If you could have a guest role on either series, (you don’t have to act, you can just be one of the background people that lingers throughout or you can act in this dream scenario if you are called to it) would you rather have that role be on Friday Night Lights or Beverly Hills, 90210? I would very much want to be near Coach T. but not in a way that offends Tami, but then again I could have a field day bombarding Kelly with questions about the fire, the stalking, the rape, the drugs, the cult, the attempted poisoning, the cheating, the shooting where she got shot, the amnesia, the almost stabbing, the sexual harassment, the drug smuggling, the hypnosis, the shooting where she shot someone, the arrest….the engagements!! Without a doubt, not a moment of hesitation – BH90210. Back in the 90’s, what I wouldn’t have done to go clubbing at the Peach Pit. It’s a no brainer.

2) On a scale of 1 to never, what are the chances that we see Jeff Probst jet skiing up the Hudson, sky diving onto the Empire state building, repelling down the side, hopping on the subway, and hover boarding into CBS Studios with voting urn in hand again? Inquiring minds need to know. Perhaps, Stephen Fishbach can provide the inside scoop on this one. I should’ve asked him that. Doesn’t look like they’ll ever go that route again.

3) Okay, on a serious note: On a scale of 1 to walking into a room with Valerie Malone and Tami Taylor both in it, how excited are you for the 90210 mini reboot?

Thanks for reading this inaneness.

Typing Trivial Tidbits in Tuscon on a Typical Tuesday

Comment: Great alliteration by the way.

I’m at about an 8.5 or 9. And the only reason it’s not a 10 is because of 2 reasons: Luke Perry’s death, and no Valerie Malone. I really wanna see what this is. Is it going to win an Emmy? No. The original never did or came close either. The point is seeing a cast that I grew up with and shaped my college career coming back together again. Yeah, maybe it’s not in the same capacity as they will be playing heightened versions of themselves, but if you were a 90210 fan back in the day, the nostalgia factor is there and it’d be impossible not to watch.

Hey there,

Was it just me, or does it appear that Jed is getting a really good edit, maybe to prime him for the next bachelor?! Since he is Hannah’s runner up and all. He also appears to be a pretty decent guy with a good character! Appears.

With that being said, is Luke (the one that makes top 4) getting a really bad edit? Or is he really such an awful stage 10 clinger who is douchey? We can talk Luke Parker until the end of time and probably never come up with a perfect answer.

Have you been watching The Challenge at all?!


Comment: Yes. This season was brutal. Not to watch, because it was great to watch. But just in terms of the challenges. So many challenges this season never completed. This has to be a record, right? And I was skeptical at first of them going outside the franchise for half their cast, most of which a lot of us had never heard of. But they did it right. The infusion of the international contestants gave this franchise a shot in the arm. Some great, great characters.

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