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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 4 Recap, BIP Filming Beginning This Week, & Fan Appreciation Party This Friday in Vegas

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-Chris shows up to the mansion to inform the guys, “Hey, it might not be Virginia, but you all are going to Rhode Island.” Or something like that. For those that do not follow along on Twitter during the season, this episodes dates were the ones that were most spoiled in real time. You pretty much had seen a lot of Jed’s, the rugby date, and Tyler’s date all on social media when this episode was filming. But it really goes to show that pictures and videos are just that – pictures and videos. None of those captured anything that was happening with the two Luke’s, Hannah’s crying before her Tyler date, or any of the drama happening with the guys. But definitely plenty of footage of this date got out, kinda like when Becca was in Virginia and every date on that episode was spoiled in real time as well. It’s almost impossible not to when they go to US city. You go down the line in past seasons and episodes in US cities, and a lot of them got spoiled in real time.

-Jed’s got the first 1-on-1 date of the episode and she takes him to Boston. I’m not sure if Hannah asked or she just stole that spiked leather jacket from the KISS band, but that didn’t seem to fit her well. Not size-wise, more style-wise. Just didn’t seem to fit her. Although, once I saw her in that jacket, it totally reminded me of a few months ago when I was at a Mavericks game (Dirk’s final home game) when the girl in front of me dressed like she was going to the club that night and had these on:

Like, who wears those to a basketball game? And yes, I had to sneak a pic of them because I was so baffled she’d wear those to a casual NBA game. But hey, Hannah could’ve used those yesterday.

-Jed and Hannah walked around town, went to the Cheers bar, had some drinks, kissed because the patrons told them to, then went to the park and kissed some more. Really, they just explored Boston. Yet Jed told us (before they even met the Celtics), that this was the best date he’s ever been on. You know how I know that isn’t true? Because EVERY contestant on EVERY season says their 1-on-1 date is the best they’ve ever been on. Really, Jed? You’ve never been on a better date than walking around Boston doing pretty unspectacular things? Wow. Some dating life you must’ve had. But I don’t just put this on Jed. It’s the product of the show and why it’s so silly. As I mentioned, everyone says this every season, which is how you know it’s not to be believed. These are all attractive people who, for the most part, have all been in previous relationships – some multiple. So to say every season this is the best date they’ve been on, it’s like you’re essentially forced to say it. What’s Jed (or anyone else) supposed to say on this date? “Yeah, this is cool, but I’ve done way better stuff than this before, so whatevs.” Of course not. Every person is basically told to glorify their date, no matter what they’re doing. And that’s why they get made fun of because we know they’re just saying what the other person wants to hear and what they know the audience wants to hear. Is it good for the show if Jed or anyone else says, “Man, I am not having a good time at all on this date. This isn’t my idea of fun.” Of course not.

-I mean, one thing they did get to do was take pictures in a photo booth and that reminded me how much photo booths suck. I was in one 5 years ago at my high school reunion and it basically gives you .00005 seconds to get ready to pose, then shoots 4 shots in a row. Where do I look? Do I look straight ahead? Or the camera above? How much time do I have? Wait, what? Why is this happening so fast? And you wonder why no single person in the history of photo booth picture taking has ever taken a good picture. Ever. Wait. I stand corrected. Daniel LaRusso and Ali with an “I” had a good picture on their first date to Golf-n-Stuff in “Karate Kid.” But that was a movie and probably had 37 takes before they got that one so doesn’t count. Nope. Not one single person has ever taken a cute photo booth picture and I refuse to believe otherwise.

-Then the date got a little sporty as Hannah took Jed to the Celtics practice facility where they met Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier. This was my favorite part of the date because it showed me that Jed doesn’t know sh** about basketball. Or is just good at saying lines that producers feed him. He said Terry and Jaylen were two of the best players in the NBA. Jed, hate to tell you this, but while you’re giggin’ all around Nashville and stripping at male revue clubs, I’m guessing your amount of out-of-town NBA games is pretty limited. Those guys aren’t even top 3 or 4 players on their own team. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative that production sold you on. And gotta pump up Terry and Jaylen’s ego after that dumpster fire of a season that team had.

-They play a little two-on-two with Hannah and Jaylen (because their last names are Brown) versus Jed and Terry. Not much to go off of here because it wasn’t a serious game. Just playful, happy, happy, fun time of let Hannah shoot every time she gets it while everyone stands around watching. Typical stuff you’d expect on the date. But there had to be a serious moment, so Jaylen pulls Hannah aside and asks how things are going. Strong. If there’s anyone who Hannah should be getting relationship advice from it’s an early 20’s NBA player who isn’t married and probably has a black book of every girl in every city he sleeps with (yes, they exist, and yes, I’ve seen one). After the drama the Celtics had this season, maybe Hannah should’ve sat Jaylen down and told him a little more about team dynamics and how Kyrie was a ball hog and a horrible leader.

-Dinner time, and Jed’s got something serious to talk about. He tells Hannah that his actual first thought when doing the show was how big of a platform this would’ve been for his music career. Now, here’s where it’s interesting. Because lets just say Luke P. said that for whatever reason. Or Cam. They’d have rocks thrown at them through the TV because people already dislike them. But because we’ve been given no reason to dislike Jed up to this point, the audience (as well as Hannah) justifies it by, “Well, I find it honorable he at least admitted it.” What? That isn’t a giant red flag to anyone? Only me? Ok, sure. That’s kinda funny. Because now that it’s out there and he said it, by following it up with, “but now I realize I wanna be with you,” it’s hard to take seriously. It’s like he said it thinking, “Ok, to get in front of the narrative that a musician came on for publicity, by admitting I did, but now I don’t care about it, that’ll change people’s mind.” Hannah eats it up, while I kinda cringe at all of it and realize if it was Cam or Luke P. uttering that same line, all hell would’ve broken loose on social media.



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