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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 4 Recap, BIP Filming Beginning This Week, & Fan Appreciation Party This Friday in Vegas

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-The group date was a game of rugby that, for all intents and purposes, was a way to make Luke P. look and act like a psychopath. Oh sure, he doesn’t think he is because he showed us the definition when he Googled it, but the intensity he showed on the date was nothing short of maniacal. Dude just needs to tone everything he’s doing on the show down about 100 notches. If he can do that, he’ll be fine. The problem is he doesn’t, and last night is a result of what happens when he doesn’t. Good Lord that whole date was ridiculous. First off, what did you expect was gonna happen in a game of rugby? Guys were just gonna lightly tap each other? It’s rugby. The whole point is basically just to tackle, run over, and pummel everything in your way. Producers knew exactly what they were doing with this date. Had to be physical because I’m pretty sure they knew how Luke was going to act. That was brutal.

-There’s been a lot that’s happened the first four episodes in regards to Luke P. We’ve all seen it. The intensity, the laying it on as thick as maple syrup, the interruptions, on and on and on it goes. But I think Luke pretty much summed up why he’s behaving like he has all season before the rugby date. “I played high school football.” Bam! Well there you go. Everything that Luke has done up to this point, and will continue to do for his remaining time on the show can pretty much be summed up with that one sentence. “I played high school football.” I was stunned he didn’t follow that up with, “And I once scored 4 TD’s.” That really would’ve been the icing on the cake. He’s big time into CrossFit and he played high school football. I think I know everything I need to know about Luke after last night’s episode. Kinda reminded me of what this comedian said. It’s cued up to the part you need to hear:

-Hannah even said before the date she was just hoping things went well, the guys had a good time, and no one got injured. Yeah, that’s not happening sister. The point of rugby is to basically injure the next guy, and if you don’t, you’re probably not doing well out there. Now regular rugby players, like guys who do this for a living, yeah, I’m sure they can go out there, play all rough and what not and just come away with a few scrapes and bruises. Luke S.? The guy weighs 114 lbs soaking wet. Yeah, I’m guessing any light breeze would blow this guy over. Not surprised he got hurt. Especially by a guy with .1% body fat, a CrossFit pro, one who probably hasn’t had a burger since he was 5. I’m pretty sure Luke P. just eats the protein powder straight and doesn’t mix it with anything. And if he currently doesn’t have 5 tubs of Whey Protein in his cupboards, I’d be shocked.

-The rest of this date consists of two things: Both Luke’s pleading their case as to what happened and everyone siding with Luke S. Luke P. says he bodyslammed Luke S. (something that we saw on screen if you looked in the background during a shot of Hannah), because he said he saw Luke S. cussing him out, clenching his fists, and about to come at him. So here’s my response to that. And? You mean to tell me Luke P. was so frightened of Luke S. in that moment and what he could do to him that he had to react and body slam him? Later on in the episode, Luke P. flat out tells Mike to his face he’s not scared of him. And Mike probably can eat Luke S. for lunch. Even if Luke S. was upset and cursing him out, Luke S. poses zero physical threat to Luke P. He knows that. We all know that because, well, we have two eyes. So I don’t buy that reasoning at all. Not to mention neither did the other 12 guys there.

-Basically no one was arguing the body slam happened. We saw it, and Luke P. admitted to it. In case you missed it, here it was:

Yeah, that didn’t look anything like Luke S. was about to swing at him and hit him in the face. He was lightly jogging toward him. It’s their stories of why Luke P. did it that was in question. Luke P. said he felt threatened and 12 other guys didn’t believe him. So again, we have that small clip, and we have both of their stories. It’s who you choose to believe, but it’s really hard to buy what Luke P. is selling on this one. He could flick Luke S. away with finger if he wanted to, but we’re supposed to believe he felt threatened because a guy was cursing at him? Hell, he might’ve been, but so what. Luke S. I’m guessing knows better than to try and swing at Luke P, because Luke P would drop him in a millisecond. This all just kinda speaks to how over intense Luke P. was for a group date, that was clearly designed by producers to get this exact reaction out of him. They knew what they were doing.

-Luke P. also tells Hannah that Luke S. doesn’t talk about her much and is there to promote an upcoming tequila business. Which again, none of the guys other than Luke P. seem to agree with. So yet another thing that these two don’t agree on, and 12 guys are on the side of Luke S. We see some of the other guys getting time with Hannah, and it turned into the “Lets talk about Luke P.” time.

Dustin: “Luke P. did throw Luke S. down.”
Mike: “He told us ‘I think I’m starting to fall out of love with her.’”
Dylan: “There’s a reason 95% of the guys don’t get along with him.”

So yeah, that was the gist of the cocktail party. Not that we couldn’t already tell by the first three episodes, but nobody in the house seems to get along with Luke P. Garrett, on the other hand, tries to play it smooth, by using his time to NOT talk about Luke P, and tells Hannah “I’m crushing on you hard.” They make out and somehow he ends up getting the group date rose because “he opened up to her.” Huh? Uhhhh, ok. Is that really “opening up and being vulnerable,” or just a guy that didn’t talk about Luke P.?

-Like when Mike says during the group chat something to the effect of, “yet another cocktail party where all we’re talking about is Luke P.,” ummmm, what if you just didn’t? How about just ignore the guy? When you go in to talk to Hannah, never bring Luke P. up. No one’s forcing you too. Well, I’m sure producers are, but again, if we’re going to criticize Cam for obviously listening to everything producers were telling him to do, you gotta be objective and criticize Mike and the other guys for the same when it comes to Luke P. IGNORE HIM. The second you start spending your time with Hannah talking about Luke P., you’re doing exactly what the show wants you to do. And in the history of this show, I can’t remember one time where the person who spends time talking about other guys during their time with the lead it has ever worked out well for. Just sayin’.



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