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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 4 Recap, BIP Filming Beginning This Week, & Fan Appreciation Party This Friday in Vegas

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-Tyler’s 1-on-1 is up next, and Hannah is already crying before the date starts. She’s miserable and tears are streaming down her face, she’s got snot bubble going on, and all because of last night with the two Luke’s. Basically she admitted to having the strongest connection at this point with Luke P., but when she knows none of the guys like him, and then everything that went down the night before, she’s starting to question what she’s missing in him. In walks Tyler and his cool ass self. I mean, it did take him a couple minutes to realize Hannah was down in the dumps, but I guess one isn’t supposed to think that someone is having a bad day on this show. Usually all 1-on-1’s the lead is fired up to be on and super excited. But she lets him know and he immediately goes into comforting and consoling mode, and Hannah was basically putty in his hands at this point.

-While their date last night made me crave some lobster this weekend in Vegas, which I’m sure will plant me at Delmonico’s in the Venetian for some Surf-n-Turf, I gotta say not really the most romantic date to be on. To be out on a boat in the cold having to do actual work? Really? Who wants to be on a date like that? Where are the hot air balloon dates? No one wants to go on a date on this show and actually have to do work. Nor should they have to. The day portion of this date must’ve been miserable for them. I was miserable just watching it. And hungry. It’s cold, you don’t look remotely sexy, you’re out in the ocean, that whole area probably smelled like fish – blech. No thanks. Gimmie something much more laid back than that for my first date of the season. Then again, Hannah is so into Tyler, I’m guessing she didn’t care what they were doing. If we’re sitting and comparing the two 1-on-1’s this episode, it’s clear that Hannah is attracted to Jed. But she’s goo goo ga ga over Tyler. I don’t think those dates even compare in terms of who she’s into more.

-At dinner, Hannah admits to Tyler that she thought he was a player. And that thought made her put a wall up with him. He tells her a story about he almost didn’t do the show because his dad got sick a couple months before, he was in a coma, almost didn’t make it, but they used to watch the show together, they watched Colton’s season, and his dad told him to go after her. Ok, I have no doubt Tyler is telling the truth about his dad’s health. He wouldn’t lie about something like that. Watching the show with his dad and him telling him to go after Hannah? Eeeehhhhhhh, might be a bit of a stretch. I don’t know many WOMEN who are watching the show on Monday night’s with their parents that are older than 18 or so. So Tyler is watching with his dad? Sounded like a great story for television and all too fitting for the moment, I will give him that. Just had to be embellished at least a little, right?

-Whatever the case, because she’s Hannah, she’s all in and is giddy like a school girl now. Then again, this is the same woman that was so turned off by Cam telling a true story about his Lymphedema he suffers from, but because Mike told her it was for a pity rose, she believed that and sent Cam home. And this is someone who, despite every red flag imaginable being thrown out by Luke P., including being aware that none of the guys like him, because she already had it set in her mind that she had the best connection with him at that point (something she admitted last night), she keeps him around as long as she does. Basically, if Hannah likes you already, there isn’t a ton you can do wrong in her mind. If she’s already not into you, you have no chance. Tyler could’ve told her he didn’t even know her name before he stepped out of the limo and I’m pretty sure Hannah would still be all over him. One thing I will give Hannah is she’s very easy to read. Pretty clear who she’s into and who she isn’t.

-Tyler continues to feed her all the lines that are making Hannah swoon. “I’m falling hard…I do believe in us…the world could be ours.” Guy is smooooth, I’ll give him that for sure. Probably why production made sure he got this date with the Jake Owen concert. Lets put the good looking dude out there in front of everyone to see, while they make out to a slow song and everyone can take pictures. Garrett did that last season, didn’t he? Just checking. Hey, doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things because Marcus had a public concert date on Andi’s season and he didn’t win. So it’s not like it’s 100% one way or another. But what it did show last night was how flipping giddy she is over this guy. Tyler had pretty much laid low up to this point. And when Hannah said she had the strongest connection with Luke P. up to this point in the show, she hadn’t been on her date with Tyler yet. My guess is it all changed that day. And Jake Owen was there to serenade them all. Someone told me a good, juicy Jake Owen story recently, and for the life of me, I can’t remember who told it to me and how it related to the “Bachelorette,” but it did. Dammit. My mind is leaving me. Old age apparently.



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