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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 4 Recap, BIP Filming Beginning This Week, & Fan Appreciation Party This Friday in Vegas

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-Time for the cocktail party, and we have a major issue on our hands. Like, some serious sh** is going down and we need to get to the bottom of it. No, not more of the Luke’s fighting which dominated the last 20 minutes of the show. That’s getting tired already. I’m talking about Salmon-Gate. In episode 2, we saw Tyler wearing a salmon colored blazer to the cocktail party. Then in episode 3, we saw Dylan wearing that same blazer. Or maybe it was the other way around, Dylan in episode 2 and Tyler in episode 3. Whatever. The point is, it was clear they shared the jacket. Then last night at the cocktail party, not only is Tyler back in the salmon blazer, but Jed is wearing one too. Like, pretty much the exact same jacket. It’d be one thing if two guys had on a blue or black blazer. We wouldn’t notice. But a salmon colored one that sticks out like a sore thumb? Totally bizarre. There’s two of these? Who thought to go with that color? When Jed and Tyler saw each other, did they react like two women would who show up to a party or a wedding in the same dress? Or did they bro it out and laugh at the whole thing. Wait, don’t answer that. I’m sure we know the answer. But still. Two salmon blazers on the same night in the same episode. My head is exploding.

-And trust me, the idea of two salmon blazers is honestly so much more interesting to me than the two Luke’s still fighting over everything. Luke S. tells Luke P. that Hannah doesn’t trust him anymore because of what Luke told her, and to go tell Hannah that he never said that about his tequila business, Luke P. agrees IN FRONT OF EVERYONE to go tell her exactly that, and then gets in there and not only goes back on his word but doubles down against Luke S. saying he wasn’t there for her. It’s pretty obvious he was talked out of doing that by production. No one is that oblivious. Not even Luke P. He still did it, it’s all on him, and he will get crucified for it, as he should. While Luke P. has clearly made his own bed and now must lie in it based on his actions all season, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that the dude put way too much trust into his producers and did exactly what they told him to do (See: Olivia Caridi). I’ve spoken to enough contestants in the past to know that production tells you to do and say certain things, and some people just decide to follow instructions without realizing the ramifications of it. It’s exactly what Michael Garofola and I talked about for 10 minutes in last week’s podcast. Go listen to his answer. This is from someone who’s been on three shows and experienced it first hand. It happens. And it happens more often than people think. I’m afraid Luke P. listened to too many producers in his ear telling him what to do, and now he’s paying a price because he’s public enemy #1 in America’s eye right now for how he’s acting on the show.

– And oh yeah, during all of this, Mike called Luke P. a “Millennial f**stick” which, while funny, is starting to show that Mike is that proverbial guy this season who always wants to go to the “you better be here for the right reasons” guy. I mean, if I’m gonna give Demi sh** last season for constantly calling women bitches, just like I did with Corinne, Mike can tone it down a bit as well. I know he seems to be a lot of people’s favorites and seemingly those same people think he’s gonna be the “Bachelor” next season, but yeah, not seeing it. Dude is constantly angry at everything Luke P. does, and that’s never a good look. Let Luke P. sink his own ship. Pointless to kind of keep harping on it. And no, you’re not his biggest threat either, Mike. I’d say that honor would go to Jed and Tyler.

-Both Luke’s get their time with Hannah, each plead their case, and Hannah’s response is, “I see both sides” and “I don’t know who to trust.” Remember how at the beginning of the season when Hannah was promoting it she admitted to making mistakes? Yeah, this is clearly one of them. Everyone is telling her Luke P. is off his rocker. Everyone is on Luke S. side for what happened during the body slam on the rugby date. Yet she’s sitting here saying she’s sees both sides? Ummmm, what side of Luke P. are you seeing? Clearly she has blinders on for the guy and it’s affecting every judgement she’s making in regards to him going forward. If you think you’re already tired of the Luke P. stuff, you realize you’ve still got another 5 episodes of him, right? I’ve said it for weeks now, it’s only going to get worse for him, which means it’s going to infuriate more people going forward. Just be prepared.

-There was no rose ceremony as the show ended with Hannah pulling both Luke’s into a room to get to the bottom of everything. And we all know how that ends. Luke S. feels like she’s taking Luke P.’s side and he eliminates himself. Then Matteo and John Paul Jones are eliminated at the rose ceremony. I get there’s a lot of JPJ love out there this season, but, what exactly has he done? Other than call himself by his full name, he’s gotten no 1-on-1’s, I can barely remember anything he’s said in an ITM, he hasn’t been involved in drama, and he’s basically been missing for 4 episodes. Maybe we’ll get more out of the guy in Paradise because he’s definitely on the original cast, but, he’s getting a ton of love this season for essentially doing nothing. It’d make sense if he got a lot of camera time, but he hasn’t at all. Whatever the case, you will see him from Day 1 down in Mexico that’s for sure.

Also next week, Mike and Luke P. get their first 1-on-1’s of the season, and the rest of the dudes play Highlander games. And oh yeah, more Luke P. drama. I know the previews made it seem like other dudes were after Jed or Tyler or whatever, but trust me, this is the season of Luke P. It’s Luke’s P’s world and we’re all just living in it right now.

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