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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jed’s Song, & Hannah Speaks Out

Thanks for another great column today. I’ll get right to it:

1. What’s with the sockless, black patent leather loafer look? Tight dress pants 5 inches too short with no socks and dress shoes is a new look we’ve seen in recent seasons. A lot of NBA players do the look too. I guess it’s cool. I’d never be caught dead dressing like that but, hey, different strokes for different folks.

2. Two guys jumping on a bed together doesn’t translate as well as when the
women jump on the bed in The Bachelor. Maybe it’s just me….? When did that happen?

3. Luke…, I’m no Luke fan, and he irritates me as much as he irritates
everyone else. But I’m almost starting to feel sorry for the guy. When you
really watch his expressions as people are responding to him or telling him
something, he really appears as if he has no clue why people don’t understand
what he’s saying or doing. Like, his motives deep inside may be a lot better
than they appear on the surface, as in, he’s not an EVIL guy, but man, you nailed it in your column today, Steve, the guy has ZERO SELF AWARENESS.

Hopefully, he’ll learn something from watching the show as it airs.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I agree. I really think Luke was totally out of his element on this show, should’ve never done it, and is probably regretting it heavily right now.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailer! I really love the loads of sarcasm in your recaps. Always can’t wait until they’re posted, so thank you for all of the note taking and time invested to write them up!

I really love that Hannah is a spit fire, and tells these men how she truly is feeling about their crappy behavior. It’s seems really empowering for women. However, as we’ve all watched, they’re just empty words. Like a mother telling her children you better behave!!!! But never follows up with a real correction. I was astonished that she ALLOWED Luke to put his toxic jealousy of the “naked” bungee jump back on her – “you misunderstood me!” Say what?!!! And she let it fly. I just want to say c’mon girl, you know he is so full of it. He absolutely would *try* to control his wife, his words and behavior don’t indicate otherwise EVER.

So this brings me to my questions for you – do you think there will be any repercussions for Jed by Hannah now? She has to be watching these episodes back and seeing Jed with all of horrible song singing and piano playing and thinking differently about his intentions now, right? Do you think there is any chance she shows up to ATFR a single woman?!

PS – Peter is totally Ben 2.0 which is great in a relationship but boring for tv so my vote is for Tyler C. Swoon.

Comment: Is there a chance? Sure. There’s always a chance. She can make whatever decision she chooses. But I have no idea if that’s what we’ll see. If I find anything out, you’ll be the first to know.

It’s quite lovely to see how much personal growth you have made through the years. I’ve always considered you a ‘peer’ of sorts because we are roughly the same age. Ive been outrageous in my heyday so there’s never been any judgement in anything you’ve ever said or posted.

As of late and especially over the last couple of years you have really evolved as a person and understanding perspectives and situations that may be foreign to you.
Just wanted to pass along a positive message, not sure if anyone has really acknowledged this growth or had given you credit in this area.
Keep on keeping on and congrats to you for all your success

Comment: Thank you. I appreciate that. And not to pat myself on the back, but I agree. I know there’s things I say and do now that I never would’ve even as early as two years ago. Times have changed. And if you don’t change with the times, you fall behind. My eyes have definitely been opened in the last couple years, and I’m just trying to do my best to keep that going. I’ll screw up every once in a while, but I know my mindset isn’t even close to what it was a couple years ago. No chance.

Hey Steve,

How much longer is BIP filming? Expect any engagements to come from this season? Filming wraps this week. I believe Thursday. Yes, there will be engagements.

I totally agree with your take on the Haley-Jed situation. While it looks a little strange to do so many interviews, her story checks out and I believe her. Any info on how Hannah is taking everything? She seems to be posting a lot more, doesn’t look as if she’s on any happy couples weekends….Not yet.

Last but not least, with Rachel and Bryan’s wedding registry now public what are you getting them from it?

Thanks for all the great reporting!

Comment: Oh it is? I’ll go check it out right now. (Went and looked). Ok, so I’m seeing stuff that they HAVE on their wedding registry, but it’s more for people who are interested in putting it on their own registry. I don’t see where they are registered so I can buy them a gift. If anyone knows, just send me the link.

Hi Steve

Long time reader first time emailing,Thanks for all you do you make the bachelorette worth watching!!!!

Few Questions hope you can answer…

1. Dont know if you saw Chris Harrison’s tweet yesterday but it said…”We’re getting close to another great episode of #TheBachelorette…but really this one is great.I know I know last week was odd. But it’ll all make sense in the end.”

Any idea what he means by that? This is the first time I ever remember a recap episode so maybe they need extra time to film something after the show stopped filming. Not sure what he meant.

2. I was hearing rumors on Sunday that the reason Hannah picked Jed was because Tyler was not ready to purpose. Any idea if that’s true? I never heard that. In fact, I heard the opposite. He absolutely would’ve proposed – if she picked him. She didn’t.

3. Is there any coincidence you changing the winner of Hannah’s season from Tyler to Jed the same day Haley’s story came out? It all just seems odd. I know she’s with Jed now but I just don’t think the season is going to end cut & dry. It was a coincidence. I’m hearing that story was running regardless of if my spoiler came out last Tuesday or not. And I had no idea the story was coming out.

4. I know we all have to wait & see who will be the next bachelor but do you think Tyler is pursuing it? He has a strong following & is doing lots of stuff in the public eye.

They’re giving Tyler & Peter both great edits so it’s looking like it’s gonna be one of two.Hopefully Tyler though.

Thanks in advance for all ur answers!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Comment: Of course Tyler is in the running. And I’m sure he’d take it. As for where they’re leaning, I don’t know.

Have you heard any scoop on Jenna’s tell all book about Jordan? Does her taking things this far make you wonder the validity of the text messages you received after BIP last year? You probably don’t care as it’s last years news. It just seems extreme. Although people can write what they write, I guess, whether fiction or not.

Comment: No, and I don’t care to. I remember when the story broke Jordan and I had good laugh about it. That’s all you can do at this point. It’s so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been a longtime fan but this has been the first time I’ve ever written to you.

So I have a theory about Jed and the girlfriend. I recall that over the past few years- People Magazine has had the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples on the cover (and at least an article in the magazine). I find it odd that they would print an expose’ and without the producers knowing anything about it. I’m sure the producers had an idea- maybe not when they first casted him- but I bet they heard about the girlfriend during filming. Nashville is not a large city- and I’m sure there are other previous contestants who know of Jed and probably let the cat out of the bag.

I think Jed is narcissistic and thought he could get away with it. I bet the producers found out and once they saw how interested Hannah was in him they knew they had another storyline (if needed) on their hands. They know that she’s feisty and speaks her mind. So they decide to let the season play out and then boom!!! People Magazine as well as other outlets released the story so it’s not a he said/she said anymore. Also, today Michael Strahan (on ABC) had Rachel Lindsey on and they played the songs he sang on the show, mocked him endlessly and she BLASTED Jed. She threw him under the bus and said Hannah better see through his act.

I really hope she comes to her senses and goes after Tyler. My parents have a condo in Jupiter, FL and he’s well-liked down there : )

Thanks for all the spoilers!

Comment: I don’t think we’ll ever get those answers as to when production knew about the Jed girlfriend. And lets be clear, when Jed finally speaks on this, he will NEVER admit Haley was his girlfriend. And that’ll just be out of semantics. We saw the texts and card you sent, dude. You’re gonna say she wasn’t your girlfriend because you probably never “declared” it or something stupid. That’s the whole point. You knew what you were doing with her by playing her and going on to play Hannah.

Hiya Steve!

I just finished watching this week’s episode, and of course read all your spoilers. I really think Hannah was keeping Luke just to sleep with him because she clearly was very physically attracted to him from the start. That is likely why she brought four to the fantasy suites. I don’t think she ever intended to keep him past that, but also didn’t want to drop any of her real top three.

At this point, it seems like only Peter and Luke actually like HER, and the rest are sort of hanging out. Mike, Garrett, and Tyler don’t seem that attracted to her (Garrett seems to enjoy riling Luke up week after week more, maybe prompted by producers), and Jed is repeatedly exhibiting his music. I agree with that, although I think Tyler definitely is attracted to her.

Re: Jed’s ex, I think the backlash is because she was ok with him putting her on the shelf while he faked caring about someone else for his own gain, and she was ok with him wasting Hannah’s time and lying to her, but now is angry because he never actually came back to her as promised. Her motive is revenge. She wouldn’t have said a word if he led Hannah on, slept with her, but eventually came back to the ex. It’s good she is telling her truth (so Hannah knows) and doesn’t deserve backlash for that, but she was on board with him being deceptive and just comes across as petty because she was scorned. What do you think?

Comment: All valid points. But there’s a separation between the two. Her behavior can no doubt be questioned. But she’s not on the show. This is about Jed and what he did when talking about the show. Her letting a guy she was dating go on the show is definitely a conversation to have.

Hi Steve,

I agree with your take on Luke that at this point, he just can’t say anything right. Sometimes I wonder if he truly just didn’t know what he was getting himself into with this show. I do feel like maybe he was one of the only men who actually came on that show to find love with her, verses for personal gain or an “experience of a lifetime”. I think his struggles are a pretty accurate depiction of how hard this process could be if you truly do care for the lead. I agree with you, he’s digging his own grave but I can’t help but feel bad for the guy. Do you think he came on the show with good intentions and was actually heartbroken when things didn’t work out with Hannah?


Comment: I do. I don’t think he’s a bad guy at all. I just think he had no clue what he was getting into, had good intentions, but was clueless on how to get them across.

Hi Steve!

I’m a big fan! You’re the only reason I use Twitter. Long time reader and my first time emailing.

Why would Tyler be a wild card? Why would he be “a completely different animal unlike anyone they’ve ever cast as the lead before”?

Thank you!

Comment: Because to me Peter is the safe choice. Basically because he looks the part, and if you line him up side-by-side with the previous 23 Bachelors, you’d see a definite similarity. In the 23 Bachelor seasons, I can’t think of one chiseled model they’ve ever had as the lead. They don’t cast guys like that as their lead. While it might be yummy for the women, they tend to go more with overall personality, job, experience, etc over just some model looking dude. What I’m trying to say is Tyler would easily be the best looking Bachelor they’ve ever had and they’ve just never gone the “model” route for the Bachelor lead. Who knows? Maybe they finally will. I’m just going off of 23 previous choices. You look back on them now, did anyone give off the “drooling” vibe that so many women on social media are giving with Tyler? I can’t remember any. They liked them, thought they were cute, some maybe even thought they were hot, they felt bad for them because they got dumped, but lets face it, Tyler’s appeal is his looks first and foremost. And they’ve just never cast the lead based on that. Not saying he won’t get it. I’m just saying that’s why I think he’s the wild card. Peter looks like all 23 Bachelors if you combined them together. Tyler doesn’t look like any of them. Good lookin’ dude.

Dear Steve

Long time Aussie reader and all-things-Bachelor(ette) enthusiast here with no-one to gossip with due to the fact that it doesn’t air on TV here and no-one else watches!

It was awesome to see goofy, silly Hannah come out to play last night – we haven’t seen here for quite some time and it was exactly why I was so excited when she was announced Bachelorette. I know others cringe when she makes her inevitable faux pas but I just love it. Past leads have been sweet and polished and nice and all, but just a little dull. Hannah is my favourite since Emily and maybe even outranks her at this point (no doubt when the whole Luke situation plays out and Hannah rips him a new one she will definitely become my #1).

I just wanted to throw my two cents in on a couple of things!

I think it would be a complete oversight to not point out how absolutely wasted Hannah was when roaming through the Latvian markets. She was hilarious, glassy eyes and all. I was laughing just watching her, she was adorable demanding her cheese and sneaking away for mini 1-on-1s with her obvious faves. And the dancing…!?

We haven’t seen this much excessive drinking and wasted behaviour since Ben’s shitshow, or maybe Ali in Iceland. I probably shouldn’t be condoning drinking but hell, it makes the show so much more interesting to watch and the only way to tolerate the ridiculous amount of oxygen given to Luke’s inevitable tantrum (sigh. It must be Tuesday). I mean they did take shots of moonshine, which you might as well have just chugged some rubbing alcohol.

So I needed a cold shower and a lie-down after the sauna scene…whooeeee. And I’m sure it’s already been noted eleventy billion times that Hannah is a girl that sure likes to be on top! I don’t think there’s been so much straddling since Jillian in the spa way back in the day. If Josh’s head hadn’t already spun off into orbit, I can only imagine him sitting at home watching this on TV (although likely he’s only looking at himself and studying the various effects of his eyebrow expressions). For sure. The straddle is the new jump and hug.

With regards to Jed…I can’t even. I don’t doubt your change of spoiler but am so disappointed! Every time I see her and Tyler together i just totally buy into it. I’m all in with those two and just don’t wanna even contemplate she dumps him for someone whose falsetto sounds like fingernails down a blackboard. I know you said Tyler’s words to her were cheesy, pro forma contestant sh*t, but I think his conviction and delivery seemed pretty sincere…or at least as sincere as you can get on this sh*tshow.

I can’t imagine they can look past Tyler for Bachelor now. I like Peter but he’s too bland and they sure are giving Tyler a really good edit. Unless one of his exes comes out swinging, I hope they take a chance on him, his edit to the general unwashed paints him as quite the catch. I must say I love a guy who can take the piss out of himself so that piano scene and dancing at the end was precious. Although “bland” is something they’ve totally gone for in the past. I know it’s easy to say now because we’ve seen so much of them, but when Sean Lowe and Ben Higgins were announced as “Bachelors,” did those guys scream Mr. Personality to you? Both were pretty quiet and reserved on their season, but they had a confidence to them. They certainly weren’t over-the-top personalities by any means, and they weren’t a barrel of monkeys either. They were just guys who fit what they were looking for as a lead. Since their season, both have shown much more of a personality than they did on both their “Bachelor/ette” seasons. No doubt. But at the time, nobody was screaming these guys were gonna blow us out of the water with their season. People have short term memory when it comes to this stuff, but I don’t because it’s my job. The response for both of those guys IMMEDIATELY after they were announced were “So boring!” Same with Colton. Hell, same with Arie.

Final comment – the piano scene also distinctly highlights the comraderie between all the guys with the startling exception of one, doesn’t it!

Thanks for doing what you do…some seasons I wish I hadn’t read the spoilers but I don’t think with all the Luke crap and her choosing Jed at the end that I could’ve not known before watching without causing some damage to some expensive electronic equipment.

Comment: This ending is going to be fun. I mean, not for me because no matter how many times I say it in a tweet, say it in a column, in “Reader Emails,” reference it on my podcast, etc, the amount of people the night of the finale when Hannah gets engaged to Jed will say, “You said it was Tyler!” will be astronomical. That’s what really bothers me about being wrong initially. Because no matter how far in advance I correct it, it won’t matter. Tons of people are still coming at me finale night saying I was wrong and I said it was Tyler, even thought it will have been corrected a good 5 weeks before the finale. Just gets annoying.

Hi Steve,

If you haven’t answered this question before, any chance Shawn Booth could be bachelor? No.

Also ran across this on YouTube…at the end they said part 2 will reveal how you get your info! Guessing they they will say something generic…

Of course it’ll be generic because nobody knows where I get my info from and they never will. So stupid. People will do anything for clicks I guess.

Lastly I appreciated how you explained the Haley situation and why Jed is a dingus. If only more people saw it that way perhaps more women might find strength in coming forward with their stories. You explained it so logically—hopefully more people will come around. You get hate for being harsh on the guys but you consistently defend the women who come forward and even offer them an outlet to share their stories. The guys you trash talk deserve it bc their character sucks and more women should know about it so they can be informed before some bachelor dingus slides into their dms or tries to hook up with them at a concert.

Comment: I’m doing the best I can. Thank you. I appreciate it.


So with the news about Jed’s not so gentleman ways coming out, do you think there is a chance Hannah will leave Jed and try going back to Tyler? This would be the only ‘After the Final Rose’ switcheroo I fully support.

Comment: Of course there’s always a chance. I would just be surprised if she did. And who’s to say if Tyler would even want her back?

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