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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jed’s Song, & Hannah Speaks Out

Great googly moogly. Another wild ass day yesterday in Bachelor Nation with the amount of emails, calls, and texts I was fielding. There will be a good payoff, I promise, just need to get everything in order. This season has turned into a real sh**show onscreen and a crazy ass one off screen, that’s for sure. Don’t worry. Nothing is changing about the spoiler. That’s intact. There’s just so many other things going on, and things I hear, that I have to determine once again the validity of everything I hear. Sometimes it’s easier than others. But this season hasn’t been nearly as cut and dry as season’s past, so there’s a lot more digging that needs to be done. What I do know is when I made the spoiler change last week, it was the right call. And thank God I did, because as you’ll read in a few of the “Reader Emails” this week, was running that story last Tuesday no matter what from what I’m hearing. And I had no idea they were. So the timing worked out perfect you could say. Not only do we have that whole thing, but Paradise is coming to an end this week, and expect some engagements to be happening any day now. Will post those when I find out and I would guess have your episode-by-episode spoilers for you sometime next week. A lot of crazy ass sh** going on down there too.

Ratings are in from Monday, and remember how last week even though it was a BS recap episode it drew the highest ratings of the season? Well this past Monday beat that. Drew 5.72 million and a 1.5 rating. I only expect it to grow every week from here on out due to less men remaining and that’s when people focus in. Not to mention the Luke show, the interest in the changed spoiler and Jed’s ex speaking out, all that helps the franchise. We’re on a collision course for another boffo finale since a lot of people will be interested in what Jed has to say for himself considering not only have we heard from the ex Haley Stevens, but we’ve seen receipts. Can’t pretend those didn’t happen.

Speaking of Jed, yesterday I told you that I was gonna go back and listen to the song he played for Hannah on the guitar. Here it is, with my commentary in parentheses:

I’ll be your Mr Right, giiiiiiiiirl 2x (Thank you for repeating it. Wasn’t lame enough to hear it just once)
And Hannah Hannah, I will never tell a lie (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
I wanna come inside (Uhhhhh, is this appropriate for network TV?)
Wanna pull you close, whisper in your ear (Oooohhhh, that tickles. I hate when people do that to me)
Tell you I want you, right here (Ok, so only right here? What about somewhere else?)
Wanna let these hands, glide down your side (Sorry bud. Peter already did that)
Tell a story with my lips, slide that dress up your thigh (Good Lord. Clutch the pearls, mama. What is this man doing to her?)
You never know when it might be over (I’m guessing sooner rather than later)
You never know when our time may end (Repeat)
Is it really a sin, to be skin to skin (No. Well, unless you’re trolls on the internet already killing Hannah for being sexual with men)
To look into your soul and tell you how I feel (Such a generic line)
No it can’t be so bad I wanna love you this way
Every time I have to leave, you make me wanna stay (I wonder if his bags are packed yet?)

As for Hannah, she took to Instagram last night to deliver a message to trolls and haters. I feel like we get this every season even though these people know what they’re signing up for. She’s clearly affected by the negative reaction she’s getting:

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I refuse to not stand in the sun. I refuse to feel shame. I refuse to believe the lies and evil that flood my comments. I am standing firm in believing that maybe God wants to use a mess like me to point to His goodness and grace. But dang, it’s hard. The amount of hate I and the men on this journey with me receive…it’s chilling to know so many people want to spread hurt so recklessly. We all fall short of the glory of God…we just happen to do it on national television. ???????? I’ve realized that a lot of the things that Satan uses to hurt me, come in the form of many of your comments— he uses a grain of truth to steer to evil lies. “You’re not enough, you’re dirty, you’re dumb, you’re immature, you’re not worthy…”. It’s upsetting to get messages from Christians telling me I give Christians a bad name. I’ve lived my life for the world to see and judge and absolutely, I’m hot mess on a stick, I blew it a few times…but I refuse to believe I give Christians a bad name. I’m an imperfect human. Who is yes, also a Christian. And God has a master plan for all the failures I continue to learn and grow from to work out for good, and for his glory. ????????? Thank you to those who continue to support me and my guys as we open our hearts to each other, and in turn…you! We appreciate you and your kindness! ??

A post shared by Hannah Brown (@alabamahannah) on

I agree with Hannah in that any moron who’s calling her names, questioning her religion, and slut shaming her is ridiculous. If that’s what this post was strictly about, I still wouldn’t have given them the time of day if I were her, BUT, if she wants to draw attention to how unhinged some people are that watch a reality TV show, I’ve got no problem with that.

The part that has me scratching my head is her including people coming after “her guys” on the show. There’s 7 guys left. The only ones of the 7 that are getting ANY negative fan reaction now are Luke and Jed. This post is making it seem like America hates her, they hate every man that’s left, and everything sucks. That’s just not the case. People really like Hannah’s guys outside of Luke and Jed, and Jed only started up last week. So including “my guys” in this is not making a whole hell of a lot of sense to me. Anyone being Judgey McJudgerstein with Hannah making out with men, and talking about and having sex, all while being a Christian is so utterly ridiculous, it’s pointless to even reason with moronic takes like that. I just worry that Hannah is writing this now, and she hasn’t come CLOSE to hearing the worst of it. Just wait til the overnight date with Luke airs and all these people come down from their high horse to slam her even more. If she’s struggling with it now, it certainly isn’t gonna be any better in a few weeks. These Dudley Do-Right’s turning into the moral police need a life. She’s obviously going through a lot in the last week, and if she needed to get this off her chest, that’s great. But it does make you worry that if she’s this triggered now, come that overnight date with Luke when the Christian police will no doubt have to give her a piece of their mind again, how she’s gonna handle that. No one’s gonna listen to me, but for Christ sakes, just let her be. Shut the f**k up.

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  1. thecuriousgeorgette

    June 26, 2019 at 10:10 AM

    I think Hannah has known ahead of time about Haley and things have been rocky with her and Jed. I remember watching her initial press tour interviews and listening to her remarks about how she’s learned a lot through this show, not sharing whether or not she’s engaged, she just hasn’t looked particularly happy, and I think she has been dreading the Luke P. story playing out AND dreading information coming to light about Jed. I don’t think she will end up engaged at the end of this, sadly. But I truly believe that is far better than her being with a douchebag. I think she WAS engaged and might even be right now, but I see her breaking things off before it’s all over.

  2. mariet

    June 26, 2019 at 5:49 PM

    Oh, boy! Steve correcting a reader’s grammar!? Effect vs affect. Really? When he doesn’t know the basics– to vs too, your vs you’re, plural vs possessive. I gave up commenting on the lack of his writing skills (that’s not why we are here), but when he did that–yikes!

  3. justsaying

    June 26, 2019 at 7:52 PM

    Never mind Jed can’t even friggin pay his own rent at his age but Jed-apologists all seem to make excuses that you need to be engaged or at the very least living with another woman or married with kids to stop hooking up casually. Yuck!

    Has any of you Jed-apologists ever heard of VD?? Pretty sure that stuff carries into a marriage too. Protect your vaginas, ladies!

  4. shenanigans

    June 27, 2019 at 5:19 AM

    As a somewhat older viewer, I tend to agree with the poster who isn’t being hard on Jed. Let’s face it: he clearly wasn’t committed to Haley to have done what he did. They had only been dating for four months and had just taken their first vacation together. Clearly, she thought it was the beginning of something special, but Jed wasn’t nearly as invested as she was. That sucks, but it’s life. We will never know how it would have played out if he hadn’t gone on the Bachelorette.

    As far as Jed and Hannah, I’d like to think that he told her everything long before Haley came forward, but I doubt that’s the case. If he DID tell her everything upfront, they might have a chance. After all, it’s possible that he developed true feelings for Hannah that he didn’t anticipate and wants to see how far they can take this.

    Granted, it’s equally possible that they will implode because they don’t have the foundation they need to survive this. Time will tell, I guess.

    Bottom line: Jed wasn’t married to Haley, engaged to her, or committed in any way. They were having a relationship and he ended it to go on the Bachelorette. (And, face, it, that’s what happened, despite the cutesy note he left her. When push came to shove, he ghosted her because he met someone else who he wanted more.) That’s not a great situation, but I don’t see it as the huge betrayal to Hannah that Steve is making it out to be.

  5. justsaying

    June 27, 2019 at 8:47 AM

    I suppose if you enjoy dating cheaters or you enjoy being around people who say ‘I love you’ only to sleep and date others, who is anyone to judge what you enjoy.

    For that, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your fake I-love-yous, cheaters and casual hook-ups.

  6. adelina

    June 27, 2019 at 10:10 AM

    I completely agree with you @shenanigans. I keep thinking, okay this isn’t a great look for Jed, but it is hardly rake over the coals level stuff. Haven’t we all fell for someone, got caught up in the story we want it to be only to realize later it really wasn’t that great.

    This Haley relationship was 4 months long. He found a shiny new object and regardless of whether it’ll last (probs not) who cares???

    Hardly salacious.

  7. justsaying

    June 27, 2019 at 10:25 AM

    Grocery-Joe said it BEST, why didn’t Jed just get on American Idol instead of a dating show?

  8. ctrealitygirl

    June 27, 2019 at 10:46 AM

    God bless Grocery Store Joe! He hit the nail on the head! Judging by what I’ve seen of his musical abilities, I can see why he didn’t apply to American Idol! I guess the Bach-ette, is the best platform for 2nd rate musicians to get exposure now. How many have we seen thus far?? I can name at least three or four right off the bat – Wes, Luke Pell, James Taylor, Jed…and I’m sure there were more. I hope we’re not going to be flooded with more scenes of Jed serenading Hannah between now and the end of the season…ugh

  9. thecuriousgeorgette

    June 27, 2019 at 4:21 PM

    Honestly, he probably did and couldn’t get past the audition process. The dude does not have a stand out, spectacular voice at all. Singer songwriters have a hard time in general, because today’s fad is having an unreal singing voice. You can’t be Bob Dylan anymore and make it big.

  10. upmyalley

    June 29, 2019 at 6:02 PM

    Lmao at Hannah stealing Olivia’s line about ‘standing in the sun’ from the show Scandal. Way to plagiarize Hannah! Maybe in the future you can learn how to form an original thought now that you’ve (somewhat) learned how to form a complete sentence! As far as caring about Hannah mounting more men than the Canadian Mounted police mount horses, I don’t care one iota and no one else should either. There’s plenty more things to pick on her about that matter like her lack of discernment and overall confused disposition. I say get a life coach and work on yourself before considering marriage.

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