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“Reader Emails,” Two-Night Live Finale is Official, Mike Fleiss in Trouble, & Readers Give Their Thoughts on the Luke/Hannah Confrontation

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Hi Steve,

Longtime reader – first-time writer here. First, thank you for the entertainment – your spoilers are often the highlight of the seasons for me!

I have been a Bachelor viewer since the beginning and have noticed quite the shift in contestants over the years. Would you agree that in the earlier seasons people were a bit more genuine? Maybe not everyone came on the show with true intentions to fall in love and get married. But even those there for the “wrong reasons” were mainly there for some fun and some travel.

But then … social media took off and it seems like now a majority of these people are in it solely for the Insta-fame and to see how long they can possibly extend their 15 minutes. Or contestants purposely go on with some sort of outrageous schtick because they know they can prolong that in Paradise or whatever spin off might be next. I’m not at all surprised when I read your site about yet another contestant with a girlfriend/boyfriend at home or chasing the fame train.

I don’t think there will be a return to the way it used to be, but I miss the good old days. From the POV of a viewer, do you prefer the show/contestants as they are now or do you also miss the seasons of Bachelor past?

Looking forward to reading your site for many seasons to come. I keep saying I’m too old to be watching this nonsense, but yet, here I am season after season. The show is what it is now. Social media has changed it forever. It’ll never be the show that it was when it first started. Impossible. People have too many agendas now. So if you’re watching for how it was back in the day, I’d change your approach because it’ll never be like that again.

Thanks, Steve!

PS – I almost forgot! I watched seasons 1-4 of Beverly Hills 90210 while on my recent maternity leave. Is it worth me watching the rest of the series in your opinion? I tend to struggle with shows once they deviate from the original cast and introduce a bunch of new characters, so I don’t know if I want to invest my limited time into many more seasons. BUT if you say it holds up, I will definitely consider it!

Comment: Definitely keep watching. The only real deviation is the fact that Brenda is gone and never returns, and she’s replaced by Valerie Malone, who in the 90s, was one of the best teen “villains” ever. The rest of the cast pretty much sticks around for the remainder of the run except. Some leave and come back, some don’t. But I don’t wanna ruin it for you. But through college, yeah, it’s pretty much all of them remaining.

I read your site a couple of months ago and you said that Tyler gets the final Rose. Now I am reading it is Jed. Please don’t report what you do not know.

Comment: Ok. Thanks. Cool deal, bro.

Hi Steve,

I have been reading your site for years and am a big fan of your work. I also work in a profession where I can be my own boss so I definitely can appreciate the freedom and power you feel.

I have been thinking about all the hate some contestants get on this show and I wonder how much the bullying/death threats really impacts contestants’ lives. I would like to think that if I no longer feel safe or am constantly getting death threats after being painted a villain, I would deactivate all my social media and would not want the world to have one more way to track me/criticize me (despite needing to forgo a lot of instagram money). Does production force contestants to keep their social media running throughout the season? Is anyone’s life really ever come close to being in danger? Sorry if these questions sound naive or stupid, I am just curious why would anyone still stay on social media if it poses a real danger to their lives or at a minimum, hurts him/her psychologically every day.

Comment: Because social media plays a huge part in these peoples lives. For some, it’s their income, so they can’t deactivate it. And for others, as much hate as they get, yeah, the easy answer would be to just shut off the comments. But you see, while hate will filter through, they also get plenty of compliments and they want others to see that there ARE people out there who still like them and leave positive comments, so that’s why they don’t disable them.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long-time reader and fan. I appreciate how level-headed and rational you are in the reporting of this show. I’m really enjoying this season, and like always, your spoilers make it more fun to watch. As far as this season goes, I have a couple of questions:

What do you think was Peter’s motivation for signing up for this show? Jed’s motivation was music promotion; Tyler’s motivation was most likely his modeling career. If Peter was already dating someone and had a good career as a pilot going for himself, then why sign up? Does he want to switch from pilot to actor/Dancing with the Stars extraordinaire? Maybe he’s sadly looking to pull a Jake Pavelka? I think just the motivation of being on TV, getting a free vacation, becoming part of this new “fraternity” of guys, and basically having a bunch of new women who would’ve never known you otherwise now ogle over you is motivation enough for him. Peter is no exception.

My other question is about Mike. You have repeatedly said you don’t see him as the next Bachelor, but you haven’t said exactly why. Is there stuff in Mike’s past that has come up that would make him an unfavorable candidate for ABC? Since you are so level-headed and evidence based, it seems like you may know some unsavory stuff about Mike. If so, what is it? Knowing this information would appease anyone rooting for Mike to get it.

Thanks again for your columns and podcast! Keep up the good work!

Comment: I haven’t heard anything in his past. My prediction is just that he won’t be the “Bachelor.”

Hi Steve,

Hope you’re doing well.

Just in regards to something you said in Reader Emails:

“Comment: There isn’t a service out there that has every season to go back and watch. You’d think ABC would at some point, but as of now they haven’t. Tubi TV has the first Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons along with last seasons Bachelor in Paradise. But that’s it.”

I know it’s not an official ABC channel but I just wondered if you had heard of the Bachelor Archive ( It was established a few months ago by a fellow Aussie & Sydneysider down here, but it has an international focus. It has many of the seasons of the US Bachelor and Bachelorette free to stream or download as well as the Bachelor AU, NZ, SA, CA etc. No ads. A lot of fans especially those outside the US have regarded it as a Godsend – it’s exclusively how I view the US show from down here.

Thought it may be of interest to you personally whether or not you see fit to spread the word to your readers.

I know Caroline Lunny was a fan as it allowed her to view her Aussie BIP season from the US.

Comment: Well there you go.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time fan and thoroughly enjoy your wit, frankness, and of course your spoilers on your website! I’ve never followed you or any of the contestants on social media until the last two weeks when you got me so interested in following you.

It appears to me that a lot of the contestants travel a good bit. During the active taping season I assume all travel expenses are covered by ABC. I also assume that travel expenses like Tyler’s support of ABC food tours are covered. But, here are my questions:

1. Once taping is over and contestants show up at other Bachelor Nation social settings are the expenses still covered? Depends on the event. Most of them are appearing at stuff BECAUSE it’s paid for with an appearance fee and/or hotel/flight coverage.

2. Are most of the contestants fairly well off financially, compared to the average 20-30 year old? I would say no. They just have jobs that allow them to take time off.

3. What about jobs? How do they take off from work so often to travel? See answer above.

4. What about sponsorships? When they plug a product are they compensated nicely? Can they make a living at this?

Thank you for many years of great entertainment and being the “google” equivalent for all things Bachelor Nation!

Comment: Yes, but it all depends on your following, your follower engagement, etc. But absolutely some of them are making a living off of it, hence the allure of why people do this show in the first place.


I’ve been a reader and follower of your site for the last four years! You never disappoint! I have a few thoughts and questions for you.

1) What do you think will happen at the ATFR with everyone? I’m just so curious and can’t wait to see how it all plays out. There’s just so man possibles here. I want to hear your thoughts on this. Jed will tell his “side” which no one should buy, we’ll get her time with both Jed and Tyler on the couch, as well as Peter, and then who knows what’ll happen from there.

2) I feel so bad for Hannah. I can’t imagine leaving family, your friends, etc.. She gave all that up just to get screwed over. She obviously had no idea Jed was that kind of person throughout the journey. I saw a red flag the moment Jed said he was in it for fame but I still don’t think that’s her fault. Do you feel bad for Hannah or do you think she put this on herself? I’ve heard both sides and I honestly don’t know how she would’ve known Jed was that type. In my opinion Tyler would’ve been the right choice just because of everything we’ve seen but she ultimately decided no on that. I feel bad in the sense that if she knew what Haley was saying during filming, no chance in hell she would’ve picked Jed. He lied to her, plain and simple, and that’s why she broke it off.

3) This is more of a thought. Hannah talks about how her and Tyler’s relationship is more physical based during the fantasy date and she just wants to get to know him better. But in my opinion he’s opened up more than a lot of guys have. And whenever he tries I feel like she just wants to kiss him. I feel like she’s been the one that wanted to be physical. She put that on herself I feel like. Do you agree?

Well that’s enough questions and thoughts for this email. This season has been so different then any other season we’ve seen. I’m just hooked. I can’t wait to see the two night finale and see how this all plays out. Thanks Steve!! Keep up the great work!

Comment: Yes, I do believe their relationship was definitely more focused on the physical. We’ll have to wait for the finale to find out exactly what her reasoning was for letting him go.

Hello Steve!

I’m a long time fan of yours and can honestly say I wouldn’t even be watching the Bach or BIP series if it wasn’t for you. To me the show is secondary to the enjoyment I get from your spoilers, analysis and wit. It’s fun to sit back and watch it all play out. Thanks for all you do!

Like you, I have nothing against any segment of the LGBT community. I have many gay friends, most of us do, they’re good as gold. I do however, have questions about all the parties involved in this obvious ABC hustle. I much prefer the Bachelor in Paradise series over its older Bachelor/ette siblings simply because there’s more going on, so by bastardizing my favorite show I wanted to speak out.

You mentioned in one of your earlier postings that ABC was breaking their own rules and I couldn’t agree more. I find the whole Demi/Kristian thing disturbing going all the way back to Demi’s false pretense for being on The Bachelor. From the Soap Dirt interview Demi’s former girlfriend Tiyana Sky, who posted many hot selfie pics from their social media as proof, said that their relationship went on for several years and is the only one she knows of that Demi ever had right up her current one with Kristian, and that Demi was still trying to get Tiyana back in the sack right up to the point she was going on the show. Then Demi makes Tiyana delete all their social media under legal threat before she goes on the Bachelor as if their relationship never happened. True colors shining through. This paints her appearance on Colton’s season as a total sham. I’d really love to see you interview Tiyana and get her take.

On the heels of Demi begging Tiyana to take her back (which she refused to do because she is engaged to another girl) along comes Kristian, the roommate of Catherine Agro, who is 27 years old and an aspiring actress. She’s living with a Glam Queen, her clock is running out on being an actress, and up pops Demi – the biggest Glam Queen of them all – who has already proven to be duplicitous in her motives for being on the Bachelor. The Demi/Kristian relationship may be legit but the whole scenario is way too convenient and, of course, they had to know ABC would gobble it up. And ABC will, as you have noted on several occasions, milk the gag for all it’s worth. Think about it, not only did Demi keep a legit girl from being on Colton’s season, she knocked another girl out of a spot on BIP. And ABC is behind her 100%. My question Steve is, do you think this BIP “storyline” was a set-up early on from the start by Demi and her two more than willing fame seeking cohorts? It sure smells that way. First off, I think Tiyana has moved on. Like you said, she’s engaged to a new woman, so I don’t think the Demi relationship is relevant at all anymore other than to let it be known that they were definitely an item together. I know all I need to know about that relationship to know that Demi has a side to her that’s definitely not being shown on TV. Tiyana showed me enough. And that’s why I’m not a fan of Demi. It’s all an act. And I can’t stand phony people.

And of course it was planned in advance. Demi was planning with producers to bring Kristian on while they were planning BIP, so, that’s why not of it feels genuine to me. And there’s zero chance these two are ever actually gonna get married. Demi wanted her time again the spotlight per usual, she and the show are gonna eat up the fact that she’s part of their first same sex couple, and she gets the attention she so desperately craves. I just think she could’ve gone about this in a completely different way, but, that’s not the Demi way.

PS- I am totally stoked about our two legit couples. Didn’t see those coming. Will be fun to watch Dylan and Hannah G, and whoever thought Chris would ever get engaged?

Comment: Yeah, I guess only time will tell with them. BIP has produced marriages, and babies, so their track record is definitely better. But you just never know.

Thank you Steve for all you do, your podcast is awesome, I enjoy it when you bring people from Survivor. I wanted your opinion on several things.

I do not recall if Kaitlyn Bristowe has ever done a podcast with you, is it because she is chummy with Chris Harrison and it would make her look bad being associated with you? (I am not a fan of her, such a childish irritating woman who interrupts her guests on her podcasts constantly) Your guess is as good as mine why Kaitlyn hasn’t done my podcast. She’s never said no to me. Yet she hasn’t been on yet. So I’ve thrown my hands up at this point. I’m not gonna continue to ask. Either do it or say no.

Since lately all the contestants are a bunch of entitled kids, I have lost interest with their storyline, I miss the old days where people were real and it was not just another attempt to be relevant on instagram. How many people need to promote the ‘fab fit fun’ brand? I find it insane! lol

I still like my share of villains though, even if production makes them that way and edits those people to Mike Fleiss’ wishes, anyway can you bring Rozlyn Papa and Justin rated R Rego to your podcast? Probably not.

By the way, thanks for your interest in Paradise Hotel, just a quick note, the series debut was in 2003, however they brought back a 2nd season in early 2008 when Zack returned and sort of redeemed himself and won, so that makes the latest version season 3.

If you could choose to be on any reality show as a contestant or even as a cameo what would it be? I have zero interest in being on TV. Especially reality TV.

And finally which podcast from the bachelor world do you like the most beside yours?

Comment: Well the only ones I’ve ever heard more than a couple segments of are Olivia’s and Juliet Litman’s “Bachelor Party,” so I’d go with those.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been reading your site for a few years now and thought I’d finally write in.

1. I’ve been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since Sean Lowe, but have been watching Big Brother for even longer. Since you said this was your first time watching BB since Holly was on this season, I was wondering if you read “spoiler” sites for BB? While you’re never going to get end-of-season spoilers like with the Bachelor universe, since the show is partially live, things like the veto ceremony and such happen before they air on tv. Do you read those spoilers, as a spoiler guy? Or are you just casually watching what is shown on tv? I did last week because someone tagged me about Kat talking about how she dated someone from Desiree’s season on the live feeds (By the way, it wasn’t Ben Scott, it was Mike R. the dentist from what I’m hearing. He was a first night eliminate). While looking at that, I also saw the whole story about Kat’s boyfriend back home that she left then slept with Jack on like the second day and he’s not happy. But other than that, no I don’t find out ahead of time who won veto or anything like that.

2. Also re BB, I don’t watch the live feeds but will often read the live feed highlights to get a better picture of what’s going on–as you know, TV edits hardly show the whole story, especially when they’re condensing a week into three one-hour episodes. Do you read anything like that, live feed highlights? Do you have a favorite player this season? Holly of course. I’ll never watch the feeds, and I don’t really want to read any recaps of them.

3. How does it compare watching a show like BB where you see so much more of the contestants unedited (especially on the feeds), compared to something like the Bachelor, where it’s all pieced together later and the contestants spend more time with production? I find the production aspect fascinating. Just like I did with Paradise Hotel and with Love Island. Being able to turn stuff around so quick, when I’m so used to watching Bachelor/ette where it’s weeks before we see anything. I find that interesting.

Thanks for reading! No worries if you don’t want to talk about BB–just thought I’d ask since you said you were just starting to watch it!

Comment: I think BB is cheesy, the challenges look like something out of “Double Dare” from back in the day, the narrator is incredibly annoying, and the thought of living with strangers for a whole summer would drive me insane. But I do enjoy any game where social gameplay is involved and you have to vote people out who eventually determine your fate. BB is really “Survivor” in a house with way less harder challenges. It’s all about how people socially interact and that will always intrigue me.

My girlfriends and I debate that on these shows there are probably 6 people worth dating. Not the F-Boys, the fame whores or the ones the producers make the leads keep on the show. And probably some of the better ones get eliminated early on in the show. I’ve noticed this because some of your podcast guests who never really got the limelight have been really cool.

So the question is how often has a lead broken up with his/her final pick and gone back to date any of the former contestants? I know there are a lot of hook-ups within Bachelor Nation from different seasons but have any of them gone back to date someone they eliminated? Not counting a Jason or an Arie… I mean more like a Ben Higgins hooking up with or dating say a Becca Tilley after the show. So many leads go on about how they really like or are falling for some of the others they don’t pick. Just curious how common it is for them to try to rekindle some of that if their final choice doesn’t work out.

Comment: It hasn’t happened often. Publicly, at least. The most known one was Prince Lorenzo and Sadie, both who have been podcast guests in the past. But if there were others, it was kept rather quiet.

Hey Steve,

This isn’t bachelor related but I’d like your opinion on something…

I started Beverly Hills 90210 several weeks ago when I started maternity leave. I’m currently on season 3 when Dylan and Kelly start dating after Brenda gets back from Paris and I keep wondering if you’re Team Dylan and Brenda or Team Dylan and Kelly. Personally, I’m Team Dylan and Brenda only because I think it was shady of Dylan and Kelly to get together over the summer while Brenda was in Paris. That was her boyfriend and best friend, not cool!


Comment: I’m more Team Dylan and Kelly, and here’s why: I’ve never been a huge Brenda guy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact when I first started watching the show while it was airing was the college years, so my indoctrination into the show didn’t have Brenda a part of it. Yes, I’ve seen seasons 1-4 about two or three times, but I could just never get into Brenda. Ever. I’m a Kelly Taylor guy through and through. Her storylines once college start are way better.

Hi! Love reading your site; thanks for all you do!!

Random throwback questions-

I’ve been rewatching Nick’s season and therefore reading a few of your posts from that season…

I saw you mentioned that before Nick went to Fantasy Suites, he’d already slept with 7 women from the franchise. Wow. I know the obvious ones (Andi, Kaitlyn, Liz) but who are the others? I’ve never revealed those. No need to.

Also you mentioned that Jojo and Nick had some contact before her season. Just wondering the extent of their relationship??

Thanks so much!!

Comment: They were never officially a couple, but they had definitely hung out and maybe if JoJo didn’t become the “Bachelorette” something would’ve happened.

Hi Steve,

Feel free to not post this if it’s repetitive or if your inbox is too flooded!

A few points–

1) What you said about Jed’s post from last week was kind, appropriate, and classy. Go you! However, if anyone were to blame you for anything happening to his family or him, they’re nucking futs. Pretty much.

2) Isn’t it a little sexist if they allow Jason and Arie to change their minds, but NOT allow Hannah to try for Tyler (or whoever) upon learning that Jed is an epic failure of a potential partner? They didn’t even need reasons from the two men who changed their minds– I think it’s a sexist nightmare if they don’t allow her the same freedom. Given, that’s if she chooses to go after another man, which is a big if, and it should be perfectly fine if she wants to be single as well. She should absolutely be allowed to if she wants. It’s just not gonna happen based on what I’m being told.

3) On the same note as #2, does Peter’s ex’s interview change them allowing her to go after Tyler, since it may eliminate Peter as the next Bachelor? Maybe it will give Mike a chance? (He’s my pick anyhow.) What are your thoughts on this and how it will impact ATFR?

Thank you for all of your spoiling, sarcasm and opinions!

Comment: She’s not going after Peter either.



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