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“Reader Emails,” Two-Night Live Finale is Official, Mike Fleiss in Trouble, & Readers Give Their Thoughts on the Luke/Hannah Confrontation

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Hi Steve. Hope you and Luka are doing well.

Regarding the latest news about Jed & now Peter, what do you think are the chances the producers are purposely casting some guys with girlfiends & telling them “ just delete them from your social media” but secretly hoping the women come forward & out them later bc it will boost ratings? or maybe not on purpose but if they find out, don’t really care?

Thanks. You knocked it out of the park this season!!

Comment: I don’t think that’s the case at all. It’s very hard to control that anyway if the guys don’t mention anything during casting. How is production supposed to know once these guys go back home who they’re sleeping with?

Hi Steve,

As always, I loved your Podcast with Tatum and Bobby last week. It brought up a question about these “share/steal” the money scenarios.

Bachelor Pad- Nick and Rachel
Rivals III- Bananas and Sarah
Paradise Hotel- Bobby and Tatum

Of these 3, who do you think was the most justified in taking the money, and who was the least justified?

Comment: Great question. Hmmmm, let me think this out as this is the first time I’ve thought of this.

The short answer is I think all of them are justified because what they did is not a black or white, right or wrong situation. It’s their choice. But if you’re forcing me to rank them, 1 being most and 3 being least…

1. Bobby and Tatum. You heard Bobby. Tatum had betrayed him a couple times already, they had no prior relationship pre-show, and she could’ve done the same to him at any point and dropped the ball.

2. Nick and Rachel. You could easily swap them for Bobby and Tatum or even make it a tie for first because it’s kinda the same deal. No pre-show relationship, Nick felt Rachel didn’t even want him, etc. However, the way BP was done, it’s not like Rachel could’ve taken the money and Nick gotten nothing like Bobby and Tatum. If she said Keep as well, neither would’ve gotten anything.

3. Bananas and Sarah. And this is coming from someone who has zero issue whatsoever with what Bananas did. However, in the context of your question of who would be least justified, I’d put Bananas here only because he was friends with Sarah beforehand. But I still think he was justified in doing what he did. Just not as much as the other two only because he had equity already built in with Sarah.


Now that the ET article about Peter is out there – do you think this knocks him out of contention for the bachelor role? It seems as though Mike and Tyler are the only real candidates left after this. It seems like this kind of press is not what they are looking for from a bachelor candidate, but then again who knows.

Thanks so much!!

Comment: Eh, I don’t think it matters. Because if he doesn’t get it, it’s not like they’ll ever say, “Well, Peter was gonna be the Bachelor, but that ex story is why we didn’t give it to him.” So it’s impossible to say for sure it’s why he didn’t get it if he doesn’t. Ultimately, they’re gonna choose who they think will be the best TV.

Hey Steve! First time emailing you…

My question is pretty random, but I thought I read a snippet of Courtney Robertson’s book that said the Fantasy Suites {well, hers} were not supplied with condoms. Yet clearly they were tonight {as seen with Peter.} Do you know if what Courtney said is true? I’m not sure why they wouldn’t supply them if the whole point of FS is for them to have sex if they want. I’ve heard both sides on this, so I’m not sure.

Everyone’s talking about wanting Hannah and Tyler to end up together. But has Peter tried getting back with her? He seemed to be pretty crazy about her and confident he was going to get chosen in the end. No.

After watching Tyler’s date with Hannah, I’m 100% convinced he will be the Bachelor. In past seasons, they seem to put a lot of positive focus on the guy that gets chosen for the gig. They showed how respectful yet sexy he is all season almost like a centerpoint. But if they’re trying to sell the “First LGBT Engagement in Bachelor History” I’m surprised they wouldn’t go for the double whammy and do “First Black Bachelor.” But that’s just me speculating. Lol.

I’m also incredibly curious if Hannah would’ve had sex with Luke had he not been such a douche that night and gotten sent home. I doubt she’d answer that question though.

Thanks for the spoilers! They’re much appreciated when I can’t bother to wait and watch the show live.

Comment: Yeah, that’s something we’ll never know the answer to, but I doubt it. Luke said he’s saving himself for marriage again. I guess he could always have a “slip up” as he so eloquently puts it, but even if Hannah wanted to, it doesn’t seem like Luke would’ve.


1. I will admit that whatever Luke was trying to talk to Hannah about came out all wrong, He should really think about what he says before he says it, but my question is how do people still continually hate on him 1000x more than they do Jed. Luke has messed up time in time again, but this whole time Jed has been playing Hannah and still no one especially the contestants will call him out, but they still ruthlessly crucify Luke. I do appreciate those who have called out Jed. What do you think? I think because Luke has done it for 10 episodes on our TV screen, and everything with Jed is being played out behind the scenes. People will never care nearly as much about stuff they aren’t seeing on TV. Sure, plenty of people hate Jed, but he hasn’t really done anything wrong on their TV screens, so it’s much easier to dismiss media stories. Unfortunate, but true.

2. I know you said Luke didn’t have a good night on the MTA, but i feel like every villain ends up being fine even with a horrible MTA (Such as Krystal, Nicole, Chris etc) Do you think that is a possibility? That’s because they’ve at least tried to apologize and take ownership. Luke really doesn’t.

3. Do you think Becca/Garrett and Colton/Cassie will get married, they have lasted longer than expected. Becca and Garrett I see more of a possibility over Colton/Cassie.

4. I don’t get why Tyler would go back to Hannah, all he has to do is ask himself if the news about Jed didn’t come out they would still be together. Thoughts ?

Comment: That’s one main reason, if not THE main reason. I’ve said that since the Jed stuff broke. This isn’t Arie just deciding to change his mind because he couldn’t stop thinking of Lauren. This wouldn’t even be a possibility if Jed wasn’t a giant f*** up.

Hi Steve,

Few questions for you. I know you have said in the past if Hannah and Tyler were to reunite/communicate it would be on ATR. Why couldn’t they DM/text each other before hand? Would think it would be very easy to reach out that way before hand. She also seems to be tweeting/posting very positive things about Tyler. Sure they could. But I’m sure there’s a part of them that is scared off by their contracts saying they can’t. If Hannah wanted to be with Tyler or wanted to contact him to try and reconcile, she would tell producers this first, and they would handle it. Doing it on her own would be in violation of her contract. Could she? Sure. But there also could be consequences to that.

Second, at this point are the only bachelor contenders Tyler and Mike now? I didn’t love Mike but would love Tyler. Mike felt a little manufactured to me.

Finally, on a side note what kind of work did you do before reality TV and would you ever go back to it?

Thanks for all your help! I’m a sucker for spoilers and read your sight religiously.

Comment: Originally sports talk radio. I don’t think I’d ever go back to that. Not in today’s climate and how it is now. It’s changed in the 15 years I’ve been out of it. Podcast form where I’m my own boss? That’s a little different. I’ve thought about doing a little something here and there, but I just don’t know yet.

Hi Steve,

Just read the Calee story. Love the number of comments that excuse Peter’s behavior saying “he broke up with her 3 months before filming” and conveniently ignoring the fact that 1. He lied to her for months and asked her to move to LA while he was applying to the show and 2. Calee said she’s had multiple people reach out to tell her he cheated on her. Crazy what people are willing to overlook when their feelings aren’t involved and when they’ve decided they like someone based on what they’ve seen on TV.

Good for Calee for speaking out. Peter is an asshole.

Comment: God forbid people let facts get in the way of their narrative. Anyone whose argument is “at least he broke up with her and it was 3 months before filming unlike Jed” is missing the whole point. That’s not what we’re arguing. Hell, CALEE isn’t arguing that. She’s the one admitting he broke up with her, yet, people are saying “big deal.” But as we see quite often, there are no facts anymore. They don’t matter. In anything. It’s people’s own self truths that rule the day now. You can’t convince me what Peter did wasn’t a sh***y thing to do to someone. Has nothing to do with Jed. We’re not comparing whose transgression was worse. All I’m saying is don’t give Peter a pass because he broke up and it was 3 months ago because that’s not the argument. It’s that it was a sh***y thing to do, AND, we find out that he wasn’t even faithful to Calee.

Hey RS,

Thanks as always for making the crazy world of reality TV even more interesting! First time writing in. Some questions for you:

-Does the order of the fantasy suite dates ever differ from the order they were filmed in (like hometowns)? I know Luke was still last, just wondering if sometimes these do air in different order? Yes, they do. Got asked so many times about the order this year. Peter was first and Luke was last. I don’t know about the other two.

-Saw Evan’s tweet hinting at Jed possibly self sabotaging by pushing the Luke subject with Hannah on their overnight, what are your thoughts on that possibility? Evan? Evan Bass? I have no idea if that’s what Jed was doing. Seems kinda stupid if he was because then you’re saying he was forced to stay, forced to go to final 2, and even then if he wanted out, he went and proposed. I don’t buy it.

-Any idea what Kendall Long was referring to in her since-deleted tweet about Peter and a friend? All I saw was that she tweeted Peter matched with a friend of hers on a dating app during the time period he was with Calee and talking about moving her to CA.

-My best friend wants to nominate her sister for the show. Any tips you know of when submitting someone to get them on the producers’ radar? Go full-on cheesy?? My tip is don’t do it. But since I’m sure you won’t listen, if they are applying by going to a casting call, they haven’t been contacted by a producer privately, or scouted, 99% chance they aren’t getting on anyway.

-a paradise question: Any thoughts on why Dean & Caelynn are already clearly spoiled by other outlets, like is this on purpose for any reason? The show wants to get people excited and talking about their show.

-and finally, a general question: I’ve been watching for a while and have read your site for the last few seasons, but was wondering if you’ve ever talked about how you started doing this one-of-a-kind job? Obviously know you can’t talk about your sources, just wondering how your site started/grew, were your spoilers always this accurate/involved?

Comment: Only about 1000 times. Best way would be to listen to the 2 hr interview I did with Michelle Money where she conducted the interview.

Hi Steve,

Oddly enough I’ve been following you since the Jason-Melissa break-up spoiler (well, not all seasons but quite a few). I say oddly because I live in Spain and I can only follow the show by YouTube clips and recaps/reviews, but I’m a sucker for reality TV so hey…

I never write, and I feel silly for doing it now, but I saw your tweet about Peter’s ex and wanted to throw my 2-cents in.

I don’t jump to his defense because I like him or care, they’re all just TV characters to me and I find it entertaining, but while I think Jed deserves all the heat for going into the show with all the intention of lying to Hannah, the audience and the producers, Peter did the right thing… He obviously was not 100% into his relationship, wanted to be in the Bachelorette so broke up with her and went.
I’m sorry his ex felt blindsided, but unfortunately this is real life… You have different takes on where you are in a relationship, I bet half of the world’s population have gone through break ups when they still thought it could work… Maybe he didn’t think long distance was working for him and didn’t see her moving in any time soon… Or maybe he’s just after fame… He prioritised the show over her – I can see it hurts but I cannot see where he lied or cheated. Sorry! No one is calling him out for lying. At least I’m not. That’s never been my issue. Technically he withheld the truth because I fully believe the reason he broke up with her out of the blue after a week earlier talking about wanting her to be in CA with him was because of the show. And cheating? Well, seems like he was cheating since Calee has been contacted by other women after the fact and found out he was seeing others behind her back.

I met my husband (and co-parent) just 2-3 months after he broke up with a long-term girlfriend (7 years, long distance), and we moved in together just 6 months into our relationship. I was meant to be the “transition” girl, not the real deal but hey, life happened.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re still going to think that I don’t see any harm in it because he’s cute and nice, but I was single for 33 years, so I don’t simply trust a pretty face. I just don’t think you can expect these guys not to have girlfriends months before they leave for filming, it’s not very realistic. We know this happens every season. So if they do, I’m gonna call it out. And there’s a difference between having some girl you’re in a casual relationship with and having a girlfriend. Peter and Calee were a bit more serious than the standard “Oh he was dating women before the show.”

Also… On Tyler C, he’s so seemingly perfect, so handsome and fit, says the right things… He would have been my first impression rose and I would have been head over heels, but I totally get why Hannah didn’t pick him in the end… In the context of the show I would have found it hard to trust he’s for real… Ironic?

I see what she was trying to do keeping Luke P around, it’s the “no-one sees what I see” appeal, but what I don’t get is the (bad) musician appeal. He’s no rock star, just a guy playing a guitar… How did she keep Jed over Peter??? Specially after gushing over the windmill ride (lol).

Anyway… Love your column. Keep doing what you do.

Comment: It’s the $1 million question.

Hey Steve! I’m a big fan of your site, but my husband doesn’t want to know spoilers because he feels it ruins the fun of the surprise. After last night’s episode, he expressed confusion as to why ABC chose to preview so much of Hannah’s conversation with Luke over the past several episodes. After watching the episode last light, I have to agree they did already show most of the “highlights” (lowlights?) of their conversation, and do wonder why ABC felt the need to do that. For those who resist the spoilers, the actual scene was sort of anticlimactic. Were they just trying to spread the word that Luke would be gone soon enough, and leaving in a dramatic fashion? Seems like an odd move on their part, not to mention out of character since the previews are usually murky if not deceptive. Your thoughts on why they felt the need to show so much of it ahead of time?

Comment: We’ll never know the reason because the show doesn’t address stuff like that. However, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because they knew their audience wanted some sort of resolution to the Luke show and that gave them a glimpse of, “Ok, she definitely doesn’t end up with this guy.”

Good morning Steve!!

Not many questions here, mainly observations…

1) These text screenshots are soooooo cringey. Do people actually like being talked to like that?? With that many emojis?? If a guy EVER texted me “wanna makeout y/n” or even tried using the ? emoji I would drop him like a hot potato. I don’t get how these seemingly beautiful, intelligent girls are falling for this stuff…..Men should not use numerous emojis. Period. I think I’ve used about 5 in my life. And two of them were in the last week. It was the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” ones.

2) I recently started watching Survivor from season 1 thanks to you and I am hooked. I’ve gone through 6 seasons so far and I have to say season 6 (The Amazon) is my favorite by far. Rob was robbed!!! (ha ha).

The differences between Survivor and the Bachelor franchise are also really interesting, especially the amount of Jeff vs. Chris Harrison screen time. It’s insane how much more Jeff does for the show. Makes you wonder where that Chris Harrison salary money could be going (charities, etc.). And in that point of the franchise, Probst was just a host. He’s now basically the main guy. While also being the host, he’s the executive producer, showrunner, and basically handles everything you see go down on that show in terms of casting and storytelling.

I also feel like while the Bachelor drama is more fabricated post casting process throughout the show, Survivor plants a lot of seeds pre-casting (this guy is a very old, traditional military guy – let’s put him on a tribe with a young, gay man) and then sort of lets the ship sail throughout the season. It’s also really interesting watching these old seasons and seeing the way they handle certain issues like sexism, racism, sexual assault, etc….if some of these people (including Jeff) said the things they said today they would get absolutely raked over the coals on social media (rightly so in most cases).

Anyways….I can’t wait to listen to your Survivor related podcasts when I finally get caught up. I’ve been pretty successful avoiding spoilers for each season so far (I don’t want to be spoiled unlike Bachelor whose spoilers I look forward to each season 🙂 ). Any recommendations for other Survivor podcasts or blogs??

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: For sure listen to Stephen Fishbach on the Know It Alls podcast. They’re excellent.

Hi Steve,

Wow, it totally just baffles me how much hate Hannah is getting on Instagram from the “Christians”!! You would think she murdered someone with all talk of sin! I mean, shouldn’t they be living by the WWJD way of thinking? Ya think Jesus would degrade and name call?

Someone even said she may go to hell..for having sex??!!! I guess I just dont get it.
Hang in there Hannah!!

Comment: Oh she totally will. You didn’t know this? Yeah, the Christians are coming for her. They know this because someone has actually been a Christian, had sex before marriage, died, gone to hell, then come back from the dead and told all of them what it’s like and what happened when they went there. So yeah, they totally know what’s gonna happen to Hannah for having sex before marriage.

I noticed they left something out in the episode last night, and that was the previous edit where Hannah says something along the lines of, “Sex is for marriage between a man and a woman.”

I do agree that sex is for marriage and between a man and a woman (and I do realize I’m in the minority with this belief). This doesn’t mean I don’t love and care for those I disagree with. We can disagree and still be loving. Yes, that was removed from the show because we definitely heard a voiceover of her saying that in the season preview. We also saw her walking away from the camera after the Luke fight and pushing it with her hand saying something like “get that out of my face.” But that’s nothing new. Every season stuff shown in the season preview never makes it to air. In fact, quite a few things.

Question –

Why do you think they left this out? Had they not, she’d be receiving a lot more backlash. I Don’t think they want to paint her in a bad light (from our current culture’s standards), but to be fair, if she is a Christian, this is the biblical belief and truth. Also, considering her friendship with Demi, this would definitely bring up some conversations.

Comment: I have no idea, and we’ll never know. They’re not gonna address this.

Hey Steve –

First found your site during the infamous Jason/Melissa spoiler, and I don’t watch every season, but the seasons I do watch your website is the first place I go.

I hear a lot of talk about the chance of Hannah reconnecting with Tyler now, but do you there’s any chance she forgives Jed and they reconcile at ATFR, deciding to start dating again and see how that goes? Not saying I think she should do this, but it seems more likely to me than going back to her second choice after she found out her first choice is a loser.

Comment: I’ll just say this. There’s more of a chance of her trying to work it out with Jed than her getting with Tyler or Peter or anything like that. It would be idiotic of her, but I’m just saying it’s more likely than a reconciliation with someone she didn’t choose.



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