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“Reader Emails,” Two-Night Live Finale is Official, Mike Fleiss in Trouble, & Readers Give Their Thoughts on the Luke/Hannah Confrontation

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Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time writer. Thank you for all that you do in regards to your site. I enjoy watching the show so much more after you give us the inside scoop!

I guess I don’t have a super serious question, but I have a few observations to share and wanted to see if you noticed them too. Everyone is giving Tyler so much praise for how he reacted to Hannah saying that sex was going to be a no-go that night in the fantasy suites, but I feel like his face totally gave away that he was disappointed to hear that, but then recovered and came up with a smooth response that everyone is swooning over. Did you notice that at all? Someone sent a pretty funny meme out yesterday, and I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was basically along the lines of, “Praising guys for respecting a woman’s sexual wishes is like being excited that your iphone has imessage on it.” Basically saying that should already be obvious.

I also thought that Luke’s backpedaling in saying that he would leave, 100% if she slept with anyone left, was so annoying. He does not have his faith figured out if he makes statements like that, then retracts it immediately. He went on a show that encourages a woman to date multiple men. I’m just confused as to why he went on in the first place if he wants such a pure person as his wife.

Comment: Yes agree. Plenty of the emails on Page 1 share the same sentiment.

I know you said Love Island is like Paradise Hotel, which I didn’t watch, and that it’s not going so good in the waiting… but honestly, Love Island UK is so much better than the US version. It’s the same concept, same everything basically, but the UK feels more… meaty. People don’t move as fast and there’s more conversations and feels a little deeper. Feel free to check out a few episodes on Hulu, I recommend season 5, the one that’s currently airing. It’s so much better.

Comment: I can barely tolerate the US version. And I read that certain seasons of the UK had like 50 episodes. No thanks. There’s nothing new about this concept. It’s old and tired.

Dear Steve

I’m a huge fan of yours. This is my first time writing in, all the way from Middle East!

I have a few comments and two questions.

First, with the Pete situation. I shared the situation with my husband (who initially balked at the idea of watching this show but is now an avid fan) as I first dismissed it as a non-story as he did break up with her 3 months before filming the show. My husband however argued that Pete’s behavior was sh***y. Of course you’re both right, it’s sh***y behaviour towards a woman he was dating and allegedly really cared about. I also agree with your column when you said that just because it’s not the same level as Jed -it doesn’t mean it’s not bad. I guess in my eyes it’s more forgivable, not because it’s pilot/windmill Pete the loveable character but because of the months prior of breaking up with her. Yes, that’s what she’s calling out – sh***y behavior. That’s it. I do think it’s less egregious than what Jed did, but it still doesn’t make it right.

I absolutely love Hannah as the bachelorette. This has been my favourite season in the decade plus I’ve watched this show. Partly because of the conversation it’s generated and men’s behaviour it’s exposed. However, we also need to take into consideration Hannah is a very young bachelorette. Her inability to pick up on “signs” is partly due to her lack of experience. The kind of men I went for in my 20s vs 30s are a lifetime apart. I do root for her happiness.

My question is this, since she dumps Jed; and Tyler and Hannah do not get back together – what info do you have on how she’s feeling post show?

Do you know anymore on how all of the men and break up will be dealt during AFTR?

Thank you for all you do!

Comment: No. We’ll get live segments with Peter, Tyler, and Jed and since it’s live, I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen beforehand. If I could, I’d be one smart dude.


Another survivor question. Do you like that the show stays in Fiji? Or do you miss the different destinations, that would therefore make the seasons harder or easier in the different elements alone. I think Fiji is fine. All the tropical locations/islands kinda come across the same to me on TV. I would never not tune into Survivor based on their location.

I’m sure you’re getting a lot of questions about Mike Fleiss.

With how much you know about the show, do you think this will hurt it?

Do you think they’re likely to fire him? Can they fire him? Does someone need to the show from him? Do you think this will change anything?

Thanks for being the champion of everyone.

Comment: It’s a lot of questions we don’t have any answers to. Do I think the show will go off the air because of it? No. But once it plays out, I do think he should step down. But I don’t know how one steps down from being the creator of the show. He’ll always be the one who created it. He doesn’t have any say in the day to day operation and hasn’t for a while. So that’s where I don’t know what can change. His name off the credits at the end? But again, all it says is “created by Mike Fleiss.” Maybe they just don’t want his name anywhere. If that’s the case, I’m fine with it. But Mike doesn’t work on the show, so, that’s why the show will continue.

Hey Steve

Thanks for the spoilers this season – it was super fun to know what was happening in real time.

I think this might have been the best bachelorette season ever… in terms of the lead, drama during the show and post show, the controversies, spoiler changes, etc. Would you agree? I’d rank it up there.

Also, I really can’t decide how I feel about Tyler and I’m wondering what you think. I can’t decide if he is just a genius that knows all of the right things to say and do (during the show and after the show with his abcfoodtours involvement and empowering Hannah on all social media). It’s almost too cheesy and perfect as if he was doing it to be the bachelor. Or, is actually just perfect? Nobody’s perfect. Lets not go there. But he seems like a good choice.

Also, the rumors that you’re hearing around Hannah and Tyler – any ideas on if it was a one-sided decision or if both of them were not interested in trying again? Haven’t heard other than there’s nothing there about any future get together.

Also, Peter and Jed suck. Luke also sucks. Appreciate that you’ve been able to create a platform for them to be exposed.

Comment: Thanks.

Hi RS,

First off, I don’t have any strong favorites among Hannah’s guys,
so I don’t care who the next Bachelor is. What I enjoy is watching
the absurdity these people will allow themselves to be part of for a
slim chance of fame. Tyler, Peter, or Mike…all ok with me.

You’ve stated before that ABC usually has multiple guys in talks for
the Bachelor, and in one or two cases have had at least 2 men sign
contracts, before deciding on their final choice. Do you have a
speculation on if what Tyler’s mother was overheard saying is
related to him already signing a contract, or just “in talks”?
Have you heard of anyone else that was in talks in prior seasons
signing a contract this far before the announcement? Didn’t hear any details other than what I reported. And I have no idea if she actually even said that. But yes, absolutely they’ve talked to contestants a month in advance to gauge interest.

After reading Calee’s statement on how Peter broke up with her, I at
least have to give him some credit for actually making a phone call to
do it. Am I wrong, or does It seem to be somewhat normal and accepted
behavior among today’s 20 somethings to break up via text, social
media, or just ghosting? My personal belief is that if you are to the
point where you have exchanged I love you and have talked about
someone making a cross-country move to live together , then you darn
sure own them a face-to-face break up. No matter what your reason is.
Shame on Peter, but at least he did break-up with her before the show.
Much more shame on Jed for his non-breakup. Credit to Peter for picking up the phone. I guess we can applaud him for that. Doesn’t change anything in my mind. Are we setting our standards of behavior that low where it even warrants mentioning crediting a guy for placing a phone call?

On a related note, did you catch Rachel & Nick on the Strahan & Sara
show? I was surprised and saddened by Rachel’s disapproval of Calee
deciding to go public about her break-up experience with Peter.
Basically she said Calee should have just kept her mouth shut because
it was in the past and no longer relevant. Grrrr. Just makes me mad.
I think Calee did a good thing by speaking up. Both for Peter (maybe
he’ll have some personal growth and handle future relationships
differently) and for Peter’s future girlfriends who are now warned
to be on their guard.

Anyway, just my thoughts on a slow afternoon. Thanks for all you do,
wouldn’t bother watching the show without your insight and spoilers!

Comment: Don’t agree with that take from Rachel at all.

Hi Steve,

I think it’s neato that you answer all of these emails at your site. I enjoy the insight into what others are thinking, and your responses never fail to entertain.

I’ll admit to being smitten with Peter the spicy cinnamon roll, but it’s been strange watching him go gaga for Hannah after we know he recently broke up with someone he’d been all gushy for. It must be rough for Calee to watch. The Jed factor definitely helps the spicy cinnamon roll look better for having given the woman the respect of an actual breakup and Hannah the courtesy of showing up single. Though it would’ve been nice if he’d been up front about the reason for the breakup–that might’ve done a lot to ease Calee’s angst over it.

When you get that many good looking men in a group, I guess I naturally figure at least half of them broke it off with someone to go on the show (same for the hottie females who show up for the Bachelor). They decided the show was more important to them than the girl/guy. I have a friend whose son was contacted by producers, and he had a relatively new girlfriend. He took a minute to think about it, but decided the girlfriend was more important to him than the show. Peter made a different choice. Sucks for Calee, but there it is. I hope she’ counts herself lucky to have learned where she really stood with him before giving the guy more of her life.

All this said, I still love me some spicy cinnamon and would happily accept him as our next Bachelor. Or Tyler. Or Mike. It’s been a long time since we’ve been this rich with choices!

Comment: I prefer sugary cinnamon.

Dear RS,

Thank your for putting my previous email on your site thingy, that was completely unexpected and made my day.

I do have a question and not sure if you have the answer, but Chris Harrison always appears whenever the lead has a problem. Is he always there like a shadow? Like, do they fly him out and have him handy for every date? If so what is he doing? Sitting in his hotel eating bonbons and watching soap operas?

Thanks again!

Comment: He’s in every location. He travels where they are every time because he has to be there for the rose ceremony. So he’s called on when they need him, IF they need him, before that.

Hi Steve,

Hoping this makes the cut for reader emails! Just wondering if you got some sort of information that changed your mind about Mike potentially being the Bachelor. In previous posts you said there was no chance and it was either Tyler or Peter’s title to have, but this week you included him in the mix. Was it his treatment at MTA? Inside info you heard? Would love to know!

Comment: I feel like there’s zero way for me to answer any question about Mike and the Bachelor without someone dissecting it 1,000 ways. Mike was a contestant on the “Bachelorette.” Mike didn’t win the “Bachelorette” so technically, that makes him a possible candidate for the “Bachelor.” My opinion is Mike won’t be the “Bachelor.” That’s my stance.

Hi Steve,

Once again, thanks for all you do in giving us reliable info on Bach! And thanks for replying to my email last week about Hannah and Peter and nothing is going on between them.

In today’s post you also say there is nothing between Hannah and Tyler. And obviously Jed is toast.

Not to belabor the point, but this means that Hannah will be single at the end of a turbulent season. What are you looking forward to at ATFR that could possibly be new information? There is the breakup with Jed and will-they-wont-they (but they won’t) with Tyler – but any idea what else the producers could pull off?

Thanks so much again, Steve.

Comment: I think the thing that is most likely to happen is Hannah and Jed, while not engaged, try to give their relationship a chance. I can already see that narrative happen. “It’s been tough these last couple months, we’ve fought through a lot, hasn’t been easy, etc” then Jed chimes in with, “I’m not proud of what I did, I apologize for handling it poorly, Hannah is the one I wanna be with and I’ve told her that, and we’re just gonna see where it goes, etc.” If Hannah tells the audience she forgives Jed, they have stuff to work on, but ultimately he makes her happy and she doesn’t want to give up on them, sure, some people will be pissed she’s doing it, but ultimately I think a majority of the audience wants her to find happiness and if this is what makes her happy, who is the audience to tell her what that is?

With that said, if that’s the way the show ends up, then I feel sorry for Hannah because they will not make it. I don’t care what apologies this guy has given or whatever. I think that’s gonna be a tough bell to unring. He broke her trust and that’s not easy to get over. Not to mention, I just don’t see them together long term.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all that you do to keep us well informed and in the loop throughout each season. I also appreciate your objective standpoint and voice of reason when it comes to the stickier situations (i.e. the Luke debacle). I’m definitely not a Luke fan, and it would be incredibly easy for you to bash him completely in your posts, but by playing devils advocate I think you’re even more credible and honest, so thank you!

Anyway, the windmill. Do you know exactly what windmill they stayed in and if it’s actually rented out for everyday people? It looked like a cool set up, just curious if it’s a legit place or if producers were like, “Hey… you know where a good place to f*ck would be?…”

Comment: No, I don’t.

Hi Steve! Love your spoilers and how they enhance my viewing experience. 2 questions.

First, how do they decide the order of fantasy suites? Obviously Luke was last so that the potential drama that might happen, would, but is there a rationale to it when the contestants are relatively normal? Not that I’ve heard.

Second, didn’t Hannah talk about her 2 serious relationships on the Bachelor? And then last night she said she’s only had sex with 2 people in her life? So where’s Peter? Is it possible the “we f–d in a windmill” was just for the sake of the soundbyte and didn’t really happen? Or maybe she had not emotionally adjusted to her new number and wasn’t ready to reveal it yet? Thoughts? I only caught this when I read the transcript.

Comment: Kind of an odd thing to lie and be so detailed about, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure Hannah didn’t lie about that. So now she’s at at least 3. And I’m guessing she and Jed have had sex, so that’s 4.

This is my first time emailing you (yay) I’m always so excited to read your spoilers and how crazy accurate they are!

So my questions are:

Is it possible that at ATFR, Hannah can say she doesn’t want to see Jed anymore and they don’t bring them on the stage at the same time? I mean the break up was filmed right? And on Juan Pablo’s season, Claire didn’t want to see him at ATFR and they honored that. Is it possible she can refuse to see him on the live show? Jed will be at ATFR and they will be on stage together. Count on it.

Do you think we’ll see Luke again? Like on ATFR? No.

Who would be your top 3 choices from the men this season that you’d like to bring on your podcast? Luke, Tyler, and Mike.

I feel like Hannah is more open on social media about her season compared to other bachelorettes. Like she has no problem throwing hints or shade, especially related to Jed and Luke, but she sings praises of her time with Tyler and Peter. And arguing with Luke on Twitter. Have you noticed this? Or do all the leads do this? No, she’s definitely been more vocal than any I could remember. We haven’t seen this before. Especially the shade throwing.

Do you think Jed’s family knew exactly what he was doing? Yes I can see that it’s obvious but damn what kind of parents let their son do that? Im just wondering if you knew whether or not they were in on it? I don’t know what they knew and when. Obviously they knew of Haley and had met her, but I gotta believe they were interested in their son possibly boosting his career by doing the show, so they just left it at that.

This is unrelated to this season but I think I remember on Sean Lowe’s podcast he said that the producers decide who gets to go on the one on ones dates, not the lead, is this true? And if so, how the heck are they supposed to build a connection with someone they didn’t even pick? Yes. I don’t know what producers picking the dates has anything to do with who you choose in the end.

Also unrelated, have you heard Nick Vialls podcast? I’ve heard a lot of podcasts but his are the worst. Hes constantly interrupting his guests and can be so condescending and rude (see Demi’s podcast)

Sorry for the long questions ? Thank you so much for your spoilers! You are appreciated!

Comment: Never listened to Nick’s and have no interest. Unless he specifically brings me up in a podcast and states something factually incorrect, like he has in past interviews, then that’s the only reason I’d go and listen. And I’d just find that particular segment. But I just don’t listen to any Bachelor related podcasts. When you do one a week yourself, you really don’t feel like listening to someone else’s. I’ve heard Olivia’s and Juliet Litman’s here and there, and that’s it.

First, I have to say I always debate about reading your spoilers so I don’t ruin the fun of watching the show since I am a big fan and really get invested in these people and the “relationships” formed. But what a relief that I did this season, as what a let down/disappointment the end would have been for us hopeful for love. It’s so interesting to read your spoilers and watch the season play out when we know information about certain contestants and see how their actions and facial expressions show the truth!

Have you heard anything from your sources that Hannah really did change her mind at the last minute at the FRC..that she was going to pick Tyler, but went with Jed? I read a Robert Mills interview that said she changed her mind right up until the ceremony. I haven’t heard that.

Also, I have read on some forums that the producers were feeding her information to have her pick Jed over Tyler. Any truth to that you may know of? The second you wrote “I read on some forums” I stopped reading. I don’t care what any forum has to say about anything. Irrelevant to me.

Any information or comments on her telling Luke that she had sex in the windmill…..that statement makes me think she only did it with Peter since she only brought that up to Luke. Any information if that is true? I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that she only had sex with one of the three guys left and then eliminated him??? Doesn’t add up to me! Just because she only brought Peter up to Luke I don’t think means she didn’t have sex with anyone else. Sure seemed like she did with Jed, which is perfectly fine.

Regarding your information that there being no chance of a Tyler/Hannah reunion….have you heard if one of them would be open to it and the other is not or is it mutual? No. Just heard it’s not happening.

So what you are saying is that Hannah will be the first Bachelorette to end the season with nobody? Jed needs to be raked over the coals!!! I hope the ATFR shows no mercy on him.

Comment: I haven’t said that. I don’t know what’s gonna happen at the finale. As of right now she’s single and not an engaged woman. But maybe Jed makes a plea for her and she accepts. That’s the only relationship I see that could possibly come out of the finale for reasons I expressed in an earlier answer.

Hi Steve,

I read your post just now regarding the fantasy suites and I disagree with you saying that the conversation between Hannah and Luke should not have happened on camera.

Every girl who is older than 26 has dated or knows someone who has dated a Luke-type individual. He is manipulative and an alpha male. Case in point: last night he stated that he would leave the relationship if she had sex with one of the other three (he is entirely okay to have that opinion). But then he changed his tune when he realized that there was a possibility that she had sex with some of the other guys and stated if she “slipped up”, they can work through it. Manipulation 101. He has done that time and time again throughout this season.

Here is why I think it was important to show the conversation: Hannah called him out on his bullshit and sent him packing. To watch Hannah shut that down was empowering and hopefully helps others get out of toxic relationships. I think that a lot of people (mainly woman) probably looked at that situation and related it to their own experiences; I know I did. It could be valuable for women who are in those types of relationships, see what Hannah did and feel “well if she broke up with him on national television, I can do it.” It also is valuable for women who have not had those types of abusive relationships to recognize the signs of them and hopefully they will not fall into them.

It is clear from his Instagram posts to his twitter spat with Hannah yesterday to what was said on MTA that Luke is who he is and he is not going to change. Which is fine, but he probably should reevaluate what he wants in a girl. He wants someone who he can control, which clearly wasn’t Hannah.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Comment: I can see that side. I personally still think though that the conversation should’ve happened behind closed doors. We’d seen enough of Luke this season to get our fix and have people make their judgments about who he is. That one seemed kinda over the top.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.



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