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“Reader Emails,” Two-Night Live Finale is Official, Mike Fleiss in Trouble, & Readers Give Their Thoughts on the Luke/Hannah Confrontation

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So I’m thinking that from now on to be safe, all the guys on Bachelorette need to have been single for at least 6 months to a year before going on, otherwise there will be more drama and deservedly so. Not that any guy will listen to this but… just my 2cents. I just don’t know how they can possibly enforce that. Because even if they find out after the fact by a woman coming forward, the guy will say they weren’t exclusive. Staying “single” is such an easy way to get out of if they’re them. And then you can’t tell someone they can’t go on a date or have sex with anyone for 6 months before coming on the show, so it seems impossible to police that.

Also- I feel like Jed and his fit over Luke still being around and the discussion of it during FS was as controlling & terrible as Luke P’s drama. (In addition to all the other things we now know about him.) Thoughts?

Comment: I still think Luke was more controlling during their sex talk, however, Jed definitely showed a side to him we hadn’t seen yet with his talk. Wasn’t a good look. Wasn’t the first time I heard that about him, and I’m sure won’t be the last.

Hi there,

Long time reader, first time email writer! Thanks for all the info you provide. I look forward to your column every season.

My question – do you know why Peter wasn’t on MTA? If they’re airing the rose ceremony where he’s eliminated before airing MTA, why wouldn’t they have him on there?

Do you think he’ll be on ATFR instead?

Comment: Because they’re only gonna show Luke going home at the beginning of next week’s episode. The finale on the 29th will start with Peter getting eliminated at the Greece rose ceremony and he’ll be on the live ATFR.

Hi Steve. Any idea as to why she gets rid of Peter next week

Comment: Because she likes the other two guys better.

And technically, Peter’s elimination won’t be shown til Part 1 of the finale on the 29th, even though it happens at the Greece “overnight date rose ceremony.” They’re just extending it out and showing it during the finale.

Ughhhhhhhh why is nothing happening with Tyler and Hannah. I believe you. It just makes me like Tyler less and a bit disappointed since he said he wanted to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her on the show. I know, I know- they are in a bubble when they say these things, but I thought he was more real… I just had hoped he would be the type to not just get over it. I guess if the Bachelor comes calling it makes him see things differently… but also pursuing the Bachelor gig over the girl he “wanted to spend his life with” and marry makes him much less appealing to me. Him also standing up for Hannah etc and all the nice things he is doing on Social Media put a different spin on him for, because now it seems like it is PR for the Bachelor, rather than just character.

Comment: Deep breaths. It’ll be ok.

My 2 cents on Peter is what he did was not great, but he shouldn’t even be in the same category as Jed and let’s stick to villainizing the true villains. That said I hope Tyler or Mike gets the Bachelor role.

Comment: We’re not categorizing who’s transgression was worse. That’s not the issue.

Hi Steve,

A native Dallas-ite here, I love following your blog and tweets! You kill it every week with reliable content, something a bachelor-obsessed fan truly appreciates.

I have a few questions I was hoping you could address:

– I’m assuming you’ve seen this blog post from Luke’s “Uncle” here:
To be honest, I would not be surprised if Luke speaks out to his local community or does local interviews based on his family’s strong presence. Do you have any information regarding his “aftermath plan?” I assume most major media outlets won’t talk to him (it’s not like he’s going to be interviewed on GMA or ET // Lauren Zima) Of course not. Those people only interview others to push a certain agenda.

– It’s interesting to see which people from the Bachelor franchise have been vocally supportive of Hannah and who has not. I find it interesting that some classic Christian figures (Emily Maynard, Sean Lowe) have not been as vocally supportive as fellow Christians like Ben Higgins. Do you have any insight as to which “Christian leads” may not have the best relationship with the Bachelor franchise anymore? And why? No.

– It was joked during the MTA taping for Colton’s season, Caelynn had slid into Dean’s DM’s before. Is this addressed on BIP? I’m not sure. Haven’t heard if it is or isn’t.

– During the MTA taping, is the Haley Stevens situation addressed at all? Were the men required not to talk about it? (I believe the Peter ex story broke after the taping, so I assume nothing to report there) No, it’s not. But you can bet your ass it will be on the ATFR. Kinda impossible not to be considering that’s what led to an ended engagement.

– It will also be interesting to see how Hannah’s character is portrayed now knowing that Demi is bi-sexual and they’re good friends. Particularly as a Christian, I assume her vocal support may be another hot-button topic. Does Hannah come on BIP for Demi’s engagement? Or does she come on BIP at all? She was definitely down there for a bit but I’m not sure at what point she shows up. Isn’t for very long.

– Can you confirm that Hannah is simply 100% single now? I know she’s no longer with Jed, but do you have any updates on the status of their relationship? It’s unlike the Bachelor franchise to allow a lead to simply have 0 redemption story at the ending. I have no idea how they’re going to come up with a positive end-note for Hannah’s season, unless it’s that she’s going on DWTS? She’s not engaged to Jed, she’s not dating Tyler, or Peter, or Mike or anyone from her show. So that makes her single. I hear rumblings of stuff all the time, but that’s where we’re at as of now.

– Lastly, I think you had a tweet about someone trying to “unsend a DM.” I can’t find the tweet now, but any insight into this?

Comment: I never tweeted anything like that.

Hi Steve! Just two quick questions.

1. Over the years, what piece of information have you received that shocked you the most that you can share (or have shared)? I’d have to think about this one. I guess off the top of my head I’ll go with the Nick plane video. I can’t imagine that ever gets topped. But there’s plenty of info I’ve received that I can’t share that’d shock people.

2. This is harder to answer because you can’t know what he’s thinking. But do you think that Chris Bukowski is having a relapse for his addiction to fame? Or do you think that maybe he was interested in some of the women going to paradise and he knew that if they went to paradise, they might come out with someone else? My friend and I are on opposite sides of this debate and I was just wondering what your thoughts are.

Comment: Yeah, it’s hard to say because I haven’t seen it play out. His actions post-show will answer your question though.

To your knowledge, do Mike and Peter have an ex who could release a similar story to People, Extra, UsWeekly, etc?

Comment: Well, Peter’s ex already did, but no, haven’t heard anything about Mike.

I emailed this last week but I think I missed the cut off! Do you think Jed will make some grand gesture to try to get Hannah back on ATFR? What do you think Jed’s play will be in all this? Does he just come out and own all his actions? For some reason I doubt that!

Comment: I think there’s a good chance we see that. I doubt the guy would admit his faults and just be gone. I could see him attempting that. It falls on Hannah now and if she would want to at least try.

Hi Steve,

From your reporting about the MTA, and everyone campaigning for him, it sounds like Mike might be the Bachelor.

Any possibility that Tyler would be cast on DWTS if Mike is the Bachelor? Especially since he was dancing in his intro package?
He has become very popular and pro-women on Social media.

Comment: I don’t see that happening.


Favorite love island couple? Mine is Alex and Dylan!

Comment: None of these people interest me. I’m giving it through Friday and then I’m done if something doesn’t change. The show is way too boring for me. But I can automatically eliminate that couple as my favorite, because Dylan is the king of saying “like” every third word. It’s grating on my last nerve. The whole cast is that way. Start listening for it and I guarantee you pull your hair out.

Hi Steve,

First time emailing in. Love your spoilers; the dramatic irony makes this show so much more enjoyable to watch for me! I think people like to give you Tea as a way to pay it forward for being able to enjoy all your other spoilers.

A couple questions:

1) During Hannah and Luke’s showdown, was the progressively stronger rain and wind created on purpose by production? And now I’m curious whether production “altered” and manufactured weather like that in past like if this was a movie or something? Or was the weather just a well timed coincidence? Note sure if you would even know the answer to this. They don’t have the time nor the manpower to create fake wind and rain on that show. No need to.

2) With that article about Peter’s ex. There was a brief line that Peter cheated on her and I have some related questions I’m hoping you could answer.

a. Have you been able to see actual receipts supporting this (whether you choose to share the receipts is a different story), or is that hearsay at this moment per what knowledge you currently have? Yes.

b. Not doubting Calee’s claim, but I was curious to what cheating meant. A hookup(s), like how Jed cheated on Haley? Or was he emotionally leading on other women and/or sleeping with them in the process as well? Ask her.

c. Also, is Calee planning on allowing to post that interview with her, or is she not sure about that piece as of yet? I don’t see the reason to post my email interview with her anymore since it’s basically exactly what she told ET. She said I could if I wanted to, but I didn’t see a reason.

On another note, I also find it humorous that Peter was living with his parents and encouraging his ex to move out to live with him. Maybe he would have gotten his own place if that was the case, but I still don’t find it any less humorous.


Comment: Or maybe Peter and Calee could’ve lived in a guest house together.

Hi Steve,

Just observations and questions- I watch all the time, I guess because I am old and and live vicariously-interested in how young people are these days, but it is getting faker and they are more entitled than ever. So, they mostly go on the show to get more instagram followers? Sometimes it helps their careers, but some just seem to post pics every day of their perfect hair, face and bodies. I know some people thrive on seeing these and wishing they had that life, but if these “stars” get negative feedback they can’t handle it. They seem to have the need to be told on a daily basis by hundreds of adoring fans how beautiful they are. If you’re out there exposing yourself (in that perfect picture) ur gonna get comments across the spectrum. But keep posting! Also, so many of them quit jobs and hawk products. Do they really make enough to travel the world and have expensive housing? Do you think they ever regret leaving a fulfilling job where they actually used their brains? It just isn’t real life. Two other questions on old season and trivia: is Melissa Rycroft the only one whose parents wouldn’t appear on the show? Do you think the parents, for the most part, are happy with their kids going on reality tv? Thanks.

Comment: You pretty much nailed it with your IG stuff. Yes, that’s what they do. And most of them can’t handle criticism. And lets be clear, there’s a difference between criticism and trolls. Except to them, anything negative is a troll and that shows they can’t handle what comes with the territory.

I think there’s been a couple other parents who didn’t participate. Jef Holm’s parents didn’t, but I think they were on a Mormon mission. It would all depend on how their kid came across on TV. You think Luke’s parents are happy he was on the show? Probably not.

Hey Steve –

I read the article about Peter’s girlfriend and I agree it was a somewhat shady to thing to do – especially not apologizing to her or acknowledging it after it became public that he was cast on the show. I’ve never been a huge Peter fan and I think he seems disingenuous. However, I am wondering if he was actually ALLOWED to say anything to her about why he wanted to break up? Sure, he could have lied, but would that have been any better? (My opinion – No.) What standard is the cast held to for telling people about the show before the cast is announced? Have you ever been able to get a copy of the contract they sign? I wonder what would happen if ABC found out they told someone like a girlfriend/boyfriend. I mean, people have to tell their jobs, or roommates, or the other parent of their kid (if they have a kid), SOMETHING. What are they allowed to say?

Thanks for all the spoilers! You are truly my guilty pleasure.

Comment: He could’ve told her. Plenty do. He chose not to.



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