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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Finale Part 1 Recap, Tonight’s Doozy, & the Return of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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-So we head into tonight and they’ve laid the groundwork for what the spoilers were. Although, judging by some fan reaction on Twitter last night, just like I mentioned a while back, there will still be people going into tonight and even after the finale plays out who say, “I thought you said she picked Tyler?” So hopefully those people are reading today. Yes, my first spoiler back in early May was that Hannah got engaged to Tyler in Greece. That information was wrong and corrected on June 18th. Ever since then I’ve said it in almost every column, and it’s been mentioned on the podcast, that Hannah got engaged to Jed in Greece, never picked Tyler, and my original information was wrong. So lets get that out of the way first and foremost. Never Tyler. It was always Jed. She didn’t pick Tyler then switch to Jed. It was Jed on the day of the finale, and even though you don’t have any physical proof of that, I would think by now with the promos and how they’re teasing tonight, it’s quite obvious that’s what happened.

-You really think if she picked Tyler in Greece, they got engaged, and they’ve been together since May they’d be hyping tonight like they have? Of course not. Wouldn’t make sense. You think Hannah would be getting up on stage last night saying “I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight and I’m looking for answers” if she’s been a happily engaged woman to Tyler for the last 2 months? Again, of course not. She got engaged to Jed in Greece. Shortly thereafter the engagement, Jed told Hannah about Haley. I don’t know exactly what he told her, but obviously the details weren’t close to what Haley shared, because Hannah stayed engaged to him. After Haley’s story broke on the afternoon of June 18th, within the next week sometime, Hannah called off the engagement. She is not engaged to Jed anymore and won’t be tonight when they take the stage. From this point, that’s where all the speculation begins…

-Clearly we see in the preview for tonight’s episode, Hannah talking to someone saying “How would you ever be ready to be engaged.” Well, that’s Jed. I’m guessing that conversation was their breakup conversation, which I told you back then was filmed. What Jed’s plan is tonight, I have no idea. What he should do versus what he will do could be two completely different things. He should get up there and apologize for lying about his relationship with Haley, admit his mistakes, and ask if Hannah can forgive him. But I highly doubt that’s the route he’s taking. He’s already had that IG post which clearly said how much he’s been bothered by social media attacks and to wait until he shares his side. Whatever happens tonight, you’ll be hearing from Haley on the podcast this week for her reaction to what he says. We’re set to record tmrw morning. She won’t be the full podcast since we’ve already done that. Just based on what Jed says, I’ll have her on to react to him. Maybe 15-20 minutes.

-I know there’s a ton of speculation going on tonight in regards to what Hannah will do live. Will she tear Jed apart? Will she take him back? Will she ask Tyler for a second chance? I guess technically all these are on the table because, well, both of them will be there. But nothing I’ve been told has led me to believe she’s getting together with anyone tonight. It’s a live show. I can’t possibly predict what Hannah’s going to do. I don’t know. But from what I’ve been told, nothing is happening with Tyler, she hasn’t seen him since Greece, so some sort of reconciliation would be happening tonight live if it were to happen. I’ve just been told that it’s not happening. When both Chris Harrison and Hannah are promoting neither of them know what’s gonna happen tonight, it’s kinda hard for me to tell you what is considering it’s live, no? I’m good, but I ain’t that good.

-Hannah has said she wants answers tonight. I’m sure that’s from Jed. Even though he’s explained his side to her at some point during the breakup, she still probably wants to know what he was thinking proposing to her knowing he was that close with someone back home. Hence the reason she drops the “how would you ever be ready to be engaged” line. But what happens from there, is honestly anyone’s guess. I truly don’t know. All I can tell you is what I’ve been told and that’s that she’s done with Jed and she and Tyler are not a thing. How can you be a thing if you haven’t seen each other? But I know some people are convinced they’re flirting online and have been for a month since I keep getting told about it. Not what I’m hearing. We’ll all get our answers tonight. It certainly will be one of the more dramatic finales we’ve ever seen. Whether Hannah stands up to Jed, takes him back, etc, we’ve really never seen anything like this because no one’s f***ed up as much as Jed did post show. Get your popcorn ready.

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