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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Finale Part 2 Thoughts, Jed Digging a Deeper Hole, & “Reader Emails”

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Wow. A whole lot to digest from last night. Even knowing what was coming, to sit back and watch that all unfold, to read social media, to see the reaction in studio, it was pretty eerie. The whole thing was so bizarre yet fascinating all at the same time. Ratings for last night will be coming out a little later this morning, but say what you will about this season, and it being the Luke P show, and being disgusted with Jed and how can he do this, the bottom line is you and I were all glued to our sets watching it last night. It was riveting television, even though we’re watching a woman get her heart smashed to pieces before our very eyes. You saw Hannah on that final rose ceremony day. She was over the moon about Jed. There was no faking there on her part. For whatever reason, and you can question it until the cows come home what she saw in that guy over Tyler without even knowing what was going on behind the scenes, but whatever it was, she was 100% goo goo ga ga over that guy in Greece. For him to pull that on her post-show, to see how he basically landed her through lies and deceit, say what you want about Hannah, but NOBODY deserves that. Like her or not, you couldn’t not be rooting for her after last night. Yes, it’s ultimately her decision and the red flags were there from her visit to his hometown to her parents meeting Jed, they all saw it. Which probably further solidified why she wanted to be with him so badly. But man, that was brutal to watch. And for those who think the Haley stuff was all that was about, trust me, there’s more.

Lets first start off with the editor of promoting their cover story with Hannah this week. The same that released the Haley interview about 4 hours after I changed the spoiler back on June 18th. And remember what the response was then? “People has the final couple on their cover at the end of every season. Why would they release the story trashing Jed if they’re in cahoots with the show? The spoiler must be wrong.” Oh trust me, I heard that non stop. Those people are nowhere to be found now. But here’s what Kate Coyne tweeted out last night:

Soooo yeah, there was more than Haley. You know about “Barbie,” who he slept with pre-show while still with Haley that I told you about. Obviously no point in sharing that text exchange. If Hannah would’ve somehow kept Jed around, I absolutely would’ve made sure she saw those post-show, but probably not done it publicly. There was no need to. But Kate speaks of all this stuff going around post-show, and yeah, it was all there. Heard it for months. Most weren’t willing to put their name to it and come forward, so I could never come forward with full proof. So lets thank Haley for doing what she did rather than call her a jealous opportunist or every other name in the book she was being called. If Haley never comes forward with receipts, who knows, maybe Hannah is still with Jed and in a completely phony relationship. The fact people attacked Haley for what she did was mind blowing. I hope those people see now how idiotic it was and that women who come forward like this don’t always have some sort of agenda. People should’ve been thanking Haley from the get go.

Kate talks about stuff in her tweets regarding other women, more text messages, a secret plan of Jed the whole time, etc. I can tell you right now, the first thing I saw was a text conversation I saw between, well, lets just say Jed’s inner circle and someone else. I could never run with it because then the person who showed it to me who was on the other end of the text exchange talking with someone of Jed’s inner circle would’ve been outed and they didn’t want that. But it was while they, and I, thought the spoiler was Hannah and Tyler being engaged. But they shared it with me and my first thought was, “Well, Hannah should be thankful she’s not with Jed because what a fraud he is.” And then when I got my first full confirmation about a week later of, “Man, she’s engaged to Jed, your spoiler is wrong” that’s when it hit me. Hannah was screwed. Because someone who just got engaged is still in the honeymoon phase and are probably going to believe their fiancé over “reports” and “rumors.” So I had this damaging info from someone on Jed’s inner circle basically admitting the whole thing was done for fame, Jed had a girlfriend going in, and “that’s just the way it is in this business,” but yet I couldn’t do a thing with it. Then I find out she actually picked him and they were engaged, I post it on June 18th, and the search began for someone to come on record and speak of it. Four hours later releases the Haley interview and that was the end of Jed as we know it.



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