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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Finale Part 2 Thoughts, Jed Digging a Deeper Hole, & “Reader Emails”

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Whatever happened to Jed going on IG a few weeks back basically telling everyone to withhold judgment until he told his side? Huh? Whaaaa? Uhhhh, we’re still waiting Jed. Your side? The one you tried to tell to Hannah the day she confronted you on it? Like I said on Twitter, I knew what was gonna happen yet I couldn’t believe the stupidity I was watching. Everything I reported and everything I said Jed would do, he did. I told you that Jed told Hannah about Haley right after the engagement in Greece, but considering they stayed engaged, he had to have downplayed it, since once Haley’s story broke, that’s when she ended the engagement. And that’s exactly what he did and what Hannah did. Like, what was his plan in all this? I’m trying to put myself in his shoes and, yeah, of course he wasn’t 100% honest about Haley to Hannah because as he said, “I was afraid of losing you,” but Jed get this through your warped pea brain, that’s what all cheaters do. Like, do you realize how dumb you sound? Basically I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to lose you. Exactly. That’s why no one who’s ever cheated in the history of cheating has ever come out and admitted their cheating before being caught you dumbass. Because for the most part, the consequence of cheating is losing the person you’re with. The absolute stupidity of this guy baffles my mind.

But then I think about it, and I’m like, “Maybe he actually doesn’t care. He literally thought he was gonna get away with this awful plan, so maybe he didn’t put much thought into it at all.” Last night, Jed’s roommate took to Twitter and posted this:

Look who he surrounds himself with? The stories that I’ve heard about that crew and how they treat women are endless. And these are Jed’s boys. Alec, Logan, others, your gig is up. And they don’t care one bit. They’ll go about their business doing the same thing they’ve been doing for years. It’s what they do. And unfortunately because they’re musicians, women will fall for it, kinda like how Hannah did. But when you see this response from his friends last night, you kinda see why Jed does what he does. These are the types of people he associates himself. They think he did nothing wrong whatsoever and he’s “free” now. Ok buddy. Whatever you want to convince yourself of, feel free. And honestly, I don’t buy a thing Jed was selling last night. I honestly don’t think he cares, I think he tried his best to save face even though he was horrible at it, and I guarantee now that he’s not under the microscope of the show, he’ll be right back to doing what he’s doing. Hell, I heard a story this past weekend before he left he was very much acting single at the bar. That’s this guy’s life. And if he joins in wearing any sort of “Free Jed” shirt, or shows up in those guys IG stories acting like they are, everything he said on TV last night becomes a moot point and he loses all credibility. People barely believe him as it is now, lets see how he handles himself on social media from this point forward. He’s not nearly ready for any sort of relationship, let alone marriage. Maybe someday he’ll grow up but I wouldn’t think it’s happening anytime soon.

So lets talk about some things that happened in regards to the finale. First off, the Kimmel stuff. Normally, Jimmy Kimmel tapes his show at 4pm PST, so on the night of the finale, the final couple actually shows up and tapes his show before they go on the ATFR and we see them for the first time. You’ve seen my tweets in past years right before the finale starts “officially” confirming my spoiler because I’ve heard about the taping beforehand. Well, last night Kimmel didn’t tape his show until 7pm PST because he wanted to include the debates in his monologue. Which is why if you saw his segment with Hannah, she didn’t come out on his couch as a guest like every previous contestant would. It was a taped segment that they just threw in there, and she taped it after the ATFR had filmed, which is the first time in a while that’s happened. I know there was confusion and a few emailers asked that so figured I’d answer it here rather than in “Reader Emails” today.

So spoilers are really getting interesting now because lets face it, social media is what ended up ruining Hannah and Jed’s engagement. The fact this show is now acknowledging media reports, showing the magazine during the episode, having Hannah read it and point it out to Jed…we are in different times my friends. Which means that any and all tips throughout the season are possible hints to something. When I got the first notice that Jed was with Hannah on June 4th, the day before I left for my Vegas party, it took one email back to realize “Oh sh**, this is probably true,” but it still took me two weeks to post the spoiler change. To that person who emailed me, they know who they are, thank you. Your info this season was priceless as everything you told me back on June 4th ended up being true. Of course, I was just doing my thorough follow up when I asked you a million questions in return, but you had it, you gave it to me and I appreciate it. What’s funny is going forward, now it’s almost not even good enough to get the spoiler to the end of the season. There’s what happened at the final rose ceremony of course. But now three of the last four seasons, what’s happened POST FILMING, has brought upon more storylines. So yeah, just because I get the ending now, my work isn’t done. Usually I didn’t have to worry about anything happening post show. I find out what happened at the final rose ceremony, then just sit and wait for the finale to air to be vindicated. But after Arie, Colton, and now Hannah’s season where there was so much post-show activity, all of which I ended up getting and reporting to you, it’s just crazy now to think nothing is ever over any more until the finale airs.

So lets talk about Hannah and Tyler. There was one thing I missed on this season and that was the fact I reported a couple weeks ago there was no chance for a reconciliation. Even reiterated that yesterday. Said she was done with Jed, they weren’t engaged, but that Tyler/Hannah wasn’t happening. That was wrong. I can live with that since, well, most people are happy I was wrong about that part. Watching the show last night, once they didn’t bring Tyler on stage after he got dumped, and knowing Hannah was done with Jed and she’d be single once they did bring Tyler out, you could see what they were setting up. Tyler was in an impossible position. He’s literally the most popular contestant this show has had in recent memory, he’s getting brought on after Hannah has had the worst 90 minutes of her life, everyone in attendance is screaming at the top of their lungs for him, Hannah is laying the groundwork saying she still has feelings, I mean, what could he say at that point? “Nah, I’m good. Not interested.” Please. I’m not saying Tyler isn’t interested in Hannah, because I think he is. I’m just talking about how it played out last night, he couldn’t have said no at that point.

Another question asked numerous times since last night is have Tyler and Hannah been talking, was that pre-planned, etc. Well, they definitely hadn’t seen each other since Greece and they weren’t talking privately to each other before last night. Pre-planned? I guess it all depends on your definition. The fact that production decided to bring Tyler out last after knowing Hannah was single wasn’t done without thought. I’m sure production asked Tyler, and Tyler obviously had a pretty big clue that Hannah was single, if he would possibly be interested, and he told them they would be, so they set it up so he’d come out last after everything with Jed had gone down. So yeah, that part was set up for Hannah to get some sort of happy ending to all of this, but no, they were not talking to each other privately, nor had they seen each other post filming.

What happens from here? I mean, hell if I know. Will they make it? I’d say it’s pretty tough. I do know they probably would’ve had a much stronger chance if she would’ve just picked him in the first place, which I’m sure she regrets now. But no need to ask me when Tyler and Hannah are getting drinks, or if they’re seeing each other going forward…I’m guessing these two will be documenting whatever they’re doing together on Instagram to keep people updated. So just follow them. I highly doubt they’re gonna keep this private. They know what the audience wants, and whatever happens between them I’m sure we’ll be well aware of if you follow their social media. They obviously fell for each other two months ago during filming, but they’re smart by not rushing into things. Some people think Tyler didn’t seem into it, some people think he had no choice, and some people think they’ll get married and stay married until one of them dies. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen. There’s no answers to even have right now. Let them date, see what happens, and let the chips fall where they may. I think she should’ve picked him to begin with as do most people, so who knows if that’ll affect them moving forward. Hannah moved to LA. Tyler is commuting between FL and NY. For these two to see each other, they will have to do the long distance thing for a while. It’s not gonna be easy since she JUST moved, and I don’t think she has plans on moving to the east coast. So if they’re gonna get serious, either Tyler has to move to LA or they have to move somewhere together. My guess is this will fizzle after a few months, they’ll remain friends and end up going their separate ways, but who knows?

Which then brings us to the “Bachelor” question. Again. And nothings changed, other than the fact that unless Tyler and Hannah are completely broken off within the next month, we can take him out of the running this season for the “Bachelor.” Which basically leaves Peter and Mike as your top candidates. Let me throw a third name in there for you now. And it’s not a name I’ve been told has been approached, and I don’t even know if he’d do it, but if we’re saying that Mike is a candidate, how can we not say Clay is a candidate? I mean, if there’s anyone from Paradise they’d even consider, it’d have to be Clay, no? We’ll see him on all 12 episodes, he gets to the end, and he leaves single? Why would Mike be a candidate and Clay not? Clay will actually be fresher on more people’s minds by the end of this thing. Again, I haven’t even heard Clay’s name mentioned, I just thought about the fact we know they can possibly pull from Paradise, and he’s the only name who’s single that I could even see them entertaining. Basically, if Mike is a candidate, then Clay is as well. That announcement won’t be made until the end of the month, so just keep that in mind. Nobody knows anything at this point, nothings been decided, and no one’s been told they are the “Bachelor.” Be patient.

Another great season in the books. One of the best I’ve had on the site in a while. I thank all of you for reading, participating, emailing, listening, etc. It’s what makes the site go. Wanna thank all my sources this season for the job they did. Tons of exclusives broken throughout the season. About another 7 weeks before it all starts up again and the “Bachelor” begins filming. Enjoy “Paradise,” and we keep the same schedule going forward through the end of the season – recaps on Tuesday, “Reader Emails” on Wednesday, and podcast on Thursday. Thanks again everyone for another successful season. “Reader Emails” begins on Page 3…



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