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“Reader Emails,” Tonight’s Episode, & How Social Media is Out of Control with This Show

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Hey Steve!

I have to share my new Bachelor theory with you! Okay here it goes…
So you let it leak that Hannah Brown has “nothing to do with the ending of Peter’s season.” My heart breaks because I think they’re perfect together and I don’t like any of the other women on Peter’s season, but I’ll live. So I think the producers brought Hannah back as a way to “test the waters” to see if the fans would want her back as the Bachelorette. There’s obviously still an attraction between her and Peter but I think the producers already promised her the lead in next season’s Bachelorette so that’s why she doesn’t crash the end of the season. Also, no offense to any of the girls on this season but I don’t see ANY of them as potential Bachelorettes (I know it’s still pretty early). That seems to be a common sentiment.

So let’s pretend that Hannah is the next Bachelorette again? Wohoo! What if Allen from DWTS comes on the show as one of her contestants? He has admitted on several interviews that he would be “open to joining the Bachelor.” Granted they asked if he would be interested in being the next Bachelor, but because of all the romance rumors between the two of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers brought him on as a “surprise” for Hannah.

Anyways that’s my theory! I’d love to hear your perspective on it.

Comment: Hannah Brown is someone you can’t rule out for “Bachelorette.” Doesn’t mean she’s going to be, but to say “no way?” No. She’s in play. As for Alan coming on her season IF she was named “Bachelorette?” I don’t see the point. Either she’d not be the “Bachelorette” and just date Alan (which she has said numerous times isn’t a thing), or she’d be “Bachelorette” and he’s not on. Putting him on the show doesn’t make much sense.

Hi Steve,

Thanks again for all the recaps and the spoilers. You make watching the show so much fun. Two things:

1) Has the information that you referenced around November 2019 re: news been made public yet that you didn’t want to share out of respect re: sharing all news isn’t equal? No. Not been made public yet.

2) If and when the information is made public, will you let us know it was what you were referring to?

Thanks again 🙂

Comment: Yes, I will. I’ve always said I’ll tell you what I was referring to if/when the story is covered.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, but after this week’s episode I am completely convinced: Victoria P went on the show knowing she had a specific end date, and never intended to “win”, but audition for Bachelorette.

When I first saw that she “coincidentally” was sent home just in time to pass on her title as Ms Louisiana literally the next day I was a little suspicious. Her presence would be expected, and it seemed liked it was a given on both sides that she would be there. So either she knew she would be eliminated by then and not be a contender for the proposal, or she had arranged with production to fly back to America for the pageant and then back to South America to finish the show. I know you had similar suspicions and pointed out the timing was just too coincidental.

Now seeing how her story line has played out, with her sob story intro that was clearly a bachelorette audition. And then her agreeing to do whatever production says, and too scared to speak out on social media about anything. I think they approached her and said if she played ball with them, they would get her back in time for the pageant and make her the next bachelor.

Obviously that would require someone coming forward and saying that conversation took place, which won’t happen, but I’m convinced this is what happened.

Comment: I don’t think you’re far off. It’s certainly not a coincidence that the day after she eliminated herself from the show, she was crowning her Miss Louisiana USA successor. Well to be exact, the days happened like this:

10/16 – Victoria P. leaves the show
10/17- Flies home from Chile and spotted at the Louisiana airport
10/18- Night 1 of Miss Louisiana USA. Video footage of her at the event
10/19- Night 2 of Miss Louisiana USA where she officially crowns her successor

She probably went into the show with that date in mind, and when she got to that point, she’d assess her relationship with Peter, and if it wasn’t where she wanted, she’d leave. And that’s what she did. There’s no way the crowning of her successor two days after leaving didn’t play a role. We’re not dumb.

Hi Steve,

I thought Monday’s episode of The Bachelor exposed the cruelty of the show’s producers. They humiliated our lead. They humiliated an up-and-coming country star. And they humiliated a sweet woman working through her vulnerabilities and anxieties on national television. They knew Victoria’s fears, including her fear of flying and heights. Then she has to hold a dancing make-out session with the Bachelor in front of hundreds of people and in front of millions of viewers, while her recently broken-up with ex-boyfriend had to serenade his ex-girlfriend and some dude who’s dating 25 other women. You could see the absolute pain and longing in this former couple’s faces as Chase sang. They humiliated this young couple that had recently broken up. But the humiliation of one of their contestants, as well as a country singer didn’t stop there. They went on to humiliate our hero, the leader of our story, the man we’re following on his path to love. They humiliated him because he looked absolutely ridiculous (to us the audience who knows what he doesn’t). Peter doesn’t know, of course, that the woman in his arms and the hot country singer singing to them is her ex-partner. So ultimately, the producers succeeded in making their lead look like an absolute fool.

Through this episode, these producers sunk to new depths of depravity in the complete humiliation of three young people on national television. I’ve watched almost every season and this was the worst. This episode was shameful. It would’ve been a brilliant plot-twist if these were actors in a scripted show. But these are real human beings that were exploited.

Victoria clearly has shown insecurities, anxieties and fears. The producers took advantage of her mental challenges and anxieties and put her in several situations to highlight these insecurities. I have so much respect for her that she was able to even manage these terrible circumstances that kept coming at her throughout the last couple of episodes. It was a big, sick joke. And absolutely disgraceful that the producers put her specifically through so many anxiety-producing obstacles and situations. And to expose her on national television is absolutely disgusting. I am horrified at the cruelty of Monday night’s episode.? They owe Peter, Chase, and Victoria apologies. To put these players in such an awful situation was absolute cruelty.

Thanks for reading!

Comment: And it’ll happen in every episode of every season this show produces. What happened last Monday was nothing new. Been happening for years. That’s why people watch. I didn’t see it as any more egregious than other storylines they’ve done. The dirty little secret of this show is producers absolutey, 1000% behind the scenes pit women against each other for the sake of TV.

Do you think they will ever have another “spy” in the house like Jesse Palmers season?

Comment: I doubt it.

Just wanted to say thanks for years of entertainment. I’ve been reading you since, I think, Mesnick and thoroughly enjoy your writing and style. I don’t care if you have all the spoilers at the ready or if they’re even right, I’ll still read along. And now, between you and Sharleen on alltheprettypandas, I don’t even need to see the episode after the two recaps. I still do, but yours and her companion narrative is much more enjoyable than the choppy editing and manufactured drama ABC is serving.

So thanks. I know you deal with a lot of arseholes on a daily basis so i thought maybe a nice message asking for nothing would be welcome for a minute of respite from the negativity.

Comment: It comes with the territory. Occasional ones here and there are whatever. But when it’s constant, and it’s the same garbage over and over, it just becomes annoying. But thanks for the email in support. I know there are plenty of those out there as well.

And really, it’s not just annoying emails just to be annoying. It’s emails that ask questions or bring up things that I’ve addressed on MULTIPLE platforms. On my site, on Twitter, on IG. Like, if you’re any sort of fan, or read with any sort of regularity, I’m baffled at how I can get asked the questions I do because it’s 95% always stuff I’ve already answered. That’s just weird to me.

Follow up

I was the one who emailed about tmz and Kobe story. I meant you not only don’t report about deaths etc but I meant that I believe you inform or try to get comments from people when involved in any storylines that are accusatory I.e cheating like the Jordan situation. I think it’s so important for media to check in about facts before releasing a story and giving both sides a chance to speak, which you seem to care about!

Comment: Yeah, each story is different. It’s a case by case basis. There are so many more stories I’ve heard in Bachelor Nation, rumors/innuendo that I know to be true because I’ve spoken to people who have seen/heard it that will never make the light of day. I try and keep it relevant to the season at hand. Victoria F.’s past absolutely needed to be out there. And clearly I wasn’t wrong for putting it out there considering the show made a storyline out of it hours after I’d posted it on my site the day of Victoria’s hometown date. So much so that Peter even breaks up with her after hearing it, before turning into Indecisive Peter again and letting her stay.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all you do!

Chiming-in with a quick thought… might the fact that Chase and Peter seemingly exchange numbers – have more “story”, later in the season? Seems to me, producers would have edited the exchange out, as what difference does it make in the big picture? ?

(I have no “story line” dreamed-up; however, seemed insignificant- unless there is significance.)


Comment: No. Chase Rice has nothing to do with the rest of the season.

Hi Steve

For those of us that do not understand how fantasy football works…could you explain the Jade and Tanner fiasco? Like explain what it is that they did wrong that was deemed cheating or against the rules, etc. I know fantasy football is inside your wheelhouse, but for those of us that have no clue, it would be helpful. If this is too complicated for non fantasy football people to grasp or is in the “I do not have time for this” category of reader questions, that’s fine too.

Comment: It’s very hard to give a short answer about this if you know absolutely nothing about how fantasy football and lineups work. But to explain without the football part of it, say the lottery had a rule that only allowed you to buy 150 tickets max for any given week as a married couple. Granted, that’d be impossible to track because you don’t have to sign up for anything or create accounts to play the lottery, but for the sake of this argument, lets say that’s what their rule was. And you did buy 150 tickets. But then you had your spouse buy 150 tickets as well, and now you had 300 between you for a chance to win instead of 150. That’s what they did essentially. The rules of that contest say you can’t collude. I don’t know the exact wording, but it’s made pretty clear 150 entries was the most you could do “under one household” or something like that. They did 150 each, they’re married, so they got 300 entries. So in essence, they violated the Terms of Service.

However, plenty of people who enter those contests (over 100,000) do that. Tanner and Jade were only caught because they won. If they finished in 50,000th place, is anyone bringing this up? No. So it’s a slippery slope. Should they be punished after the fact because they won? That’s the debate. Apparently Draft Kings thought so and that’s why they didn’t get their money.

Hi there,

I am wondering if you think that past bachelor/bachelorette contestants watching the current season really don’t know who is picked at the end? For example Kaitlyn B and Jason T insta story their opinions on almost every episode and have said “I don’t know who he picks at the end but” Obviously they can’t say they know but do you really think they don’t? I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t. I think some may know, but who that is, I don’t know.

Also I do not know if you have stated your opinion on the matter but with as much info as producers have of contestants I still find it hard to believe that they didn’t know Jed went on the show with a girlfriend. Do you think they didn’t know?

Thanks for reading!!

Comment: No, I don’t think they did. Doing background checks on people doesn’t bring up your current dating situation. And Jed and Haley both deleted everything of each other off their IG’s before he went on. Contestants are going to lie during the interview process. Producers can’t possibly know who you’re hooking up with or sleeping with before you go leave to film. That’s impossible.

hi! After your mistake with the ending last season, (I don’t hold that against you bc lets be honest, shit happens sometimes) are you trying to be more cautious with the ending this season? is that why you won’t release who peter is with despite the missing pieces? or… would you still not release any info even if that didn’t happen with the bachelorette? I check all of your socials every day! you are always going out of your way for your “fans” (I guess you can call us that lol), so thank you!

Comment: Each season is different. Last season has nothing to do with this season. If I was confident in the information I had on the ending to Peter’s season and how it played out, I’d report it. I’m not, and that’s why I haven’t said anything yet. I think filling in bits and pieces that I do know might just make things more confusing, I don’t know.

Hello Steve,

Long time reader, First time emailer.

Thank you for everything you do. Have been watching the Bachelor series since Brad Womack 2.0. Enjoy reading your weekly recaps, reader emails, information and pictures on all the contestants and spoilers of course. Never miss a week. Some comments and opinion.

For me, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season was a major turnoff, then came Nick as Bachelor and then Arie. By then the show was going downhill, on its quest to making each season more shocking than the last one, and maybe lost some die hard audience like me. For some time, I lost interest in watching except for BIP which is always a fun show to watch. It will serve the producers well, if they follow and highlight the natural drama happening in the house instead of manufacturing drama and creating fake or shocking story lines.

I started watching again with Peter’s season. This has been a disappointing season so far maybe because of weak story lines. Peter comes across as dumb, believes everything he hears and reacts immediately, he is easily manipulated and unable to hold his own. No wonder the contestants feel disrespected and I am glad they are speaking out. Also, there seems to be a disconnect in the show this season, the women don’t seem interested in Peter and he seems to have no connection with any of them. Could it be bringing Hannah B on first episode, sort of back fired? The first episode was authentic and we all believed what we were watching. Since then seems like Peter is just going through the motions and doing whatever producers tell him and no one seems to have a plan. As far as women, Mckenna is fun to watch, Victoria P did not look good last episode when caught in a lie, Kelsey looked and sounded really good, Victoria F is a mess, her words and actions do not match. She says something one minute and does exactly the opposite next minute.

I missed Hannah B’s season and saw her for the first time on Peter’s season. She is wow and brings star power with her. With most of the women not impressing this season, could they be planning on bringing Hannah B back again? That would certainly be a treat. Thank you and keep doing what you do.

Comment: Cleary Peter has formed connections with a few of the women – it’s just not being shown. I remember after his first 1-on-1 with Madison everyone was saying how much he’s into her and how cute they are together. And he’s obviously into Hannah Ann. But the last 3 episodes, Hannah Ann and Madison are basically nowhere to be found, because they’ve focused on Alayah vs Victoria P., Alayah vs Victoria F., Victoria F./Chase Rice, etc. And when it comes to this show, people have short term memory like you wouldn’t believe. They basically only remember what JUST happened. Lets not forget Peter made out with Hannah Ann three different times on the first night, something that’s NEVER happened before. Lets not forget that Madison met his family and friends on her first date and people wouldn’t stop gushing about them.

Hi Reality Steve!

I noticed Hannah Brown didn’t post on social media about Tyler’s death…I thought that was really odd? Do you think ABC told her to keep quiet about it? And as far as I know none of the guys from her season posted about it (then again I didn’t hunt very hard).


Comment: Plenty of the guys from Hannah’s season posted on Tyler’s death. Here is a link to that article.

Hi Steve,

Literally just started listening in November as we found your podcast a fun way to talk about Temptation Island while making car trips. I had one request/question and a fun quick story.

1.) Would you put together the list of “endings” for Peter’s season? Might be fun to see what was all the wrong endings after you’ve broke the true ending at some point. I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do yet.

2.) When we watched Temptation Island Season 1 we called Mark Walberg “fake Chris Harrison” but then after a few episodes we realized we really really like his honest takes with contestants and was very genuine. We now sometimes call Chris Harrison “Fake Mark Walberg” because we think that Mark’s the real deal when it comes to hosting. Also, Mark’s reactions are top notch.

Also, sorry for your loss and we hope you are on the road to healing. Have a great weekend.

Comment: Clearly, what Mark does on TI is way more involved than what Chris Harrison does for “Bachelor.” But Harrison has been doing this for 39 seasons and has become a staple in reality TV. Mark has only been doing TI for these last 2 seasons (even though there were 3 seasons in the early 2000’s and he did some other shows as well).


Just read emails and was surprised no one brought up the Victoria comment calling Peter Kobe while shooting hoops at the very end of the episode while credits were rolling. Thought it was a little insensitive and could have been cut out?

Comment: I didn’t find it insensitive at all. In fact, I almost took it as a compliment to Kobe. It’s not like she said anything that foreshadowed his death or something. She was just referencing him as a basketball player, and a lot of us when we play will throw out names like that. I didn’t find any problem with it at all. And remember, I’m the guy that allegedly just shits all over anything Victoria F. does. When it’s warranted, I’ll point it out. That scene? No problem with it. I saw nothing wrong.

Did you experience major deja vu at Peters pool party and flashback to Cailynn/ Hannah? The awkward reprisal of Hannah-Beast’s primal you-don’t-own-me, covered by Stagecoach Peter and The Wrong Reasons guitar.

This season has given me major deja vu. I swear to god thought Peter, by the fireplace at the onset of champagne-gate, was about to say to new Hannah G, “You remind me of home.”

Bachelor reprised Elisa 2, Cassie 2, Not-quite Caitlynn, Hannah OG and Hannah B2, Demi OG. We have the classic archetypes: Villain, Virgin, Vigilante, Victim and Virtuous.

Just how did new Hannah wander (as if by an invisible hand) over to the forbidden basket? What dumb luck that “Peter planned” a concert with Vicky’s ex! And what are the odds of finding another pageant wrong-reasons mystery?

The organic drama must’ve jumped a fence last season. In memorandum, Bachelor producers decided to concoct their own. This season feels like Dr. Frankenstein’s Bachelor monster, sewing patches of Colton’s season onto the memory of Hannah’s mistakes. The Dr. finds some Western wear and Zap! It’s alive! Pilot Pete transforms into cowboy Pete. Will Peter jump a fence? Sadly no, he’s out of electricity… Just gonna take a post-windmill nap.

All this to say… For me it’s too much deja-vu all over again. How about you?

Comment: Every season is deja-vu. Every season is the same thing just with different characters. This is nothing new.



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