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“Reader Emails,” Tonight’s Episode, & How Social Media is Out of Control with This Show

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Great. 2 more hrs of the “Bachelor” tonight. But I guess on the bright side, we’re that much closer to the drama ending and we’re whittling down the number of women. Because once hometowns hit, there’s really less drama between the contestants for the sole reason that they don’t spend time together. They only see each other at rose ceremonies and, for the most part, they aren’t allowed to talk and have conversations. Now, they may be changed up this season, but that’s how it normally works. Tonight’s episode I don’t believe ends with a rose ceremony. It’ll leave off with the impromptu 2-on-1 date. So if you saw my IG posts on tonight’s spoilers, you’ll see that Mykenna and Tammy are on the 2-on-1 and he sends them BOTH home. However, Mykenna and Tammy are also on the group date earlier in the episode as well. So when the press releases uses the word “impromptu” to describe tonight’s 2-on-1, it goes to show this wasn’t normally planned for this particular episode, and was done strictly so that Peter could eliminate both women. Because I can’t remember a time where someone had a date in an episode and then got a second date in the same episode. And since IG doesn’t let you edit anything in your feed other than the caption, I just left it with 6 people on the group date. That part is wrong. 8 are on the group date, and the two 1-on-1’s are Hannah Ann and Victoria F. Yes, I know she just got one in Ohio. She gets one again tonight and that sets some women off who haven’t even gotten one date yet and Victoria F. is already getting her second.

These dates have been updated in your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers, along with an update to next week’s dates in Lima, Peru. Madison has a 1-on-1 in Peru that she gets a rose on. So the three 1-on-1’s next week are Madison, Kelsey, and Natasha with Natasha getting sent home on hers, and the 3-on-1 with Kelley, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. Remember, they’ve done away with rose ceremonies in the episode before hometowns the last few seasons, so, it’s get a rose on your date or go home. Natasha doesn’t get one on hers, and Kelley doesn’t get one on the 3-on-1.

A lot of emails this week. But this one stuck out to me in particular so I’m putting it on page 1:

“Shame on you Reality Steve. I know you go pretty low, but allowing your page to be somewhere racial bullying and torturing people of color is allowed and praised is beneath even you. I respected your work until this, shame on you.”

Here’s what I’ll say about that charge: At no point in covering anything yesterday, did I tell anyone to spread hate, send death threats, or anything of the such. Also, nowhere did I promote any sort of racial bullying or torturing people of color. An absolute asinine charge against me that frankly is a load of crap. It’d be pretty clear if I was telling my readers and listeners to do any of that stuff. I never have and I never will. Because I report things that might be negative about contestants on this show, and then fans might take things into their own fingers and lash away at contestants of this show behind a keyboard does not make me some sort of culprit in all this. Hell, yesterday I specifically said that hatred, racist, vile messages (in particular the one directed at Sydney that she reposted) were disgusting and that person should be banned from social media.

If I was a place that was “allowing” racial bullying, wouldn’t I have said, “Hey everyone, keep it up! Keep sending contestants racist comments! Keep calling them names! And don’t forget to throw in a few death threats!” Please. Unfortunately when it comes to social media and this show, it is f***ing brutal. There are no two ways around it. Is it fair? Absolutely not. But it has become a byproduct of being a contestant in this franchise unfortunately. The only way to avoid it is to never go on this show. There are great perks for becoming part of Bachelor Nation for sure. But most of them don’t pay attention to, or don’t think the vile hatred will ever be spewed at them. It’s an ugly, ugly side to this franchise that, no matter how much you tell people to stop being complete assholes and hiding behind a keyboard with racist remarks and death threats, they’ll ever listen. Please don’t ever drag me into this and say I’m promoting it and I’m torturing people of color. About as ridiculous of a claim against me as I’ve ever heard.

As for the Victoria F. situation and Cosmo, as I wrote in yesterday’s column, 50% of the people agreed with what Cosmo did, and 50% don’t even see an issue with it. The bottom line is if you have a problem, it’s with Cosmo. Vent your frustrations to them, not me. Believe it or not, I had no say in the matter. If Cosmo doesn’t want to associate themselves with Victoria F. because she previously modeled for a fishing apparel company whose slogan was take off on “White Lives Matter,” that’s on them. How is this at all related to me? And yes, I looked at their website. I saw all their clothing. They’re doing a tongue-in-cheek campaign. Nothing on their site is actually talking about what we the public know “White Lives Matter,” or “Black Lives Matter,” or “Blue Lives Matter” to be. Their site is about saving fish, namely the white, blue, and black marlin. Personally, I think it was just a horrible choice for an attention grabbing motto by them. I see what they’re doing, but it’s just in bad taste. C’mon. Think of a different campaign slogan. My personal opinion. And yes, their “confederate flag” t-shirt isn’t actually a confederate flag because there are marlins in place of the stars, if you look closely at the shirt. However, if someone is standing, I don’t know, 10 feet away from that shirt, are they really going to notice that it’s not stars, but fish? Probably not. They’re going to see a confederate flag t-shirt. WLM Apparel is trying to make a play on words, I get it, but the optics of the thing are horrible. And if Cosmo doesn’t appreciate WLM Apparel’s taste at humor in their branding, they can choose to act however they want. Hopefully that’s the last of this story, because it’s one that not everyone will ever agree on 100%.

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