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“Reader Emails,” Two Episodes Next Week, & Ratings

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So many theories floating around, so much speculation, and I think it gets crazier and crazier the longer there is no finale spoiler out there. First we had the golf bag Tik Tok, which proved nothing. Then we had Seed to Mountain Gate, which again, proved nothing. Then we had all the pregnancy rumors which will not die down, and as I said last week, those are garbage too. What’s the latest one? Oh yeah. “ABC is paying you off to keep quiet this season.” Yeah, that’s TOTALLY it. That’s been going on for years. Then again, anyone who thinks I’m on ABC’s payroll is completely ignorant, a total moron and doesn’t know the first thing about my business. But because it’s such low hanging fruit and an easy accusation to make, I guess people feel the need to do it. I understand people need answers like, right now, but there just isn’t any solid confirmation of anything. And because we got a clip of the finale to start off the season, that raises a whole bunch of new questions that I’d have to answer if/when I find out about how this all ends up. Because at this point, I don’t think me saying “Peter is with x” is going to be good enough for people. Because no matter who it is, it will be followed up with, “But what about the clip of Chris Harrison telling Peter something just came up,” or, “Who is Peter’s mom talking about in the clip?” Until I have the answers to those, the questions will just keep on coming.

Ratings are in from Monday night, and the show dropped a tad from last week in overall viewership and rating. Did it still destroy in the Women 18-49 demo, which is the most important demo to advertisers? Yes. And it wasn’t even close. So this season is cruising along per usual as Colton’s 4th episode was basically on par with Peter’s. He had a little more, but not much.

Next week though, there’s been an addition to their schedule. The “Bachelor” is running TWO episodes next week, but not on back-to-back nights. They will air a 3hr episode on Monday, which will conclude what happened in Cleveland then show all of the Costa Rica episode. Then on WEDNESDAY, it’s a 2hr episode from when they were in Chile. One correction I made yesterday on Twitter is that the group date I originally posted in the spoilers of the Telenovela/soap opera group date being in Costa Rica, actually happened in Chile. The Costa Rica group date is a bathing suit photo shoot for the cover of Cosmopolitan.

So knowing two episodes are next week, but not knowing anything else, IF (and that’s a big if) ABC were to run the rest of the season as they normally would with only one episode a week, this is how the rest of the season WOULD play out:

Mon. Feb. 3rd – Costa Rica
Wed. Feb. 5th – Chile
Mon. Feb. 10th – Peru
Mon. Feb. 17th – Hometowns
Mon. Feb. 24th – Overnights
Mon. Mar 2nd – Women Tell All
Mon. Mar 9th & 10th – 2 Night Finale

I only say two night finale because we’ve had one the last two seasons, and the way they’ve hyped this season up, I’m pretty sure we’re headed for another one. But, none of that is locked in stone since I don’t know ABC’s full schedule yet. By all means, if anyone does know, please hit me up. I still think March. 9th & 10th might be a week early, since filming for “Bachelorette” always begins filming the week that the “Bachelor” finale airs. And in the last five seasons or so, the “Bachelorette” hasn’t begun filming until like the 15th-18th area of March,.because first night of filming has always been when I’ve been in Vegas for first weekend of March Madness, and that’s always somewhere in the 15th-18th range. So maybe they’ll add a bonus episode or something to push everything back a week. Or maybe one of those episodes above will cover two weeks of programming. I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

Lets also not forget, the last 3 “Bachelor” ATFRs have been where they introduced the next “Bachelorette” AND she was introduced to 5 of her guys – Rachel, Becca, and Hannah. So I fully expect that to be part of the ATFR again this year, then filming would begin a few days later. I’m already collecting names of some of the guys for next season’s “Bachelorette” and I will share those with you as we get closer to filming beginning.

Tomorrow on the podcast will be “Temptation Island” host Mark Walberg, as we never got a chance to wrap up the season with him, and there’s plenty he and I go over. Mark will always be somewhat politically correct when it comes to his feelings on the contestants. He’s not gonna trash them ever. We know this. But you can tell by his answers where he kinda stands on things when it comes to certain people. Next week, we’re gonna have a Survivor 40 preview with’s Dalton Ross, who does the most thorough and extensive coverage of Survivor pretty much anywhere on the internet. Can’t wait to talk to Dalton about this season as he was in Fiji pre-show conducting interviews with all the past winners.

After that, I’ve actually got I think the next 4 weeks of guests lined up for the podcast, which is unusual for me. Watch, now that I said that I probably jinxed it and some will cancel ha ha. I’ve got another old schooler that’s gonna come on who’s never been on before, I’ve got some other podcast hosts in the Bachelor World, and, well, something that was brought to my attention just recently that I think might overtake Meredith or Craig Robinson’s podcast as being one of the most important ones I’ve ever done. Nobody knows about this story, but this person recently came to me with it and wants me to be the one to do the interview and get it out there due to the nature of our friendship. We haven’t decided when we’re gonna do it because they are still figuring out everything they want to say, but it should happen sometime in February. You will know which one I’m talking about as I’m sure many media outlets will pick it up. They want their story told on something they’ve never talked about publicly. You won’t guess who it is or what it’s about, so don’t even bother. But when I found out about it recently, I couldn’t believe it. It’s incredibly sad and something I never would’ve guessed. But like I’ve said many times when it comes to my podcast – everyone’s got a story. This will be one you don’t forget.

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