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Hi Steve

Love your podcast and spoilers. Keep them coming.

So Rachel Lindsay was on Bachelor Party podcast with Juliet Litman Jan 20 episode “Peters parents pillow fights and pageant girls”

Juliet asked Rachel if Rachel knew Caelynn and Dean.

Rachel replies “Caelynn did our podcast but we never got to air that episode”.
Juliet asked “Why”
She replied “because she lied”
When asked to expand all Rachel mentioned was that: “People think I hate Caelynn because I was very vocal about in the (Blake???) Situation.. of my opinion what I say is it am privy to information that you didn’t have’ because because I did an entire podcast with her that contradicts everything that you saw”. “That’s why we didn’t air it because it was that bad” “I’m thinking you’re one way and I always had my suspicions but when it came to light, I was , like, oh, OK”. …. But I will say that I think Dean is good for Caelynn. …you’ll really ground her a bit and show a different side of her I think they work well”. ..(paraphrased)

What was that all about? What happened. ? I thought I sort of knew that whole Blake/BIP / Caelynn deal (well sort of).
What’s the inside scoop on all of that? What did Caelynn say to Rachel that Rachel just doesn’t believe etc.

Thank you. Keep on doing you. Thank you.

Comment: I have no idea. Didn’t hear it so it’s impossible to comment on it. But hearing that Caelynn may have lied about how she portrayed her relationship with Blake pre-show isn’t surprising in the least bit.

Hi Steve!

Here’s some opinions with questions sprinkled in for your reading and answering pleasure…..


1) Do you think “normal” girls have gotten the message that they put their reputations at risk via production manipulation by going on the show, thus making more room, by necessity, for the recent uptick in pageant girls and other aggressive brand-builders? Not really, only because I think this show has gotten so popular that these people are still all going on with ulterior motives to build brands, be part of Bachelor Nation, go on Paradise, etc.

2) I see that 100% of leads who get tipped off about bad behavior go straight to the “victim” and tell her what so-and-so said, most often revealing name of accuser. Is this production coercion? The best way to confirm validity is to initially keep your mouth shut and make your own discrete observations. (Although that might be hard considering the isolation between lead and candidates.) Pretty much.

3) Do you think that girl who mispronounced “lingerie” was just being cute or did she really think that’s the pronunciation? I’m convinced that Kiarra (who was the one who said it), has never owned or wore lingerie in her life. And if she has, it was given to her or something. Not sure how someone could be that unfamiliar with something I would think most early 20 year old women have worn at some point that she doesn’t know how to pronounce it. My guess is because she’s never purchased it. And even if she’s never bought or worn it, it still is kinda crazy she didn’t know how to pronounce it. I’m floored.

4) Do you think there’s a chance Demi might end up as lead with a dozen guys AND a dozen girls vying for her? I think I’d love that! (Think of the potential for side servings of romance! “Um, sorry, Demi, we’re leaving together becuz we’ve found luv for ourselves without you!”) Zero chance. That’s a show for MTV or something along those lines. Network TV isn’t ready to air something like that.

5) When contestants show up at intro wearing some freaky thing like a dolphin/shark costume or bride dress, or arrive half naked like Carly’s brother Zach (ages ago), are they obliged to remain dressed like that thru first rose ceremony? Or is it just a matter of nowhere to switch back to normal clothes after making an *ss of themselves at limo exit? No, they’re not obligated at all. Some do and some don’t. Deandra took off her windmill basically once she got inside. Alexis kept her dolphin costume on the whole time. I guess it’s just how much you’re dedicated to your own bit.


6) I think the re-intro of Hanna B was uncalled-for emotional manipulation. Producers know full well that those two have unresolved feelings between them. Reminds me of the incident, ages ago, when there was a murder over a blindsiding same sex attraction reveal on another reality show. Once Peter and his “winner” have their first serious fight, I wonder if HB’s name will pop up – and if Peter won’t wish he’d run off with her instead on episode two.

7) Okay – I know you are tired and sad, but no reason to be so snotty to the reader who asked if roses are labeled and order of presenting preordained. Your substantial income is supported by new readers, and those, like me, who’ve been here awhile but may have forgotten your answer to questions like this. I, personally, have been “afraid” to ask why the frikkin’ driveway is wet! I know you answered it at one time – and I assume it’s done for the glamorizing effect, but geez, dude, we pay for your luxurious lifestyle* with our millions of clicks, so don’t be such a jerk sometimes!!!!!!! Good Lord.

8) MORE PICS OF LUKA!!!!!!! AT LEAST ONE EACH MONTH! This is not an opinion or request or suggestion – it is a DEMAND!!!!! I’ll get right on that. Just for you. You’ve been so kind, after all.

I know your dear aunt was very proud of you despite your occasional cockiness!

Hoping we’re still friends,

*and thank you for being a role model of pet rescue even though you could easily afford any designer dog you wanted!

Comment: A very odd email. What kind of lifestyle do you think I’m living? You’ve sorely misjudged me in this email. It’s ok. I blame your parents.

Hey Steve

I’m a little behind and just watched episode 3 (I admit I’m having a very hard time getting into this season)

What has always boggled my mind is as we the viewers watch the shows, we are able to see manipulation the lead doesn’t see at the time. I am always curious if the lead watches back and has that ‘a-ha’ moment of seeing the truth come out. For example the random gang up on Alayah, Sydney just seemed so immature and desperate. She was taking so many digs at Alayah and I’m assuming Peter watches it back and isn’t happy with any of it. How amazing would it be if leads actually live tweeted out their reactions watching the ITM’s. Have you ever heard about leads getting upset watching their seasons back? Perhaps questioning if they made right decisions bc of it all? I think one thing that people tend to forget when it comes to stuff like this is, the lead has signed a contract. They pretty much do what their told – no questions asked. They know they’ve been given this unbelievable opportunity, and they have a whole show that revolves around them, so the last thing they’re gonna do is try and bite the hand that feeds them. Peter is being thrown all this stuff and he’s just going along with it. It’s part of the role. Fighting it is pointless. You just go with it and make your way through it. He’s easily manipulated and doesn’t seem to care because he knows that’s what he signed up for. And that’s the best type of lead they can have – at least for production.

Also I know it’s past news-but the edit of the end of the conversation with Hannah Brown fell flat on episode 2 and everyone accepted it. One minute they are emotional and he wants her back, the next he just says goodbye and they hug it out. It was awful tv. Wish we had the middle part that was removed to see how they got there.

I usually watch the bachelor/bachelorette to know the cast on BIP better. It’s a vicious cycle. This seasons cast is not my favorite. Even not having the ending doesn’t phase me as I’m not taking any of these girls seriously as of yet.

Well thanks for all you do-as always I love your column better than the franchise! You keep it more interesting for me!

Comment: Well get used to it. Because just like the previous 6 Bachelor seasons before, 70-75% of the women who will appear on BIP this season will be from Peter’s season.

Hi Steve,

Have you considered writing a book about The Bachelor spoilers and your sources (particularly years down the road when you and/or sources are no longer active)?


Comment: No. Have no interest in ever sharing that with people.

I had been reading various blogs that have noted that Peter and Hannah Ann both have private venmo accounts, whereas Madison’s is public. I fact checked that and it is true! There was also a slip up in an IG story including Hannah Ann the other day where they were discussing Madison and the bachelor in the background. Hannah Anns friend asked her “So Madison from the bachelor. Do we like her?” And we didn’t get to see Hannah Anns comment to that. She’s since covered it up saying she was talking about a different Madison——but this clearly states Madison from the bachelor on the IG story. If you search hard you can find the video saved on accounts. I know I’m grasping at straws here but do you think it’s more likely peter is with Hannah Ann than Madison? Do you feel like you’re any closer to figuring it out?

I am sad because I don’t see Madison as a real contender to being the bachelorette since it seems she plans on staying virginal until marriage. I don’t see ABC wanting that storyline with how the past few seasons have been.

Comment: All that stuff in your first paragraph is nothing but people grasping at straws and searching for anything since no spoiler about the ending is out yet. Looks great on the periphery, but nothing about that is any concrete evidence whatsoever that Peter and Hannah Ann are together.

And I agree with your second point. I think you can get away with a virgin “Bachelor.” But in 2020, with how much this show is hypersexualized, and knowing how strong Madison is in her faith, I don’t see how she could ever be the lead of this show. This show would get crucified for glorifying a Virgin “Bachelorette.” It just doesn’t work with how this show is made and what they want from their leads. I don’t see Madison going along with that.

First off, I’m sure you get sick and tired of people just emailing you with guesses as to how this season (in particular )ends so I’m sorry I’m advance for this email! If I’m being honest with you, the only reason I’m emailing you now is because I want someone other than the people close to me who watch the show to hear what I believe happens (in case this seemingly obscure ending ends up being correct) I’ve watched the show since Jason M’s season and every spin off etc. Ive read your spoilers the whole time as well. I understand the ability that producers have with editing. I fully believe they have a lot more footage of Peter and Hannah’s interaction on that date than what they showed- footage that I believe would/could show some more closure between the two. I’m sorry, but as a frequent bachelor/bachelorette viewer I think they did a pretty terrible job of putting a period on the end of the Peter and Hannah sentence as far as what they aired and again, we all know they have a lot of control over that. The two haphazardly said goodbye, Peter canceled the date and then very swiftly announced that “he’s moved on” If that’s actually the best they could do in terms of making the viewer feel like the Hannah and Peter book was/is closed, then that further proves the possibility of my theory being correct.

All of that said, If they have more footage that they didn’t show then I believe they wanted viewers to feel like the Hannah B and Peter story wasn’t/isn’t finished. Someone could argue that they did that purely for ratings, but let’s be honest.. the only ratings that would affect would be on the episodes that show the “emotional reunion” so in theory it should be fine (as far as ratings are concerned) for them to go ahead and wrap the Hannah B and Peter storyline in a way that’s a lot more concrete than what they did. So, if they couldn’t show more closure or if they chose not to, the only truly plausible reason would/should be because this whole “no spoiler because it’s not over” situation is Hannah b related. Obviously I know she didn’t go back on the show.. and I know that a lot of people have stopped talking about her because she’s off the screen. (Which could really make for shock factor if I end up being correct).

I also believe that because at its core the show attempts to show “non-cynical” love stories, then them choosing not to fully close the Hannah and Peter book could (in the producers’ minds) sully whatever “true” relationship he’s supposed to have with a new woman and I don’t think they would choose to distract from that “love story”, if that love story truly does exists. So, I think it’s completely possible that he ends up trying to go back to Hannah- even if she doesn’t know it yet (because all of this is gonna go down live after the finale etc). Just a thought. Side note- I’m not a huge fan of Hannah B so this isn’t simply wishful thinking on my part. I’m truly puzzled and excited to see what happens!

Comment: Hannah Brown has nothing to do with the rest of Peter’s season – finale or post-show. It is possible for me not to know the actual ending yet and how all the missing pieces to the puzzle, BUT, still know that Hannah Brown is not involved in any of it. Sharing HOW I know that would be outing sources. So I’ll just leave it at that.

Hi Steve,

Just curious. Are you actively trying to find out what happens at the end or has it gotten to the point where you are waiting for a source or something to be sent to you? I feel like you have so many people counting on you that there has to be pressure to spoil at least what happens at the end (who the mom is talking about, what Chris is talking about, etc.). So I’m just curious if you’re more like a PI these days or if it’s hoping that something will come along to solve the puzzle? Would I like to get the ending sooner rather than later? Of course. But that’s out of sheer annoyance of still getting emails, DMs, tweets DAILY asking “Who does Peter pick?” But do I feel pressure to? Not at all. Outside of what I just said, I think it’s kinda different this season not knowing. I’m fine with it. If I get it, then obviously I’ll spill right away. I’ve been pro-active on trying to get info here and there, but keep running into brick walls.

Like, I’ll get some information that starts filling pieces in, and then more pieces will get filled, and then I’ll look at the overall picture and be like, “But how do we get from this spot to this spot” and I’ve got nothing, so then I can’t run with that info. I think telling you who Peter is with won’t be enough for people this season because of the clip they showed to start the season. People will want answers to that and what those clips mean, and until I can explain all those, and I get proof to how it fits in with everything, I’m just not ready to run with anything I feel is solid.

Also, do you think your responses in your “Reader Emails” gives away information to the contestants in that they’re more careful in the way they handle themselves in public and social media? (Referring to the final two and Peter)

Comment: Not really. I think they know how they’re supposed to act every season. Some are just better at it than others.

Hey Steve!! Long time reader..first time emaiIing you. I DM’d you once on Twitter bc I had too much wine and was being annoyingly impatient about a spoiler update lol. So I’m not sure if this is a question or more of an observation. I took a trip down memory lane yesterday and relistened to your podcast with Des Hartsock and Sean Lowe. Don’t know why, but enjoyed hearing them again. Des was the first season I watched, and I got interested in the bachelor(ette) bc I discovered your spoilers. Ironically that was the one and only season you got wrong but I was sooo happy bc i was sooo team Chris, and wasn’t a fan of Brooks, so I was even more excited about the surprise ending lol! Interesting thing I noticed in the podcasts was when you asked Des why she thinks the bachelorettes have a better ‘marriage track record’ then the bachelors. Her response was something along the lines of women ask the right questions, and when Sean talked about picking Catherine, he said that he convinced producers to let him see her the night before the proposal bc he needed to ‘ask her the important questions.’ That just sort of fascinated me bc I listened to their podcasts back to back and noticed that tidbit lol. Did you ever pick that up, or agree with that? I guess both of their responses produced some sort of proof that that was the case, but curious about your take on that, I know those podcasts go back a couple years. Anyway, sorry for the long email, and as always thank you for all that you do!

Comment: I honestly forgot both of them said that until you brought it up. My thinking has always been the women leads for the “Bachelorette” have, for the most part, actually been interested in finding someone, whereas the guys don’t really care if they do or not because now they have so many more women interested in them so it’s not that important if they find someone hand picked by a casting agent that limits them to 25-30 women a season. If they don’t find someone in that group that they had no say in selecting, no big deal. They’ve got a shit ton of women now who are interested, so go pick from that pool. And the numbers bear it out. One guy in 23 seasons married the final woman he chose. On the “Bachelorette” side, over half of the 15 “Bachelorettes” are married or still with the guy they chose. Or is it 7? It’s 7 or 8. Don’t feel like counting right now, but that says a lot.

Hey Steve,

Hope you had a great weekend! This is kind of a frivolous question, but do you have any predictions as to when the finale for this season will be? I know you usually report, but until ABC announces, I just wanted to see if you had any guesses.

Comment: Based on the release yesterday that we’re getting 2 episodes next week (Monday and Wednesday), I broke down everything on page 1. Assuming after next week, everything plays out as a normal season would, and assuming we get a 2 night finale like we have the last 2 seasons, looks like the finale will be March 9th-10th. But that’s not confirmed yet because I don’t know ABC’s schedule.



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