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So Victoria P, caught in a lie, deflects, babbling something about “that … that…was … my truth … in that moment…”

Victoria P’s deer-in-the-headlights defense reminded me of Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant Caitlin Upton (South Carolina), who stammered out the following, when asked why so many Americans can’t even find the U.S. on a world map:

“I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh, people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future. For our children.”

Maybe they both had the same pageant coach?


Comment: Well honestly, nothing beats Miss Teen USA South Carolina. That’s an all-time classic that’ll never be topped. Unless Victoria started talking about the South Africa and the Iraq such as, she isn’t in the same stratosphere.

Hey Steve! Hope your week is going well. Have been thinking of your family ever since the news of your aunt.

Couple things:

I just need to vent. We have some CLASS A manipulators on this season. Honestly it gave me PTSD from my ex.

First I’ll address Victoria P. I mean, this may be the worst batch of girls I’ve seen in a while. The way she explodes on him at the end for questioning something she did? And then keeps turning it around on him? It’s hands down manipulative behavior. “But Peter, I’ve been vulnerable with you.” Ok.. no one said you haven’t. That’s not what were addressing at this moment. We’re addressing another behavior of yours. Then her yelling at him that he doesn’t trust her? That, my friend, is text book gaslighting and Peter should RUN not walk away from that. YEESH. Yeah, it wasn’t a good look for her.

Also, I’m sorry, I cannot see the appeal for Victoria. When you first spoke about her and all I saw was pictures of her, I thought she was very beautiful… but watching her is 100% different. Her personality is very off putting. She straight up acted like my toddler several times in last night’s episode. Upon speaking to my husband I said I just don’t get it. I don’t see anything appealing about her except the boobs. Sorry. He explained to me that a lot of guys are attracted to girls like her bc she downplays herself acts insecure while being beautiful (albeit in her case, probably manipulatively) and a lot of guys have a savior complex that she could feed into… Interesting stuff. I agree with your husband. I can see how she’s been able to do what she’s done with men. I see it. I mean, I also see right through her now watching her on TV, but if you didn’t know her past? Absolutely I can see why guys have fallen for her.

Also, in this week’s episode of can Victoria possibly get any worse: is her “fear of heights” being called out by the internet when a pic of her very happily sky diving on her Instagram. How did she think going on this show was a good idea when she is a) a pathological liar, and b) a very bad one who keeps getting caught. LOL. She HAS seen past contestants pasts be brought up by the internet sleuths yes? Geez. Well, she’s addressed this on IG and said she did it once and never again. But again, she clearly was put off by how many people were messaging her Monday night and already doesn’t know how to handle the least bit of criticism online. I feel for her these next few weeks.

Finally, unrelated to the episode… was Jenna Cooper’s pregnancy the Bach Nation news you have hinted at but didn’t want to drop? Nope.

Thanks as always! Have a good week,

Hi Steve!

In your column about episode 4, you talk about Victoria F.s past with Chase Rice and the fact she did not tell the women about that after the date. You write that after a 1-on-1 the girl (almost) always tells the others details. That got me thinking – we never got footage of Madison talking about her date to the other women, right? I mean, she got to be at a family event, met his parents – which usually only happens to the last 2 women standing – that had to hurt to hear! If I was one of the other women I’d definitely see myself at a huuuuge disadvantage to her for that date alone!

What do you think was the reaction “in the house” to Madi’s date?

Comment: I think a lot of the time (if not most of the time) we ever see the footage of the women coming back and talking about their date. Unless it’s for a specific storyline, we never see it. I remember they specifically showed Krystal on Arie’s season NOT talking about her first 1-on-1 and meeting his parents, and that was to establish as the shady villain. You know, I asked a former contestant about this yesterday about what the protocol is. I assumed that everyone comes back from their date and tells the group. I mean, how can you not? When someone has a 1-on-1, that means everyone else is back at the house or the hotel, and they’re doing nothing all day but probably talking about what you’re doing on your date, if you’ll come back, and if the lead likes you. You can’t just walk back in the door at night and be like, “What’s up everyone? Gonna grab some ice cream and go to bed. See ya.” All day for everyone back at the house has centered around what you were doing on your date. So I find it impossible not to share. But the issue becomes, HOW MUCH do you share? This was the answer I got from a former contestant that texted back:

“It’s a delicate balance. If you didn’t talk about it, people thought you were cagey and if you bragged too much people thought you were annoying.” That makes sense to me. But if you’re someone like Krystal and you don’t wanna share anything AT ALL, that’s gonna get some major side eye from others. And immediately paints you as someone to watch out for.

Hi Steve!

A few questions:

I’ve watched this show religiously since Aaron’s season, so I see right through the producer editing, like you always talk about. With that, don’t you think the producers are behind having him give Sydney the rose last week and Alayah the rose this week? It’s not like he can give it to his true favorite week after week. All this just adds to the drama and makes people talk. I’m sure they played a role. Those two roses were two of the worst decisions Peter made this season. Not because of who he gave them to, but more about by giving them those roses, what it represented.

Also, you mentioned about the past contestants and their contracts. Do you know what the penalty is for breaking the contract? I’m guessing it’s not a crazy fine or anything life changing if people like Luke P are breaking it and doing podcasts right after their seasons.

Thanks again!

Comment: It’s a stiff monetary fine that no one has ever been sued for. So essentially, it’s just a scare tactic. And it works.

1. One of your readers from last week wondered why they are so few redheads on this show. I actually remember a couple from the following seasons:

Colton: Elyse

Ben. H: Laura Esselman- the show even nicknamed her “Red Velvet”, went home night 1

Chris Soules: Nicole- she wore a pig nose mask when she came out of the limo, sent home night 1

Juan Pablo: Kylie,-she mistakenly thought Juan Pablo called her name during the rose ceremony when he actually said “Kat”, sent home night 1. Yep. That’s 4. Out of 24 seasons. I’m sure there were a few more, but not many.

2. Do you think Victoria F lied when she said that Chase didn’t want her to go on the show? If all they had was a wham, bam thank you ma’am, why would he give a f**k if she went on the show or not? In a word? Yes.

3. I don’t mind if you can’t get the newer contestants on the podcast since they all go on the others (Ben and Ashley I., Jared and Dean, Ali etc.) anyway. I actually prefer to hear from the oldschool contestants like Chelsea because they share stories that we have never heard before (like her overhearing Matt talk about boinking Shayne).

Comment: I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on Chelsea. She was great. Absolutely loved talking to her. It’s guests like that that make doing podcasts fun.

Hi Steve,

First, gotta say, I have never laughed so hard during an episode as I did last night with the Victoria/Peter/Chase date. The producers WORK HARD. I had tears from laughing so hard — Peter’s excitement, Victoria’s faces, Chase asking them if they were having fun. All of it. Not to mention, Chase giving Peter his number after because he did not give a crap about Victoria. Whoever set that up gets my rose — quality TV.

Second, shifting to Victoria P — you said in your recap today that you think she’s being quiet on social media because she’s afraid of producers and because she thinks she has a chance to be the Bachelorette. Do you think there’s a chance of that? I haven’t seen any obvious front runners yet, but maybe that’s because we aren’t sure of the ending. Do I think she’ll be the Bachelorette? No. Does she think she has a chance? I’m sure she does. Production are very manipulative people.

Also, of all the seasons of this show, I’ve never thought more that these girls should up and leave. Peter has put them in some pretty uncomfortable situations from time to time — I’m shocked no one has walked out.

Thanks for all your hard work as always!

Comment: Well I’m sure plenty wanted to. But you control nothing as a contestant on this show. You can’t just up and leave a TV show because you don’t like what’s going on.

Hey Steve,

I am completely baffled at the editing and production of this season. They have painted 3 out of the top 4 is unfavorable lights (Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelsey—new promos are giving her the “is she mentally stable?” Edit) and I am truly confused—what is their angle? I tend to disagree. Hannah Ann did have the interrupting on night 1, and then ChampagneGate in episode 2. But have we seen anything negative about her in episodes 3 and 4? Nope. By the end of the season, no one will really remember Hannah Ann’s first night interruptions or ChampagneGate to be honest. Different people will emerge the next few episodes doing and saying different things for the “villain” edit.

I know this is pretty much an impossible question to answer, but I just do not understand why they are so focused on creating drama with pretty much every woman and not having that many fan favorites outside of Madison (among most viewers who are oblivious to “genuine and real”) and Kelley who is simply a fan favorite because she’s had like 2 scenes and seems too normal to be on this show. You could say the same thing for Hannah’s season where they focused on Luke P. for 11 episodes and he didn’t even finish top 4. And look how many people were into her season and loved Hannah. People have short term memory when it comes to this show. EVERY season does this. This is nothing new that you’re watching.

Are they going to downplay Victoria F’s past on her hometown? Are they trying to make her a victim? I just do not understand what production is going for with making almost every woman a villain at one point. My best guess would be that the ending is a mess, and they are just filling this season with drama to distract from the lack of connections Peter has with the women, but yet again I do not know nearly as much as you do.

I know this was a mess of an email, but so is this season, and my thoughts are scattered. Anything you could maybe clear up or better explain to stop my head from exploding when any of his final girls are on the screen looking crazy. And as always, THANK YOU!!

Comment: I think we’ll definitely see Victoria F.s past come to light on her hometown. How can it not? He doesn’t even meet her parents and breaks up with her on the street and it’s all because of what Merissa tells him after their concert.

I am sure you already know. But i noticed that on instagram Peter is not being followed by Madison and she is not following him. But Hannah ann is following peter but he is not following her. Possibly that helps finding out who is with who?
Thank you!

Comment: Not in the least bit. Because if you’re going by that logic, Madison posted a picture of her date with Peter and captioned it with “Perfect date with the perfect guy.” Completely contradicts what you just inferred in that Hannah Ann is maybe with Peter bc she follows him and Madison doesn’t. I don’t think you can read anything into that.


Honestly, I think Peter is the worst bachelor cast since Juan Pablo! Of course the two men are very different, but Peter is turning out to be a disaster.

He is absolutely inapt at handling all the drama going on, the inevitable conflicts between the girls, any form of confrontation. He also seems to be lacking any form of common sense or even instinct (I could even use the big words of emotional intelligence – throwback to Taylor and Corinne ?) which would help him see through the bullshit and manipulation.

Last week he got suckered into letting Alaya go even though he didn’t want to, and went about it in a very awkward manner. It all started when he asked Sydney in front of all the others to give the names of the women she thinks are fake…What? Is he trying to date these women or he thinks he’s running a support group? Then he seemed to take all of the girl’s comments during the pool party at face value without him knowing any better and that led to Alaya leaving for no good reason.

Then this week, he got manipulated by Victoria F., playing the role of scared little girl, squealing in the plane and on the rides, running off crying in a corner because she’s scared of telling him about Chase Rice…all to make him feel like prince charming rescuing a damsel in distress. Instead red flags should be popping up in his head. There was absolutely no reason for Victoria F. to be upset or scared to tell him about that, whatever their real relationship was.

Next, he was manipulated by Victoria P. about the whole Alaya situation. As soon as she started crying he was finished. Then he foolishly asked Alaya to come back, and on top of that gave her the group date rose, adding insult to injury (real injuries in some cases…) for all the girls on the date who sat around all night waiting for him.

When he showed up at the cocktail party, he seemed surprised that the girls were pissed. Does he not know anything about women?

Production is of course behind most of this, having a field day. They are just handing him all the rope he needs to hang himself with. I am surprised that they wouldn’t try to help their lead look better than that for their viewers, isn’t it important for them to have their 18-24 women drooling over the Bachelor? And also isn’t Peter friends with Chris Harrison and the producers?

It’s really frustrating to see what a mess he is making. I hope he gets better later in the season.

Take Care!

Comment: I’m not sure it does. We already know he dumps Victoria F., then a day later changes his mind and ends up keeping her over Kelsey. So this seems to be a running theme this season. He’s very indecisive.

If alayah found out about chase rice, would she not know about her involvement with other people’s husbands? Why didn’t she tell the girls that? Was that info not out at the point when she was at home?

Comment: No, it wasn’t. Victoria F.’s Chase Rice date was on Oct. 2nd. I didn’t spoil Victoria F.’s past with other men until her hometown date, which was Oct. 28th.

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