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Hi Steve

I’m sure you are really sad about Kobe as a basketball fan but also just a human being 🙁

I want to thank you for not paying for leads with regards to spoilers … for not posting salacious stories without first discussing or trying to reach out to those involved. That tmz was the one to report the deaths to the families before proper authorities and checks is disgusting.

Take care and sorry again for the passing of your aunt 🙁

Comment: I appreciate it. However, from what I read from the head of TMZ, he was in contact with members of Kobe’s family and they were aware of what TMZ was going to do. So unless he flat out lied about that, they didn’t just run with it without consulting Kobe’s side first. But again, I can only go off what Harvey Levin (head of TMZ) said.

When it comes to something like a death or a tragic story, I have zero interest in trying to be first to get that out. Not to mention, I doubt I’d ever be the first person on the internet to find out about some important death in Hollywood or even Bachelor Nation, so I don’t concern myself with it. But on the very slim chance I did, I’d never report that first. Not a big deal to me.

Hi there,

Any news on the current relationship status of Kendall Long and Joe Amabile? They have gone almost silent posting anything as a couple the past 2-3 weeks. Joe is completely MIA. She only posts of the dog and herself.

Have followed since they started dating in 2018 on Insta. Very odd for how they have typically posted over 18 months. Just saw an interview end of December about getting closer to an engagement, how they had planned out some of their wedding.

Hope things are okay, sure a cute couple to follow.

Comment: No idea. Don’t follow either of them and haven’t heard anything either way.


Thanks for all of your work! I love reading your column and listening to you podcasts.

I have a couple of questions/ theories. I know we’re still early in the season and things can change, but here are my thoughts:

1. With Hannah Ann getting a bad edit, it makes me think Madison won Peter’s final rose. Just a guess. Thoughts? It’s a lot of people’s thoughts.

2. We know the final 4 are Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelsey. Hannah Ann, Victoria F. and Kelsey are all getting bad edits so far (or at least not your typical final 4 edits). If Madison wins Peter’s final rose, it makes me wonder if they are editing the other three poorly to help Hannah B. become the bachelorette again. I know they could pick someone else outside top 4, but that’s what I’m thinking. Thoughts? Or do you have guesses as to who might be in the running for bachelorette?

Thanks again!

Comment: We’ll get into “Bachelorette” talk in the next few weeks just because I think it’s still pretty early right now. However, because of Hannah Brown’s immense popularity, I think it wouldn’t be wise to rule her out of anything. Yes, it’d be overkill to some people, but her star is so hot right now, IF they made her the “Bachelorette” again, would I be surprised? Can’t say I would. But I have no idea if they will or not.

Not saying I don’t believe part of chase story with victoria ..but if it was a one night fling and no relation why would it come up she’s going on bachelor and they discuss all that ? Also- I dont agree with one night hook ups for me but why is her thing with chase bad if it was pre-show?

Comment: It really wasn’t. But because she called the guy and ex-boyfriend when he wasn’t, she made it worse than it actually was. Peter can’t control who she was with pre-show. We all have pasts. As long as Chase wasn’t still in her life, or she was still stuck on him, it really wasn’t that big of deal. But because we’d never seen something like that on the show before, of course it became a storyline and made for awkward TV. But if you stepped back and looked at it from the outside, was it all that crazy? Not really.

Hi Steve,

Question for you…. as far as I’ve read McKenna doesn’t have any huge scandals and doesn’t make final 4. Why on earth does she have so much screen time?!? Is this just because they liked her? Makes for good tv?!

Thank you!!

Comment: She cries in every episode is my guess. She’s the emotional one this season and every season’s got one.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all you do! My friend and I have been discussing the cast and we don’t really think any of them are Bachelorette material, aside from maybe Kelley or Madi. Do you think that the next bachelorette might come from a previous season? What are your thoughts?

Comment: I think it’s possible. Maybe moreso than in any recent season.

Hi Steve! Thank you so much for responding to me! Here are some questions for my article I’d love for you to answer:

1) What inspired you to get into the spoiler industry? I got a spoiler for Jason’s season without even looking for it, and ever since then, information just seems to come my way.

2) How do you feel that you’re a male reporting about a franchise that is primarily a female audience? Never really thought about it that way. I think the only time it’s ever come into play, at least in my mind, is when I do Third Love bra ads on my podcast ha ha.

3) Did you ever imagine your platform would gain so much recognition? No. I had this site for 6 years and was writing recaps for every episode of every season long before I ever had my first spoiler.

4) What do you think is responsible for the fast growth and success of your Reality Steve platform? Getting the spoiler to Jason’s season that he had dumped Melissa in a private ATFR taping and had asked Molly out. That’s what put me on the proverbial map.

5) How do you get your information for spoilers? Remember the Munchkins from “Wizard of Oz?” And they all lived in Munchkin Land with their tiny little selves? They tell me.

6) Are you ever surprised about the information you get? I’m not surprised necessarily about the info I get because I’ve kinda become the site people come to with info since they know it’s what I do. So the info itself doesn’t surprise. But HOW I get it sometimes really surprises me.

7) Does it ever get old reporting about the Bachelor shows because it’s usually the same drama every season? Sure at times it does. But the spoiling aspect is the most fun part. Watching the show and writing the recaps aren’t nearly as fun anymore due to the same storylines every season, just with different people.

8) Do you and Mike Fleiss have any problems or any association because you spoil his show before it even airs? I think he’s a disgusting individual and I’m sure he doesn’t care for me. So it is what it is.

9) Besides this and podcasting, what else do you do? Watch TV, hang with my dog, go to the gym, go to Vegas, watch sports, go to Olive Garden. Wash, rinse, repeat. My life is pretty simple.

10) If I told you ten years ago that you would be one of the biggest gurus in the spoiler industry how would you react? I wouldn’t have believed you.

Hi Steve!

First, thank you for what you do. I started watching the bachelorette with Hannah’s season, then BIP, and now bachelor (but I’m not sure how much more my brain can stand). I’ve done quite a bit of research to try and get caught up with all things bachelor nation. I understand that producers pretty much run the show, but after watching this whole Alayah, Victoria P./F., Sydney drama, I had some thoughts..

1) I want to rip my hair out and set fire to my television

2) does the bachelor / bachelorette ever really get to the bottom of the drama??? Post season- do you think (or know) if the leads ever see your page or find out the truth? Do they use you as a resource? Does the lead end up knowing whose actually manipulative and whose just made out to be the villain? I mean, they have to know, right??? it just got me thinking because I feel like Peter could use a giant dose of Reality Steve to shed some truth on all this insanity.

Being a justice & fairness centered person does not mix well with bachelor nation. I just don’t understand how someone can go a whole season and not care about who was right/wronged. Where’s the resolution?

Comment: I see what you’re saying, but honestly, I don’t think they really care. They know it’s TV and they’re there to be part of a good television show. In the end, that’s really all that matters to them and they probably aren’t seeing any of the women again post show so it’s pretty irrelevant to them.

Now, if the lead was actually dating 25-30 he knew and was close friends with, then I’m sure it’d be different. But these are women he barely knows and who are essentially characters on a TV show. There’s really no need for him to be invested in them once they are no longer there.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you are probably going to get this a million times, so I apologize in advance. But I’m case you don’t and/or you aren’t gonna cover it in tomorrow’s post.

Do you think the Alayah coming back and then staying is producer related? Or Do you think Peter chose to keep her on his own? Or did the producers say to him “bring Alayah back and give her the rose”? Also, Do you think Alayah telling everyone about Victoria F was producer manipulation as well? Or do you think she did that on her own? Her coming back was done by production of course. If they didn’t want her to return, she wouldn’t have. Now, I don’t know if she suggested it or they did, but they could’ve stopped it at any point. Peter didn’t bring Alayah back. The show did. Once she was back, I’m sure they nudged him in the direction to make the decision he did.

Alayah telling people about Victoria F. was again, something they could’ve prevented if they wanted. I have no idea if they told her to report what she’d read online. But the fact they aired it showed me they didn’t have a problem with it. In recent seasons, we’re seeing more of the 4th wall being broken on this show.

So many things just don’t add up. But again, I’ve never been in that situation. Like how can Peter be so naive? Been swayed by everyone, let’s her come back and then is confused about his decision in the situation?! He looked dumb in this episode. Plus the whole Victoria P situation. Is she lying through her teeth? Or were her words twisted by lying and/or editing? Ugh good tv, but shitty IRL… so much drama, and it doesn’t even match up. I feel like the producers do that on purpose. To make everyone confused!? Idk.

Anyways, can’t wait to hear your answers! I look forward to your posts every week!

Comment: I think Peter is just doing what’s asked of him. Is it coming across great? No, not at all. A lot of his stuff is head scratching.

Hey RS,

First time emailer, long time follower! I read your blog every week and look forward to each podcast!

I just have a whole mess of questions I wanted to ask.

1. Any insight on Shari & Javen breaking up from TI1? Other than one outlet said she cheated? No.
2. Any chance you’d have Dalton Ross on the podcast again? Probably my favorite interview you’ve done. The banter between the 2 of you was fantastic for survivor fans. Dalton will be on the podcast next week to preview season 40. Recording with him on Friday. He’s excellent. The amount of time and energy he puts into his Survivor coverage is unmatched.
3. Any pre-show predications for season 40 of Survivor? Will we see some heavy hitters like Boston Rob or Sandra go past the merge or get eliminated quick? On a show like that, pre-season predictions really mean nothing. There’s too many variables you’re unaware of.
4. Are there any different winners you would have liked to been included in this season? I think Capt. Tom is the only one I was disappointed wasn’t on, but I’ve heard he’s got a health issue that might’ve prevented him. I think Richard Hatch is also someone that if you’re having an all winners season, the guy who started it all would’ve been a good one. However, maybe his past played a role. I don’t know.
5. What would you like to see on a future season of Survivor? Any specific themes or certain cast members? Keep all the twists & idols or limited them? I’m not big on themes. I don’t care for them. Because once the game starts, usually the theme get lost anyway. I’m down for less idols. They seem too easy now.
6. Would you ever have Morgan from TI1 on the podcast? Or that’s old news? It’s possible.
7. What is your fav season of Survivor or top 3 that you enjoyed? I have zero memory retention pretty much when it comes to Survivor even though I’ve watched every season. Probably bc I don’t cover it. But just like I could tell you who went on the second 1-on-1 date on Arie’s season (Krystal) off the top of my head, I can barely remember the winners sometimes on Survivor. Like, I remember WHO won, but if you ask me what season? I definitely couldn’t match all those up.
8. Is there anyone from Bachelor nation who you really would not want on your podcast (I think you said Nick Viall at one point was someone you had no interest in talking to)? There’s a few. And they probably would never come on anyway, so I’m fine with that.
9. Did David & Kate from TI2 ever officially decline talking to you or just stop responding? Kate replied back before she released her IG post, and basically said the same thing to me. She did leave the door open, but I’m guessing she’s never coming on.
10. Do you have any confirmed guests (Like Kacie last year) coming to the fan appreciation party this year? Kaci is coming again. I think Ashley is coming again. And I’m working on others.
11. Of all the podcasts you’ve done, which one surprised you the most? Perhaps where you walked away with a changed perspective of the guest.

Thanks for all that you do Steve!!

Comment: I don’t know about particular podcast guests, but I can easily tell you one person in the franchise I was dead wrong about in my initial impression. Jordan Kimball. I never thought in a million years he and I would ever get along, let alone have a podcast conversation and actually be cool with each other. But we are. Are we BFF’s? No. Will we send snarky texts to each other every once in a while? Sure. One of them might’ve happened this past weekend.



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