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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Madison Filming in Alabama, WTA and Finale Schedule & Some More Questions Answered

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Another crazy day yesterday in “Bachelor Nation.” My column seemed to spark a lot of chatter. Some good, some bad, some crazy. And by crazy, I mean people that still believe Peter ends up with his producer. I may not know every detail about how this all shakes out in the end this season, and I may not have 100% confirmation on who Peter is with yet (although I think it’s Madison), but one thing I do know for certain and I’ve said this going back at least a month: this is between Hannah Ann and Madison. Nobody else. Not a producer, not Hannah B., not anyone not from the franchise, and not anyone from #3 to #30 on his season. I can’t stress that enough. So media outlets can keep peddling their “Is Peter with a Producer” click bait stories, they’ll only end up with egg on their face when 1) they realize that’s not the case and 2) how ridiculous it was of an option to even consider for everything I laid out yesterday on page 1. It just makes zero sense on any level and post-filming social media pictures does not make a spoiler, which was essentially what that whole theory was based on, and people bought it. Shame shame. If I threw out a theory every time I heard one this season, your head would’ve exploded by now. I probably would’ve had a new one every week since November. By the way, I think I’m getting closer to finalizing what happened this season. Stay tuned…

With that said, some clarity was given yesterday to a couple things. First, Robert Mills on his radio show had this to say regarding the Peter/Madison fantasy suite story:

Then ABC released their press released for next week’s episode, and here’s how they end it:

“…Who will be going home and who will look forward to the fantasy suites? But before Peter can leave after the rose ceremony, one woman with serious concerns stops him to tell him something that could change everything.”

Well, we know now (thanks to Mills) that to be Madison telling him before they ever leave to Australia that she’s a virgin. What else she tells him, we don’t know. Some seem to think it’s an ultimatum. We don’t know yet. I know there was a voice over in the season preview alluding to it, but lets hold off until Monday’s episode actually airs and we see what she says. But basically, Peter knows heading into fantasy suites week where Madison stands on sex, and probably how she feels if he were to have it with others, because she lays it out for him beforehand. I think there’s a difference between letting him know how you feel about everything versus saying “If you have sex with anyone, we’re done” or something to that effect. Peter knew where he stood and he still made a choice to have sex with someone else. And that’s what the rest of the season will end up focusing on and the consequences that come from it.

Also, not that this is a huge deal because they do it every season, but they are definitely showing the hometown dates next week completely out of order than they were filmed. Next week, they’re showing the hometowns in this order: Hannah Ann, then Kelsey, then Madison, then end with Victoria – which we knew she’d be last. The real order of filming that I reported at the time was:

Madison (Oct. 26th)
Victoria (Oct. 28th)
Hannah Ann (Oct. 30th)
Kelsey (Nov. 1st)

So just keep that in mind when you’re watching next week.

A couple things I can confirm today in regards to scheduling. First off, the “Women Tell All” tapes next Friday the 21st. I’m assuming it’s running on March 2nd, the week before the finale as normal. My other confirmation is that there will be another 2 night finale this season on March 9th & 10th. So to me, that means we probably won’t actually see Victoria F. getting eliminated until Part 1 of the finale on Monday the 9th, which means she wouldn’t be at the WTA taping since she will have not been eliminated on screen yet, you can’t put her with the rest of the group. We’ll know next week if she is for sure, but, just know if Victoria F. is not at the taping next weekend, it’s because she isn’t eliminated on screen until the Part 1 of the finale that airs on March 9th.

Also had some news yesterday as Madison was seen filming in Town Creek Park in Auburn, AL with a “Bachelor” production team.

What does it mean? Well, if I knew I would’ve put it in the tweet. However, I can tell you what it DOESN’T mean, and that’s anything “Bachelorette” related. The “Bachelorette” announcement isn’t for another month. They don’t film “Bachelorette” intro packages a month in advance. Has nothing to do with that. Plus, I don’t believe there’s any way Madison will be “Bachelorette” even if she isn’t with Peter. The other thing people freaked out about was them thinking Madison had a ring on her finger if you zoomed in. Again, we go over this every single season, yet people don’t seem to grasp this concept. Even IF Madison is the final one, that final person does not get to keep/wear their ring while the show is airing. Wouldn’t that kinda be a giveaway of how the season ends if one of the leads women is walking around with an engagement ring on while the show is still airing? Again, lets think people. Not to mention, one thing I’ve told you from the beginning is that there was no engagement on final rose ceremony day. And I certainly don’t think there’s been once since. So all the more reason to debunk the engagement ring nonsense.

This goes for EVERY season. Yet every season, I always have people asking me about some social media picture with either the rumored final one, or someone in the final 2, and inevitably I’ll get, “Hey Steve, did you see the picture of so-and-so on their IG story…if you look really quick, it seems like she’s wearing her engagement ring.” Without even seeing the picture or video, the answer is always “no she isn’t” because they don’t have it. If you get proposed to on final rose ceremony day, you get the ring that day for TV purposes, then the show holds onto it until ATFR. They’re not gonna take a chance on having someone wear it in public or possibly lose it, damage it, etc while the show is airing.

Ratings are in from Monday night and the show did solid numbers once again with 6.4 million viewers and a 1.8 rating. If you wanna compare that to Colton’s episode 7 last year (the episode before hometowns), he drew 6.48 million viewers and a 1.9 rating. Also, you’ll notice that I linked to a different site for ratings this week. basically stopped posting ratings last week, so I found another one, and actually this is way better. They actually give you a breakdown of the demo watching. This goes to show you how dominant the “Bachelor” is on Monday night. While “The Neighorbood” and AGT might’ve gotten more overall viewers, the key here is looking what share the “Bachelor” does in Women 18-49. An 11 share. When the next highest show of the night in that demo only draws a 6 share, you have no idea how dominant that is. Women 18-49 is an advertisers wet dream. Ask anyone in the industry. That’s who is the #1 target for them. And “Bachelor” continually season in and season dominates that demo for 2 hours every Monday night. And that’s why the show isn’t going anywhere, no matter how many people complain the cast is too young, no one’s ready to get married, these women are too catty, blah blah blah. 11 share. Just keep that in mind.

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