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“Reader Emails,” Podcast This Week, Overnights, and “Summer Games” is Official

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This week is going to be a first in my podcast history. Tomorrow is podcast #170. In 169 previous guests, I’ve never had a sports related guest on. Oh don’t worry, there will still be “Bachelor” talk this week with the lovely Jacqueline Trumbull, one of my favorites to talk to. Jacqueline and I, while I consider us to be friends even though we’ve never met, also have a differing opinion, I believe, on what I do as a job. Putting aside all the Jenna stuff from two years ago, and even though Jacqueline and I absolutely get along outside of this forum and have had some interesting text conversations over the years, I’m fully convinced she’s not a huge fan of what I do. And that’s ok. We will discuss it even more in depth tomorrow. Where was I? Oh yeah. Sports. My background is sports talk radio, it’s all I ever wanted to do when I was in college was have my own sports talk show some day. I’m a sports junkie, I love watching the games, March Madness is my favorite sporting event every year, I’ve been known to maybe place a little wager on sports here and there, but for 169 previous podcasts, I’ve kept my love for sports out of them. Until tomorrow.

Well, it’s a small world because I reached out to someone a couple years ago in the sports world just to offer some praise. They responded back, and then months passed and I had no idea they were friends with Jacqueline until one night she was hanging out with him and texted me a picture of them together. He’s not a current player, was never a superstar by any means, but he works for one of the four major sports teams. A fairly prominent one I would say. So tomorrow, Jacqueline will start off on the podcast, we’ll be joined in by this guy, have them both on for a little bit, then I’ll finish by doing an interview with him. Very excited to talk to him especially with everything going on right now. Hey, some of you may tune out once he comes on, and that’s fine. But I’m so excited to finally talk to this guy and get his opinion on things happening right now after only DM’ing with him the last couple years. So please, for the first time in 170 podcasts, let me get my sports fix in. This doesn’t mean I’ll be doing more and more sports related guests. This just all happened to fall into place because of the connection through Jacqueline. Even though he also is a fan of the “Bachelor” and we will talk about it briefly as well.

Couple things came out yesterday that added some clarity to the overnight date episode when ABC put out the press release for next week. It was officially confirmed that all 3 women stayed in the same suite in Australia. This question was asked a lot this week so I’m just gonna cover it here. That’s never happened in the history of the show before, this is clearly producer driven because they basically knew exactly what was gonna happen. I’m sure Robert Mills or maybe even Chris Harrison will do a podcast at some point and explain their “reasoning” why all the sudden they changed up the format this season for the first time in 39 seasons to make the final 3 all stay together in the same suite during overnight dates, and I don’t know what their answer will be, I just know it’ll be bullshit. They’ve each gotten their own room EVERY season. Just admit you did it because Madison is a virgin, you knew it was highly likely Peter would have sex with the other ones, and you wanted Madison to find out. There’s no other explanation for why they did this. None. But I’m sure they’ll give some bogus one. Hell, once you get to final four, the only other time you even SEE the other contestants is at the rose ceremonies and you’re basically not even allowed to speak to them. Now all the sudden they’re staying together, one will leave to go on her overnight, return the next morning aaaaannnnndddd…do what? Please. It’s actually pretty sick what they’re doing, but not the least bit surprising they would.

Also, a few of you asked if I know what order the overnight dates were filmed. No, I don’t, but I do know that Madison’s was filmed last for obvious reasons. On the episode, it’s Hannah Ann, then Victoria, then Madison. So I guess it really doesn’t matter if it was actually filmed Victoria then Hannah Ann. The important thing is that Madison was last and she was put there for a reason. The producers set out for a desired outcome and it’s exactly what they got. Don’t let them convince you otherwise.

Although I broke the news to you a few weeks ago, ABC made it “official” by announcing “Summer Games” will air this summer. Looks like it’s gonna air between “Bachelorette” and BIP, so it’ll be on it’s own for a couple weeks. Remember, “Winter Games” aired for two weeks during Arie’s season. Arie would air on Monday, then WG aired Tues & Thurs for 2 weeks. We had 6 hours of “Bachelor” programming for those two weeks and it was overkill. Glad they’re gonna give “Summer Games” it’s own two week run, I’m assuming twice a week as well as it’ll run concurrent with the real Summer Games happening in Tokyo.

For those that didn’t see it, Sharleen Joynt did another excellent job at breaking down Victoria and her behavior in Monday’s episode in her weekly recap for Flare. Couldn’t have said it better myself as Sharleen always seems to hit every nuance of things and explains why her behavior was so appalling. Go check it out and tell me really anything she says that would be way off the mark or even remotely wrong. I think it might be hard to find anything.

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