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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, and Chris Harrison Speaks on Spoilers

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Guess what we’re doing tomorrow? Taking it back old school again on the podcast. I believe I’ve only had one guy on from Ashley’s season of the “Bachelorette” and that was Ben Flajnik. That is, until tomorrow. First impression rose recipient her season, Ryan Park, will be my guest on tomorrow’s podcast to talk about Ashley’s season, being somewhat of the “villain” although I use that term loosely with him as he’s genuinely one of the nicest guys ever. And that’s basically what his edit was. The guy that all the other guys thought was too nice, so they didn’t like him. Weird times back then I tell ya’. Ryan is also one of the few from this franchise I actually had the chance to meet a loooong time ago. I wanna say back in 2012 or so. He was here in Dallas on business, we had been in touch after his season ended, and had one of the more memorable dinners I’ve ever had. We’ll dive into that tomorrow as well. So fun catching up with Ryan and you’ll get to hear it all tomorrow. Had a good run of guests recently so hopefully can keep it going. Reached out to another old schooler last week and they said they’d do it – but then haven’t responded since. But yet another person I’d like to catch up with so hopefully she’ll check her DM’s again. Anyway, Ryan has lived quite a life since his stint on Ashley’s season, and he catches us up on it all tomorrow on the podcast, so look for that.

Speaking of “Bachelorette,” lets do a little “Bachelorette” talk. We’re basically two weeks away from them making their official announcement, since I’m assuming it’ll come in the last two segments of Peter’s 2 part finale on the 9th and 10th. They’ll introduce who it is, then I’m sure she’ll be introduced to 5 of her guys like the last 3 seasons where Rachel, Becca, and Hannah all did. Meaning a decision is coming soon. Anyone who says they’ve already chosen who it is is lying. Then haven’t made their decision yet. Clearly a lot of people get interviewed, and multiple women sign contracts so when they do make their announcement, they’re ready to go and start shooting intros. I can tell you three names that I know for sure have been in LA and met with production for formal interviews: Kelsey, Tayshia, and Tia. I’m sure there were more, but those three definitely did. I can’t tell you who they like better, like less, whatever. One thing I keep hearing is that they’re not gonna go with someone from Peter’s season. There may be something to that. I don’t know for sure. But those three women are in the running. Did they want Hannah Brown? Absolutely. She was their top choice but they couldn’t agree on money apparently and she’s out unless something drastic happens. That’s the latest I have on “Bachelorette.” A decision should be made within the next week or so on who they end up choosing.

A question asked a lot this week that I’ll address here is on Monday’s episode, it seemed like Peter did his overnights on three consecutive days. I don’t know the exact answer to this, but, with the show’s history, and some evidence we do have from paparazzi, I’m leaning towards that wasn’t the case. First off, that’d be three exhausting days in a row to film those back-to-back-to-back. I’ve always heard there was a day in between each one. So keeping that in mind, lets look at what we do know:

-The final 4 rose ceremony at the Camarillo Airport in LA was on Nov. 2nd.

-Madison had the third overnight date. These were the day portion pictures from that date that were taken on I believe on Nov. 9th or 10th.

-For the sake of argument, lets say her date was on the 9th. And lets say the overnight dates happened on consecutive days. That means that Hannah Ann’s was on the 7th, Victoria’s on the 8th, and Madison’s on the 9th.

-Well, the rose ceremony was on the 2nd in LA. This show doesn’t have 5 empty days of filming. I know the travel to Australia basically takes up a full day, but, there’s no way they got there on the 3rd or 4th, then waited another 3 or 4 days before they started filming overnights. That’s not how this show works.

-So basically, when they showed Hannah Ann arriving back from her date the next morning, then Victoria ready to go on hers, I’m pretty sure that was done for continuity purposes. Makes way more sense that they kept their normal shooting schedule of one day in between each overnight. So, I think the schedule probably looked more like this:

-Nov. 2nd rose ceremony in LA.
-Leave Nov. 3rd for Australia. All day travel.
-Get settled in and shoot exteriors and ITMs on the 4th.
-Hannah Ann overnight on the 5th. Victoria overnight on the 7th. Madison’s on the 9th.

It’s just a guess, but knowing when the rose ceremony in LA was, and knowing Madison had the last overnight and when those pictures were from, the schedule makes sense they took a day in between overnights.
So Chris Harrison had a stick up his ass when he went on Ashley I’s podcast this week. Not sure what led him to go off on this mini rant regarding spoilers, but here it was in case you missed it:

It’s just a bizarre and totally off base take to have. I’m costing people jobs? Huh? Your show is as healthy as ever. ABC is ordering MORE “Bachelor” related programming in 2020 with “Listen to Your Heart,” and “Summer Games.” What are you even talking about? And yes, I’m fully aware Chris never said my name specifically in that mini rant. Who the hell do you think he’s talking about? C’mon. It’s not too hard to figure out. There’s one person on the internet that has consistently spoiled this show season in and season out for the last 11 years. He doesn’t need to say me by name to know who he’s talking about. But hey, I hope Chris took a nice chill pill, went on a bike ride with Lauren, and feels better now that he got that out of his system. Geesh. Calm down, bro.

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