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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, and Chris Harrison Speaks on Spoilers

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Hi Steve,

It seems like ever since Arie’s Season where he painfully dumped Becca for Lauren that The Producers have continuously tried to top it.

First, Colton drops two of the remaining three without a Fantasy Room , jumps a fence and pursues Cassie who previously dropped him.

Then Hannah B learns after her engagement to Jed that he had a girlfriend. She drops him a few weeks later and appears ATFR to tell him off and make a half hearted attempt at Tyler.
Now we have a new topper where going into ATFR no one… not even Reality Steve…. knows whether Pilot Pete is dating Madison and about to propose or has given up and is single waiting to go on BIP.

I’m sure some of it is luck and some of it is orchestrated but The Producers have a Ratings Goldmine. Proof of that is not only the actual ratings but they are adding new shows and tours every week.

What is your take on this?

Comment: I think things are led in certain directions by production, and they certainly aren’t done organically. You can’t really prove any of this, but, I do know this is a TV show. A TV show that has a storyboard at the beginning of every season. And story editors. This shit just doesn’t magically happen.

Hi Steve! Long time reader and fan-you’re the only reason I watch this mess of a show!- First time emailer. I agree with your synopsis of the ending. Also totally agree with your praise of Madison not even bringing up the other two girls, simply discussing her own morals and preferences/expectations. And it certainly was not lost on me as well that both girls are trashing Madison while wearing their cross necklaces! Trashing her because they both had sex with him; it’s a free country but was not a good look for either of them. It made them both look trite, supercilious, and beyond judgmental. Basically trying to defend their own choices. As you said, Madison never even mentioned their names; just my opinion, but actions sure speak louder than words!

If Madison is with Peter, I honestly don’t think it will last, as you said, their values regarding sex in a relationship do not jibe. I get that’s how the show works, but don’t see how one can be ready to be engaged after being intimate with two other women and most certainly would have with Madison as well. NOT judging him, but ready for a lifetime commitment? Don’t think so…This show really diminishes real and true intimacy in my opinion. And unfortunately it seems to get worse every season! Dear God the immaturity of this bunch of women was truly mind blowing!

So a question, do you think post show there will be a TMZ like blast of information and stories regarding Victoria? Certainly would be poetic justice…
Thanks for all you do! and with integrity!

Comment: I don’t think so. If they haven’t reported anything by now, I don’t see how they will. The only major story is getting the women whose husbands she had inappropriate relationships with to talk. They didn’t want to when I reached them back in October. Time will tell if they ever want to come forward.

A question that haunts me every “dinner date” – since the date that we witness obviously does not involve food at all, does the couple ever get to eat dinner together? Or are they scarfing down sustenance at the catering buffet alongside the crew just like every day, and there’s never any actual “dinner date” at all? Some people may say you shouldn’t get engaged to someone before you get a chance to really know them; I say you shouldn’t get engaged before you’ve shared a legit meal together – food is important!! #LetThemEatCake or at least #LetThemEatSomething

Comment: Watching people eat food is not good TV. That’s why you don’t see them eating hardly ever. But clearly these people eat in the course of 2 months.

Hey Steve! Let me start by saying I really enjoyed the podcast from last week. I grew up spending every weekend at the ballfields watching my brother and watching MLB games every night during the summer, so as a huge fan of baseball and you I loved the podcast. I’m not a Nats fan but their World Series run last season was one of my favorite stories in baseball and is even better given the recent Astros scandal. Great insight into both stories, so thanks! Thanks. His breakdown of the scandal and the mindset of the Nats was excellent.

Moving onto Bachelor talk, this week was certainly a big one! Thanks for your WTA spoilers (and consequently the spoilers for last night’s episode)—as always you delivered. With Kelley and Natasha not being there, do you think that rules them out for being on BIP? I wasn’t sure Kelley would do it anyways, but Natasha seemed like a definite contestant on BIP to me. Not necessarily.

I found this week’s episode really interesting for a number of reasons. First, since listening to your podcast last fall with Jennifer Pozner (I think) I’ve enjoyed watching the show more this season due to seeing how the producers manipulate. I think there were a few times last night when the girls’ were talking in the suites and it was just voiceovers that made it seem like Hannah Ann was saying something that maybe she wasn’t. Obviously, this happens a lot but as a viewer it completely changes the narrative of the show when you are aware of it. Additionally, the producer manipulation with putting all the girls’ in the same suite and then having Madison last—I would be mad if I was Peter and Madison watching now! There’s nothing they can do about it and they can’t publicly say it but wow. Add it to the reasons I wouldn’t survive on this show. Someone could do an episode recap every week of everything that contestants actually say on camera versus what is a voiceover, and while it’d take forever, it’d be pretty fascinating. Sharleen is the only one that really attempts it and she’s unbelievable at catching things, but, I’m talking about EVERY INSTANCE where it happens I don’t think people realize the extent of it.

Also, thanks for your take on Madison and pointing out that she never judged or accused the other girls’ of being wrong in what they were doing. In today’s society, I think a lot of people are turned away from the Christian culture (or really anyone else’s beliefs) because they feel a sense of judgement from the people that have those beliefs (example: Luke P did not portray non-judgement IMO). Madison handled herself really well and gracefully in both her conversations with the other girls and her final conversation with Peter. Major props to her for being well-spoken, keeping a level head, and working through her OWN issues and not blaming others. I find it kind of funny HOW different Victoria F reacts to problems/issues than Madison—I mean could they be more opposite? I was watching with a group of girls last night and when I reminded them that Victoria F is actually three years older than Madison (and that Madison is the same age as Hannah Ann) they were shocked. Madison just comes off so much more mature and whether you agree with her or not, you tend to respect what she is saying because of how she states it. Can’t say the same about Victoria…

Comment: No, you can’t. Like I’ve said for weeks, forget anything I ever told you about Victoria’s past. Watching the way she acts and talks on this show should be enough to show you her character.

Hi Steve,

First of all, I loved your podcast with Jacqueline and FP! I really liked how you dove into some sports talk too and would be interested to see a little more of that in the future. I’m from Houston and the whole cheating thing has been really disappointing but I enjoyed hearing y’all speak on it.

On to bachelor stuff, Kelley not being invited to Women Tell All just seems strange. It just seems so atypical for them to take someone who’s had such a prominent storyline, even finishing 5th like she did and completely not include them. Do you think producers were trying to steer fans away from wanting her to be the next bachelorette? It’s pretty clear she’s unlike any other contestant (Although by far my favorite ever!) and I’m thinking producers may have caught on to the fact that if they gave her the role, she wouldn’t necessarily follow their influence. I mean, the producers don’t have to steer fans away. It’s their decision who gets the gig. Just don’t give it to her and they don’t have to worry, really. Unless Kelley speaks on it publicly, it’s hard to know why she wasn’t invited. Really doesn’t make any sense.

Also, How long are the contestants’ contracts in effect? Not sure if you already addressed this in the past, I tend to forget specific details like that. A year from the time their finale airs.

On a different note, Could you ever see producers skipping over a season of one show to have back to back seasons of the same show in a row? I know you already have some names of next season’s men so this wouldn’t happen anytime soon. But for example, let’s say they decide to skip over “The Bachelorette” because they didn’t like any of the potential candidates and instead run another season of “The Bachelor” perhaps with Mike Johnson as the lead. Could you ever see this idea coming up in the future or do you think they will always stick to their usual structure of alternating Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons?

Many thanks for all you do for this franchise!

Comment: No. They’re on a roll with “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise” now. These other add on shows I’m sure will tank and won’t have the longevity, but just the fact that ABC is allowing more programming on their schedule towards this franchise shows you how highly they think of them.

Heya RS!

So, with all the wild happenings going on with these crazy kids, I have a few questions that are really more about all seasons in general..

Do you know how much time elapses between the overnight dates? Reason I ask is that I wonder how someone like Peter or any Bachelor can go through weeks of celibacy on this journey only to release the Kraken on 3 successive overnight dates? We saw how he did the big quattro in the windmill so we know about his stamina.. but after being with contestant #1 on the first overnight, whats left in the tank for the others on overnights #2 and #3? Is he given enough time to reload his gun so to speak so he can have the same intensity with the other two? Seems like the first date would get the best room service…I mean, I can’t speak on Peter’s bedroom skills, but considering he didn’t sleep with Madison, he really only had to have with two women, and as explained on Page 1, I don’t think those were on back-to-back nights. Filming just made it seem that way. Timeline wouldn’t add up for it be the very next day.

Another thought. Do you think it would make more sense for the producers to allow the Bachelor/Bachelorettes to view and pick their upcoming suitors together for the next season so that we already know they are attracted to them instead of having those who ‘just arent my type’ having to hang around for weeks being led-on when they never had a chance? Think the current system makes it a bit cruel sometimes giving hope to some who should never have been there..I mean, even dating sites have pics for you to look at and choose from..

Ok. Thanks for the time and effort you put into all this masterful sleuthing and reporting you do. Provides us with a whole different way of viewing, understanding and enjoying this strange show..

Cheers Steve!

Comment: No. That will never happen. There’s a reason they have a casting department. It’s a television show. They’re not trying to find the 25-30 most suitable bachelors/bachelorettes for their lead. It’s never been about that. They’re looking to cast the people that will make the most entertaining television show.

Hi Steve can’t love you enough. I want to email every week but I’ve only emailed 2 times. I don’t want to be a bore. Comment first… I am with you !! regarding Peter not being right for Madison long term. I will take it further…Peter is just not for Madison at all. He is a hot mess and wants sex with whomever he is physically attracted to weather he has a true emotional attachment or not.

Question…why aren’t you being interviewed on all these entertainment shows or are you and I haven’t seen them. Seems like you would be a ratings dream. A big reason is because these shows are basically in bed with the show. They want access to interviews, contestants, etc. They’re not gonna have the guy on that exposes the show. Take someone like Lauren Zima. Remember when she did my podcast over a year ago and was telling me she wanted to have me on her “Roses and Rose” show? That was before she came out publicly dating Chris. That never came to be because, well, she either was never serious in the first place, or, she started seeing Chris. Do you think in a million years she’d even think of having me on now? Of course not. She has loyalties. Her loyalties are to her network and her boyfriend. And yet, her show is the exact type of show that would normally be right up my alley. But that ain’t happening anymore.

Question…how do you feel about this group of girls in general? For me worse group ever except for Madison. She is a real stand up stand out your lady. As always Thank you.

Comment: While we had some real downers this year, and while I don’t think it was the greatest pack of women, there were certainly some good ones in there I think.

Sheesh, Steve, Chris Harrison needs to get over himself.

So you are “crapping on people’s…creativity”, really? Well, I guess if by “creativity” he means Production’s manipulation of its cast, along with the creative frankenbiting, etc., then yes, I guess maybe you crap on that kind of thing by exposing it. Your cross to bear, Steve.

Also: Your spoiling things threatens to put the thousands of employees of TB out of business. Threatens to ruin their livelihood. Wow, Steve, who knew? How do you sleep at night?

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that CH et al. sleep like babies, despite the emotional upheaval they may trigger, season in and season out, for who knows how many show participants. Whether showcasing a distraught contestant who seems to be teetering on the brink of an emotional meltdown, or successfully creating a villain through artful editing, CH undoubtedly sleeps like a log.

And finally, after bashing you (though not of course by naming you outright), CH tops it all off by saying your spoilers have no bearing on the ratings, and only a tiny percentage of the viewership reads spoilers anyway (which you yourself have said).

THEN WHY DID YOU JUST WASTE 2 MINUTES OF MY TIME, CHRIS, GOING ON ABOUT IT? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? (And in the word’s of Jordan Peele’s “Meegan” character: “Who does that?”)

Pompous dolt.

Comment: Couldn’t have said it better myself. He’s not making any sense when he says stuff like that. It’s totally out of line and out of touch. I’m not putting people out of business. Your franchise is thriving. They added two new shows this calendar year. ABC is wanting more programming from them, not taking it away. Such an ignorant take.

Hi Steve.

What is your take on Jed and his family/friends sending out jabs at the show, defending Jed, and shading Hannah regarding his supposed ‘fabricated’ story about having a girlfriend before the show? They are claiming that the show created this narrative to make him look bad. Didn’t he admit it to Hannah on live tv? Don’t you have many ‘receipts’ supporting this? His friends and family claiming they know the ‘real truth’. I’m confused as he doesn’t show any type of remorse for hurting Hannah (or Hailey) and is now backtracking and claiming that the ‘story’ was produced and was all lies. Lots of subtle jabs on Instagram posts shading Hannah as well. It’s so petty. Jed’s dad even wrote a long Instagram post supporting his son claiming he did no wrong!

Thank you!

Comment: Because sometimes delusional people have their own narrative to sell. They believe their own bullshit, so in their mind, it’s the truth.

Hi Steve,

Long time fan here who has noticed you don’t talk about Friday Night lights anymore. I feel like your new readers need to hear all about it… I watched it because you always said how good it was and I loved every minute of it. So my question, why do you think Friday Night lights is such a good show? Please educate your new readers.

Haha sorry such a dick email but I saw you were light on questions this week

Comment: By the time you wrote, I wasn’t light anymore, but thanks anyway for the FNL love. It’s just one of the more realistic depictions of what football life is like in small town Texas, the acting is superb, and Coach and Tami are probably the most realistic married TV couple we’ve ever seen before on TV. I think it’s also in the way the show was shot in that they didn’t really have scripts. So much of that show is ad libbed. They were given scenes and bullet points to hit, but they’ve all said they didn’t really have to memorize lines. Gave it a way more authentic feel. Just look at the actors on that show and what they’ve gone on to do. I don’t know if you’d say any of them became A list, but not too many of them just disappeared either. All gotten a lot of work since then.

Hey Steve,few questions for ya

1. If there was a gun to your head and you had to say which women Peter’s mom is talking about when she says bring her home to us who would it be? Madison or Hannah Ann. Gun to my head I’d say Madison. I just don’t see how Hannah Ann would fit into that.

2. The way I’m understanding things are Madison left on the final rose ceremony day & Peter did not choose Hannah Ann & soon after he left. Is that pretty much what happened on the last day of filming? It’s very similar to how Coltons season ended except Colton never made it to the final rose ceremony. The Madison part is correct. As for Hananh, there’s still this lingering question of did he choose her after Madi left. I haven’t gotten confirmation if he did or didn’t. Running sentiment is that he did and then broke it off after filming. Seems to be that’s what the shot in the house we saw at the end clip of last episode is showing him doing.

3. Do you know if something else besides Peter being intimate with the other women triggered Madison to leave? She accepted the rose met his family & then decided to leave.Just curious if something else happened or if Madison just realized she couldn’t get past what happens on overnights. I don’t know. I think that was the root of it. Maybe she woke up final rose ceremony morning, realized how real things were about to get, and that sent her in a tailspin where she realized she couldn’t be there anymore. I could see that.

4. After the after will please tell us some of the potential spoilers you herd? I would love to just hear them. Pretty Please. Oh, I’m sure I’ll share them. They’re all over the map.

5. Heard anymore about what Madison was filming in her hometown a couple weeks ago? No.

Hi Steve,

I certainly enjoy your perspective on this show so my questions are more for your thoughts on “why the hell would they do that??”

1. Why on earth would someone with strong religious values go on this show? You eluded to Madison going on this show for the adventure and not thinking she’d get so far. I’m not a religious person one bit and I would never sell my soul to this show. The fact that it is manipulative and sleazy seems to be completely against any moral values. I just don’t get it. It’s impossible to put ourselves in their shoes. She easily could’ve just gone on for the experience, the travel, and not even thinking she’d make it as far as she did. We just don’t know.

2. Why do they do these terrible music dates? I can think of nothing less fun than being the centre of attention of a crowd with someone I barely know and have strangers take pictures of my awkward make out. In fact, most of these dates are terrible yet somehow they are “the best date I’ve ever been on”….Make no mistake about it, EVERY 1-on-1 date, musical guest or not, is the best date any of these people have been on. It’s why I don’t put a whole hell of a lot of stock into the things people say on this show, because I know they’re told to say and act a certain way by production.

3. They really do push the line that “I’ve seen this work and I know this process works”… Interestingly enough there are many marriages/long term relationships that have come out of this. From my eyes these relationships come from a whirlwind timeline and are based on a superficial understanding of each other (IMO). Why do you think there actually have been so many couples that have formed and stayed together? I wouldn’t say so many at all. You have 1 of 23 previous Bachelors marry the final one he chose. You have 6 of the 15 Bachelorettes still with their final choice (4 married, 2 still engaged).

4. Lastly, I’ve seen you credited in more stories now. Just curious…have you noticed the traffic on your website increasing in relation to this?


Comment: No. Traffic has been great this season, but I wouldn’t say it’s any bigger or any smaller than the last few seasons. My fanbase is loyal, which is always a good thing.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. mgb970

    February 26, 2020 at 11:23 AM

    > Nov. 2nd rose ceremony in LA.
    > Leave Nov. 3rd for Australia. All day travel.
    > Get settled in and shoot exteriors and ITMs on the 4th.

    No. When you travel to Oz, you lose 2 days on the calendar. For example, if you leave on LAX on Sunday, you land on Tuesday. Travelling west across the dateline is easier than east though but giving a whole production crew only 24 hours to adjust being in the aluminum fart tube for that long is very aggressive scheduling.

  2. nursej

    February 26, 2020 at 5:59 PM

    That’s right, when we go to Sydney AU from the PNW we leave on a Tuesday evening and arrive Thursday morning on a nonstop 15 hour flight.
    When we come back we leave on a Thursday morning and arrive home on the same Thursday morning, nonstop flight.

  3. ladyjane747

    February 26, 2020 at 8:04 PM

    Oh no, please not Tia. Couldn’t stomach her on BIP – so desperate for Colton. Tayshia wouldn’t be bad; she’s lovely and seems mature. I wouldn’t mind Kelsey. I got to like her toward the end of the season and she has a story – wears heart on her sleeve, super emotional, sad family background. I’m pulling for Kelsey.

  4. JustAnotherLauren

    February 26, 2020 at 9:32 PM

    Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey.

    Cant stand the other two….

  5. mgb970

    February 27, 2020 at 7:35 AM

    Kelsey isn’t going to be great either… she’s just as much of an emotional wreck as Victoria F is.

    Steve always makes fun of viewers who say they won’t watch a season but always do…

    …but I’m going to sit this one out. Plus, the weather is getting better, the daylight is getting longer, time to start doing stuff instead of watching so much TV. I don’t see how this upcoming season of Bachelorette is going to be even remotely interesting.

    The notion that Tia and Tayshia are in the running tells you how much this season has sucked too.

  6. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:57 AM

    The season was pretty awful as far as the women go. I can’t say for sure that Hannah Anne and Madison weren’t into Peter, but their level of interest is pretty low for a final 2. I think that explains why the show went to more extreme lengths to create drama, i.e. having the F3 women stay together. There really just wasn’t a love story there. And this drawn out ending seems like just the show trying to pull out some sort of a love story when there wasn’t one. Peter wasn’t that into Hannah Anne and Madison didn’t see it with Peter. What to do? Maybe throw in some cash & prizes to lure Madison back to film a fake ending? IDK. Not buying it. But I’m sure it will draw in some viewers, which is all they really care about. Then there can be a fake break up in a few months. By then, the Bachelorette will be on & the breakup will be a footnote. I can’t imagine it, but the only other possible ending is that Peter just doesn’t get love. The show will do everything possible to prevent that ending.

  7. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:59 AM

    As far as The Bachelorette. It’s a hard no from me on Kelsey. Tia, no. We’ve seen maybe too much of her pining for Colton. Tayshia I could see a little more. But, she’s quite a rehash at this point as well. Is there anyone else out there? I guess it really doesn’t matter.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 28, 2020 at 7:33 AM

    When I think of Tayshia, all I can think of is her back and forth with JPJ. Ugh…next! Certainly with all the woman that have been on previous Bachelor shows…that’s all they can come up with?? How bout they go back to looking for a fresh face??? If they go with someone already part of the franchise, they need someone with some pizzazz and I don’t feel Kelsey, Tia and Tayshia generate enough excitement to pull off being the lead. But then again, Arie didn’t either and that didn’t stop the powers at be. When will ABC learn to listen to their viewers??

  9. nursej

    February 28, 2020 at 10:50 AM

    rob22 – How about Kendall Long? It is too soon after the breakup with Joe (and I was hoping they would reunite) but she would be lovely!
    Hard no for Tia. I would rather have Clare and some men in there late 30s-40s.

  10. tinyred500

    February 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM

    I’d choose Clare for the next Bachelorette, I absolutely don’t want Tia, I didn’t like her on Arie’s series or BIP. Tayshia would be my next choice after Clare.

  11. lembano

    February 29, 2020 at 9:43 AM

    I think the bombshell will be he is with Kelley F. That is why she isn’t on WTA or considered for next Bachelorette.

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