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“Reader Emails” & The Kelley Flanagan Fan Club Has Lost Their F-in Mind

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What. A. Night. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get much work done last night working on some spoiler related stuff, so, while “Reader Emails” today is still pretty hefty, there’s so many I didn’t get to. I was all set to basically answer all the ones I received since about Monday when, well, stuff happened. I got to a few of them, but definitely not all. So the plan is in tomorrow’s podcast AND in the column, I will go over Peter’s spoiler for the season AND read the leftover “Reader Emails” I never got to today. There’s a few things to cover, kinda tell you how things came together, and just lay it all out there. Small details might be missing, but I have the overall picture of what went down I think pretty much nailed. I mean, when Peter started the season off by promoting that “my season won’t be spoiled by Reality Steve, and there’s a reason for it,” I thought he was a nut job. Because why would a lead say that when basically every season gets spoiled? And up to that point, I’d spoiled everything in his season up to the final 2. It was just a weird thing to say and kinda threw me off because it just didn’t make sense. However, I’m confident in things I’ve been told over the last 3 months, and with the 2 night finale coming up, I’ll lay it out there for you tomorrow. I just didn’t have time to do it today considering I was up past 1am last night taking care of some things on that end.

And you’ll clearly see I was up past 1am when you look at these screenshots I took of Instagram and Twitter DM’s that I received last night into this morning. I mean, WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. Every single photo you see below was sent to me between 10pm last night and roughly 7am this morning. Did the Kelley Flanagan Fan Club congregate last night or something? Was their objective to fire off as many DM’s to me as possible convinced that Peter is with Kelley? Do these people think before sending DM’s, or it’s just the first story they see regarding the show they just hit “send” without thinking? Anyway, the latest “hot” theory is that Peter is with Kelley because his family follows her on IG, and that’s why she wasn’t invited to the WTA. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you what I was inundated with for the last 12 hours. Enjoy…

My favorite is definitely “Peter got Kelley pregnant when they met before the show and that’s what Chris Harrison is telling him.” Really? When they met in AUGUST? You know, it’s March 4th right now, don’t you? This woman is 6 months pregnant?

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Missing my bestie ??

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“Welllll, some women don’t show at 6 months, you never know.” “You know, it’s possible that she WAS pregnant and…” Stop it. Just stop. Save it. Peter is not with Kelley. Period. End of story.

Now we can use this as a lesson moving forward in future seasons. Just because someone’s family follows a contestant, it means absolutely nothing. Peter’s parents ONLY following Kelley and NO ONE else, and yet, Peter isn’t with Kelley. Lets put that silly social media theory to rest for good now. Moving on…

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…



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