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“Reader Emails” & The Kelley Flanagan Fan Club Has Lost Their F-in Mind

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Hello Steve,

I agree with your take on Madison having every right to be on the show and express her faith and standards on sexual encounters. In order to really get to know a person, they both would need to share their beliefs, expectations, and values. For me, I would never go on a show like this for any reason, but even more so with having standards as Madison, which I do. However, she has every right to go on as any one else. While it may be rare, you may encounter another Sean Lowe who shares those values. However this is Peter Weber. Yes, we know his history with Hannah B. Even with that, there is always the possibility he would have taken into consideration Madison’s feelings/concerns if he was totally in love with her, solely.

I also applaud you for pointing out the manner in which Madison shared her concerns and how she did not condemn Peter nor the other ladies. One statement I TOTALLY agree with Madison is when she said she would have a problem accepting an engagement when he just slept with someone else or persons days before. I realize people vary on the value, importance, or meaning of sexual intimacy or just plain out devalue it all together. I didn’t understand Hannah B’s 4 encounters with Peter and he was her 3rd choice! I really wonder how Peter felt about that. Did he struggle with having that deep level of intimacy and then being dumped the next day just for her to become engaged to someone else as well. I know he took it hard. But apparently his deep intimate moments with Hannah doesn’t and didn’t carry much weight with either him or Hannah. And if that’s the case in that situation, then why was it such a big deal of what Jed Wyatt did. I digress.

Madison places herself and intimacy at a high level and desires for the person she is to be with to share the same values. Even though Peter had his history with Hannah B, if he really, really loved, Madison and considered her feelings, he could have handled things differently. I also agree with Peter having the right to make his own decision, which he did; and that’s fine. Madison also had the right to walk away.

Now where Madison kept the conversation just about her, which was commendable and best, I am going to take it to the other ladies. What I don’t understand is, if Hannah Ann and Victoria are both “in love” with Peter, how can they be okay and playing patty-cake knowing Peter slept with the other. Again, that’s just me

Comment: Yeah, it’s different strokes for different folks really. There are people in the past who have slept with more than one person on overnights and are still with the person they chose today. So it’s not an all-or-nothing thing for everyone, that’s for sure.

Hi Steve:

Uh, that wasn’t a stick up Chris Harrison’s ***. It was a self-inserted wilted rose stem covered in thorns.

Your commentary and your spoilers enhance and challenge what would otherwise be a dull, clichéd hack-job of a TV show and its dullard host. Thank you — and don’t stop doing what you do. Your fan base is probably much bigger than the dullard host’s at this point.

Comment: You know what’s funny about Chris’ rant last week about spoilers? Is that he’s ranting during the season where the ending HASN’T BEEN SPOILED! I don’t get him.

Hi Steve, Thank you for fan emails earlier today. I appreciate you and look forward to your emails. First time emailer.

When the producers put out questions to us for example, who do you want to see as next Bachelorette or who are Peter’s final 2, are they putting these out as feelers in order to gauge the promos in order to trick us so we’ll be surprised by outcome?

Again thank you for all you do! I visit your site several times a day.

Comment: Well, they’ve always trolled their audience. That’s nothing new. They’ll ask every year who the public wants as Bachelor or Bachelorette, but at the end of the day, they’re gonna choose who they want to choose. And it’s certainly not because the audience told them to. Because no matter what choice they make, they can always justify it by saying that fans wanted that person. Why? Because EVERY contestant has a fan base. Will they ever address all the negative comments that came when guys like Arie, Nick, Colton, and Peter were chosen? Of course not. They just sell you on how many people DID like him. It’s a never ending cycle.

Hey Steve,

You said a few times today in response to reader emails that Peter wanted to have his cake and eat it too. PREACH. When he said to Madi, “Would you really give up forever for something that happened this week?” I wanted to punch him through the screen. Yes, Peter, that is why marriages crumbles and relationships end. He was basically admitting with that one question that he thought Madi wouldn’t stand strong in what she had previously said and was admitting that he was going to have his cake and eat it too. I would love nothing more than for Madi to stand firm and not end up with Peter, and then have Hannah Ann reject him too because she knows she’s the second choice. Is there still a chance?? There’s a chance for anything.

Also interested to hear your thoughts on Nick Viall’s theory.

Comment: Someone sent me Nick’s theory, but I forgot it.

Hi Steve

Huge fan of your website and podcast! I’ve watched The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since the very start and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment publicly on the show. Would love to hear your take on this but also the audience’s. I love it when parents ask tough questions and show their skepticism during hometowns, aka the much needed reality check. However, we’ve yet to see a parent seek direct 100% confirmation that a proposal IS going to happen, that their son or daughter IS « The chosen one », and take action based on the response. I’d like to see a parent directly ask: «Is my daughter/son the person you are going to propose to or at least seek a serious relationship with at the end of this; then see them take actions based on the answer. We’ve seen parents « try » to ask this in the past but in less direct ways and accept vague responses. It makes me think that parents might be given do’s and dont’s by production (which then makes me wonder why parents go along with it)…

Comment: I don’t think they’d show that for the sole reason that the lead would not be able to answer that directly. Because then that basically gives away the ending and what they’re thinking. They have to let the audience believe every season that the lead is torn between 4 women, and they’re all on equal playing fields by the time hometowns roll around. And we know that’s just not the case.

Hey Steve,

Peter’s mother Barbara’s tearful plea has clearly been a key point of speculation throughout the season but it has always rubbed me the wrong way. I mean really – should a grown mans mother be making such a definitive and emotional directive like this ? It actually reminded me of Arie’s season during the final 2 when Arie’s parents flat out said they thought Becca was a better choice. Then Arie chose Becca even though he was very clearly more into Lauren – we all know how that ended. In this case, Madi leaving was perhaps the right thing for both Madi and Peter, but if Peter’s mother gets in his head about it like this, how does he have any chance of making a clear decision? – we have already seen how indecisive he can be, easily swayed by emotion and lacking self-awareness, etc. it’s basically setting up a situation where his parents have more control over the eventual ‘outcome’ than he does, by fueling some kind of “one who got away” narrative even though Madi is better suited to someone with her beliefs. How do you see it and have other people voiced this?

Thank you !!

Comment: I think it’s a bit over-the-top to be honest. Just seems like she got caught up in the emotions, but geez, that’s a really strong sentiment to have over someone you barely know. If she’s even talking about a specific person.

Hi RS!

If you know, can you share who the highest earning bachelor and bachelorettes are and what their salary was? And similarly, the lowest earning?


Comment: Well, those aren’t public knowledge, so no one really knows what the highest grossing one is. However, DeAnna admitted on my podcast she did the “Bachelorette” for $10k, so, I can’t imagine ANYONE did it for less than that. I still can’t believe that’s what DeAnna got paid to be the lead. Holy smokes. Maybe that means the ones before her didn’t make much either? I don’t know.

Hey, Steve! I know I missed your last reader email so I don’t know if you’ll even really see this. But I have to ask— I was listening to Bachelor Happy Hour and I was shocked at how hard they all went in on Madison for not wanting Peter to sleep with anyone else. I was especially shocked at Chris Harrison. He sounded disgusted with her and even went so far as to call her arrogant. All because she expressed that she would be hurt if the guy she was falling in love with slept with someone else, as I think any of us would be. Then they all talked about how much they admired Hannah Ann and VICTORIA F for how they ‘handled the Madison situation’. I just….what?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I haven’t finished the podcast and I don’t know if I will. It made me sick. Naturally there was also the Luke P comparison. A lot of people have sent me this. I didn’t listen. Hearing that makes my brain fry. No need to spend time dissecting it.

I get that Rachel and Becca were Bachelorettes so they have Peters perspective and Chris Harrison is a guy so he thinks with…you know. But not every Bachelor or Bachelorette has slept with multiple people. Hell, even Nick Viall didn’t, shocker of all shockers. Sean Lowe didn’t and he actually *gasp* married his final choice. Colton stopped the whole damn show bc he loved Cassie. You don’t have to sleep with someone to know if you want a serious relationship with them. So why are they all saying they were proud of Peter bc he couldn’t keep it in his pants?! I’m so floored and disgusted and I actually found it really unprofessional of Chris to speak about a contestant like that. Did they just not like her bc she didn’t feed into the drama or was too religious? I just don’t get it. It’s really hard to say without listening to it, which I don’t plan to do.

Aside from the fact that basically no one goes on that show ‘for the right reasons’ anymore, do you think one reason the vast majority of Bachelor Nation couples fail is bc the final choice has to then watch and contend with their fiancé/fiancée making out with, having sex with, and saying the same things to the other contestants? Wasn’t that what ended Lauren and Ben? I know I would never be able to get over that.

Also, I had to laugh when they asked Chris about the three women staying together and he spun it into this whole thing about forcing Peter to make the hard choice. ‘Tough love’, Chris Harrison called it. Again….what?! Please, tell me your thoughts on this. I can’t even deal.

Comment: It’s a garbage answer and he knows it. They didn’t HAVe to make them live together. They still could’ve gotten the same result if they didn’t, because it all came down to Madison’s talk with Peter anyway. She was last, he’d already been intimate, so there’s your story. It was clearly done to make Madison uncomfortable and they succeeded.

Good morning Steve!

This is just a random question that I have. So when there is a one on one the two have a day portion and a dinner portion and they always change clothes and get all dolled up for the dinner. My question is, do they pack clothes/makeup for the dinner and get ready wherever? Or do they go back to the house and change and get ready and then go back to wherever the dinner will be?

Comment: No, a second outfit is brought and you change in a different location. You don’t go back to the resort or wherever everyone else is staying.

Hey RS!

Just listened to your recent podcast. It was very entertaining. I look forward to your podcasts every week. I can so relate to your experience to Texas De Brazil. I was in San Francisco several years ago. My husband forced me to to go to a Brazilian steakhouse. I had no clue whatsoever what I signed up for. As you stated, I kept thinking it would end. AND. IT. NEVER. DID lol. To this very day, I have never eaten more food in my life. I can remember how miserable I was when we finally stopped eating and left. We got back to our hotel and I just wanted to die right there from being so full. So I can totally feel your pain. Ironically, here in Birmingham, AL we have a Texas De Brazil steakhouse. My husband begs me to go, and I still refuse haha. I tell him that he and his friends can go, but there’s no way I’m doing that again. It’s perfect for Keto for anyone who is low carb. Anyway, thought I’d share. Also, do you recommend a Magic Spoon flavor? I want to try it. I’ve been doing keto for almost 3 years and every other cereal that I have tried wasn’t great. Thanks again. I like the Chocolate Magic Spoon one the best. But obviously, taste is completely subjective on something like that. I like it though.

My question isn’t Bachelor/Bachelorette related. I was wondering if you are planning or considering joining Patreon? I would definitely subscribe and pay if you did. It would be nice to have a non-bachelor bonus podcast weekly with you and Ashley and/or guest host weekly to discuss real life issues. (I love your podcast with Ashley btw) Anyway, just curious. (Sorry if it’s been asked previously). I’ve never looked into Patreon. Maybe I will.

Btw loved the video with Luka. I can so relate. I have a Frenchie with very short legs. She refuses to use the stairs to get into my 4 foot bed. So I have to pick her up every single night to put her in the bed. However, she still doesn’t use them when she decides to jump off the bed in the mornings. Looks like she is going to break something but what do you do? Lol You just keep doing what you’re doing and hope that they will use said ramp/stairs. Yeah, if I walk Luka to the base of the stairs by her collar, she’ll walk up it. But unless I do that, no chance. She just wants to jump up, which is so much more difficult than using a ramp. I don’t get it.

Thanks again for the entertainment. Thanks also for responding to my email a few weeks ago. I 100% agree Chris Harrison wouldn’t dare go on your podcast because you’d call him out within 2 seconds. Funny everyone kisses his ass soooooo bad on their podcasts but totally say other things when he’s not there. We all know that definitely would not happen with you. Also, I think it’s funny about what he said on Ashley’s podcast about spoilers. I find it very interesting that his gf follows you on social media… 🙂 LZ definitely enjoys the tea you’re spilling.

Comment: I mean, it’s honestly not even worth entertaining the idea of Chris coming on the podcast. He’d never do it. Especially if it was no holds barred and I was allowed to ask anything. Because then he’s toast. So if they ever came to me and said he’d do it, but I wasn’t allowed to talk about this this and this, I wouldn’t agree. So yeah, it’s basically never happening.



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