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“Reader Emails” & The Kelley Flanagan Fan Club Has Lost Their F-in Mind

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Hey Steve,

Huge fan here! I’m so grateful for your work. I come to your site almost daily.

My burning question is… why does Victoria F. tell Madison and Hannah Ann that her hometown went great? Madi specifically said, “How was your hometown? Was it good?” And Victoria looked at her and said mmhmm… like… that’s just a straight-up lie. That’s not bending the truth. It’s a lie. Peter didn’t even meet her family and her family sat inside probably for hours waiting on them. That is not an “mmhmmm” good hometown. I’m pissed that she lied and why is #BachelorNation not pissed? I know she’s manipulative but Im surprised Victoria would lie like that to friends. Plus Victoria has to know this is a TV show and the other women are going to see her hometown. To me Victoria acts like everyone and everything else is the problem when it’s actually looking back at her in the mirror.

What a liar.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: When you said, “I’m surprised Victoria would lie like that to friends,” I had to chuckle. 1) She’s lying to herself about her pre-show relationships with married men, so lying to other people is nothing to her 2) She doesn’t consider Madi a friend and 3) She would never let either of the other two know what an absolute dumpster fire her hometown date was.

Hi! Do you think it’s possible the news that Chris has for Peter is that Hannah Ann has also decided to leave the show because she doesn’t want to be the default winner? He’s already said that news it not about Hannah, and that may explain why he is freaking out. I think he ends up chasing Hannah Ann in the end, because the person we usually think the Bachelor SHOULD end up with and WILL pick is often NOT the person he picks. Because, “guys and their stupid penis brains”.

Comment: No. But “guys and their stupid penis brains” should be on a t-shirt soon.

Hi Steve!

With the news of Clare Crawley being cast as this year’s Bachelorette, will ABC release Juan Pablo’s season to watch before her season like they did for Nick and Arie? I’m trying to find a place to watch since I skipped after hearing he was an awful Bachelor. The only option I can find is to buy on Amazon, but I’m really interested in owning the show.


Comment: I doubt it only because we’re less than two weeks away from filming beginning.

You’re going to hate me for this but I would love to see you being cast in Clare’s season.

Comment: Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’ll stick to my day job, thanks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you do for us!

Quick question – do you think Victoria Fuller got a pretty nice edit this season considering all the negativity about her that they seemingly glossed over? I sure do. She has a record for a DUI, has a history of breaking up marriages, supported a clothing brand that insinuated “White Lives Matter”, told Peter that she dated Chris Rice when he said on a podcast it was only a one night stand, and had bullied people throughout her high school career. She also seems very catty throughout the season, but they never gave her that “villain” edit. They’re even giving her a platform on WTA to address the breaking up marriage situation so she can blatantly lie and say she never did that.

Do you also think they’re giving her a nice edit?

Comment: I wouldn’t say nice edit at all. People have seen how she’s handled herself this season. Obviously that’s subjective, but I think a majority would look at her as the villain this season for sure. Basically friends and family are the only people that think she came off good this season.

Hi Steve!

In light of Andrea Cameron’s passing, I started wondering what would happen if the bachelor/bachelorette were to lose a parent/sibling during filming or post-filming but before the finale. A lot of people were pushing for Tyler to be bachelor so if he had been, do you think the producers would have told his F1 she couldn’t attend funeral services or be with him because the finale was still two weeks away? Would they still have a live After the Final Rose or do you think they’d film it at a later time? What if something like this were to happen to the lead during filming? Would they put production on hold until the lead got their affairs in order? I know we’ve seen contestants go home for losses but I never really thought of how they’d handle if something similar happened to the lead. Just curious to see your thoughts!

Comment: Well, lets just hope the show is never in that position. I gotta believe they have a contingency plan if something like that were to ever happen. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure they’ve thought through it.

Hi Steve,

writing this question it’s not confirmed yet if the guy you would be giddy about (Bachelorette casting rumour) is on the show or not. But Clare is confirmed.

That in mind I’d like to know if this guy could be so important to the franchise that they would build the Bachelorette around him? He must be kind of famous or at least famous in the Bachelor world when you know him and are so pumped about the rumour. Can you imagine they wanted him as a contestant so much they choose the Bachelorette AFTER he said yes/no?

So: Does he ‘fit’ to Clare? In some way he would have to fit to her, even if they want him only to prepare for next Bachelor. But there must be a tiny fit to keep him long enough. This is addressed on page 1.

I was wondering bc the rumour about the guy and the announcement was so close. He for sure didn’t auditioned the typical way, you would’ve known earlier.
If they choose the Bachelorette taking into account if he is on the show – there’s something irritating about it. I wish Clare an uplifting season with all about her and a good experience.

Perhaps this guy is not a contestant, I still would like to know if you can imagine they choose the Bachelorette considering his participation – or not.

Thank you!

Comment: I don’t think whether he makes it on the show or not had any bearing on Clare. They’re not casting the best possible 30 men that fit Clare perfectly. They’re casting a TV show.

Hi Steve,

Clare is announced, casting will continue: Any chance they ask Peter Kraus – and he’d join? That would be a major ratings boost. Do you know if he is single and willing to enter the Bachelor world again? I have no idea what he’s up to, his dating status, etc.

And do you see any other contestants from earlier seasons that would fit and perhaps would come back? Not off the top of my head, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t pull somebody.

Btw wouldn’t be surprised they bring Benoit for a ‘visit’. Clare knows the franchise good enough to be aware of these possibilities I guess.

And as there is always a theme for the season, Clare’s might be: Never give up on love! She already said it on GMA.

Thank you!

Comment: And with as many times as she referenced guys in their “armor” on GMA, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone shows up in some suit of armor.

Dear Reality Steve,

The appointment of Clare Crawley as Bachelorette raises a great many questions. As an older, long-time fan of the franchise, I’ve always enjoyed Clare, so I think the season will be fun. However, I want to ask for your thoughts about what this means for the franchise as a whole?

It’s pretty clear that young contestants use the show to advance “careers” as influencers. This has created the clusterf**ks we’ve seen recently, because it’s no longer a show that can pitch love as its core competency. Without this justification, it became a contest to see who could draw the most attention to themselves for when the show is over. Then there’s the issue of violating the sanctity of the final rose ceremony. Moreover, such young people just aren’t as loyal to the franchise. Look at Tyler Cameron and the way he has glommed onto the Hollywood scene and doesn’t really hang with franchise people.

The question is does this alter the content of the shows downstream?

Some have pointed out that if the next Bachelor comes from this group of contestants, he will be older, too. Wash, rinse, repeat. So, again, does this signal a change in the way the programs are presented downstream? I don’t think so. First, we need to see the official cast list. Once we get that, I still think there might be some late 20’s guys on this season. Clare might not pick them, but they will be BIP candidates, and possible “Bachelor” candidates. But once next season rolls around, no matter who the “Bachelor” is and how old he may be, they’re still going to lean towards younger women. They always have. Arie and Nick were both mid 30’s, and most of their women were in the mid 20’s range. That’s never really changed.

I also think it’s astonishing that they would select a person who’s been on your podcast TWICE! Surely they know you have a good relationship with their star, so what does this tell you about your role in Bachelor Nation?

Get ready for a hell of a ride. Do we really think those guys are ready?

Comment: Age talk will DEFINITELY be something brought up all season long. Get ready for it.

Hey Steve,

Thanks again for sharing with us ahead of time the spoilers that Clare is the Bachelorette! You nailed it again!

I think Clare is going to be an AWESOME bachelorette! I am a fan already and I am so looking forward to her season! She is awesome, knows what she wants, is open to love again and falls hard. Besides she seems quite ready to find her man and have a family.

Quick questions to you regarding Clare as the bachelorette:

1. Is Clare the oldest bachelorette cast so far in the history of the show? You stated that she is currently 38, going to 39 end of March. So that means she was born in 1981. I’d imagine that most of her friends should have kids and/or are married by now. She still will be a great lead of this show and someone is definitely ready to settle down and find love. Yes. It’s not even close. I believe Rachel was 31 or 32 during her seasons. She was the oldest at the time. Hell, Clare is the second oldest lead, male OR female, this show has ever had behind Byron Velvick who was 40.

2. I wonder how the cast of her guys will be. Definitely will be interesting to see the age average of her guys. It’s going to be higher. As I mentioned, they’ve already cut both 25 year olds that I had. That 26 year old I had listed in my tweets over the weekend is out too.

3. Is it true that production is scrambling now to change some of the overseas location(s) last minute because of the corona virus outbreak?? Is this rumor true? Are they changing some of the locations now ? Can you share with us what you know about this?

Thanks for spoiling this franchise! I am a big fan and love your site.

Comment: From what I’m hearing, international travel is being put on hold for the time being. They’re scrambling to find US cities to host episodes and they’ve got less than 2 weeks to do it.



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