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“Reader Emails” & The Kelley Flanagan Fan Club Has Lost Their F-in Mind

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Knowing how firm Victoria F. has stood in her comments about being the other woman and ending relationships/marriages, under what circumstances would you release proof of her involvement in those relationships? I understand consent would have to be given from the women involved and there’s no reason VF would’ve admitted to the affairs either. But it’s so frustrating for the majority of the Bachelor audience not to see the truth unless they have gone on Reddit.

Comment: This is out of my hands now. I’ve reported all I could up to this point. If these women don’t want to come forward, there’s nothing more to say, and Victoria got what she wanted, which was a he said, she said. That’s fine. I stand by my reporting.

Hi Steve! So awful the hate you have received because you haven’t spoiled the ending. You have a great record and I enjoy any spoilers you share.

I am curious to know why you think this season has been hard to get confirmation on the correct ending of the show.

Comment: There really isn’t an explanation other than every season is different. Because one seasons is easy, doesn’t mean the very next season might not be hard. And vice versa. Because it took so long for Peter’s spoiler, doesn’t have any bearing on spoilers for Clare’s season. We’ll see I guess.

Hey there!

1) Very excited about Clare but just had unsettling thought- will this result in 40 yr old men running around on the BIP beach this summer with 23 yr olds?! No.

2) Has Kelley been totally cut off by production? Does this boost our chances of hearing her on your podcast sooner rather than later?

Comment: That’s a good question. I mean, I might need her on ASAP just for my own sanity after what you saw on Page 1 today.

Hi Steve!

I hope you and Luca are having a good week. Regarding Peter’s season–If not knowing how a TV show ends pisses people off, I’d hate to see how they handle real life problems lol. The Bachelor is the only thing in life we really know the ending to, honestly. You’re great-keep your head up.

A few questions:

1. You said there is a person that came forward with a story about a contestant on Peter’s season and it would eventually be on your podcast. Does this person still plan on sharing? Hmmmm, I did? I don’t remember that. Unless you’re talking about the Victoria F. stuff. Anything I know that’s relatively serious regarding any of Peter’s contestants, I’ve reported already.

2. Peter told Lauren Zima that he felt deceived and planned on confronting certain women at the WTA. Honestly, I’m disappointed it didn’t happen. Do you think producers encouraged him to not confront these girls?

Thank you.

Have a good night!

Comment: It’s possible. It’s also possible he did and it got cut out from the final broadcast. That taping goes on for 7-8 hrs. And we see 80 minutes of it. And actually, this season was less since the first 30 minutes of the broadcast was the rose ceremony in Australia.

Hi Steve,

Have you heard/seen why Sarah Coffin has been pretty much nonexistent this season?! It blows my mind. She is beautiful and seems really incredible. I wish we had gotten to know her more.

Comment: When you don’t cause drama, or yell, or eye roll, or mean mug, or basically talk shit on your fellow castmates, you are disposable to them.

Hi Steve,

Now that Victoria has publicly denied any wrongdoing or responsibility of ending relationships, what’s the likelihood that the former friends/wives of the men who cheated with Victoria will come forward with receipts? Do you think anyone from Virginia Beach will go to the media with proof to expose her lies or allow you to share what you now about Victoria’s past actions?

If what you’ve been told in confidence is true, I will have a raging justice boner until she is served her karma.

Comment: No. I think the only people who can are the women involved. And I really don’t see them coming forward to re-live such a shitty time in their lives. Victoria knows what she did.

Hi Steve! Hope all is well! Almost time for the finale. Sooo excited.

When Chris says Peter doesn’t even know how it all ends. What do you think he means by this? I have an idea.

I know you said Madi self eliminates at some point after meeting his parents. I don’t think either of them is wrong for their beliefs. She’s not wrong for waiting until marriage and he’s not wrong for wanting sex. But if I was Peter I’d be pissed that she changed her mind last minute. Why accept his rose if it’s something you couldn’t get past? It’s complicated.

I can’t believe the amount of people still defending Victoria F cause “there’s no proof it’s just rumors” she was never going to admit to it on national TV. She’s already getting hate, can you imagine the hate she would get if she admitted it? Her best bet was to deny it. Well that was a given. I told you that back on Oct. 28th when I first reported the story that she was gonna deny it the first chance she got. It was a horrible way to handle it, but hey, that’s what she chose to do.

Any news you’ve heard as to why Kelley wasn’t invited to the tell all? Pretty sure production doesn’t like her.

About how they talked about the bullying and hate messages people get, it’s partly the producers fault. They create these scenarios and give people bad edits to where they know its going to happen. I mean the producers live for the drama and arguing between the contestants. But then again, people watch for the drama not for the love story. Just a thought. I just hope when people do criticize it’s about someone’s behavior and not their appearance. Producers absolutely play a role in this. It’s a joke how they hide behind segments like the one with Rachel. Just comes across as completely tone deaf. But that’s pulling back the curtain on the show and that’s just not something they’ll ever do or admit publicly.

Speaking of, I’m surprised Tammy was crying about being bullied when she was the biggest bully on this season, in my opinion. I’m just surprised she wrote this giant apology on IG after she was eliminated for how she acted, then went and did the exact same thing on WTA.

I am also surprised at how positive people are being about Clare being the bachelorette. Most are in agreement we need more mature casting. I’ve heard her speak before and do interviews. She sounds great for the role. What’s your opinion on Clare being the bachelorette? As I’ve always said, I don’t really care who the lead is as long as there’s a season. With that said, Clare is the first lead of this show who was previously on my podcast. So will it be a little weird watching her season? Yeah a little.

Is there any way you can reveal your theory of how it will all end? Yes. Tomorrow. In the podcast and the column.

Lastly, ignore the haters. Theres so many of us out there who appreciate you! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to try and get every detail down for each season. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

Comment: Thanks. This season has been a whirlwind, no doubt. Tomorrow will be a nice relief.

Hey Steve!

Long time reader but I’ve never written in before. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that when Chris Harrison asked Victoria if she had broken up any marriages she denied it but she was nodding while she said it. Classic way to tell if someone is lying to you, has some kind of name like micro expressions or something like that. Thought that was interesting and quite revealing. I didn’t notice, but you aren’t the first person who told me this. I mean, I know the truth. The other women know the truth. And Victoria knows the truth. She’s the one that has to live with herself.

I am happy to hear Claire announced as the bachelorette. I think it will oddly enough freshen up the series (even though we are technically going back a bit). I’ve watched the show from the beginning and lately it just seems to be getting intolerable. Too many people just trying to get D list famous and it just seems so inauthentic. At least before people may have wanted to be on tv or go on an adventure but they seemed more believable than any of the ‘influencers’ we are bombarded with now. Plus Claire has the whole story with the letter from her deceased father and I think viewers can really get onboard with her. I hope this works out for her.

Thanks for all the work you do on the site! I discovered your site after Jason’s season and I have enjoyed being ‘in the know’ ever since.

Comment: Actually I think it’s a DVD from her dad to her future husband to be shown on the wedding night. So unless I’m mixing the facts up, I don’t think we’ll see that this season.

Hi Steve!

I saw your tweet about the crazy person who sent you that awful DM. When I read it, it honestly made me laugh because it was so utterly ridiculous. My question is do you ever have to laugh when you get messages like that? How good are you at separating their hurtful words so they don’t effect you? (Can you tell I’m a therapist, haha!)

Also, thanks for all you do! Your site is the reason I keep watching this train wreck.

Comment: All you can do is laugh at stuff like that. Thankfully, I’ve never gotten anything threatening before like some of the contestants have. I just deal with more annoying trolls. The contestants deal with legit crazy people that think they know them. I kinda do as well, maybe a little, but not nearly on that level of the contestants fanbase.

Hi Steve,

I need to vent. As awesome and courageous as last night’s PSA over bullying was, it is only going to make haters worse. Haters feed off of knowing that their words bother these contestants. Telling haters not to do something is just like telling a child, “don’t touch that” as they touch it immediately after while making eye contact with you. All these ladies on stage crying and showing how bothered they are by these words is only going to make matters worse. I am not saying people shouldn’t have feelings nor care, but do that privately so haters don’t know how much it bothers you. Show publicly that you don’t care and eventually the fun of sending hurtful messages will go away because they will see that it doesn’t bother them. I don’t think these messages will ever stop but I think it will eventually not be such a MAJOR problem if they show how much they don’t care. People are mean, hurtful, and ruthless in person much less behind a screen where no one can see them. Yeah, it was kinda the point I was making yesterday. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, I’m just being a realist and preparing people for future seasons. This isn’t just all the sudden gonna stop. Trolls are gonna troll. And if you block them, they’ll just make another account to harass you. So unfortunately while it’s great to get the message out there to basically knock it off, ultimately will it change anything? Not really.

I also have major issues with Sydney as well. The entire time she was crying last night and talking about how hard her life was growing up, I was nonstop rolling my eyes. Wasn’t she prom queen and well-liked in high school? Oh, I forgot, she ate lunch every day her senior year in a bathroom stall. I don’t think she was prom queen. But the eating lunch in the bathroom stall every day of my senior year thing seems to have some holes in it based on evidence presented.

Lastly, not only is Victoria F. a home wrecker now, but she’s also a liar. Straight up LIED last night on stage about ruining relationships.

Thanks for the venting sesh!

Comment: No problem. I’m here for your venting. Come. Sit down. Relax on my couch and tell me all your feelings.

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