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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, and Chris Harrison Speaks on Spoilers

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Hi there! I was just curious if you think if Hannah B (who’s my fav) doesn’t come back as the bachelorette she comes back for summer games? Right now it seems she’s focusing a lot on getting in shape, and not just any shape but like beast mode strong.

Comment: Well, her getting in shape has to do with 6 dates upcoming on the DWTS Live Tour at the end of March. I also don’t see her doing “Summer Games.” Just seems like when you reach a certain level of notoriety within this franchise, and she is the most followed contestant on IG in show history, that they kinda look down on a show like that.

Hey Steve!

Long time reader and first time emailer. I want to start by saying thank you. Reading your site (even while the show is off air filming) is the only way to watch this show anymore. It cuts through all the BS and pulls back the curtain in a way that makes you understand how fake it all is. But more importantly, my family has been going through some terrible losses and over the last year your site has been a welcome distraction and way for everyone to forget the big things, if only for a little while so THANK YOU!!!!

First note: you keep saying that theres no chance Tayshia would be bachelorette. But Robert Mills thinks she’s the most beautiful contestant they have ever had. He’s completely enamored with her when he talks about her. It might not be so off track. But i think its going to be Hannah Brown again. SMH. Well, we know Hannah Brown is out now (this email was sent before Hannah was announced for DWTS Live Tour which happens during “Bachelorette” filming). Did I say no chance on Tayshia? I guess I’d be surprised if it was her, but, being one of the few single people from a past season even eligible, I guess that means we can’t rule her out.

Second note: So if no one else is going to say it, then I will. Peter is a f**k boy. Maybe one dresssed in sheep’s clothing with his Ben and Nick have a baby look and aww shucks-ness, but still a f**k boy. Lets look at the evidence…

He’s very sexual with Hannah Brown. He spent her season throwing her up against walls and making out with her every chance he got. After a few weeks of pent up sexlessness he gets off four times in a night. Kudos. This season he has led with physical attraction. He’s spent double the amount of time making out with the girls as he has having actual conversations with them.

Then there’s this: option 1) he was really into Madison and went into fantasy week thinking its her. But its been a few weeks and he needed to get it in thinking she wouldn’t find out which makes him a hurtful moron. Option 2: he isn’t into madison as much as we think and just wanted to have sex with as many as possible and then rationalized how that makes him look so he wants her or her leaving makes him want to chase her. That makes him a f**k boy. This is a guy who calls his car “my baby” and keeps condoms in the center console!!! Can we all agree on this already?!??

Thanks Steve!

Comment: I think we can agree he likes sex. Like most red blooded males do. I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

Hey man,

I’m definitely new to the Bachelor/Bachelorette series (I think I started watching half way through Arie’s season) and found your site during this season. I haven’t read into the auditions for this, but it seems to me that contestants can play pretty loose with their skeletons in the closet and what they admit to producers. To me it seems like Victoria F either believes herself to be a master manipulator and thought that she could keep her dating history pretty quiet. Her reaction to Chase Rice seemed to me that up to that point she didn’t think it would all come to light and she was safe from the producers digging, and then from that point on she was on the defense.

Once Alayah returned and started talking about everything that she learned since she had phone/internet, now Victoria has to deal with the chance that Alayah would tell Peter about the rest of her history and she’d be gone a lot sooner than where she is now.

So my question would be, with all of the information gathered from your sources, does she seem like she is the master manipulator who underestimated the Bachelor/Bachelorette casting team? Master manipulator who had no clue what she was getting into when she agreed to do this show. Totally clueless. And her actions now prove it even further. She has no idea how to navigate social media right now. Then again, most don’t.

Also, if this all blows up even more at WTA or After the Final Rose, would this scare her away from being in further Bachelor in Paradise/ Games since she’s lost control of the situation or will she continue full speed ahead and try to salvage her almost non-existent reputation?

Thanks for your hard work, I throughly enjoy getting the behind the scenes looks and what lengths the producers/editing team go through to make this show!

Comment: I think for sure we’ll see her BIP. It’d be an upset if she wasn’t on it. She absolutely wants to get fame out of this, and if she disappears after one “Bachelor” season, that isn’t gonna help build her brand.

Hi Steve,

Like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy reading your commentary and appreciate the time you take in getting the info out there.

I was wondering if you believe the Stagecoach Music Festival will again be a factor in the upcoming BIP season, and if so, will you have the details?

Comment: Kinda hard to predict when it hasn’t even taken place yet. But you can bet if there’s any women from Peter’s season and/or guys from previous seasons or even from the upcoming “Bachelorette” season who’d been eliminated that go, you can bet they certainly wouldn’t hold back on any storylines.

Hi Steve,

I haven’t watched this train-wreck of a show for a number of years now until this season. When did the Monkey Jump and the Monkey Wrap become a thing? I think it started in Matt Grant’s season when Shayne Lamas used to jump up and wrap her legs around him, and he would call her “Monkey.” Remember that? I think she did it from the back as well as the front, IIRC. Maybe it started in earlier seasons? If you can’t remember, some of the B fans can chime in. She was definitely nicknamed “monkey” (as discussed in my podcast with Chelsea Wanstrath), but not sure where the leg wrap started.

A behavior I didn’t notice in the older seasons (since I last watched) that I am seeing in this season, is how the woman scream and pile on the bed like schoolchildren whenever they go to a new hotel. I want to know, is this something the producers tell or encourage them to do? Because we all know it is natural to scream when you enter a hotel room, and then all run and pile on the bed. Ha ha! I remember my brothers doing something similar when they were 8 or 9 years old. This show is ridiculous!

Good job and keep on spoilin’!

Comment: It’s just a way to show excitement about being in a new place. Every hotel in every country is the most beautiful room they’ve ever been in. We see it every season, this isn’t new.

Hi Steve, I have a few questions for reader emails…

Now that Peter and his producer Julie were spotted again, do you think they planned this just to fuel the rumors and keep people interested? Do you think the producers are enjoying this “Peter is in love with his producer” story as it’s probably a much more interesting speculated ending than what actually happens? I’m sure they love all speculation surrounding the ending.

Have they begun the contestant casting for Bachelorette already? If so, do they ask perspective contestants who they want as the Bachelorette? They’ve already cast the guys just like they do for every season. The cast is picked before the lead is. It will never change. That’s why I always say this show isn’t looking for a love story when their “contestants” are picked before they even know who their lead is. So clearly they’re not looking for the 25-30 most perfect fits for their lead.

Do you ever get fake spoilers or people making shit up about contestants pretending to know them? Knowing you get a lot of emails from people dishing about a contestant they “know” or were friends with, etc. I would think some people just want to make things up to see if it goes anywhere…

Comment: Yup. Kinda easy to see who’s lying. The second I start asking questions that they can’t answer, or, they just disappear never to email again. Happens all the time.

Hi Steve,

Been a fan for a couple seasons now but never really had anything I wanted to ask till now.. don’t know if you’ve spoken specifically about it but was just wondering bc I noticed that you’ve mentioned it a couple of times vaguely. Who exactly considered themselves the “cats” (I have ideas I just wanna know specifically) this season and who did they consider the “rats”. I find it utterly ridiculous so thus im very curious at who’s this immature. Also wondering because they didn’t air it but what exactly happened when Victoria chased someone down the stairs? So over her. Thanks!

Comment: The cats were definitely both Victoria’s, Natasha, Sydney, and Lexi. All you need to do is see how many pictures they’ve posted together on IG just the 5 of them, including references to cats, to know it’s them. I don’t remember Victoria chasing anyone down the stairs? Did she? Which Victoria?

Hey Steve! Thanks for all you do!

Random questions:

What did you get Rachel and Bryan for their wedding? Did you get a thank you card? I got them a gift, and honestly, I already forgot what it was. It was off their registry though. Crap. It’s really bothering me I forgot what it was. Serving dishes I think? No, I haven’t received a thank you card yet.

Do you think Hannah Brown will go to Paradise? Do you think the producers will be trying to push her back with Tyler (or another of her cast members) there? No, not Hannah Brown. Again, sees herself above that show.

Do you think Hannah held off on joining the DTWS tour until it was confirmed that she wasn’t the next Bachelorette? Probably.

Are your sources the same one or two every season or do you have many different methods of collecting your information? I mean, this question…

Did Listen To Your Heart go abroad or did they stay in the US (or more specifically CA)? Stayed in the US. Vegas and Nashville were two places where some of the performances took place. Finale was in Nashville.

Who first called you Reality Steve? I did. I just made it up. I covered reality TV and my name is Steve. I know, creative huh?

When you got the first spoiler, how long did it take you to realize you could make this a 6 figure salary career (as shared on Whit & Ry)? Not until it happened. I had no idea how to monetize the site. Someone came to me and told me how I could and of course I listened. I still have every month breakdown of what the site has made since it started making money in Feb. of 2010, the first month I had ads on the site. In Aug. of 2011, the site became my full time job.

Do you think a Bachelor season could work in real time? Meaning, they film throughout the week and air that most recent week on Mondays. I guess it be tough for the narrative (not knowing which contestants to feature in order to lead to a sufficient ending).

Thanks so much!

Comment: No chance.

What’s the deal with HB not staying friends with anyone from Bach nation? (they all live in LA now and never seem to be together) What happened to HHHD-K or whatever they used to call themselves, was there drama, or HB just got busy with DWTS and they grew apart?

Comment: I don’t even know what HHHD-K is. But isn’t she still friends with Demi?

Sorry for the old question but I still think about this! Did you ever post any theories or inside information about what caelynn said to Colton in the three on one date? When she snuck in and took him off camera they talked and then he kept cassie?

I know it’s all about peter now but I still think about that! Ha!

Also are her and dean married now?

Comment: I don’t even remember what that was it’s so far removed from my brain even though it was only a year ago.

I have no idea if they’re married or not. I’ve only read what everyone else has.

Hi Steve,

I’m not sure if you have mentioned the exact number before, but I know you’ve mentioned that the leads make 6 figure salaries a season. Do you know the exact number or would you say it’s more between the 100,000 to 500,000 range or above the 500,000 range. There is a big discussion about this on twitter right now.
Also I hope and pray that one day one of these dads on the hometowns is just like “yeah girl go give it to him in the fantasy suite! like go get some D!” I doubt we’d ever have a family like that on this white middle America aimed show, but times are changing sooo who knows. Anyway thanks for posting so much!

Comment: No, it’s around $100k.

The day a dad says to his daughter on this show “go get some D in the fantasy suite” is the day hell freezes over.

Hey RS!

Curious as to how this season has played out for you behind-the-scenes. I usually check your site for spoilers a couple of times per season but this season, I have been on your site wayyy more often. Has the “unspoiled” ending helped or hurt your site traffic and publicity? Have you had to do more work than usual because of the way things are playing out? It’s remained the same. Had a great first two months that’s been right on par with past seasons. My fanbase is loyal so for that I’m thankful.

I’m sure this has already been asked many times before but how did you get into spoiling the show? What I mean by that is, did you happen to have someone on “the inside” and it all fell into place or did you claw your way to the position that you are at now with insiders and info? Is your job easier or harder than when you started due the b*s* that you have to sift through vs. the amount of information people are willing to give you?

I am really fascinated by what you do and appreciate the work you put in to it.

Comment: I got my first spoiler during Jason Mesnick’s season, and pretty much ever since then, people have just liked to tell me things. I think a lot has to do with the fact I don’t reveal my sources, so, they know they can trust me.

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  1. mgb970

    February 26, 2020 at 11:23 AM

    > Nov. 2nd rose ceremony in LA.
    > Leave Nov. 3rd for Australia. All day travel.
    > Get settled in and shoot exteriors and ITMs on the 4th.

    No. When you travel to Oz, you lose 2 days on the calendar. For example, if you leave on LAX on Sunday, you land on Tuesday. Travelling west across the dateline is easier than east though but giving a whole production crew only 24 hours to adjust being in the aluminum fart tube for that long is very aggressive scheduling.

  2. nursej

    February 26, 2020 at 5:59 PM

    That’s right, when we go to Sydney AU from the PNW we leave on a Tuesday evening and arrive Thursday morning on a nonstop 15 hour flight.
    When we come back we leave on a Thursday morning and arrive home on the same Thursday morning, nonstop flight.

  3. ladyjane747

    February 26, 2020 at 8:04 PM

    Oh no, please not Tia. Couldn’t stomach her on BIP – so desperate for Colton. Tayshia wouldn’t be bad; she’s lovely and seems mature. I wouldn’t mind Kelsey. I got to like her toward the end of the season and she has a story – wears heart on her sleeve, super emotional, sad family background. I’m pulling for Kelsey.

  4. JustAnotherLauren

    February 26, 2020 at 9:32 PM

    Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey.

    Cant stand the other two….

  5. mgb970

    February 27, 2020 at 7:35 AM

    Kelsey isn’t going to be great either… she’s just as much of an emotional wreck as Victoria F is.

    Steve always makes fun of viewers who say they won’t watch a season but always do…

    …but I’m going to sit this one out. Plus, the weather is getting better, the daylight is getting longer, time to start doing stuff instead of watching so much TV. I don’t see how this upcoming season of Bachelorette is going to be even remotely interesting.

    The notion that Tia and Tayshia are in the running tells you how much this season has sucked too.

  6. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:57 AM

    The season was pretty awful as far as the women go. I can’t say for sure that Hannah Anne and Madison weren’t into Peter, but their level of interest is pretty low for a final 2. I think that explains why the show went to more extreme lengths to create drama, i.e. having the F3 women stay together. There really just wasn’t a love story there. And this drawn out ending seems like just the show trying to pull out some sort of a love story when there wasn’t one. Peter wasn’t that into Hannah Anne and Madison didn’t see it with Peter. What to do? Maybe throw in some cash & prizes to lure Madison back to film a fake ending? IDK. Not buying it. But I’m sure it will draw in some viewers, which is all they really care about. Then there can be a fake break up in a few months. By then, the Bachelorette will be on & the breakup will be a footnote. I can’t imagine it, but the only other possible ending is that Peter just doesn’t get love. The show will do everything possible to prevent that ending.

  7. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:59 AM

    As far as The Bachelorette. It’s a hard no from me on Kelsey. Tia, no. We’ve seen maybe too much of her pining for Colton. Tayshia I could see a little more. But, she’s quite a rehash at this point as well. Is there anyone else out there? I guess it really doesn’t matter.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 28, 2020 at 7:33 AM

    When I think of Tayshia, all I can think of is her back and forth with JPJ. Ugh…next! Certainly with all the woman that have been on previous Bachelor shows…that’s all they can come up with?? How bout they go back to looking for a fresh face??? If they go with someone already part of the franchise, they need someone with some pizzazz and I don’t feel Kelsey, Tia and Tayshia generate enough excitement to pull off being the lead. But then again, Arie didn’t either and that didn’t stop the powers at be. When will ABC learn to listen to their viewers??

  9. nursej

    February 28, 2020 at 10:50 AM

    rob22 – How about Kendall Long? It is too soon after the breakup with Joe (and I was hoping they would reunite) but she would be lovely!
    Hard no for Tia. I would rather have Clare and some men in there late 30s-40s.

  10. tinyred500

    February 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM

    I’d choose Clare for the next Bachelorette, I absolutely don’t want Tia, I didn’t like her on Arie’s series or BIP. Tayshia would be my next choice after Clare.

  11. lembano

    February 29, 2020 at 9:43 AM

    I think the bombshell will be he is with Kelley F. That is why she isn’t on WTA or considered for next Bachelorette.

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