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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Talk, and Chris Harrison Speaks on Spoilers

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Hey Steve,

No need to put this in reader emails but I just wanted to send a note of appreciation to both you and FP for a great podcast this week. But as a born & bred DC girl and die hard Nats fan, I LOVED that you had FP on the podcast this week. My whole family loves FP’s coverage of the Nats and it was great to hear him break some of that down with you along with sharing his take on the Bachelor (As an aside, my brothers and I got a huge kick out of learning he was once recruited to be the lead). You hit the nail on the head in describing how FP has a rare gift of teaching his listeners about the sport without condescension, and everyone I know in DC loves him for it. The discussion you guys had on the Astros scandal was fantastic, though I would have enjoyed to also hear you both talk about how the Nationals defended themselves against the Astros cheating (rumor has it, each Nats pitcher had multiple sets of signals and they would vary them to prevent the Astros from catching on).

Thanks as always for great show coverage, and thanks to FP from some of his DC fanbase for being a really fun guest. PS: Jacqueline was fantastic as always, didn’t mean to leave her out but I figure she probably gets more of a response from your listeners than FP might).

Comment: Like I said yesterday, I really am liking the fact that people enjoyed FP. The guy is an encyclopedia. Nats fans are lucky to have him.


Watched the Bachelor on and off since inception, more so after finding your site. While still in college, an acquaintance of mine was sent by his agent to a Suvivor casting call. Totally agree with you in that casting makes the show, and that there is a proven formula to the success of the franchise.

Do any of your ratings break down the metrics of where an increase market share is desired? As in, “Hey, 18-49 year olds in the deep south aren’t fans- ” What do you we got?” (Intern flips thru social media ) “We can get a pageant queen from Louisiana- and an Tiger from Auburn…

‘And numbers in the upper Great Lakes are down, so we’re working on some amusement park spots with the Chamber of Commerce in Cleveland– they have direct flights out to somewhere in South America, too.’ I don’t think they break it down that hard core. They’re looking for more personality types to fit the show – the crier, the one who isn’t there for the right reasons, the drunk, the one who doesn’t want to be friends with the others, the one who can’t stand the fact other people are dating their woman/guy, etc…

While I liked Kelley, she doesn’t fit the success criteria for the next bachelorette, which is likely why she was noticeably absent from WTA. Further negotiations with a family of well-plugged attornies may not have been enticing, either.

Madison as the Bachelorette, while seemingly something new, and refreshing, a recalculation of the formula, to be marketed as a more wholesome season. But wouldn’t it in actuality still be all about sex? It seems to me the lack there of would create more of a focus on all potential sexual activity, episode after episode of perceived, well-edited/ voice-overed foreplay. Casting works with clear characters: Madonna/Whore, Hero, Villian, Christian/ Atheist.

While those identifying as agnostic may be closer to the actual opposite of Christian, the ‘bad boy’ edit of an Atheist will make for fun TV. Add in the potential live wedding to perpetuate the franchise, promotional consideration by Virgin Airways, etc, and the formula again looks like a given.

Thanks for making something made mundane by marketing metrics and the constraints of network television so damned entertaining to watch!

Comment: They’d really have to change up how they did the show if it was Madi, but I just don’t think it’ll be her just because I’m not hearing her name.

Hey Reality Steve,

Love your blog!

Do you think Victoria F is in the running for “Bachelorette” because she’s so polarizing? Some people love her, many would love to watch her fail (sort of a Nick Viall edit). I think she’d make great TV because of how easily she cries and and the producers already play mind games with people, imagine the lead doing it for them!

The show is starting to do anything for ratings and drama regardless if the lead actually finds love so maybe they’ll give her a “Bachelorette” final edit?


Thanks so much!

Comment: No.

Hello Steve,

You’ve heard it before – longtime reader, first time writer, yada yada. Two things:

A question: Has ABC confirmed a two night finale on the 9/10th? I have that in my head but cannot find an official press release. They haven’t confirmed it. Yet. They will though. It’s a two night finale on the 9th and 10th.

An anecdote followed by commentary: The primary lawyer for the Bachelor franchise is a graduate of my law school – I’d prefer not to share their name lest internet sleuths find them and by extension me or my school. Anyway, she appeared on a panel at the school a few years ago, and she spoke briefly on her duties involving contracts and contestants. It was clear she does not have a high opinion of the show contestants. Her exact phrase was along the lines of “They sign a 20 page contract that surrenders their right to their legal personality, but all they worry about is whether they can advertise Fitness Tea after”. I was reminded of this statement in your recent podcast with Jacqueline Trumbull. The contestants (I imagine) do not have much bargaining power at the table – there are probably 1000s of girls who would take their place if they argue over the terms of the contract. But I am curious – given what you and Jacqueline said, about how the show’s relationship with social media has created a huge platform for criticism and scrutiny of contestants, that contestants may try to be more legally protective of their image in future seasons? Or is the type of person who goes on this show single-mindedly focused on the opportunities and don’t care (or aren’t self-aware enough to realize they will care) when the firehose of internet vitriol is directed at them? I don’t really expect you to have the answer to this. Just a curious thought I felt like sharing.

Anyway, thank you for your reporting, you do it well and enhance many of our viewing experiences.

Comment: No, these people aren’t reading the contract page for page. Because if they did, they’d realize it’s the worst contract you could ever sign into and you have no legal recourse for anything. But like that lawyer said, these people don’t care. All they care about is using the show as a stepping stone for other things. Some to actually do good in the world, and some to post selfies and sell the same exact products on the same exact day as their other cast members. It’s always hilarious when 2, 3, 4 women from the same season all post on the same day promoting the same product. Gets me every time.

Does production keep the lead isolated from social media during filming or would the lead be able to see what you tweet during filming? They are isolated.

A somewhat related question. If you find out something that you think would be important for the lead to know to make an informed decision would you attempt to pass that information along? Is there a conduit that you could use to get the information either to the lead or to production other than just public tweets?

Comment: I don’t have a conduit, no. I just put it out there and let them deal with it.

Hi Steve.

Thank you so much for everything you do. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing spoilers with your fans. Chris H was on ben and ashley i’s podcast and he had some very harsh choice of words for people who “spoil the bachelor.” It was clear he was speaking about you. He even went ahead and said that he doesn’t understand how those kind of people can live with themselves. Wanted to know your thoughts??

Comment: Yeah, it’s silly. Someone must’ve pissed in his Cheerios that morning to go off on a mini rant like that. You know what else is funny? Just humor me here and pretend that I was the host of the “Bachelor” and Chris was in my position. He’d be doing the exact same thing I was. ANYONE would. When you get the information I do, tell me exactly one person that would just never say anything and keep it to themselves? Do that, or do what I do, make a brand out of it, and earn a healthy living. Please. That’s why people who say I ruin it, or get a real job, or whatever – they’re clueless. Ummmm, this is a real job. A real job that TWICE this season affected storylines you saw directly on the show. The Alayah incident and Victoria at hometowns. So I must be doing something right. You’re welcome.

Hi Steve! Thanks for all that you do. I find myself constantly scrolling through Twitter during the bachelor waiting to see what you have to reveal. A few questions, not sure if you have answered them before, so I apologize in advance.

I think Madison came across very composed when she was talking about her values and I can understand why she would go on the show and would tell him this late in the game. I think she didn’t want “virgin” to be her identity and wanted Peter to know her without having that in his head. I feel like every season they have someone who is saving themselves. Do they ask girls/ guys this during the casting? Or do they just offer this information up to the producers? Production knows. I think people are confusing Madi’s faith with whether or not she should’ve come on for Peter. Madi knew Peter’s story. It’s not like she was blindsided. And she still chose to come on the show. So saying, “Did she not watch Hannah’s season? 4 times!!!” is kind of irrelevant. Madison has never said she can’t be with someone who’s had sex before. Seemingly, her thought process was just to lay out her faith and her beliefs and Peter to do with it as he wanted.

Lastly, do you know if Peter was intimate with both girls or just one? My bet is Victoria for sure, but I wasn’t sure about Hannah Ann.

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing what happens this season!

Comment: I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there. But I’m pretty sure it was both.

I don’t see Peter with a virgin at all, as in dealbreaker. To me it seems like a no brainer to pick Hannah Ann. I know he has a strong connection to Madi but waiting til marriage? There is no way he wants a relationship like that for a year or two. It’s not like Colton who was a virgin just waiting for the right one and surely has been having sex ever since choosing Cassie. Peter and Madi just have different values and do no belong together. Long term, no, I don’t see it lasting. They’re on two different wavelengths when it comes to that. But in the short term, I think he wants her most.

Second, can you try to delve into why Kelley and Natasha were not invited to WTA? I find that so odd given how far they went and fans like them. Kelley was even in LA this past weekend hanging out with all the Bachelor girls.

Comment: I can only go off what they said. Kelley said she wasn’t invited and Natasha said she wanted to go but couldn’t make it. That’s all I know.

Hi Steve,

Love reading your spoilers. This is my first time emailing. My question is: How does the two night finale air? Will it be the final rose ceremony and filming of everything that has gone on post show on Monday and then Tuesday is ATFR only? Or does the Monday finale end in a cliff hanger with parts of the finale being aired with the ATFR on Tuesday?

Thank you!

Comment: We really don’t know how it’s gonna be broken down. We do know each will meet his parents, and each will have a last date. Then whatever the craziness that happens at the final rose. We know there will be footage from post-show filming. Not to mention numerous live segments in the audience, then we know the final 2 segments on Tuesday will be used to introduce the new “Bachelorette” and I’m assuming bring out 5 of her guys like they have for the last 3 “Bachelorette” seasons. Rachel, Becca, and Hannah all got to meet 5 of their guys on the ATFR. Don’t see why this season would be any different.

Hi Steve,

Here are my questions:

1. Do you think Peter chose Madi because he realized he could no longer have her? Or do you think he knew it would be her before overnights? For me, it seems that he wasn’t sure who he was going to pick before overnights, which is why he went on to sleep with Victoria/Hannah Ann. If he knew it was Madi all along, I don’t think he would have risked it by sleeping with Victoria/Hannah Ann. (or maybe he would because he’s f boy? idk) I think he wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

2. Do you think Peter slept with both Victoria and Hannah Ann in the Fantasy Suites? I’d say that’s a strong possibility.

3. Do you think Peter will propose at the ATFR? I don’t, too much uncertainty. Or he will to get closer to the wedding night. Tough to say since I don’t know exactly where he is in a relationship right now.

4. Why did they keep saying this was going to be an ending we’ve never seen before? Didn’t this exact thing happen with Colton? Madison leaving on final rose ceremony day I think is what they’re referring to. One of the final two has never left on the final day.

5. Even though you don’t believe this information to be true, can you share some of the theories you heard that might “make our heads explode”? And theories you heard suggesting Peter was with Hannah Ann? I think that would be a lot of fun. After the season is over I probably will share those.

6. At this time, who do you think the top contenders are for the bachelorette role and why? This was addressed on page 1 today.

Thanks for your spoilers and discussion, so exterminating. Also, I just read your thoughts on the finale and you pretty much predicted this same ending months ago when you knew Madi’s dad didn’t give his blessing, good prediction!

Comment: I actually see where a love story could come out of Peter & Madison believe it or not. Not so much with Hannah Ann. Maybe I’ll dive into that next week.

Hi Steve,

So 2 things—First, I thought I saw it as Madison saying she could not ‘get engaged’ to him if he was intimate with the other girls. Yes, also that it would be hard to move forward, but specifically not engaged. So she can still say ‘sure, let’s date’ and maybe have more than 6 days since his last hookup before she is engaged to him (if it ever happens) and let him prove he wants her. But is was such a obvious case of “ask for forgiveness not permission” by Peter. I don’t think he expected her to be that strong willed about it. But good for her and for being the most reasonable and mature about it of the 3. It is her decision and she has every right to do what feels right for her, without shaming others who make a different choice.

Second, if he had just stepped back and refused to do overnights with the other girls, then it is basically showing it is over at that point and you’ve got 2 empty drama-less episodes to fill. Well, THAT wasn’t going to happen!

Comment: Yeah, he still could’ve had overnights with them but just not had sex. Not because of what Madi told him, but just maybe because he felt stronger for her than he did for the other two. If he had to have sex with either of the other two to see if Madi was the one for him, then she wasn’t. That’s a stupid reason. That’s what a high school kid would do. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

However, through all of that, I do see a scenario where they get past what he did.

Hi Steve,

I might be late for tomorrow’s readers’ emails but hopefully, you’ll be able to put this in the next one. As always thanks for what you do.

On Nick Viall’s podcast, his guest said she’s heard that Tia was very likely in talks for the next bachelorette. Have you heard similar or is this still speculation? I personally think Tia would be a great bachelorette. Yes, she’s a candidate.

Coming to this week’s episode and tweets regarding it, I think there’s a lot of misinterpretation about what Madi said. Everyone brings up him having sex with Hannah but I don’t think that’s her issue. Her issue is about the present and him having sex right now (by that I mean the “filming” now) with other girls when he could be proposing to her in 6 days. It’s a very fair thing to ask of your potential fiance, it just doesn’t really work in the bachelor premise. Also for people saying she should’ve told him earlier but when? In real life, this is third/fourth date conversation and technically this is her fourth date so I guess it makes sense. Yes, that’s why it’s not a black and white issue. It’s definitely fair of her to ask. But this show’s premise doesn’t really allow for it.

On twitter, you mentioned the “saving myself for marriage” as opposed to “I’m a virgin” thing, and I was wondering if you think that means she’s possibly not a virgin? Most signs point to yes but I guess there’s always a chance no. Yeah, I don’t know. We’ve heard plenty in the past that were virgins say the word virgin multiple times. Not sure why she doesn’t. Doesn’t mean she isn’t, I’m just saying people have said it plenty in the past.

You said that you wouldn’t be surprised if Peter was now single but would that be considered an “ending” like no other considering Brad Womack too picked no one? I think “ending” has more to do with final rose ceremony day and the fact that one of the two remaining finalists left, which we haven’t seen before.

Also, do you think if it was offered, Madison would actually take the bachelorette gig? It doesn’t seem like something she’d want. I don’t think it necessarily fits her, but most women would want to be in that role.

Last question, do you read/listen/watch any other bachelor recaps?

Thanks as always.

Comment: Not unless someone tells me there’s something I need to listen to. My podcast list all revolve around sports and/or gambling related topics. And the sites I’m on all day are sports or pop culture ones. This job has me talking and watching the “Bachelor” franchise enough. I don’t need it outside of my work unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like Ashley’s podcast yesterday. I listened to the part where Chris went off on spoilers because people told me about it. So rather than react to something without ever actually hearing/reading it (which SO many people do), I wanted to make sure I heard exactly what he said before commenting.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your thoughts on the finale of this season. I was anxiously waiting for your post this morning.

I know this doesn’t really matter anymore, I’m just curious. Did Lauren Burnham’s mom actually show up to Victoria F’s hometown date to confront Peter and then she was never used? Or was this all a rumour? I remember seeing something as if producers were putting a mic on her, and then she wasn’t used? Or did that turn out to be Merissa? Yes, she and her husband were there. The reason they were there? I have no idea. Other than they live in Virginia Beach, I’m not sure why they went. They were not mic’d up. I originally reported they were, but changed that the next day when I was told they weren’t.

I also remember someone made a Tik Tok video with a picture of Hannah Ann behind her. She claimed Hannah Ann was FaceTiming Peter and they were saying I love you to each other. Do you think that he ended up choosing her but now they’re not together anymore and he’s trying to pursue Madison? It’s a possibility. But there’s a lot of possibilities. I just don’t know for sure. That seems to be the new flavor of the month. Or week.

I also recently saw something about Hannah Ann and Peter’s Venmo accounts stating that Hannah Ann is the only girl that Peter is friends with and their accounts are both set to private so people can’t see their transactions. Are people reading in to things again? Yes. Because even if they are, people take that as absolutes. There’s nothing absolute about that.

I’m also curious why you’re almost certain that he did not choose Hannah Ann. Can you tell us about some specific proof that you received to make you believe this? No.

How do you select which DMs to read? I’m always DMing you and I never get a reply lol!


Comment: There’s really no rhyme or reason to. I’ll look on occasion, and if I feel like responding to one, I will. But sometimes when I see so many in there, I just immediately delete. It gets overwhelming.

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  1. mgb970

    February 26, 2020 at 11:23 AM

    > Nov. 2nd rose ceremony in LA.
    > Leave Nov. 3rd for Australia. All day travel.
    > Get settled in and shoot exteriors and ITMs on the 4th.

    No. When you travel to Oz, you lose 2 days on the calendar. For example, if you leave on LAX on Sunday, you land on Tuesday. Travelling west across the dateline is easier than east though but giving a whole production crew only 24 hours to adjust being in the aluminum fart tube for that long is very aggressive scheduling.

  2. nursej

    February 26, 2020 at 5:59 PM

    That’s right, when we go to Sydney AU from the PNW we leave on a Tuesday evening and arrive Thursday morning on a nonstop 15 hour flight.
    When we come back we leave on a Thursday morning and arrive home on the same Thursday morning, nonstop flight.

  3. ladyjane747

    February 26, 2020 at 8:04 PM

    Oh no, please not Tia. Couldn’t stomach her on BIP – so desperate for Colton. Tayshia wouldn’t be bad; she’s lovely and seems mature. I wouldn’t mind Kelsey. I got to like her toward the end of the season and she has a story – wears heart on her sleeve, super emotional, sad family background. I’m pulling for Kelsey.

  4. JustAnotherLauren

    February 26, 2020 at 9:32 PM

    Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey, Please be Kelsey.

    Cant stand the other two….

  5. mgb970

    February 27, 2020 at 7:35 AM

    Kelsey isn’t going to be great either… she’s just as much of an emotional wreck as Victoria F is.

    Steve always makes fun of viewers who say they won’t watch a season but always do…

    …but I’m going to sit this one out. Plus, the weather is getting better, the daylight is getting longer, time to start doing stuff instead of watching so much TV. I don’t see how this upcoming season of Bachelorette is going to be even remotely interesting.

    The notion that Tia and Tayshia are in the running tells you how much this season has sucked too.

  6. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:57 AM

    The season was pretty awful as far as the women go. I can’t say for sure that Hannah Anne and Madison weren’t into Peter, but their level of interest is pretty low for a final 2. I think that explains why the show went to more extreme lengths to create drama, i.e. having the F3 women stay together. There really just wasn’t a love story there. And this drawn out ending seems like just the show trying to pull out some sort of a love story when there wasn’t one. Peter wasn’t that into Hannah Anne and Madison didn’t see it with Peter. What to do? Maybe throw in some cash & prizes to lure Madison back to film a fake ending? IDK. Not buying it. But I’m sure it will draw in some viewers, which is all they really care about. Then there can be a fake break up in a few months. By then, the Bachelorette will be on & the breakup will be a footnote. I can’t imagine it, but the only other possible ending is that Peter just doesn’t get love. The show will do everything possible to prevent that ending.

  7. rob22

    February 27, 2020 at 11:59 AM

    As far as The Bachelorette. It’s a hard no from me on Kelsey. Tia, no. We’ve seen maybe too much of her pining for Colton. Tayshia I could see a little more. But, she’s quite a rehash at this point as well. Is there anyone else out there? I guess it really doesn’t matter.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 28, 2020 at 7:33 AM

    When I think of Tayshia, all I can think of is her back and forth with JPJ. Ugh…next! Certainly with all the woman that have been on previous Bachelor shows…that’s all they can come up with?? How bout they go back to looking for a fresh face??? If they go with someone already part of the franchise, they need someone with some pizzazz and I don’t feel Kelsey, Tia and Tayshia generate enough excitement to pull off being the lead. But then again, Arie didn’t either and that didn’t stop the powers at be. When will ABC learn to listen to their viewers??

  9. nursej

    February 28, 2020 at 10:50 AM

    rob22 – How about Kendall Long? It is too soon after the breakup with Joe (and I was hoping they would reunite) but she would be lovely!
    Hard no for Tia. I would rather have Clare and some men in there late 30s-40s.

  10. tinyred500

    February 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM

    I’d choose Clare for the next Bachelorette, I absolutely don’t want Tia, I didn’t like her on Arie’s series or BIP. Tayshia would be my next choice after Clare.

  11. lembano

    February 29, 2020 at 9:43 AM

    I think the bombshell will be he is with Kelley F. That is why she isn’t on WTA or considered for next Bachelorette.

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