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I was wondering whether you thought that during the “Women Tell All”, that Kelsey might be given a bit of a “redemption”? Much like Hannah B? Watching her hometown and the way she was so kind to the other girls when she was eliminated last night seems to indicate that they are possibly positioning her for the Bachelorette role now…(I guess my hopes for Kelley are in the rear view mirror now. As you always say – people forget about who they wanted prior in the span of an episode LOL)

I guess what I’m asking is – do you think she stands a chance, or would it be either Hannah Ann or Madison? Or is Hannah B’s recent Instagram story saying she’s single and trying to get on Raya a not so subtle hint to producers that she’s game for round 2? I’d be very surprised if Kelsey is the “Bachelorette.” I don’t see it. She’ll be on Paradise for sure though.

One last thing – MAN your site is popular – it takes me forever to get on to read your thought the morning after the show – clearly the traffic you’re getting is crazy!

Comment: Yesterday was my mistake. There was a permalink issue that was fixed.

Hi Steve,

My question for you is related to the Merissa and Peter’s convo on VIctoria’s hometown. Was what they aired pretty accurate as to what Merissa told him? Or did the editors leave details out? Like Merissa saying ‘she broke up relationships’ is different than saying ‘she broke up 3-4 marriages!’. Any clarity you can give on that? I wonder this because how can Peter, knowing she broke up 3-4 marriages, could move on with her. I wonder if he only knows she broke up relationships, maybe he thinks “oh it isn’t that bad”. I’m trying to rationalize some of his decisions, but it’s already a stretch. Thanks Steve!

Comment: Merissa definitely told him she’s ruined “marriages and relationships” but they edited out “marriages.” Not surprising I guess. Probably also has to do with why they blurred her face out. Made it easier to splice up the audio of what she said.

Don’t try to get inside Peter’s head. You’ll probably hurt your own.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for a great season so far. I could care less that you haven’t given us the definitive ending. You’re still the only reason I’m still watching this garbage!

I know there’s no way to know this for sure, but do you think they’re intentionally giving all these girls less-than-great edits so they have an “excuse” to bring back Hannah B.? I mean, there’s no way they could have done a good edit of Victoria. But Kelsey and Hannah Ann could have gotten sweet girl-next-door edits, and they didn’t. I’ve heard that theory being floated around. No idea if it’s true.

Also, does it seem to you that they’ve done a better job picking Bachelorettes lately than Bachelors? Rachel, Becca, and Hannah were all likable and seemed to have a clue. But recent Bachelors? Nick and Arie were obvious players, Colton was whiny and immature, and Peter has no backbone. I know that every lead has fans and detractors, but overall, doesn’t it seem like the Bachelorettes were better received by the audience than the Bachelors?

Comment: I think it’s just because they take it more seriously. Without a doubt.

It seems like the advice from Melissa was awfully watered down by editing, not just blurring of her face. At most she said “broke up some relationships” which might mean Victoria started an argument. Far cry from “had sex with friend’s husbands”. Do you believe Peter heard more specifics? Is production shy about showing more specifics because they don’t want to be accused of defamation? I’m guessing that had to be it since Merissa definitely mentioned marriages.

Do people like Tammy just realize they are not a frontrunner at some point and make a deal with production to be the “villain”, “complainer”, or some other part that production needs to fill? I don’t think so. I think they’re manipulated into doing things that they don’t grasp how it’s going to come off when it airs.

Should their background checks have caught Victoria F’s DWI? It seems that they have failed them in the past, like with Lincoln. Do they consider a DWI to be disqualifying or a plus?

Comment: Yeah, I’m not sure how that wasn’t found. Seems like that’d come up pretty easily on a background check.

Hi Steve,

You have stated that you don’t see any of this season’s contestants becoming the Bachelorette. I’m curious if you think Hannah Ann would make a good lead and why? It’s more of a general feel. I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all. I don’t have a laundry lists of reasons why she wouldn’t be a good “Bachelorette.” Just looking at the track record of the show, how she’s been shown, her age, the overall vibe of this season, I just don’t see her being it. I could be wrong. Hey, maybe she’s with Peter.

Also, you said in your column that you now possibly see Madison as a potential lead due to her edit. So my question is what is it about her edit that changed your mind?

Thank you Steve!

Comment: I think a lot was based on two things: 1) she literally has been the only girl with a clean edit this season and 2) maybe they want to stray away from an over sexualized season for once. But those are just guesses. Again, I have no idea if she will be since I’m not 100% sure if she’s with Peter or not. My guess right now is I think she is with him, but still haven’t gotten the confirmation I need.

Hello! I was just curious, and God I hope you haven’t heard this 15 million times already. Evan Bass apparently thinks Peter’s keeping Victoria around because they already had sex — I feel like that’s insane, though. It seems to me that he’s keeping her around BECAUSE he wants to get with her. Then once he’s done that, he’s good to ditch her. If he’d already had sex with her, I feel like that would be LESS of an incentive to keep her, but who knows?

What are your thoughts?

Comment: I haven’t gotten that sense. If anything, he seems to be keeping her around JUST so he could have sex in the fantasy suites. She’s done nothing but cause him grief every single date they’ve had. It really makes zero sense.

Hi Steve!

Obligatory “Long time reader, First time writer” shout out…Just finished watching the latest episode (hometown dates), and wow. I have a few questions/observations:

1. Why would Madison come on the show, knowing she is a woman of strong faith AND knowing she wants to remain a virgin until marriage….AND also knowing Peter is the “Windmill Guy”. She had to have known what she was getting herself into. Why would she be surprised he would have sex with another woman in the Fantasy Suites? Did she think she would be able to change him? I mean, surely she knew before the show his values were not completely in line with hers. It doesn’t make too much sense to me. She also must have kept that bit of info. from her parents as well, or they just had no idea. I can’t imagine the family would be so onboard with her setting off to date a man who is so open about his sexual past. I mean, it can happen, I just find it odd. This will be discussed a lot on my podcast this week a lot. Honestly, this isn’t a black and white issue that people are making it out to be.

2. I think they gave Kelsey a really good edit the past few episodes. Hannah B. was not final 4, but had a quirky personality and made for good TV. I could possibly see Kelsey being looked at more closely for Bachelorette, given her story, and she is pretty direct with what she wants in a guy. This could also explain why Peter let her go (like Hannah was possibly “coaxed” to let Peter go by producers for the Bachelor gig). That would provide a much better explanation of why he kept Victoria F around! I don’t see it, but maybe I’m missing something.

3. Victoria F… I was floored by her “conversation” with Peter when he approached her before meeting her family. If she was so ready to let everyone know the truth (as I think she said somewhere), why didn’t she set it straight the moment he asked? Instead she flipped it around and got mad at him for siding with a “dumb girl”. She is a piece of work, and honestly so is Peter for keeping her around. My question is: Didn’t he say in an interview we will soon see why he decided to keep her? It will all make sense or come to light or something? Did I completely miss what that was? Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks for spoiling!

Comment: I don’t remember him saying that. And I think by now we’re all pretty aware of why he keeps her through overnight dates.

Hey Steve! Love reading your page.

A few questions:

1. You believe Victoria will continue to deny the claims about breaking up relationships/marriages and sleeping with married men and that you don’t believe the women of the broken-up marriages will speak out about it given that it was a sensitive/embarrasing part of their lives. Don’t you think that the media will find SOMEONE that will want to talk to them about Victoria. Ie. maybe a girlfriend (versus a wife) who could provide receipts of Victoria sleeping with their boyfriend, or Merissa, or someone else who has been associated with the multitude of other Victoria drama that you haven’t spilled). They’ve had 2 ½ months to and have yet to post anything. People don’t want to involve themselves in her drama. Outside of the two that I spoke to, I can’t tell you how many numerous other stories have been told to me. Very few had any evidence other than their truth, so maybe that’s not good enough for the tabloids either.

2. With that said, do you see Chris Harrison asking Victoria about what Merissa said to Peter? If Victoria isn’t at WTA (which I don’t expect her to be), then her couch conversation with Chris would be at the ATFR and seemingly might surround more about her exit. I don’t know. Maybe they will talk about everything that went on this season. Whatever he asks about Merissa, if he does, Victoria will absolutely attack her character because that’s what she’s been doing behind the scenes. Victoria hates Merissa for what she did so I expect the character assassination to continue.

3. Do you see Victoria F. being on Paradise? 1000%.

4. I’ve thought about this for awhile and never have seen anyone address this. It is incredibly frowned upon to go on the show when you have been in a previous relationship (need I mention Jed or Scott, the guy sent home night 1 on Hannah’s season). Why didn’t anyone even say a peep about Tayshia having the model boyfriend until the night before she went on the show? She had to have flat out lied to producers prior to being cast and I don’t see how her having that relationship is any different than Jed or Scott.

Comment: Amazing how people downplayed it just because A) she went on Nick’s podcast and said he wasn’t her boyfriend and B) she was liked on the show. People will make excuses for contestants that are more well liked. That’s just the way this game works.

Hi Steve!

In the past, you’ve mentioned some of the family visits don’t actually happen at their “homes”, do you know if that was the case for all 4 this season?

Thank you!

Comment: Kelsey’s was definitely at a rented home. And I was told Madison’s was at Coach Pearl’s house. Victoria’s was definitely at her house. And I don’t know about Hannah Ann, but I’m pretty sure that was their house.

Hi Steve,

I’m curious your thoughts on this. It seems in the past couple seasons we have had these strong female leads (Rachel, Becca, Hannah B), who exude ” I am a female hear me roar”. It’s great TV. The Bachelors though are soft and almost followers in their relationships. It’s as if the “future is female” culture we live in doesn’t allow these mens to be strong and put these women in their place. On Hannah’s season she called the men out all over the place for lying or being immature. Peter hardly puts these women in their place when they are behaving badly or lying to him, but it’s almost like he cannot in our current culture. He comes across as a wimp of a man almost. I did love when he called Victoria out for her crazy last night. That was a good look for him.

In the same vein, Victoria F is a classic manipulator. If a man was acting like that (like the public called Luke P), they would be crucified for manipulating a woman. They would have been called controlling and dangerous. Why are women allowed to behave like this?! I’ve heard plenty of people crucify Victoria for her behavior Monday. Go read Sharleen’s blog I have linked on page 1. That’s about as well said as you can get.

Does Hannah Ann go by the Ann part in her normal life or did she add it for her bachelor experience to differentiate from Hannah B? It was to differentiate.

So we have Bachelor finishing up in March, Then listen to your heart starting in April, then Bachelor summer games, then Bachelor in Paradise, then the bachelorette starts in the Fall? So Basically we get a year of content with no breaks? Without “Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,” a normal calendar year only has about 10 weeks where this franchise isn’t either filming or airing something. It’s still the same because “Listen To Your Heart” is airing while “Bachelorette” is filming, but “Summer Games” according to Robert Mills will air between “Bachelorette” ending airing and BIP beginning. So I guess we can knock off two weeks.

I thought they kept the girls separate after the final three, but it looks like they are all living together next week? Already that seems super awkward to me, swapping stories of you overnights? Not exactly good for your headspace as you are “falling in love” with this person and looking forward to being engaged. This show is crazy.

You make this show way more fun with you sarcasm. Thanks!

Comment: Yeah, that’s a complete manipulation job by the producer. It’s never happened in 38 previous seasons. Whatever reason they give for it when I’m sure they’ll be asked will be garbage. It was done for the specific result they got out of it.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say I agree with you 1000% about Victoria’s behavior thus far. In seasons past, girls have made comments about “how could he like her and me? We are totally opposite of each other.” My reaction to this was always, well, not THAT opposite. But this season I find myself questioning how Peter could like Victoria and Madison since they are obviously a complete 180 of each other.

Then I remember which head is liking which girl and it makes a little sense.
Love your site and the truth you bring!

Comment: Little Peter is controlling Big Peter.

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to point out how Victoria must really not want the fact that she broke up marriages out there. Commented on her latest insta post “calling madi disgusting is rich especially coming from someone who has broken up like four marriages” and she deleted the comment and blocked me, yet she has tons of far harsher comments still up. Found this quite hilarious & interesting. Anyways love your blog!

Comment: Par for the course for her.

Hi Steve just a couple of questions for you I thought you mentioned somewhere that Chase Rice and Victoria were hanging out on the premiere is that correct? I thought they just hooked up a couple times.. The amount of times is in question, but he definitely wasn’t her ex-boyfriend as she claimed.

Also do you have any idea what Victoria’s nationality is? I asked this honestly because she looks mixed and I find it odd that she posed for White lives matter.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: I don’t know.


Although I have heard of you since Jason Mesnick’s season, I only started following your site since Arie’s season. What an enjoyable source of entertainment you have been.

I appreciate your reporting of all the spoilers. It made following the Bachelor quite a fun experience. My wife tells me I am too gossipy for following all the spoilers, but I think of it as an interesting reporting/analysis of human psychology and just general interaction. There’s been a few times I have wanted to write you but either missed the deadline or felt like my questions/comments have been answered. But today, I finally found (made) the time for it and also have a few comments/questions…so here they are

1) I am sure you have heard it by now, but Krystal and Chris are/were not the lone remaining couple from BIP 2018. Astrid and Kevin are still engaged…and seem (?) happy. Surely that gotta exceed your expectation. I can remember when you were saying Kevin wasn’t into the Bachelor franchise to look for love but rather fame, back when he paired up with Ashley I during Winter Games. He turned out to be not so bad, no? Seems to be working. Good on them.

2) I disagree with your comparison between “10 Things I Hate About You” and Victoria F…or even using them in the same sentence. That was easily one of (if not THE) best teen movies to come out in the past 3 decades. It’s arguable better than Can’t Hardly Wait, which is also another favorite of mine. Come on, it had Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, AND the late Heath Ledger. Doesn’t get better than that. “Can’t Hardly Wait” was better. That’s Jennifer Love Hewitt in her prime. Doesn’t get better than THAT.

3) How do you see your role as a spoiler site? Do you think of it as “investigative” journalism? Tabloid-ish? Or you don’t even give it a serious thought and it’s just a job? I don’t think there’s just one way to label my site and what I do. First and foremost I’d say I’m a spoiler site. I think that’s what most people come for. In addition, I recap the show and provide insight that a majority of the viewing audience is unaware of.

4) Is there any woman from this season that you would like to have on your podcast? I kinda like Tammy and Kelley. For sure they both would have a lot to say. There’s plenty I would. It’s just not gonna happen anytime soon. The only ones who I wouldn’t be interested in would probably be the “cats.” Only because I legit think that Victoria would get mad at them for going on with me, thinking they chose sides or something. Oh well. They’ll go on other podcasts I’m sure.

5) I think you might have commented on this before. When it comes to reporting/spoiling on certain rumors/facts/backstories about a contestant, how do you weigh between reporting/spoiling vs whether the story will generate hate-mails/online-bullying toward that contestant?

Anyway, that’s all I have. Best of luck.

Comment: For the most part it depends on how far they go in the show and if it’s relevant to the story. But even that is not a given. It’s more or less a case-by-case basis. But if you look at my track record over 17 years of covering this show, and the amount of contestants I’ve had on, how many times have I really done an expose on someone? 5? They’ve all happened in recent seasons so maybe that’s why it seems like more, but it really hasn’t been all that much.

I hear negative stuff all the time on pretty much every contestant this season. But a lot of it is stuff that I can’t prove or it isn’t really that major. I’ve been told negative stuff on Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria P., Kelsey, Kelley, etc. You name anyone this season, and I’ve heard some not-so-nice things about them. I could have a new one every week if I wanted to, but none of them approached the level of what was told and confirmed to be about Victoria F., and that played a major role in the season, so I reported it. And it ultimately became a show storyline without them actually mentioning me. So looks like it had an effect to me. There’s negative stories about someone, and then there’s what Victoria F. has in her past. Big difference.

There’s a line that needs to be drawn. “She was a bitch in HS/college,” “she was a bully” (unless there was proof of major physical harm), “she was a mean girl,” “she’s fake,” “she’s a total bitch in real life,” “she had numerous boyfriends back in the day and cheated on all of them” are all things I’ve heard about Peter’s women at some point this season. No, I’m not naming which one each was said about. But stuff like that I hear every single season. Do I report that? No. Because then it becomes way too gossipy and that’s not what I’m looking for. It’s gotta be something fairly big for me to run with. A pattern of behavior, a major scandal, a serious boyfriend/girlfriend back home they ghosted to do the show, etc. Victoria’s was too egregious not to talk about and she was a pivotal character so it was important to put it out there.

Hey Steve!

If your inbox is anything like your comment sections, then I’m sure you could use a confidence boost! I think it’s appropriate today to tell you all the reasons why we love and trust you! Please enjoy this Fan-mail! And to all those who question Steve’s reporting, consider that he has nothing to gain by lying, and everything to lose.

Steve, you just might be one of the only good names in journalism / news reporting out there right now! I hope you start a trend.

-We trust you because you are candid and upfront while working on something. When you don’t have enough evidence to share a story- you don’t share it. You never drop an unverified story, and you never ever ever Out a source. Ever. You’ve built your platform on integrity, so when you have proof of something, but your source doesn’t want it out there, you honor them and simply don’t share it. You are our ally, and theirs. The polar opposite of click-bait, and emotion-driven news.

-We love you because you always let us know your stance on something, simultaneous to giving a fair shot to every other point of view. You give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, and remind us who controls the narratives. You advocate for all walks of life, and openly shun prejudice and bullying sincerely and consistently.

-We also love you because you fill the role for people that wish they had a friend to gossip with about the show. I know it’s just a TV show, but I think you were spot on in a recent podcast when you said that most people just want to feel like they’re a part of something. Your column is truly the people’s column. We’re always guessing who you work with, like it’s some huge conspiracy, but you’ve said before that a lot of the time, it’s just us! You make people excited to share pieces of the puzzle with you. It’s the same strategy as an escape room- when everyone feeds their clues to one central person, the whole puzzle gets solved, and everyone gets fulfillment out of that. You make us feel important and special.

I hope you enjoyed my Fan-mail! I’m sure many others share my same opinions. Have you ever considered going Live during an episode? So fans can watch with you while you watch. These past few episodes, I’ve been glued to my Twitter during commercials to read your commentary. It might be fun to watch your gut reactions to a (mostly) unspoiled season finale 😉 Food for thought.

Comment: Well thanks. Might’ve been the nicest email known to mankind ever sent to me. I appreciate it.

Maybe at some point I’d do a live during the show, but I’m not sure how I would do it because I need to watch and take notes while it’s happening. Like every commercial break do something? I’m usually not that quick on my feet.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. crushonspivey

    February 19, 2020 at 10:51 AM

    Seeing how this is all going down, I think it is safe to say that Pete wanted to end up with none of these girls, so he was game for putting them all through the ringer. That is, until Pete’s mom got in his ear about Madison to go get her, then he thought better of it. I hope Madison had the self respect to tell him to shove it. Because Pete just doesn’t seem to be acting like a guy who loves Madison at all. Just like a guy who wants to get some. They just aren’t a good match at all.

  2. dogmomma

    February 19, 2020 at 12:39 PM

    I wanted Madison to be the girl he picked because she wasn’t in all the drama, and seems like a cool girl. But after all the crap that has happened with Victoria… Peter not letting her go sooner and then sleeping with the other girls on overnights… I hope Madison doesn’t go back to him because she deserves better than that.

  3. ctrealitygirl

    February 19, 2020 at 1:06 PM

    I’m with you dogmomma! I just read an interesting article online about Tyler Cameron tweeting about Madison – apparently smitten with her basketball skills…so now fans are screaming for Madi to ditch Peter and go after Tyler. I vote for that!

  4. dogmomma

    February 19, 2020 at 1:41 PM

    That’s hilarious! And it would definitely give people something to talk about and the two of them would gets lots of attention (which isn’t always good). I just don’t think Peter made good choices and he needs to learn from them the hard way.

  5. joanne

    February 19, 2020 at 1:46 PM

    I definitely agree Madison should not ever be with Peter as she’s way too good for him.

    And I think it’s disgusting producers put her in a suite with the other two, just so Madison will find out Peter had sex with both of them. This is all going to play out in front of millions of people. Sure, Madison chose to go on this show, but it’s a great example of how producers don’t view the contestants as real people with feelings, but just a way to make money and get higher ratings.

  6. chocolatetherapy

    February 19, 2020 at 3:47 PM

    Can Anyone tell me why Victoria P has not gotten a lot of talk as a Bachelorette candidate? She seems nice, grounded, and genuine? I know there was some drama with Alayah but can you imagine any of the other girls as Bachelorette? Ugh

  7. aussiefan24

    February 19, 2020 at 6:54 PM

    Most of the girls on this season are duds, except for Hannah Ann and Madi… Wouldn’t mind seeing Madi as Bachelorette although she is probably still a bit too young/ready, and doubtful the producers would cast too many religious guys like what she’s looking for anyway. It doesn’t seem like the right environment for her.

    I would love to see Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo’s runner up) as Bachelorette. She has the sad back story with her dad passing away, crowd favourite at the time for pushing Juan Pablo away after he rejected her at Finale and giving him a spray for being a pig, and she’s of a mature age and probably would take it quite seriously. I know it’s been a while but they brought Arie back after a big gap of years after Emily’s season. Can’t think of anyone else suitable right now.

    I think Hannah B will do it again, but not for another year or two. I saw Steve’s spoiler she’s doing more DWTS Roadshows, and I’m sad shes out of the running now. But at least she will avoid over-exposure in Bachelor Nation.

    Thanks for the great updates Steve, loving every minute of this.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 6:48 AM

    I agree that the producers this year are really stooping to new lows. Do we fans like some occasional drama? Sure. But the way it’s being so obviously manufactured is such a turn-off and very insulting to our intelligence. And we don’t want so much drama that it takes away from showing any romances/relationships developing. If they continue down this road they’ll start losing viewers. Setting up Madison by placing the 3 final women in one hotel suite for the sole reason of having her find out that one or both of the other women had sex with Peter, is beyond cruel. And I’d love it if she took them to task for that …left the show and refused to have anything more to do with the franchise. But the fact that Steve discovered they are filming something with her in her hometown suggests she’s very much still in it. Either they’re filming her making up with Peter or shooting an intro for her as Bachelorette…she’s def in the mix. I’ve posted before about my new obsession with Married at First Sight. RS thinks the premise is hogwash. But several of the couples are having successfully marriages, and rather than sabotage relationships ala the Bachelor producers…MAFS has on staff counselors (one a clergyman) who meet with the “contestants” when they’re struggling with something their partner did, and they encourage them to do things to mend the relationship. It’s actually a breath of fresh air compared to witnessing mean/cruel behavior. Watching the Bachelor/ette has always been my guilty pleasure…but not so pleasurable any more 🙁

  9. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 7:25 AM

    It seems that most people are feeling the same about the level of manipulation this season. I agree how mean and cruel it was to put all 3 girls in the same room during overnights, especially since it’s never happened before and we all know why they did it. I started watching this show from the first season and I remember how much fun it was to try and figure out who “wins”. Then when Reality Steve came along, I enjoyed knowing the final person and watching that person’s love story unfold. The show is changing so much and it’s becoming too fake and produced, and now that everyone wants to be a social media influencer, there are fewer and fewer people who go on it that are actually trying to “find Love”. A little drama is okay, but the whole season has been nothing but drama and it got old quickly. I guess I will have to check out some of those other shows to see if I can find a substitute because this one is going downhill fast. I almost hope that they pick Madi to be the bachelorette and clean up her season and go back to finding romance, but I also think she can do so much better than what she finds on this show. I hope she hasn’t taken Peter back if he goes after her.

  10. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 8:53 AM

    So many are questioning why Madison, with her values and religious life signed up to do the show with “Windmill 4x Pete”. I’ve thought that maybe she signed up thinking Tyler C was the bachelor and being that he was so respectful of Hannah B’s wishes of not having sex in the fantasy suite……just a thought.

  11. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 9:07 AM

    good observation debb0! Have you read the recent press citing Tyler C’s social media posts about Madison? I think it would be awesome if the two of them hooked up! MUCH better match than her and “Windmill 4x Pete”!!

  12. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 10:29 AM

    No I didn’t, ctrealitygirl. Hmmm, interesting. Wonder if candidates are allowed to “back out” once they learn who the lead is. I mean, can’t think the show would force someone to stay if they were dead set against it.

  13. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 10:30 AM

    That may be a question for Steve ?

  14. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 11:26 AM

    I went back to Tyler’s twitter feed and saw the comments he made. Then I read the comments that people made and EVERYONE wanted Tyler to contact/date/marry Madi!!! I love it! my fear is that Peter’s mom got hold of him after the final rose fiasco and pressured him into going after Madi. I don’t want to see her with him. I’m now on the Tyler/Madi team!!!

  15. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 11:27 AM

    WEll, if you recall, the year they started with two Bachelorettes – Kaitlyn & Britt – and they had the men vote for who they wanted to assume the role, one guy eliminated himself after they named Kaitlyn as he said he was only there for Britt. And other people have opted out in mid-season saying that weren’t feeling a connection with the lead. So, she could have gotten out soem way or other

  16. dbla31

    February 20, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    Anyone who thinks Tyler would “date” Madi has been reading too many harlequin romances! The guy has been catting around the world with models and actresses. He just bought an apartment in NYC. He’s not about to settle down with some virgin from the Bachelor franchise. If he didn’t go back to Hannah B then he’s not going there with Madi.

  17. crushonspivey

    February 20, 2020 at 1:15 PM

    Amen dbla31. Tyler has entered peak franchise delta bravo status, and is all about promoting himself and hooking up. He’s Petey 2.0 right now. Not a good match for Madi at all, and not ready for one.

  18. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 5:56 PM

    I probably need to read more Harlequin Romances because I’m not getting the romance on this crazy show. If I wanted drama, I’d watch the Kardashians.

  19. jlal

    February 21, 2020 at 3:41 AM

    I am so happy other feel as I do about the producer manipulation this season going to a new low. They have always had the person afraid of heights have to zip line or something, but this show they sunk to new lows. Setting up Chase, Victoria, and Peter the way the did, having Victoria’s ex show up right before hometowns, and putting all the final three in the same room is beyond manipulation it is down right mean. It is such a big turn off.

    This show has moved so far from the original premise that it is not really the same show. I realize social media is a huge factor, but the show had little control over that. However, the obvious and malicious producer set-ups have gone too far. Makes me sad, as I have watched since the very first show.

  20. dogmomma

    February 21, 2020 at 6:19 AM

    jlal I agree 1000%.

  21. feck

    February 21, 2020 at 12:15 PM

    crushonspivey – Not the type to usually comment on these sites, but since my wife makes me watch this show. I will just say this, being a guy and knowing guys like peter. Its obvious from the very first episode of this season, by the way he talks to the girls with the same BS and how quick he is too make moves, its very obvious that Peter is just a Male Ho. I doubt he would be faithful to any of them. He tells every girl what they want to hear and when the tell him what he doesnt want to hear or the truth he ships them out. Its just another failed season.

  22. rob22

    February 22, 2020 at 7:45 AM

    Yeah, I don’t see any real romance coming on this season. Victoria P is gonzo after this week, and I don’t even know what you call the relationship between Pilot Pete & her. Very dysfunctional. How does that happen in such a short time? The other two girls are too young to know anything. There is obviously no way that Windmill Man and Madison the virgin can really be a thing. They can fake it obviously, but why? That leaves Hannah Ann, who’s young and pretty, and just kinda there. At 23, she doesn’t have a clue about life. So, she’s really going to sign up with Pilot Pete. Well, I guess. There are cash and prizes involved. Not that there was ever really love involved in this show. You capture people in a bubble for 6-8 weeks and focus it on one guy, and I guess that’s what you get. But usually the show is able to pull together a love story for the end. I guess we know why Peter hasn’t picked anyone… at least not yet. It’s kind of a disaster.

  23. tinyred500

    February 24, 2020 at 4:12 AM

    If Hannah Ann and Madison are the final two….does Madison decide not turn up at the end (so Peter can’t propose)…and that’s what different with this ending?

    Agree with so many of the above comments. The producers have reached a new all time low with the moral standing of this programme, with the overnight dates all being in the same suite is just gross. Notwithstanding, Peter went along with it and that says a lot about him IMHO. No respect for himself or the girls involved.

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