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Hi Steve. Love your columns. I look forward to them every week. I have a comment from last weeks episode in regards to Kelley. It’s very off putting and demeaning when she boasts about being an attorney and puts the other contestants down about their jobs. I’m a teacher and have multiple degrees. However, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. Kelley was right disgusting in saying that and nobody cares she’s an attorney. Your career does not make you a success. Your heart and how you treat people matter. Education and degrees might make you academically smart but they don’t mean you are a kind person. Many of the teachers I worked with over the years were condescending, immature and thought they were better than me because I was a lowly substitute teacher and they had permanent positions considering most of them got their jobs through nepotism like Kelley did. Doesn’t she work for her family law firm? I think she needs to get over herself. She’s pathetic. I hope she finds some humility from this experience and gets off her high horse.

Comment: I think you’re taking the show’s edit too seriously. Kelley had A LOT of voiceovers that episode. And when there’s a ton of voiceovers, yet that edit is making the person look bad, it means that they don’t wanna show you their face saying it because it’s been frankenbitten. Just keep that in mind.

Hey Steve. I’ve always enjoyed when you analyzed the ratings for each season. How is Peter’s season doing? I had a sense that his ratings were higher for the two episodes that Hannah Brown were on, and then they dipped. If that’s true, perhaps it’s one more reason for production to bring Hannah Brown back for a 2.0. But I haven’t been paying attention to how the show is faring overall. I know the show won’t be cancelled, even if ratings are down – far from it, it seems to be procreating – but wondered how Peter was faring vs previous seasons. Thanks!

Comment: Pretty much exactly on par with Colton’s season.

Hi Steve!!

So a few weeks ago Peter was on Rachel/Becca’s podcast and they were playing a word association game and they said “Rose” and he said he couldnt answer b/c it reminded her of the person that could be at the end. WELL Madi had a necklace that said ROSE on it tonight on hometowns (her middle name) and Peter has also called her “Madi Rose” on the show before…interesting coincidence or F1 clue?!

Comment: If Madi is the one he’s with, then people can say that was him spoiling it. If she isn’t, it meant nothing. Which is basically what you can say after the fact for every clue/theory every season.

I know everyone posts stuff and they send u their two cents about the possible ending scenario of the Bachelor and I’m right there with them. I’ve been having these on my mind for several days…here’s my ideas (I’m sharing them with u to see if they are even plausible. Sorry but I have 4 of them)

The clip where Chris comes to Peter…

C: “Before u do what you’re
about to do, there is
something u should know”
P: “What?”
C: “There’s something I just
found out, all of us just
found out”
P: “Oh God!”
C: “I’m not sure how all this
ends, so I just wanted to
give u a heads up.”
P: “Oh God!”

Then we hear Peter say,
“I’m gonna pass out”
“It’s just the last thing I
needed to hear”

1. So, what if the thing they just found out about was that one of the two final girls had an emergency with a family member and had to rush home therefore leaving them to have to postpone the finale? Wasn’t it.
2. What if the news they heard had to do with Peter’s family and Chris saying he was giving him a heads up and the reason why this news could affect the ending was if Peter felt the news he received was important enough to postpone and leave immediately. Wasn’t it.
3. What if the ex girlfriend who told Peter about Victoria came to try and win him? Wasn’t it.
4. Could Victoria have come back with her family and try to get him to meet with them to persuade him into taking picking her? Wasn’t it.

Thank u for reading and Thank u for all of ur spoilers. I’m strange but I always love to know how things end, movies, books, shows etc. It never bothers me to know endings. It actually helps me to pay more attention to whatever it is without thinking, “oh my, how is this going to end” that way I just enjoy it.

So, keep the spoilers coming.

Comment: Guess you’ll be waiting on pins and needles this season.

Hey Steve,

As always, thanks for your detective work this season. There’s been a lot of interesting drama to follow because of you.

I know everyone’s response to Madison ask that Peter not sleep with the other women is “Well this is the Bachelor, what do you expect?” but if I recall correctly, didn’t Brad Womack say he only slept with Emily during his second season because he knew he was going to pick her?

It’s definitely a high bar in Bachelor Nation to expect the lead not to sleep with other people, but it’s not an impossible one. So I don’t actually blame Madison, or even Luke, for going on the show and hoping for that. If Peter knows Madison is the final one, knows how she feels about sex, but sleeps with the other two anyway, then that’s on him and she was right to decide they weren’t compatible and leave. I hope she stands her ground and doesn’t take him back.

Also, thanks for introducing me to Temptation Island. Its so, embarrassingly entertaining. Just a quick question on that – you’ve mentioned in your column and podcast that everyone’s relationship status changed between the finale and reunion, and then the reunion until now. What happened with all the couples since the reunion? What’s their current status?

Comment: None of them are together. I’ve kinda been outta that loop since last month, but, as far as I know, none of them are together except for Kate and Dave because of course.

Hi Steve,

Which 5 girls do you find the most attractive of this season? Thank you

Comment: I hate answering this because if I don’t list someone, that automatically means I must hate someone else, or if someone does make my list, people think I want to have sex with them or something. It’s ridiculous how much people read into my answers to these sometimes. So against my better judgment, I’ll answer your question. Here goes nothing:

Katrina, Sarah, Kelley, Alayah, and Madison.

Hi Steve!

Hope you’re having a good week.

Do you think it’s possible the Madi left earlier on, and in the final moment Peter is about to propose to Hannah Ann and the news Chris Harrison has is that Madi came back? Then Peter gets confused and is not sure what to do?

Comment: I don’t believe that’s it, no.

Alright my thoughts on the season. Is there a chance that Victoria and Hannah Ann lie to Madison about the fantasy suites so she will self eliminate? Then later it comes out that they lied so that’s what Chris pulls Peter aside to tell him and that is what the shocking news is?

Comment: No. That’s definitely not it.

Hey Steve,

Longtime reader, first-time emailer. You may have already come to this conclusion, but after watching hometowns I started thinking how terrible all of these girls are and that none of them would make a compelling Bachelorette. And I’ve seen your speculation that maybe ABC would bring back Hannah B. for round two, but I don’t see how she could logistically be the Bachelorette this season when she’s committed to doing the Dancing With the Stars tour? Unless they deviate from their regular production schedule (something you’ve noted many times over the years NEVER happens) she’s tied up until at least April. Like you and most everyone who’s seen Peter’s season, I don’t think any of his girls should be in the running. So realistically, who do they turn to?

Comment: Actually, she’s only been on one of the DWTS tour dates, and it was back in January in NY. As far as I know, unless she’s been added to upcoming shows, she was only slated for one show.

Hi Steve,

I was wondering if you think Victoria F. will get asked to be on bachelor in paradise after all of these negative things coming out about her? I hope not because I would hate for them to reward her for disgusting behaviour, but I’m curious to know what you think. She absolutely will and she’ll absolutely do it. It’s what she came on the show in the first place for. Build a brand. Not a doubt in my mind.

Do you think Victoria F. and her friends read your column every week? I really want them to read what you wrote yesterday since you wrote it as if she WAS reading it lol!!! Karma sucks!! I’m sure they don’t read every column word for word. But they absolutely know what I say. They’re little children. They can’t take it when someone says anything negative about her.

P.s. I direct messaged Victoria a question, nothing mean at all, and I guess she didn’t like it because she blocked me! Shocker.

Comment: Yeah, she’s totally level headed and handling all this correctly.

Hey Steve,

I know that the show made it seem like Victoria’s date was last, but as you reported, it was second. Since you reported everything about Victoria the day of her hometown, wouldn’t it be likely that Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s families saw this information prior to filming their hometowns? I would assume they did but I can’t know for sure.

I’m assuming if my family member was on the show I’d be staying up-to-date with any and all information and I would’ve seen your post about Victoria and wanted to share that information.

Would Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s family have had any time to pull either of them aside off-camera and share this information (not that it mattered much for Kelsey..)?


Comment: No. And even if they did, producers wouldn’t allow it.

Hi, Steve! First off thank you for everything you do! I have a few questions

1. I’ve never detested a contestant as much as Victoria F. It’s painful. Do you think her staying on the show was producer driven for drama, or do you think Peter just wanted to take her to the fantasy suite? The latter.

2. I think it’s admirable that you’re not releasing the women’s full stories or names, and I definitely believe all of it, but I wish they would come forward or release receipts just to shut Victoria up and shut all of her supporters up. So I’m wondering, I know you don’t release things until you’re certain of them. What were the receipts that made you 100% certain this was true? Was it text messages or DMs or something else? I’d rather not get into the details. I saw what I needed to see and heard what I needed to hear.

3. I’ve known Victoria P for a long time, and she’s always been one of the most genuinely nice people ever. I’ve always had nothing but good things to say about her. Do you think she was pushed by producers and given a bad edit? Or do you think maybe the fame and attention made her change? It also kills me that she’s aligned herself with Victoria F and Sydney, arguably the two meanest, worst contestants I’ve ever seen on this show. She’s definitely a head scratcher that’s for sure. Maybe we’ll get some answers at the WTA.

4. Speaking of, will you ever do a story on Sydney and her whole eating in the bathroom thing that was proven to be a lie? Probably not. I think if you look really hard at her social media, you can make your own decisions as to whether you think she’s lying or not.

Sorry it was so long, thanks again!

Hey Steve, not really a question but more of an observation.

Both Peter and Victoria had “ex’s” on their dates however, when Peter saw his ex it wasn’t awkward or negative between them, where as with Victoria and Chase it was (and all they did was hook up)… If I were to run into an ex or even an old “friend with benefits” my interaction would mirror Merissa and Peter. Awkward moments or situations only present themselves if you have something to hide or are embarrassed about the past/relationship. Even without the spoilers I’ve seen nothing but manipulation on Victoria’s part. I played the same games when I was a teenager and I’m not proud of it. She knows she’s not the frontrunner and is using every tool she has to destroy his relationship with others and further herself. When she identifies her competition she attacks it, had Madison been sent home instead of Victoria, I’ll bet she goes after Hannah Ann in final 2. And now that America is attacking her she’s going after Merissa and you instead of owning up to her behaviour. Someone else’s words can’t destroy a relationship, its how you handle the confrontation and communicate your defense. If she truly believes she did nothing wrong then all she had to do was communicate “her side” and it wouldn’t have been a story. Instead we see her crying and walking away, and being defensive playing victim but not explaining herself. He gave her an opportunity to tell her story and instead she threw a tantrum. Pretty telling if you ask me.

Just my 2 cents (which is nothing since we got rid of the penny up here in Canada) ?

Thanks for all you do, been a reader since before the the spoiler days.
If you ever find you don’t have enough on your plate I’d love to read a survivor recap of yours (I read Dalton Ross as well but I liked your recaps pre spoilers and would love to read your take on survivor ) I’m pro Rob Parvati Ethan alliance but unfortunately I think they are too big of threats and eventually will be targeted.

Comment: Well said on Victoria. Make no mistake, Victoria and her friends defense of what Merissa said is to name call her, put her down, and resort to mean girl tactics. That’s the sign of someone who’s guilty. It’s exactly what some of them did to me when I first posted the story. She’s not attacking what Merissa said, she’s attacking her as a person. Great. But we all know that Victoria is going to call it all lies once she speaks out when the show is over for all the reasons I laid out yesterday. She knows it’s gonna be a she said/he said between us because the women affected want nothing to do with her and aren’t going to speak out and re-live that embarrassing moment in their lives. Plus, others in their lives would be affected by bringing this up again, so I get why they’re not doing it. Victoria is beneath them. They know what she did. SHE knows what she did. She’ll just never own it unfortunately. It’s sad.

Hey Steve!

First of all, loved how you addressed Victoria in your column today. It was level headed, mature, etc. She should take your advice, but I know it’s doubtful.

Do you ever think, to change it up, they might have a final three instead of a final two? (Like they’ve done in Survivor in the past) I doubt it.

After this “unspoiled” season, do you think ABC will keep trying to hide the ending from you/us? I know we won’t really know until the bachelorette starts filming, but do you have any thoughts on the future of spoiling? You answered your own question. We can’t possibly know the answer to that until the “Bachelorette” is done filming and whether or not I spoil the ending to it. If I do, this was a one season anomaly. If I don’t, then it’d be two seasons in a row. But what if I spoil “Summer Games,” BIP, and the next “Bachelor?” You just never know. It’s a season-by-season basis.

Do you follow Barstool Sports at all? Meaning the luggage guy that took Natasha’s luggage, is from Barstool. For a past few seasons he’s been tweeting about wanting to be a luggage guy and he finally reached a producer about it. Do you think that happened because of his “brand” or could any commoner start a Twitter campaign to make it happen? I saw that story. I gotta believe it was due to his status.

Bonus question/thought: I’m born and raised in Dallas (went to the same high school as Chris Harrison, just 20 years later, ha!) and wanted to know what some of your favorite restaurants/bars/places (besides OG, cause duh) are in the Dallas area that are worth a try!

Always enjoy reading your columns! Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: Well, I don’t live downtown but I’m there a lot because I go to about 15 or so Mavericks games a year. I like Happiest Hour, Ocean Prime, House of Blues when a good performer is in town, and another restaurant I’m completely blanking on that’s in the Uptown area.

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  1. crushonspivey

    February 19, 2020 at 10:51 AM

    Seeing how this is all going down, I think it is safe to say that Pete wanted to end up with none of these girls, so he was game for putting them all through the ringer. That is, until Pete’s mom got in his ear about Madison to go get her, then he thought better of it. I hope Madison had the self respect to tell him to shove it. Because Pete just doesn’t seem to be acting like a guy who loves Madison at all. Just like a guy who wants to get some. They just aren’t a good match at all.

  2. dogmomma

    February 19, 2020 at 12:39 PM

    I wanted Madison to be the girl he picked because she wasn’t in all the drama, and seems like a cool girl. But after all the crap that has happened with Victoria… Peter not letting her go sooner and then sleeping with the other girls on overnights… I hope Madison doesn’t go back to him because she deserves better than that.

  3. ctrealitygirl

    February 19, 2020 at 1:06 PM

    I’m with you dogmomma! I just read an interesting article online about Tyler Cameron tweeting about Madison – apparently smitten with her basketball skills…so now fans are screaming for Madi to ditch Peter and go after Tyler. I vote for that!

  4. dogmomma

    February 19, 2020 at 1:41 PM

    That’s hilarious! And it would definitely give people something to talk about and the two of them would gets lots of attention (which isn’t always good). I just don’t think Peter made good choices and he needs to learn from them the hard way.

  5. joanne

    February 19, 2020 at 1:46 PM

    I definitely agree Madison should not ever be with Peter as she’s way too good for him.

    And I think it’s disgusting producers put her in a suite with the other two, just so Madison will find out Peter had sex with both of them. This is all going to play out in front of millions of people. Sure, Madison chose to go on this show, but it’s a great example of how producers don’t view the contestants as real people with feelings, but just a way to make money and get higher ratings.

  6. chocolatetherapy

    February 19, 2020 at 3:47 PM

    Can Anyone tell me why Victoria P has not gotten a lot of talk as a Bachelorette candidate? She seems nice, grounded, and genuine? I know there was some drama with Alayah but can you imagine any of the other girls as Bachelorette? Ugh

  7. aussiefan24

    February 19, 2020 at 6:54 PM

    Most of the girls on this season are duds, except for Hannah Ann and Madi… Wouldn’t mind seeing Madi as Bachelorette although she is probably still a bit too young/ready, and doubtful the producers would cast too many religious guys like what she’s looking for anyway. It doesn’t seem like the right environment for her.

    I would love to see Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo’s runner up) as Bachelorette. She has the sad back story with her dad passing away, crowd favourite at the time for pushing Juan Pablo away after he rejected her at Finale and giving him a spray for being a pig, and she’s of a mature age and probably would take it quite seriously. I know it’s been a while but they brought Arie back after a big gap of years after Emily’s season. Can’t think of anyone else suitable right now.

    I think Hannah B will do it again, but not for another year or two. I saw Steve’s spoiler she’s doing more DWTS Roadshows, and I’m sad shes out of the running now. But at least she will avoid over-exposure in Bachelor Nation.

    Thanks for the great updates Steve, loving every minute of this.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 6:48 AM

    I agree that the producers this year are really stooping to new lows. Do we fans like some occasional drama? Sure. But the way it’s being so obviously manufactured is such a turn-off and very insulting to our intelligence. And we don’t want so much drama that it takes away from showing any romances/relationships developing. If they continue down this road they’ll start losing viewers. Setting up Madison by placing the 3 final women in one hotel suite for the sole reason of having her find out that one or both of the other women had sex with Peter, is beyond cruel. And I’d love it if she took them to task for that …left the show and refused to have anything more to do with the franchise. But the fact that Steve discovered they are filming something with her in her hometown suggests she’s very much still in it. Either they’re filming her making up with Peter or shooting an intro for her as Bachelorette…she’s def in the mix. I’ve posted before about my new obsession with Married at First Sight. RS thinks the premise is hogwash. But several of the couples are having successfully marriages, and rather than sabotage relationships ala the Bachelor producers…MAFS has on staff counselors (one a clergyman) who meet with the “contestants” when they’re struggling with something their partner did, and they encourage them to do things to mend the relationship. It’s actually a breath of fresh air compared to witnessing mean/cruel behavior. Watching the Bachelor/ette has always been my guilty pleasure…but not so pleasurable any more 🙁

  9. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 7:25 AM

    It seems that most people are feeling the same about the level of manipulation this season. I agree how mean and cruel it was to put all 3 girls in the same room during overnights, especially since it’s never happened before and we all know why they did it. I started watching this show from the first season and I remember how much fun it was to try and figure out who “wins”. Then when Reality Steve came along, I enjoyed knowing the final person and watching that person’s love story unfold. The show is changing so much and it’s becoming too fake and produced, and now that everyone wants to be a social media influencer, there are fewer and fewer people who go on it that are actually trying to “find Love”. A little drama is okay, but the whole season has been nothing but drama and it got old quickly. I guess I will have to check out some of those other shows to see if I can find a substitute because this one is going downhill fast. I almost hope that they pick Madi to be the bachelorette and clean up her season and go back to finding romance, but I also think she can do so much better than what she finds on this show. I hope she hasn’t taken Peter back if he goes after her.

  10. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 8:53 AM

    So many are questioning why Madison, with her values and religious life signed up to do the show with “Windmill 4x Pete”. I’ve thought that maybe she signed up thinking Tyler C was the bachelor and being that he was so respectful of Hannah B’s wishes of not having sex in the fantasy suite……just a thought.

  11. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 9:07 AM

    good observation debb0! Have you read the recent press citing Tyler C’s social media posts about Madison? I think it would be awesome if the two of them hooked up! MUCH better match than her and “Windmill 4x Pete”!!

  12. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 10:29 AM

    No I didn’t, ctrealitygirl. Hmmm, interesting. Wonder if candidates are allowed to “back out” once they learn who the lead is. I mean, can’t think the show would force someone to stay if they were dead set against it.

  13. debb0

    February 20, 2020 at 10:30 AM

    That may be a question for Steve ?

  14. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 11:26 AM

    I went back to Tyler’s twitter feed and saw the comments he made. Then I read the comments that people made and EVERYONE wanted Tyler to contact/date/marry Madi!!! I love it! my fear is that Peter’s mom got hold of him after the final rose fiasco and pressured him into going after Madi. I don’t want to see her with him. I’m now on the Tyler/Madi team!!!

  15. ctrealitygirl

    February 20, 2020 at 11:27 AM

    WEll, if you recall, the year they started with two Bachelorettes – Kaitlyn & Britt – and they had the men vote for who they wanted to assume the role, one guy eliminated himself after they named Kaitlyn as he said he was only there for Britt. And other people have opted out in mid-season saying that weren’t feeling a connection with the lead. So, she could have gotten out soem way or other

  16. dbla31

    February 20, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    Anyone who thinks Tyler would “date” Madi has been reading too many harlequin romances! The guy has been catting around the world with models and actresses. He just bought an apartment in NYC. He’s not about to settle down with some virgin from the Bachelor franchise. If he didn’t go back to Hannah B then he’s not going there with Madi.

  17. crushonspivey

    February 20, 2020 at 1:15 PM

    Amen dbla31. Tyler has entered peak franchise delta bravo status, and is all about promoting himself and hooking up. He’s Petey 2.0 right now. Not a good match for Madi at all, and not ready for one.

  18. dogmomma

    February 20, 2020 at 5:56 PM

    I probably need to read more Harlequin Romances because I’m not getting the romance on this crazy show. If I wanted drama, I’d watch the Kardashians.

  19. jlal

    February 21, 2020 at 3:41 AM

    I am so happy other feel as I do about the producer manipulation this season going to a new low. They have always had the person afraid of heights have to zip line or something, but this show they sunk to new lows. Setting up Chase, Victoria, and Peter the way the did, having Victoria’s ex show up right before hometowns, and putting all the final three in the same room is beyond manipulation it is down right mean. It is such a big turn off.

    This show has moved so far from the original premise that it is not really the same show. I realize social media is a huge factor, but the show had little control over that. However, the obvious and malicious producer set-ups have gone too far. Makes me sad, as I have watched since the very first show.

  20. dogmomma

    February 21, 2020 at 6:19 AM

    jlal I agree 1000%.

  21. feck

    February 21, 2020 at 12:15 PM

    crushonspivey – Not the type to usually comment on these sites, but since my wife makes me watch this show. I will just say this, being a guy and knowing guys like peter. Its obvious from the very first episode of this season, by the way he talks to the girls with the same BS and how quick he is too make moves, its very obvious that Peter is just a Male Ho. I doubt he would be faithful to any of them. He tells every girl what they want to hear and when the tell him what he doesnt want to hear or the truth he ships them out. Its just another failed season.

  22. rob22

    February 22, 2020 at 7:45 AM

    Yeah, I don’t see any real romance coming on this season. Victoria P is gonzo after this week, and I don’t even know what you call the relationship between Pilot Pete & her. Very dysfunctional. How does that happen in such a short time? The other two girls are too young to know anything. There is obviously no way that Windmill Man and Madison the virgin can really be a thing. They can fake it obviously, but why? That leaves Hannah Ann, who’s young and pretty, and just kinda there. At 23, she doesn’t have a clue about life. So, she’s really going to sign up with Pilot Pete. Well, I guess. There are cash and prizes involved. Not that there was ever really love involved in this show. You capture people in a bubble for 6-8 weeks and focus it on one guy, and I guess that’s what you get. But usually the show is able to pull together a love story for the end. I guess we know why Peter hasn’t picked anyone… at least not yet. It’s kind of a disaster.

  23. tinyred500

    February 24, 2020 at 4:12 AM

    If Hannah Ann and Madison are the final two….does Madison decide not turn up at the end (so Peter can’t propose)…and that’s what different with this ending?

    Agree with so many of the above comments. The producers have reached a new all time low with the moral standing of this programme, with the overnight dates all being in the same suite is just gross. Notwithstanding, Peter went along with it and that says a lot about him IMHO. No respect for himself or the girls involved.

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